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Photo: Kevin Amato

I've said it (aka tweeted it) and I'll say it again: Maluca Mala is EVERYTHING. Yeah, there's a whole crop of emerging ferosh female MCs doing their thang right now, but y'all MUST keep an eye out for the awesomely self-described Dominican princess with a penchant for spitting sassy flows. What really gets my lashes batting are the Harlem-raised talent's serious head-turning eye candy '90s-heavy lewks she fearlessly werqs/I sartorial Stan for. (Color contacts and chokers = <3!) Like Maluca, I'm a fan of a good designer-meets-thrift combo. Unlike Maluca, I'm not homies with the Opening Ceremony crew and don't own custom-made Levi's courtesy of Nicola Formichetti. :'( There's also that VFiles "Xtreme Fashion Week" video in which MM plays host whilst sporting a video camera on her forehead and brilliantly gushes to A. Wang post-show: "That collection was like, OVA!" *Faints* #PleaseBeMyBFF Additionally, I'm obsessed with homegirl's "Lola" music video starring bad ass super-model JENNY SHIMIZU. *J'Dead* Well, I got Maluca to take a hot sec from her dizzying studio sched—where she's finishing up her sure-to-be AMAZE 'Massive Pow Pow' EP—to spill the fashion-y rave-friendly beans for this week's Favorite Things. FYI: Sartorial-induced side-effects include envy and euphoria.


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Taryn Manning behind the DJ booth.
Photo: Courtesy of Taryn Manning

I've <3ed Taryn Manning ever since circa 2002, when I was an overweight unconvincingly closeted suburban-bred tween whose face leaked into my XL butter-drenched popcorn all eight times I watched the CLASSIC CINEMA COMING-OF-AGE MASTERPIECE known as Crossroads, in which Manning portrayed Brit Brit Spears' (!!!) knocked-up BFF alongside Zoe Saldana. Other reasons I remain obsessed: let us not forget the immaculateness that was Boomkat (Manning and her bro's electro-pop dope duo), specifically "The Wreckoning" music vid in which a trench-coat clad Manning furiously struts around a junkyard with killer bangs/heels singing Girl Power!/AIM away message-friendly lyrics (See: "I came, I saw, I kicked some ass!") #SheBetterWork There's also those edgy roles including Eminem's kinda cray ex in 8 Mile and, of course, playing a prostitute in Hustle & Flow, which found Manning nabbing many raves/nominations and rocking some major Bo Derek-esque dreads realness. (PS, back off, I'm considering this salacious lewk as my Halloween costume. *Hair flip*) Did I mention the killer actress' resume includes getting her acting on alongside Oscar Golden Girls like Helen Mirren and Renee Zellweger? Or that she made my nostalgic aughties' heart beat loud when playing Kirsten Dunst's home girl in Crazy/Beautiful and partaking in many a make-out session with Freddie Prinze Jr. (!!!) in an indie rom-com? *Faints* Also, my tear ducts have never been the same since Manning's performance on a recent episode of Law & Order: SVU. As of late, the quadruple uber-talented threat is killing it on many a flat-screen with major recurring roles on Hawaii Five-O and Sons of Anarchy, getting all the cool kids around the universe in a downright tizzy as an in-demand DJ, aaaand, thank the gay gods, banging out new pop gems as a pint-sized pop star and once again showcasing those smoke-y soulful pipes and synth-heavy beats. Her latest mega tune "Send Me Your Love", off her forthcoming EP, is already a Top 10 Billboard Dance smash/losing-your-damn-mind-on-the-dance-floor-inducing anthem, and you'd be a fool to not get your iTunes on ASAP. Alas, I got Taryn to send me her L-U-V/favorite fashion-y thangs. You’re very welcome. If you're anything like me, prepare for a Crossroads marathon/8 Mile soundtrack listening session (yep, she’s crooning up on that too)/overwhelming urge to get a unicorn tatt/many a heart explosion.


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Wynter Gordon.
Photo: Meredith Traux

I met then immediately fell head-over-Altuzarra-heels with pop sartorial-killin-it siren Wynter Gordon at The Blonds' wild Spring/Summer 2013 runway show, which, PS, involved technicolor skivvies and corsets featuring spandex and metallic streamers. Mhmm, I was kicking it front-row *hair flips* with my girl Natalia Kills, and seated next to us was the drop dead beautiful Wynter Gordon. We hit it off after I squealed about her amazing booty-bouncing jams/immaculate hair/triumphant style game. Newsflash: Gordon is banging out a FOUR PART *faints* EP titled 'Human Condition', which you can DL right hereeee and get your Wynter (hehe) weight-loss treadmill playlist on. Thanks for that, girl. It warms my gay heart to present this week's Favorite Things featuring my new pop princess BFF with a penchant for LAMDs (look at me devices), Ms. Wynter Gordon.


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Nichola Formichetti.
Photo: Courtesy of Nichola Formichetti

It's a daunting pursuit to accurately describe fashion magician/sartorial-slaying super-hero/"Nicopanda," aka Nicola Formichetti. Also, I'm frightened of those Little Monster paws, so take it easy you guys. But I will blog the obvious: he's amazing. Reminders: as Gaga's Fashion Director, Formichetti is responsible for upgrading the universe's reigning pop sartorial superstar's penchant for hair bows and disco sticks for racy rotting meat dresses/bloody berets and nabbing many an award (see: 2011’s CFDA Fashion Icon Award) and Vogue cover (I personally fashion fancy the Lynn Yaeger moment albeit with a cotton candy bob). Formichetti’s also creative director of Mugler, and let me just say, last week's immaculate show, resulted in me having euphoric dreams involving patent leather perfection and spitting Azealia Banks' flows in my sleep. #SorryRoomie Additionally, he's fashion ambassador for UNIQLO, EIC of Vogue Hommes Japan, and supremely talented at being a foxy drool-inducing dream boat. *Faints* I'm also quite impressed with the fashion-y fact that he made pandas chic. #WhoRunTheWorld? So, as y'all can imagine, I'm SO EXCITED for today's especially special Favorite Things. Spoiler Alert: If you're anything like hot messy me, you will want everythang. You will open a credit card or seven in preparation for the debut of his Nicopanda line and international pop-up shops. You will drunk cry tequila tears whilst getting a Nicopanda tramp-stamp. In short, ahuh, I totally wanna marry the fashion knight (had to!).


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Lyz Olko Obesity and Speed

Lyz Olko of Obesity & Speed.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

Are you craving a goth-y grunge fall makeover? Ditto. Well, look no further than downtown-friendly New York cult label, Obesity & Speed. I'm especially obsessed with co-founder Lyz Olko, who, when she's not hand-dying those salacious signature "Choose Death" t-shirts, also runs many a tight door at Gotham's goth-est of boites, perpetually shaking her disheveled dirty blonde locks/giving a smoke-y side eye to Hot Topic clad imposters. Hipper-than-thou newsflash: O&S fans include a slew of sartorial slayers with a penchant for killer duds like Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss, Grimes, Santigold, Natalia Kills and former O&S lookbook models Becka Diamond, Sky Ferreira, and Lindsay Wixson, who got their sulk/perfected-pout on. Olko's upcoming SS13 collection, “Can’t Lose,” is BANANAS, as you'll see below, which is to blame for us MTV Stylers shivering in our shredded skinnies/creepers. Major shout out to Lyz for my coveted anarchy tote, which I naively chose as my LAMD (look at me device) on a recent trip to Dubai (and I didn't get arrested! #Rebel). Anyway, open a credit card or three and prepare to dieee (hehe) over Lyz Olko's fashion-y Favorite Things. <3 you, girl.


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Melanie Fiona.
Photo: Universal Republic

I'd like to thank soul sister Melanie Fiona for making my <3 really feel thaaangs. I'd also like to thank her for executing fab fashion-y ferocity. With a penchant for throwing on some Louboutins, giving some major side-eye behind her Prada sunnies, and a perfect MAC pout, homegirl's style game is on point. You go, gurl. Additionally, my face almoooost started to leak when I first saw her latest music video for "Wrong Side of a Love Song", which means she's uber talented because I haven't bawled since Ginger Spice quit the Spice Girls/Britney shaved her head. #TeenTrainwreck So, here's my little present to all of you experiencing post-NYFW depression. Happy Favorite Thangs' Monday, y'all!


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DJ Becka Diamond.
Photo: Courtesy of Becka Diamond

Despite Becka Diamond's moody, head-turning numbers (see: her closet overflowing with Rick Owens) and penchant for killer accessories (no pun intended: homegirl loves a good spike-y statement piece), she's not an intimidating side-eye-inducing It Girl. She's a diamond, forrealz. Once upon a time, at probably about 4 a.m., I got the liquid courage to approach/stumble toward Diamond, who was obvi looking all kinds of gothic gorg perched behind a DJ both at some surely hipper-than-thou downtown NYC boite for what I don't remember. #BlameItOnTheAlcohol Ever since then, I've been in head-over-Alex-Wang-heels for Diamond. You've probs seen her giving a good blood-red lipped pout and a smokey eye in many a fashion spread. Or, if you got the coveted invite, spinning grunge-y gems and obscure awesomeness at a slew of exclusive parties. This week, the recent LA transplant launched her very own website, 13:13, featuring immaculate playlists and detailing Diamond's fab fashion-y life and her fab friends. Yeah, we're in <3. I got Ms. Diamond to spill all of the fashion-y beans for this week's Favorite Things, and girllll, they sparkle. Happy NYFW!


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Katie Gallagher

Katie Gallagher.
Photo: Petteri Lamula

From the first time I laid my bug eyes on designer Katie Gallagher’s glam, goth-y designs, I was obsessed/convinced Gallagher put some sort of sartorial spell on me. Which is fitting, considering her witchy designs remind me of Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams. See: Flowing floor-length black dresses-meets-Sarah Jessica Parker’s other (Carrie Bradshaw, who?) massively-underrated sartorial slayer as the chic, flirty witch in the '90s CLASSIC, Hocus Pocus. But Gallagher is also fearless when it comes to a little leather and a little skin—albeit perpetually adding her own twisted twist (yeah, I went there) with severe angles and fun fabrics. Gallagher recently invited me to her Chinatown apartment-cum-studio (NBD), for which I was also obsessed. Apartment highlights include her bouquet of roses rubber rats hanging from a wall, a license plate reading “FUNERAL," and, the most amazing fluffy oversized creature I have ever seen: her cat, Sveater. (Dear Katie, please let me babysit/kidnap that furry nugget!) But Sveater was aaaalmost upstaged when I took a look at Gallagher’s latest collection, which will be showing next week at New York Fashion Week. If you see me laying in a coma behind a sea of models, don’t fret: I did it all for my <3 of fashion. Alas, here’s Katie Gallagher’s favorite fashion-y things!


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Mel B. in Zuhair Murad at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.
Photo: Getty

How does a gay even begin to blog about chit-chatting with one of his tween idols? *Dead* I still remember (OBVI) the first time my ten-year-old self watched (see also: ugly cried; shrieked) the pop perfection known as The Spice Girls' “Wannabe” music video on MTV. Since that moment, my life has never been the same. Mel B. (oh haaai Scary Spice!) was everything my shy, pimply tween self wanted to be: she had big hair, big shoes, big 'tude, was crazily confident and crashed a chic fete with her homegirls whilst shaking her thang on a staircase, and shouting out her own sassy language ("ZIG-A-ZIG-AAAAH!"). Besides teaching me that "friendship never ends!", the English gals also gave me the birds and the bees safe sex run-down via their ballad, "2 Become 1", ("put it on, put it on!"), for which I'm sure my parents were quite pleased. Although Scary Spice and I shared a mutual appreciation for leopard print and a good tongue ring, my “friends” perpetually made me be Sporty Spice :'( (As a result, I still have nightmares of my evil peers ripping apart my pull-away Adidas track pants on the playground). Following Ginger Spice's devastating exit, I tried to move on: I stored my hundreds of Spice Girl Tiger Beat mags in a drawer, I binged on all of my Spice Girls Chupa Chups lollipops, I perpetually cried myself to sleep whilst grasping my Scary Spice Beanie Baby and humming their immaculate ballad, "Goodbye". But, as Mel B's verse in the aforementioned pop gem suggests, I was advised to "look for the rainbow in every storm"... And, thank the gay Gods/90s nostalgia, I found that rainbow illuminating our Spice World once again! If you're a functioning human being, you KNOWWW that the Girl Power is in the air again, most recently atop massive bedazzled cabs at the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony in which the hotties reunited for a killer performance from which I'm still recovering. I'm even prouder that I didn't die after interviewing SCARY SPICE over the weekend. Yes, you lot! I kiki-ed with Mel B, all for our dear MTV Style readers, about all things fashion-y, like her winning Olympics look, how she remains so flaw-free, and the return of the Spice Girls. (!!!!!!!) YOU’RE WELCOME.

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dj lindsay luv

DJ Lindsay Luv.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Lindsay Luv

LA-based DJ-to-the-stars Lindsay Luv is a CA-UTIE, and I’m not just talking about her adorbs DJ name. I’m talking about drooling over her penchant for a good smokey eye, blood-red lips, and major '90s towering platforms. And not just any platforms, you guys—she OWNS a pair of Scary Spice’s signed platforms (above). (When I found out she’s BFFs with Mel B, I ugly cried a little and seriously stanned out a.k.a. collapsed, got on my knees begging whilst throwing wads of cash at Luv before revealing my deep dark secret [see: my 11-year-old “job” as the founder of the Spice Gazette circa ‘97 AOL A/S/L chatroom days, which folded after experiencing post-Ginger Spice depression and discovering Britney Spears.] *sigh*) Well, Luv unfortunately wouldn’t budge on those leopard-patterned beauties, so I settled for interviewing her for Favorite Things. Spoiler alert: You’re gonna luv it (heh), particularly those Chanel gold mesh fingerless gloves and her Lady Gaga signed album LP. #killmenow Time to spice up your closets, y’all.


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