Justin Bieber's "Someday" is named Prestige Fragrance of the Year at 2011 WWD Beauty Inc Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Dear Every Other Fragrance That Isn't Justin Bieber's Someday Perfume. It might be time for you to quit while you're ahead. For as long as teenage girls (and other men and women swayed by a smooth set of pipes and a break-neck swoop of golden bangs) roam the Earth, they will beg for nothing but the cloud of cartoon hearts-conjuring eau de parfum replete with sparkle-magic possiblity that is The Biebz's very first lady-scent. Sure, you'll have a market in catering to the haterz, but Bieber and his eponymous Fever are both only getting stronger with age. The fragrance has been out for public purchase for scant a half-year, and already, it's been honored in this year's WWD Beauty Inc Awards as "Prestige Fragrance of the Year."


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jc penney fashion flash fashion show

The opening credits from WPHL-TV's 1980s denim fashion show video.
Photo: via Buzzfeed and RichJuz

Our Fridays are usually all about easing out of the workweek and into the weekend at a more leisurely pace. We like to take the time to smell the flowers, thank our coworkers for jobs well done, and casually peruse the World Wide Web for anything that might tickle our fancy or enflame our virtual wallets. We here at MTV Style were content to stay mired within the cutely overloaded confines of kittens dressed up in jean jackets until we came across what is, quite possibly, the most AMAZING fashion time capsule video EVER. Folks, we're talking about JC Penney's Fashion Flash 1980s denim fashion show, a fash-parade of magical retro magnificence that will have you marveling over and over again at the "newest fabric on the fashion scene...denim!" Watch as models Tracy, Bernard, Julie, and "total cool" Joe dance to David Bowie's seminal song, "Blue Jean", while showing you how to rock a pair of green jeans or get down in double stonewash. Listen as the overzealous announcer says, "You've heard the saying everything old is new again, well it's really true!" And we totally agree...


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Selena Gomez shoots her new fragrance campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Selena Gomez's Facebook

Just because she doesn't know exactly what it will smell like yet, doesn't mean Selena Gomez doesn't already know the general mood of her to-be-released new perfume. From the looks of this behind-the-scenes shot Sel posted to her Facebook page, somehow a giant fish tank of pink and purple water is involved. In a BIG way. Girl gets dunked (or more likely, hoisted and gently lowered via a Swarovski-laden swing) into a vat of the girly hued liquid for her fragrance campaign.


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We can talk for DAYS about gorgeous red carpet dresses, cop-worthy street style, and outlandish performance outfits, but when it comes down to it, it's really the details that can send an ensemble over the edge. Makeup is a key component—bright pink lips brighten an all black outfit just as a a swipe of black eyeliner adds drama to an otherwise staid daytime look. So from goth lips, to straight-up face paint, we've pored over the year's most note-worthy beauty trends (of course hair is another post ENTIRELY) to bring you the best of the best from the past 12 months.


Chloë Moretz on Nov. 9, Katy Perry on Nov. 29, and Nicki Minaj on Aug. 29.
Photo: Getty Images

When you want to add a burst of color to your makeup routine, we know it's easy to default to a bright pink lipstick and call it day, but there are other options, people! Chloë Moretz, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj rendered their peepers even prettier by applying a line of electric teal on their lids for a lovely glow. Chloë paired her neon liner with a touch of blush (but not even a lick of lipstick), which complements (but doesn't overshadow) her bright yellow Versace for H&M shift dress. Katy always has fun when it comes to her beauty game (I mean, she does have pink hair!), so she took her blue cat eye to new heights by pairing it with glossy magenta lips, extra voluminous top and bottom lashes, and dark, full brows. Nicki's head-to-toe neon ensemble just wouldn't be complete without neon makeup, hence her million-mile lashes with heavy teal lids and light pink lips. Even her hair boasted hints of the bright stuff!


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katy perry snl promo

The Patch Pocket dress from Victoria Beckham's spring 2012 collection; Katy Perry in an "SNL" promo in the same dress.
Photo: VictoriaBeckham.com; courtesy of "Saturday Night Live"

Dispelling the myth that she's just a singer, Katy Perry is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with Robyn set to take care of musical guest duties. If there's one thing we've been waiting to see, it's Miss Congeniality, aka Katy, do some straight-up acting. She's already exhibited considerable comedic chops in her music video for "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)", as well as high drama in the recent "The One That Got Away" in which she frolicked with one of Mexico's finest thespian exports, Diego Luna. While we can't wait to see the zany characters she will undoubtedly create, we also can't wait to see what she's going to wear for her opening monologue and in every single photo SNL shows of their guest host during the commercial break. The first set of promos alone showcase Katy in the CUTEST Victoria Beckham cat printed dress that we didn't realize we wanted so badly until we saw it highlighting Katy's razor bob.


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Tyler Posey in a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Well, isn't THIS a sight for sore eyes?! It feels like AEONS have passed since I last saw a new image of the angled jaw and tousled dark locks of Mister Tyler Posey (as we all know, I live in the internet and can only experience people by bounding from picture to picture). What with the season finale of Teen Wolf happening ages ago and Tyler busy filming his lead role in White Frog, it's as if I've been walking around, a veritable SHELL of a human, until this delicious editorial spread for DA MAN magazine finally breathed life into my veins. The combination of that smoldering gaze, hands scrunched up in his luscious locks, casually perched against the back of a chair, and that pristine preppy-athletic Marc by Marc Jacobs striped sweater is almost too much to handle after so much time apart. But we're not complaining because uhh, hellooooo, nurse, AMIRITE?? *sops up puddle of drool from top of coffee lid with shirt hem*


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What do Pharrell Williams, Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea all have in common? If you answered something along the lines of "like, totally booty-bouncin' jams!", though absolutely accurate, you're visiting the wrong site. (As if! This is MTV Style.) We're talking about their totally head-turning, dangerously enviable, let-me-borrow-that-outfit, easy, breezy STEEZ, people! The trendsetting musical trio recently kicked it with Karmaloop and spilled the beans about what's on their gift list for the holiday season. Um, we definitely did waaay more (SEE: buh-bye, bank account) than simply "checking it twice," Santa. Oops!

Pharrell Williams Gift Guide

Pharrell Williams on Dec. 6 and his Karmaloop holiday gift guide picks.
Photo: Getty Images

Pharrell Williams, aka Karmaloop TV's newest creative director, is the epitome of effortlessly OMFGahhh stylish UH-DORABLE. (How the eff is he 38 and looking like THAT?) Pharrell's gift picks are as you'd expect: IMMACULATE. We live and die for the WeSC Borik Cardigan in "Sunflower Melange," which will totally brighten up the death bed-ish winter months without destroying your wallet (60 bucks!). Kick it like a rock star in the Palladium Baggy Leather Boot ($110), which we prefer in "Sunrise & Chocolate" because, well, we've got a thing for sunrise and chocolate. And keep it cute (and cozy) with the charcoal Woodsmen Gloves—$20?! We'll take half a dozen. Yes, we were already super smitten with this beyond perfect individual, and then he went on and revealed his style icon: Steve McQueen. *FAINTS* PUT A RING ON US. LIKE, NOW.


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Fashion Bloggers Winter Hats

Kaitlin Isabella, Mira Berglind, and Lina Tesch.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

Whew! It's officially time to start bundlin' up out there—Christmas music is in the air, and it's only a matter of time before you're surrounded by snow and SOOO cold that you're left with no choice but to sport that ugly winter puffy jacket (AGAIN) just to make it five blocks without getting frostbite. Luckily, there are ways to still look 'dorbs on even the coldest of cold days—with a cute, warm winter hat! We spotted three girls who wore head toppers in the most cop-worthy of ways, and we can't WAIT to tell you more about their stylishly warm ensembles. So let's go!


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Lacy Collins BCBG Lace Dress

Lily Collins in a BCBG lace dress in L.A. on Dec. 7.
Photo: Getty Images

I know what you're thinking. From her FABTASTIC thick brows to her flawless wavy hair, Lily Collins couldn't BE any more adorable. Like, she's so sweet and innocent and stylish that your head is going to explode from the sheer cuteness of it all. Well, she's managed to take the ADORBS look to new, unprecedented levels in a blue lace BCBG dress, which you can snatch up yourself for $298. Lace is obviously the fabric du jour (see Lady Gaga's last, what, 10 see-through outfits?) but Lily makes it youthful, trendy, and fun because she's THAT fash-mazing. Tear. Dad Phil Collins has gotta be proud.


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Emma Watson represents Lancome in Hong Kong.
Photo: Getty Images

Of COURSE Emma Watson is the spokesperson for luxury cosmetics brand Lancome. Out of aaaall the gorgeous little fawns of girls loping down the red carpets these days, Emma has to be the PYT whose beauty game and flawlessly luminescent skin I covet the most. All this time I was chocking it up to good genes or secret home remedies in which she's dunked into a clawfooted tub of afterbirth and pearls. In reality, the gamine features may be hereditary, but it's the winning combination of diligence, a strong sense of self, and the aid of le Lancome (as the French say [JK, they don't say that {actually, I don't know that as a fact, but the parantheticals will end here, I promise}]) that culminate in the amalgamation of beauty that is Miss Watson. But just because you're decreed the FACE of a beauty brand, doesn't mean you rest on your pretty mug alone. Knowing this, Emma pulled out all the stops at the Lancome event in Hong Kong last night in two different dresses AND a pair of divergent beauty looks. Preach, girl. We're listening.


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