Preston Chaunsumlit of Model Files.
Photo: Jonathan Walter

I have a fashion-y feeling that Preston Chaunsumlit is one of a handful of human beings who could make Anna Wintour crack a genuine smile. FYI: Preston is the hottie host of V Files' faint-inducing hiiiigh-larious series, Model Files. Highlights include Preston's high fashion version of Toddlers in Tiaras via baby street-casting ("Do you think she could lose maybe like a few ounces by Friday?") and, my new favorite sport, model yoga ("it's like, model fight club"), in which the instructor's advice includes "lift like your tallest high-heel you've ever worn", "find your couture!" and, duh, smizeing. I really just CANNOT with Preston's uber dry sense of humor (AKA subtle sass). And I kind of really wanna get my fingers lost in his sea of raven-black/sometimes-lavender silky locks. *Swoon* As expected, Preston's fave fashion-y things are chic, unique and very funny. (see: an affinity for Biore strips/Chinese immigrants and vintage Scott Baio as style icons). Warning: somes responses might be not so safe for tweens. (#NSFT) Someone get this guy a Fashion’s Night Out stand-up gig, ASAP. (Can you even imagine?) Anyway, big fashion ups for lightening up our pre-Fashion Week caffeinated jitters, Preston. Now back to my Monday morning Model Files marathon K-hole…*J’DEAD*


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My Name Is Kay.
Photo: Liz Rosa

There's something about Canadian crooner My Name Is Kay. First of all, Cobrastarship's "#1Nite" featuring Kay's Robyn-esque soaring pipes is my personal fave booty-bounce-inducing summer anthem (sorry, Carly). And I'm not just totally biased because I may or may not have a worrisome boy crush on Cobra's foxy frontman, Gabe Saporta, specifically after an afternoon tour of his bachelor pad for a past Favorite Things… (!!!!) Kay, back to Kay: Homegirl's style game makes us happy cry/sartorial shiver. She sort of gives us '90s LA raver, but not as hot messy as, say, a tequila-drenched Ke$ha. Proof: Kay's perfectly-polished nails. Pastel color-blocking, you guys. *DEAD* Thus, I suggest taking a meditation moment before diving into a euphoric Kay-hole via this week’s fierce n' fashion-y favorite thangs. You’re welcome.


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Chelsea Leyland.
Photo: Aimee Blaut/

If you're a true downtown New Yorker, you're probably wannabe BFFs with DJ/Model/It Girl Chelsea Leyland. *Raises hand enthusiastically.* The English transplant is everywhere (really cool and invite-only) these days, perpetually blasting bangers at many a Fashion Week fete whilst getting PYT's in their return-of-the-'90s rave looks (see also: Baby Spice Buffaloes, magenta lip liner and electric blue/Ninja Turtle green brows) into a dance-floor, k-hole, marvelous mess. Even if you didn't get that coveted invite, you'll never escape Leyland: she's the babe smizing/working a blonde mane, plastered all over graffiti-covered buildings as the face of Cole Haan's 2012 Fall campaign. There's this duh-factor, too: Leyland's style game is on head-turning kind of proportions, with a closet overflowing with duds from witchy design divas like Alexander Wang and Katie Gallagher. But, as she reveals in this week's Favorite Things, Leyland knows that it's all about the details, and spices up her looks with a good lip-liner and a killer heel. FYI: homegirl's chic interpretation of "kitten heel" via designer Charlotte Olympia resulted in us giving a sartorial standing ovation/maxing out credit cards over here at the MTV Style HQ. She better work!


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Dawn Richard mixes high fashion with her pop past, and the results are fierce.
Photo: Rick Craft

You’ll remember Dawn Richard and those smoke-y smooth Brandy-esque pipes as the most talented member of Making The Band’s Danity Kane (RIP, 4Evs In Our Broken <3s). Just this morning, I frightened my overweight cat with my shower screeching of the Danity Kane immaculate classic, “Damaged”... (*sings off-key* I just “thought that I should letch y’all knowwww, that my heart is damaged, damaged...!”) Nowadays, whilst ex-DKer Aubrey O’Day is embarrassing herself on reality television alongside many a world’s most awful human being (see: Donald Trump, Clay Aiken), Dawn continues to slay lives, which makes her EP title, Armor On, appropriate. You go, girl. The video for “Bombs” in which Dawn WERKS a feathered head-dress a la Cher’s Bob Mackie days + an unbeweavable Rapunzel-rivaling braided pony whilst executing life-changing choreography in a desert replete with dancers somersaulting in the sand basically makes my eyeballs dance/my heart explode. *Breathe in, breathe out* And thank the gay Gods!!!: Dawn’s first single from her forthcoming album, Golden Heart, is set for a back-to-school-friendly September 1st release. Until that sweet day arises, we’ve nabbed Dawn for this week’s Favorite Things, and it just might be our fiercest yet. *Finger snaps* From vintage Givenchy to Lagerfeld, Dawn is not afraid of serving the kids a designer lewk or three. She also made us painfully envious of her sloshed recording session with Grace Jones (!!!) and meeting Whitney Houston AFTER shaking her thang on stage with Prince. 1...2...3... *Faints then rolls under desk*

Statement Piece: Vintage Givenchy Gold necklace. It goes with everything. I'm a sucker for gold vintage jewelry. I could just wear a white t-shirt and jeans and the necklace, and it makes the outfit seem more classic .

eBay purchase: It was actually a painting. Gustav Klimt's "Judith" canvas. He's my favorite painter. It took my condo to another level visually. The painting is beautiful.


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Dragonette Favorite Things

The Dragonettes.
Photo: Kristin Vicari

My obsession with Dragonette front-woman Martina Sorbara has recently reached a concerning kind of level. Here's why: On stage, home girl's basically an adorbs pint-sized mind-losing sugar-free Red Bull mascot. She totally gives me Tinkerbell vibes—well, if Tink rocked messy bangs, thrift duds and belted out lovelorn synth-pop bangers to a sea of shredded skinnies-clad hipsters. Also, Dragonette's addiction-resulting shimmering pop gem smash a.k.a. "Hello" (OH HAY Top 40 in over 30 countries!) remains to be my perpetual pre-gaming-on-a-debaucherous-summer-evening go-to jam. Thanks for the devastating hangovers, girl. *chugs three Kombuchas* Incredibly important newsflash: Dragonette is back with new music (!!!) via their Bodyparts LP, out September 25th, and their video for their single, "Let It Go", finds Sorbara getting her Winona Ryder (!!!) circa Girl, Interrupted on, complete with a Robyn-esque, arms-flailing, bangs-whipping, legs-turning-into-squiggly-boiled-pasta hot scorching mess of a dance-a-thon. Because we're amazing and stuff, MTV Style got Sorbara to dish on all of her fave fashion-y thangs, and then our <3s immediately exploded into fairy dust.


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Charli XCX is the perfect combination of goth beauty and pop princess.
Photo: Courtesy Charli XCX

Once upon a time, a budding 19-year-old Brit pop starlet with a thing for killer platform sneaks and rave-y, lush pop gems emerged, citing style influences like the Spice Girls and Wednesday Addams. *DEAD* Her name is Charli XCX, and she made me believe in pop fairytales again, by transporting me to the immaculate years aka 95-97, at a time when tattoo chokers and fluffy doodle pens were still waaay in (and pre-Ginger Spice's devastating exit). Thanks for that, girl. Let's just avoid discussing her Refinery29 shoot which involves a purple velvet dress paired with shredded tights a la Angela Chase, because tears will def happen. #SOGOOD. But you'd never guess Charli was a grunge-y kind of girl when peeping her Carine Roitfeld-styled V Magazine cover, in which she and her fellow cuties, Grimes and Sky Ferreira, WERK it in matching Givenchy, blood red pouts and Robert Palmer-tinged slicked back buns, all the while clutching *SPINE SHIVERS!* mice. Her latest video for "You're The One" is all sorts of heart-exploding-into-rainbow-fireworks kinds of amazing, and, duh, so are her favorite fashion-y things which resulted in major closet envy/fake-tattoo-purchasing-at-local-suburban-Claire's. In short, *Runs to Patricia Field, buys entire stock of skeleton glasses*


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Chelsea Wolfe, pop witch goddess.
Photo: Angel Ceballos

I'm really into this whole "Pop Witch" thing, which probs relates to my Saturday night ritual of partaking in a DIY seance in my witch-stick-smoke-filled bedroom whilst watching the '90s movie magic known as The Craft for the bajillionth time. #FairuzaBalk4Evs We've already got some spooky company in the Pop Witch department (see: Stevie Nicks' iconic shadowy bohemian frocks and Florence Welch's billowing gothic Goddess numbers.) But make (b)room (LOLz) for indie shadow-y siren, Chelsea Wolfe, y'all, whose tunes are often awesomely described as "doom-drenched electric folk." Besides the mind-losing reviews for her most recent LP, Apokalypsis (WHUT!), there's also her UH-MAZING style game-particularly her penchant for a good veil. *Sartorial spirit fingers* So, for this week's Favorite Things, I had a chat with the dark crooner about her killer closet, which includes a seriously spooky horse hair and horn cuff/and which may or may not have resulted in me sliding under my desk. *J'Dead* In other words, don't mind me as I pretend it's 2004 while getting a tramp stamp with my fave Wolfe lyrics ("We could be two straight lines in a crooked world") before, duh, uploading that ish all up on mah MySpace. #EmoChic


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Neon Hitch loves herself a good headdress.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

I fondly remember the day Neon Hitch made me faint, then convulse, in my Tina Turner concert Tee x shredded skinnies combo outside of Lincoln Center *starry-eyed sigh.* Neon (side-note: Neon is her actual/uh-maze name) was werking NYFW front rows in what I can only describe as a Pocahontas-as-a-pop-star lewk complete with fiery red locks that would make Ginger Spice ugly cry, a tribal Beyonce-rivaling thigh-showcasing onesie, and those infamous/ginormous DIY head-dresses of hers. Oh, there's also the recently released video for the kiiinda NSFW "Love U Betta" in which the killer heels-clad former trapeze artist breaks <3s whilst showing off her enviable flexibility game in a goth cemetery… before slip n' sliding in lots of body paint. #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun. Well, it's Fave Thangs Fridays, and let's be real for a sec -- Neon's fashion-y picks totes have the MTV Style HQ feeling thangs/opening credit cards/unsuccessfully crafting peacock-feather head-pieces. How 'bout y'all? THE HEAD-TURNER

Statement Piece: My headdresses!

eBay Purchase: A vintage Thai headdress.

Not just any old Reeboks, custom sneaks all the way.
Photo: Neon Hitch


Sneakers: My custom Reeboks.

Fast Food Chain: Subway.

Neon Hitch's perfume.
Photo: Neon Hitch

Perfume: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

Wise words.
Photo: Neon Hitch

Tattoo: "Amy" (for Amy Winehouse) on my finger and "Pema" (my sister) on my arm as they both mean so much to me. I also have a tattoo that says "They said I'm a dreamer." -- it's a lyric from my song "Hello."

Magazine: Psychology Magazine.

Karaoke Jam: Spice Girls - "Wannabe"!

We're so jealous of this vintage t-shirt.
Photo: Neon Hitch

Concert T-Shirt: Vintage Michael Jackson.


Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Zebra print stick-on designs.

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Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson.
Photo: Courtesy of Keith Munyan

If you're a living breathing functioning human, you already know that The X Factor sensation Rebecca Ferguson's insanely soul-slaying pipes result in baby making/heart attacks/shattered glass. And if you're an MTV Style reader, (as you best be!), you too knooow homegirl's style game is off-the-gilded-Pamela-Love-chains. See: The middle-parted shiny tasseled locks and our shared penchant for a smokey eye, heavy mascara and a good lip. Mmkay, and can we please discuss those purrfect EYEBROWS. *faints* It's also totally fair to say I'm still obsessively j'adoring over her aesthetic awesomeness in her black-and-white crazily chic music video for "Nothing's Real But Love" (she better sang!) from her debut album, Heaven. Hiii, I'm, duh, in *HEAVEN* to present this week's Fave Things with the ridiculously ferosh heart-explosions-inducing song bird, Ms. Rebecca Ferguson.


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Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene at the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch in New York on June 20.
Photo: Getty Images

WHERE shall I even fail to begin to describe my/the MTV Style HQ/the universe's obsession with Ashley Greene? For sartorial-friendly starters, I often find myself on a lonely Saturday evening exclusively viewing Greene's scenes in Twilight whilst my mug is smeared in a overpriced clay mask in an attempt to emulate her immaculate superhuman skin glow. Weekday lunch breaks usually involve Google image searches ("Ashley Greene + Face of DKNY", "Ashley Green + front row at Donna Karan", "Ashley Greene leaving the gym remaining perpetually uh-mazing"). I must confess, excessive droolage on my Macbook happens. Another newsflash: I nearly collapsed last night, and it had nothing to do with the oppressive New York heat wave. Ms. Greene played hostest-with-the-mostess enviable designer-filled closet/skin/life for Samsung Mobile's launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (Call me on that Samsung, maybe/def, Ash.). As I inappropriately schvitzed away in my acid-wash DIY daisy dukes—for which Greene complimented me (thx, girl!)—I attempted to pull myself together to chit-chat with her over the blaring beats courtesy of Swedish House Mafia's Sebastian Ingross and surprise guest performer, Skrillex (!!!). The Pucci-perfection clad Greene filled me in on fantasies of playing dress-up with Katy Perry and Debbie Harry (*dead*) and tips on attempting to be as drop dead gorgeous as her. Hint: less is more. Take notes, dear readers.


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