Picture this. It’s New Year’s Eve. You’re out with your friends, having a fabulous time. You’re all dressed to the nines in your 2012 finest, when all of a sudden, you notice one of your freshly manicured nails is starting to chip in the most dangerously precarious way. You don’t sweat it, though, because, well, what can you do about it at this point? It’s half an hour 'til midnight—just suck it up, right? Next thing you know, that jagged little nail piece has downright molested your sheer tights, and now you’re working with what looks like a bizarro ill-placed racing stripe aaaall the way down your right leg. Aajkflhg;dfja. Well, it’s a good thing we’re all just pretending right now, because we’d hate to break this to you in such a fragile state. Not to sound like a total MOM or anything, but all those mishaps? They definitely could have been prevented. WITH THE SAME THING! Thankfully, we’re catching you early with our foolproof survival kit to help you MacGyver your way out of any beauty malady or wardrobe malfunction that may cross your path this NYE.

Let’s start with your toolbox (aka your clutch, the house in which these style-saving items will live). We won't have you toting around a suitcase all night, but you'll definitely need a little more attaché real estate for these extra items. We suggest a soft clutch (sorry, hard-case lovers), so you're not having to reenact a nightmare turn in Jenga every time you use something. The fabric shell will move to accommodate all its innards. We're obsessed with these Clare Vivier fold-over clutches, which come in 20 fun color combinations to coordinate with any NYE outfit you cook up. At $156, it's a great investment piece since you KNOW you're going to be rocking this statement staple wayyy past that midnight countdown. The ASOS tortoise shell frame clutch is a steal at roughly 60 bucks, and is a great substitute for the retro hard-case look. Plus, that bone hue goes with just about anything! And of course, we can't leave out the quintessentially NYE Kate Spade Sparkle Summit Agathe clutch in this gold sequin colorway. With that $295 price tag it's a bit steep, but we can see the flashy bag having legs well past the glitzy holiday.


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Here at MTV, the Style team is definitely looked to for fashion and beauty advice by sheer virtue of our occupation. I mean, who better to field your style queries than the girls who are knee-deep in it, right? Whether it's where to score the best vintage finds or what liquid liner applicator is best for a novice, we're always open to sorting out our friends' and coworkers' fash problems, BUT that doesn't mean we're 100 percent diligent about taking our own advice. Hold the gasps, guys; we're humans, too, and thus, we have faults. But what better time than the top of a new year to turn over a new leaf? As a crew, we've compiled our most pressing style resolutions for 2012.



Erin Fetherston, Rihanna, and Jessica Stam in braids.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

If you're the kind of person who prefers to roll out of bed and start your day or you've scheduled your morning routine down to the millisecond, it's hard to find time to experiment with your hair at all, let alone develop the dexterity needed to braid it yourself. BUT whether we like it or not, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the braid, and we will not let ourselves get left behind. Those of us who haven't switched up our tonsorial routine since before Justin Timberlake had a solo career (i.e., everyone but Andi, who gets to say things like "It's really easy!" when actually referring to creating some inhumanly complicated zigzag-track French braided updo with its own legislature) are determined to carve out all the hours and YouTube tutorials it may take to perfect the self-fishtail.



Phew, we're in the homestretch of the Best of 2011 and are MORE than ready to usher in 2012! Can you believe another year has passed? Neither can we, but we're ready to kick out the New Year's Eve jams in the most fervent of ways. Even though the NYE dress/outfit seems to be of the highest priority on this revelatory night, we're always at a loss of which warm weather coat to wear. How many times have you worn a strapless dress and hose with the thinnest of coats only to realize about 20 minutes in that you made a gigantic mistake by not working just as hard on your outerwear as on the rest of your outfit? (Yeah, us too.) Thus, we've rounded up a selection of cozy coats to suit every New Year's Eve need regardless of whether you're snazzing it up or chilling out on the couch with friends. It's important to stay safe on NYE, but it's also important to BE WARM out there too!


Casual Winter Coats

The ASOS Parka With Oversized Quilted Lining, the BB Dakota Azra Blanket Coat, and the Spiewak Morton Cape.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Nasty Gal/Need Supply Co.

A big trend this fall was the parka with faux fur-rimmed hood. We love the utilitarian cool this type of coat conjures, and it looks fantastic over everything from jeans and tights to maxi layers. The ASOS Parka With Oversized Quilted Lining ($136.35) is a perfect choice both for color and roominess. You can stuff a sweater and bulky scarf under there no probs. The BB Dakota Azra Blanket Coat (Nasty Gal, $82.60) has that tribal pattern festiveness going on but also has the addition of a silk ribbon belt to make it look slightly more put together. We like it layered over monochromatic basics or jeans and a tank with combat boots and mussed-up hair. The Spiewak Morton Cape (Need Supply Co., $174) is dark, warm, and wooly. Plus, it's a poncho! Who doesn't love a poncho? It gives you room to layer underneath and there's a hint of femininity with the shape, so it can go over relaxed basics or even a comfy dress. Throw in that hat and you'll be the warmest one of all.



New Year's Eve is this weekend, and you don't have a dress yet?! Eek! *furiously bites fingernails* Don't worry, ladies, we've sifted through hundreds of options to find THE perfect dress to ring in 2012. It doesn't matter how you plan to spend your Saturday night—at a couture ball, at a dinner party, or just sitting on the couch—we've got a dress for every occasion. But first, how much are you planning to spend? If you're low on dollars we've got three numbers for under $100, but if you've got a little more walking-around money peep the slightly more expensive dresses after the jump.


If you're a girly-girl with a penchant for bows and rarely wear black, the Nasty Gal Fancy Knot Dress ($88) is your best bet. We could totally see someone pairing this tulle knot-halter frock with some unexpectedly bold shoes, stacks of bangles, and a hot pink lip. If you want to make a showstopping entrance, sport the low-cut ASOS Sequin Mesh Mini Dress ($81.81)—it's the perfect way to stand out at a house party 'cause you'll look like a million bucks (without actually spending it). If you're going to a warehouse party in Brooklyn, the hipster-chic Nasty Gal Valerie Velvet Dress ($58) would be the perfect frock for gettin' down and dirty to some great tunes. Wear your hair down and wavy over one shoulder with some platform booties for the ultimate '80s-inspired ensemble.



You ate every dish on the table at Christmas dinner, recovered from the resulting food coma, and are now ready to throw on a holiday dress and hit the party circuit harder than Snooki (minus the dancing on tables part...actually, who are we kidding, you’ll definitely be dancing on tables). But...there’s one big problem. Your hair is brittle, your face is flaky, and your nails are a dry, dusty mess. Tragedy.

Since the parties are fast approaching, and you can’t push back that Skype session with your cute guy friend forever, we’ve come up with a seven-day countdown (cue Beyoncé) that will transform you into the glowing tabletop diva you were born to be. Let’s go!

DAY 7:
Hydrating starts now. Get rid of all that flaky, dry skin by exfoliating with a miracle-working body scrub! We lurrve PHILOSOPHY Microdelivery Body Scrub ($25) for making our skin as smooth as butter in the dead of winter. Get you some of that!

Philosophy Microdelivery Body Scrub

Philosophy Microdelivery Body Scrub
Photo: Courtesy of Philosophy



If there is a quintessential category for our Best of 2011 roundup, it would have to be red carpet dresses. Yes, they're ubiquitous and have become something akin to a sporting event when debuted at awards shows (well, at least to us style-obsessed folk), but we love them nonetheless, especially when they arrive well-heeled and brimming with craytastic drama. There were many statement dresses, gowns, cocktail getups, what have you this year, but we've chosen a select group that truly stood out and commanded attention on their own. From bold cuts and eclectic color to safety pins and (BUMPIN') surprise reveals, here are our picks for the best red carpet dresses of 2011.



Emma Stone in Calvin Klein at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

If there was one dress (and one girl) that truly exemplified fresh this year it would have to be Emma Stone and her dusty peach Calvin Klein Golden Globe dress. Yes, 2011 was a very good year for Miss Stone, but when she hit the crimson carpet in this totally unexpected pastel ASSAULT of minimally structured, 1960s-era muted loveliness, she truly arrived. We can remember OMGing with crazy, stupid, love at the audacity to not only go with such an abnormal color but to take it a step further by pairing it with pale makeup, lipstick, and hair. (That's BOLD, y'all.) In our humble opinion, she was the best dressed of the night in this ladylike silhouette and will be the one we measure everyone else up to this awards season.


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In ur poinsettias, openin up prezents. Meow.
Photo: Getty Images.

Oh, hay. We here at MTV Style are hardworking individuals. I know that because I am the sort of tired where your tear ducts feel spicy from lack of sleep and your knees crack every single time you get up from a chair. AHAHHAHAHHA wait, I just realized that could 100 percent be attributable to the fact that I am as old as the moon. Regardless, this serves as a housekeeping notice to let you, our dear readers, know that starting tomorrow we are all going on vacation. Like, ALL OF US. I know the internet will continue to barrel on in that punishingly voracious way that it does, to where it feels like the room is filling with poisonous gas, but in celebration of the holidays, mirth, booze, and rejuvenation we will only be publishing a post or two a day leading up to January.

In the interim, feel free to catch up on bygone posts, but please don't let our patch of the information superhighway grow over and be forgotten. Keep us in your hearts as we will with y'all, and happy holidays! Don't fight too hard with your family, eat way more than is necessary for a human being, drive carefully wherever you go, and we'll see you next year. Peas. xoxo

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Fashion Bloggers Winter Scarves

Hillary Boles, Stefanie Kuncman, and Daniella Robins.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

It's almost Christmas, y'all! *looks at calendar* WAIT, IT'S LITERALLY THIS WEEKEND. Sheesh, time is flying by! Well, we better get our holiday ensembles in check, and what's an easier way to get festive than with a themed sweater? It instantly transforms any outfit into a party-ready ensemble! Butttt we have to make a disclaimer. Some (OK, most) Christmas sweaters are ugly. Like, really, really ugly. And unless you're ACTUALLY going to an ugly Christmas sweater party, you probably shouldn't sport one of those bad boys in public. Luckily, we found some 'dorbs bloggers who wore holiday-themed knits in the most subtle of ways. Let's find out how to cop their look!


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A hip-hop spread in "V" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "V" magazine

V magazine will release its first-ever music issue come Jan. 12, and we could NOT be more excited. I mean, hello, music and fashion are our forte! To celebrate their upcoming release, they've released some sneak-peek spreads—including one called "The Queen of Hip-Hop" styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. We actually loooveee Carlyne—she was one of the first stylists to really embrace urban culture and bring streetwear to mainstream magazines. (Plus she's BFFs with designer Azzedine Alaïa!) Just peep Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover in 1988—Carlyne paired a Christian Lacroix sweatshirt with stonewashed denim shorts, which was groundbreaking at that time. But when we starting flipping through the images, which are supposed to "marry hip-hop and high fashion" according to Mr. V, we cooouldddn't help but give a giant side-eye to the entire thing. First off, if a magazine is going to use a headline as grandiose as "The Queen of Hip-Hop," why not, you know, actually use a female who's a huge leader in the hip-hop game? We would've DIED to see Nicki Minaj or Mary J. Blige going all-out in a low-end/high-end fash spread instead of staring at super skinny (but BEAUTIFUL!) models wearing wearing costume-y versions of "street" fashion. And listen, we get it. The inspiration is supposed to be late '90s/early 2000s "living in excess style," but, um, what's up with the dude in an orange Adidas tracksuit matching his Vanilla Ice blue fade to his Diesel undies? Dorrrkyyy. Suddenly we wonder how Sisqo would feel about ALLA this.


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Lady Gaga wears gold-tipped gloves and a studded bonnet.
Photo: Splash News

Does anyone else ever wonder what Lady Gaga does with all her clothes and accessories after she wears them? With the exception of a few pairs of shoes, some select bags, and one sheer leopard print catsuit (you know, that old wardrobe staple), the lady rarely recycles a statement piece. I mean, the cave of wonders that Mother Monster's closet must be.... It's baffling to even think about. For instance, how long do you think these gold-tipped gloves were waiting in a drawer for the right mega tasseled jacket to come along and be the perfect outfit complement? Or that moto head-bunting? And why is it that certain styles, or genres if you will, of accessories always crop up at the same time for Le Gaga (e.g., delicate romantic eyewear)? Is this Gaga's way of ushering in a new "heavy metal" era of dress?


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