Johnny Wujek.
Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Wujek

From the daisy dukes, whipped-creme-spewing-brassieres on top to serving us some maje Rainbow-Brite-at-the-Met-ball realness, Johnny Wujek is the (foxy) costume designer/stylist responsible for bringing out the crayola-friendly CRAY in Katy Perry. You go, girl. And, if you're a dedicated MTV Style reader, then, duh, you know/set your TiVos months in advance for Wujek's debut on America's Next Top Model this Sept (!!!) on the CW alongside fashunnn blogger extraordinaire turned judge Bryan Boy. Can you EVEN imagine these two style slayers working in tandem? Wujek being adorbs whilst sporting a lil scruff, tattoos spilling out under his tiny tank and his fave Detroit Tigers hat (#SWOON!), Bryan Boy working some bananas blue furry lewk and throwing major shade behind designer sunnies, and Tyra Banks smizing away before putting her best poker face on as she eliminates the cuties with those infamously dramatic/most. uhmazing. pauses. EVER. *J'Dead* So, because I <3 y'all and stuff, I seriously stalked Wujek til he gave in and, despite his dizzying sched with Ty Ty, spilled all the fashion-y beans for this week's Favorite Things! And for those who can't get enough of Wujek, there's THIS AKA his mega-famous BFF and her pretty posse getting their "Call Me Maybe" cover on, Coachella style. Yer Welcome.


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The exclusive UO x Keds collaboration puts a splash of summer on the classic kicks.
Photo: Keds

Feel free to go right ahead and agree with me whole-heartedly: There's nothing worse than a bad summer pedi. I often find myself bolting into Opening Ceremony's dressing room for cover whilst covering my eyes and/or violently dry-heaving when I spot a toe up pedi caged in (what I'll go ahead and co-sign is one of the worst trends infiltrating my generation's closets) that sartorial mess known as the gladiator flat. :'( OR, even worse, an OLD NAVY sandal/mandal as it produces those condescending squeaks down West Broadway. *Collapses in traffic, dies.* I've lost my shopping appetite one too many times due to terrifying toes, and I'm not so thrilled about it. Well, there's hope thanks to the cool kids over at Keds who got the urgent memo with their brand new Urban Outfitters' collab. But, GET THIS, y'all... they come in UH-MAZING summer-y shades of orange and purple TIE. DYE. (I dieeee.) And for a cool $50! I'll take both in a size 11, kthxbye (JK. They're for unfort for ladies only...! Let's get on that, Keds.). PS I'm also SO into the brown leather lace detail, which offers a little calm to the bananas color situation. The orange is pretty major (though I'm gonna unofficially rename it a "burnt orange" because, well, that's how I roll) especially with the pale blue trim. Then there's the real head-turners: the punk-y purple kicks AKA someone get Azealia Banks (pls come out of Twitter retirement, girl...) on the iPhone STAT because home gurl is gonna lose her ish over this aesthetic acid-y brilliance. No fancy multi-colored bedazzled toenail stickers can compare. #FACT! Mmmkay, I realize I'm sounding like a janky press release and stuff, but allow me to continue: not only will you be killinnnn' it on the beach in these non-traditional bad-ass babies, but hiiii, both options totally segue into an evening sea-punk Girl Power '90s-ish rave lewk. Win/WIN! So, embrace (but cover up!) your inner fug feet, cancel your afternoon pedi appointment and feed your sartorial sole (hehe).

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Icona Pop

Icona Pop.
Photo: Courtesy of MILK

In case you were wondering, I remain seriously obsessed with many a Swedish sartorially slaying bubbly songstress cutie. See: arm-flailing-friendly dance-floor diva Robyn and her penchant for zanily patterned Jeremy Scott and platform Timbs and/or reigning fashion-y It Girl Lykke Li and her gothic-y ice princess lewks, most recently causing maje droolage whilst performing at a painfully chic Manhattan dinner for ACNE. *Nods head enthusiastically* But there's a new stylish Swede-y in town, and she comes in TWOS. *DEAD* Meet Aino and Caroline, the bananas-ly baffling UH.DUH.RAH.BLE musical BFF duo behind the dizzyingly addictive electro-pop outfit, Icona Pop. They basically make the kind of music that makes one itch for endless make-out seshs with foxy German boys at warehouse sea-punk raves that pump blaring techno from Friday evening into Monday morning. *Crickets* (ED NOTE: Alex's currently in Berlin.) If you haven't lost your mind to their much blogged-about pop anthem "Manners," in which I shout along "There is no one like me!", yet, WHACHA WAITING FOR? Then there's their latest perma-smize-inducing jam ("you're from the 70s, but I'm a '90s bitch!" lyrical genius + heavy wind-machine usage in the music vid = *faints*), "I Love It", from their forthcoming debut LP, and duh, you're gonna heart it hardcore. Better yet, Icona Pop's style game is on another indescribable level of UHMAZE (Dr. Martens, creamsicle lips, their lucky matching rock crystal necklaces, OH MY!) FYI: That'll be me schvitzing on my own in a tye-die tank at their June 22nd show at Glasslands. Until then, HAPPY FAVE THANGS FRIDAY. Go on, y'all. Let the obsession begin.


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Natalia Kills
Photo: Ben Cope

I don't even know where to begin with my <3 for dark pop diva, Natalia Kills. Edited version: I seriously questioned my sexuality after witnessing her hair-whipping frenzy of a performance (which involved the awesomeness that are handcuffs-as-a-belt) to a sea of bouncing bowler-hat clad hipsters at a Fashion Week party two years ago in a bananas SoHo loft. Her publicist introduced us post-killer performance, and major heart explosions happened. Maybe it was the pin-up cat-eyes makeup. The blood-red stained lips. The English accent paired with her charismatic confidence and cheeky sense of humor. Or, like, THE HEAD-TO-TOE ALEXANDER WANG DUDS. *J'Dead* But it was her dazzling debut album, Perfectionist, in which she croons about window shopping being overrated ("If I see it, Ima take it!") on what would totes be Carrie Bradshaw's anthem and, you know, killing her boyfriend (in a tub of milk in a Paris flat... you go, girl!) that really prompted me to put a Top Shop ring on it. Oh, did I mention Kills' latest semi NSFW sex-on-a-stick music vid for "You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed)" in which the Joyrich clad-cutie WERQS a braided ponytail and licks model Leebo Freeman's foxy face in a photo-booth? There's that, too. *Faints*


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Richard Chai

Richard Chai.
Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Stern

There's nothing NOT to <3 about the uh-mazing designer Richard Chai. If you're a dedicated MTV Style reader (as you should be!) you know that Richie bangs out some seriously salivating sartorial haute sauce, whether it be via NYFW runways or the cement, stiletto-stomping catwalks of SoHo. Newsflash: The 2010 CFDA champion (who received the Swarovski Award for Menswear, NBD) is not at all afraid of some floral pattern action, and we're not afraid of opening a few credit cards to seriously spice up our closet's life. And can we all please agree on something incredibly important? His 10/10 dreamboat rating. *swoon* (I may or may not have spotted/creeped on Chai on many a downtown, strobe-light flashing dance floor, mesmerized by his effortlessly cool steez AKA immaculate face whilst I'm getting my Robyn-inspired stilettos (okay, Converse)-and-broken-bottles on.) So, put your hot dog down y'all because for this especially special Memorial Weekend Favorite Things' edish, RICHARD FREAKIN' CHAI (!!!) spills all of the fashion-y beans (see: Linda Farrow sunnies, a sparkly Rolex, Vita Coco Coconut H20 as a hangover helper). YUM!


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Demi Lovato Britney Spears X Factor

Demi Lovato and Britney Spears at the 'X Factor' auditions in Austin, Texas, on May 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Forget the "Oops!"—Britney Spears straight-up just did it again. *curtsies enthusiastically* After momentarily turning me straight in a seriously skin-tight Alexander Wang (!!!) number last week in Manhattan, the Ms. American Dream Since She Was 17 took the whole Southern Belle lewk to sky-rocketing new levels at the first batch of X-Factor auditions in Austin, Texas. See: big, bananas-y blonde hair, a smokey eye, a million dollar smile, and, oh right, THAT. DRESS. Brit Brit sported another body-con/sizzling get-up—this time courtesy of celeb-fave designer Brian Lichtenberg. Head-to-toe observations: It's hot pink. There's revealing mesh cutout action. The black chunky zipper traveling down the back is SEX. Are those shoulder pads? *dead* P.S.- It's under $400. (But the stunning black YSL stilettos are definitely not. :() And can we all at once say, "Leggy?!" #LEGNEY


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Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti in Pencey fall/winter 2012 lookbook.
Photo: Courtesy of Hugh Lippe

If you're a true KatyCat, then you're well aware that Mia Moretti is Katy Perry’s BFF. (Yeah, that’s her being naughty with a then-unknown Ke$ha in the “I Kissed A Girl” music video and killin' it on the “Peacock” remix from the deluxe edish of Teenage Dream.) But Moretti's also one of New York’s finest dressed DJs/"It" Girls, providing the dance floor/arms-flailing-ready tunes for a bevy of chic runway shows and after-parties. (A-List designer Prabal Gurung’s a super fan. NBD.) She's also WORKED it in a slew of head-turning spreads for PAPER and Nylon magazine. And then there's the JAMMMM "So Beautiful" in which Moretti's other half, Caitlin Moe (who you'll often find heel-clad/losing her mind on the strings whilst touring the globe performing with Moretti), showcases her haunting pipes over Moretti's euphoric beats and shadow-y synth. In short, I’ve been kinndaaaa obsessed with Moretti ever since meeting her at a downtown boite a couple summers ago whilst confusing her for Chloe Sev. Oops! A few tequila shots later, and we’ve been basically the downtown version of Will & Grace ever since. 😉 Gurlfriend is def not afraid of a zany pattern, a little floral action, a good chunky heel and, duh, some Daisy Dukes. So, take out your iPhone notes app—these are a few of Ms. Mia Moretti’s favorite fashion-y things!


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Britney Spears X Factor Dresses

Britney Spears at the Fox 2012 programming presentation and the post-show party in New York on May 14.
Photo: PictureGroup/Splash News

Britney Spears' fans are probably convulsing-on-the-floor-types of *dead* as a result of yesterday's official halt to the heart-murmur-inducing rumors: Brit Brit (along with 19-year-old cutie-patootie Demi Lovato) is next season's new X Factor judge! #THEREISAGODNEY Brit Brit graced Manhattan with her Holy Spearit yesterday for the announcement of the very special occasion at the Fox Upfronts whilst looking all kinds of hot. Allow me to explain/gush: Britney's super straight, shiny locks in a middle part, natural-ish make-up with a little blush and a smokey eye, and a perfectly tanned/totally toned body had me teary-eyed and breaking out in happy hives. OKAY. Britney took "fit like a glove" to a whole new salacious level with that off-white Stop Staring mini dress paired with stylish stilettos from Gaga favorite, Mr. Giuseppe Zanotti.


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Santigold performing at Samsung Mobile's fan appreciation show in New York on May 14.
Photo: Getty Images

It's official—I'm out of the Santigold groupie closet. Last night the singer played a free concert at the intimate Irving Plaza thanks to Samsung, who threw a bananas bash complete with mini-hamburgers and a flowing open bar (ouch!) to celebrate their 5MM Facebook "likes." I, duh, more than liked last night. My homegirl Natalia Kills and I bounced away to Santigold's fashion-y and frenetic hit-driven set, and we LIVED for her signature sunglasses-at-night duo of dancers. But it was all about the party store golden-streamers-turned-cape on Santi that completely did us in. Oh, and then there's this: style god/my biggest celeb-crush evs a.k.a. Pharrell Williams was a special guest performer, as well as Andy freakin' Samberg who showed up as the hilarious Saturday Night Live character Shy Ronnie. Following the cuckoo killer show, I somehow ended up kicking it with Santi in her dressing room. NBD. Newsflash: She was sweeter than your favorite Vitamin Water and prettier than most humans. Being the totes profesh MTV Style blogger that I am, I talked all things fashion with Santigold. See: Salt-N-Peppa as a style icon, Santi's penchant for drugstore-purchased glitter nail polish, and getting sloshed for Alexander Wang. Um, yeah. It all happened.


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Gabe Saporta

Gabe Saporta from Cobrastarship.
Photo: Kai Regan

Sometimes life just isn't fair you guys. :'( Those were the thoughts swirling in my broken brain/resulting in worrisome <3 beats when I was invited to spend a rainy afternoon at the dream-on-toast Gabe Saporta's East Village bachelor pad on his day off. When the crazily charismatic Cobra Starship frontman kindly offered me a glass of water, I obliged because, TBH, this gay needed a cool-down. *Gulp* The over 6-foot-tall piping hot glass of Smart water himself lives quite the jet-setting rockstar life, (DUH), as seen in the just-released video for Cobra Starship's latest electro banger, "1Nite", in which viewers get their groupie voyeuristic thrills on as the band brings their fist-pumping friendly act around the globe and makes the coolest home-video EVS, involving an underground Japanese rave replete with pelvic-thrusting dancers, no less.


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