Dev Favorite Things

Photo: GL Wood

Remember that one time when the chorus of Far East Movement's "Like A G6" was the only thing you'd sing whilst self-exfoliating at home on a lonely Saturday night? Those were the days. *Sigh* Anywho, one inebriated evening circa 2010, I bolted/tripped over to the jukebox at my fave local suspicious-smelling gay dive faster than a frenetic pelvic thrust because I HAD to know the name, and then obvs the steeze, of the enigmatic, purring female serving it to the kids on the euphoric jam. The answer is now, obvs, Dev. First of all, 'Dev' is a bad-to-the-bone, Dev-ilish name, so fierce hand waves to that hotness, girl. But following much chin-scratching and a Google Image search via iPhone minutes later (which basically = a rad pompadour situation, a slew of tattoos and cuckoo kinds of bling) another (totes healthy) obsession was born. Nowadays, I'm driving the MTV Style office all sorts of "STFU!" cray as a result of my latest fave sang-it-loud-and-proud jam, "In My Trunk" from Dev's popgasm of a debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up. Sing it with me you guys: "I got that thump it's in mah trunk, it's in mah trunk…" The lyrics are basically >>>>> and Fergalicious. So, duh, I hit up Dev for this week's installment of Favorite Things. Homegirl e-mailed me a detailed map of her uhmazing tattoos (!!!) and more sartorial hot sauce, so if you hear me shrieking profanities and/or catch the sound of "In The Dark" lyrics echoing across St. Mark's today after work, don't be alarmed... I'm just wearing my <3 (inspired by Dev) on my sleeve. #NoPainNoStyleGain


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Photo: Courtesy of Zel-Atif Ishak/FADER Label

There's something about the buzzed-about Malaysian beauty known as Yuna, you guys. See: The velvety smooth pipes that remind me of sippin' on a heavenly glass of Jameson on the rocks by the fireplace (and hopefully *fingers crossed* not getting sloshed solo) at a Parisian-friendly downtown boîte in the dreadful winter. Yum. Pair that whiskey buzz with Yuna's intoxicating (hehe) jam "Live Your Life" and then I'm really feeling thangs. There's also Yuna's viral Nirvana (!!!) cover of "Come As You Are" which results in my arm goosebumps tingling the way your insides do whilst listening to a melodic emo verse. A tear (or five) might have happened, too. Oh, and let's not forget Yuna's must-purchase self-titled debut album, released this week, which features my personal style god/fantasy boy toy (real name: Pharrell Williams) and his sensual, make-out-in-public-inducing beats. But since this is MTV Style and all, let's take a moment of sartorial silence to reflect on Yuna's signature crazily colorful head wraps (and head-turners) which are slaying our eyes/lives. I mean, have you SEEN that headpiece she made out of adidas Originals pants in the cute-as-HALE White Space Project video with Coco and Breezy? *breathe in, breathe out… DEAD* Alas, it being "Favorite Things" Friday, we gave Yuna our fashion-y survey, and if our puddle of desk drool (TMI?) is any indication, Yuna's responses totes did not disappoint. #AStyleStarIsBorn #BeMyBFF


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Sabi Favorite Things

Sabi in a SS12 Joyrich sweater.
Photo: Nikko La Mere

For all you tardy for the party, meet our latest obsession: Sabi. Uh huh, she’s the one tearing up the la-la-la-la-la's (and semi to blame) for the universe’s fave reigning cruisin'-top-down-off-key-belting-fest via Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel Good" hit. She's also the girl behind Britney Spears' "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" song from the immaculate popgasm known as Femme Fatale. Honey, if Brit Brit thinks you're hot, then you're Jalapeño-flavored Cheetos all kinds of HAWT. Moving on, we had to wash the fire down with a light Caramel Frap after drooling over Sabi's new-ish music video for "Wild Heart" from her forthcoming debut album. Our initial squeals included: "OMGAH! High-top Reeboks?"/"She better werk a navy turban!"/"OH HAY to the papier-mâché hearts igniting, and WE FEEL YOU, GIRL *hand waves* for Sabi losing it whilst sangin' 'DAYUM THIS WILD <3 OF MINE' on her bedroom floor in a fierce gown." Then yesterday, the "Where They Do That At" music video featuring Wale premiered on JustJared, and we rolled under our desks and stayed there shivering in delight for the rest of the day. Reason: the straight raven locks, the big bad hoops and the baggy camo pants paired with a little midriff/the return of the turban action = Sabi's KILLING IT annnd giving us a little Aaliyah vibe. (P.S.- Is that a belly-button gilded chain? *DEAD*) Yes, Sabi you are that somebody (had to!) whose closet we'd love to raid after getting coffee/being besties/gossiping about Brit Brit 4 lyfe. So, without further style-spazzing ado, prepare for major closet envy with Sabi's *Oprah voice* favorite things!


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Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Jules de Martino and Katie White from The Ting Tings.
Photo: All images courtesy of Katie White

Show of hands (or spirit fingers, if preferred): Whose fave screeching-in-the-shower/pre-game jam is STILL "That's Not My Name" from the quirky and colorful Brit power pop duo known as The Ting Tings? *raises hand enthusiastically WITH spirit fingers* FORREALS, I'd like to take a moment to thank Jules de Martino and Katie White of the Ting Tings from the bottom of my (perpetually inebriated) heart for creating an indie pop masterpiece about my "same story/different weekend" habits at many a janky, strobe-light flickering, occasionally smelly East Village gay dive bar! TO WIT: "NO, ___'s not my name, honey...!" (but you can still have my number/buy me a vodka pineapple/shower me in compliments). Finger snaps for that timeless tune, guys! #VoiceOfAGeneration


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Britney Spears

Britney Spears looks amazing on the set of her Twister Dance video shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of @Ray_Kay's Twitter/Britney Spears's Facebook

Hush, just stop! *Britney Spears "Stronger" signature growl* Our totally-in-unison squeals up in the MTV Style headquarters just shook Times Square like a perfectly executed Brit Brit shimmy, y'all. Reason: The Holy high-kicking Spearit pulsated our souls like an 808 drum whilst our eyeballs experienced partial paralysis because of *breathe in, breathe out* these STUNNING pictures Britney tweeted last night! (Okay, she actually uploaded them onto this thing called "Path" which we're gonna file under "unclear on" right there with Pinterest…[WE ARE RIGHT NOW FIGURING IT OUT THO!]) With the X-Factor judge rumors soaring to insanity kinds of proportions, Britney's keeping our mind-losing in check with these flaw-free, behind-the-scenes images directly from the set of her commercial for her new Twister game. Yep, Britney + Twister = O__o! In other words, let the X-mas-in-spring parties commence.


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Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie.
Photo: Collier Schorr/All other images courtesy of Lissy Trullie


In the reigning downtown New York style goddess department, there's really no competition when it comes to my girl, Lissy Trullie. Fashion-y freaks have been obsessed with the former model/janitor since the 2009 release of her guitar-riff heavy, mega booty kicking EP, Self-Taught Learner. (Psssst...Teach us how to rock your killer pixie cut, girl. Seriously.)

The Olsens-circa-NYU-days used to frequent the Beatrice Inn and that's where I first turned straight (jkjk!) for Trullie (and her TO-DIE- FOR bowler hat). She was being all kinds of punk perfection perched behind the DJ booth blasting rock n' roll and hardcore rap jams for the sweating, bouncing, vodka-spilling hipsters in shredded-skinnies below. Gahhh, yes, the collegiate glory days when overpriced vodka sodas (thx Mom!) and cigarette smoke replaced steam facials as my after-dark religion. I've since retired my "Save Beatrice" shirt, but Trullie isn’t just the typical it-girl-who-lives-for-nightlife type; she’s a hair-whipping/losing her mind rock n’ roll machine onstage! In other words: go and get your iTunes on because her full-length self-titled debut album finally arrives next Tuesday!

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dave franco complex magazine

Dave Franco in "Complex" magazine.
Photo: Chris McPherson for "Complex" magazine

Two drool-resulting words. Dave. Franco. But there's MORE: The burgeoning actor's exposing some major abdomen action (is that an outtie?! :-O) in a retro-ly rad spread for Complex's February/March 2012 issue. Franco apparently addresses the whole "Living In His Brother's Shadow" thing, but we didn't bother reading that mess because the pictures say it ALL: Dave Franco has arrived, and FYI, he's a smoldering/sizzling/sex-and-candy/etc. star that we'll continue to wish upon every single night until we wake up canoodling underneath his bulging arms. *Shivers* We almost felt guilty about our Dave Franco shrine after he revealed his fear of "losing his anonymity" and "small freak-out moment every few months..." Until we flipped through more photos.


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Drake GQ Style Bible

Drake on "GQ."
Photo: Sebastian Kim/GQ

Well, HELLOOO there, Mr. Debonair. A seriously suited-up Drake and those blindingly blissful pearly whites grace the cover of GQ's first ever Style Bible. The sizzling issue promises to provide "Everything A Man Needs To Look His Best in 2012," so let's take a detailed look at the cover and steal some stylish pointers for our beloved guy readers/reader's boy-toys. (P.S.: Drizzy, can you please rock this look to our imminent wedding? Thanks.)


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madonna shoes

Shoes from Madonna's new Truth or Dare line.
Photo: Courtesy of Aldo Group Inc.

We DARE you not to squeal with sartorial delight after reading this: Madonna is making shoes. *Immediately burns shoe closet, turns up "Burning Up," cries* Yes (slash FINALLY) the "Girl Gone Wild" singer/salacious style Queen of the fashion-y Pop galaxy has partnered with Aldo Group Inc. to create some killer dance floor-ready kicks via her Truth or Dare label. An early image of the fall '12 collection teases us with a pretty pump, a studded stiletto complete with mini bow, and a red carpet-friendly-slash-sexy gilded heel. They're fine and wearable and kind of affordable ($89 to $349), BUT we're shivering under our desks imagining those promised knee-high bangin' boots that Madonna currently lives in (paired with those perpetual fingerless gloves), which we we live and J'DIE for.  


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Lady Gaga at the 2012 Grammys

Lady Gaga at the 2012 Grammys in L.A. on Feb. 12.
Photo: Getty Images

• If you missed the Grammys, here were the biggest fash-filled moments: Lady Gaga sitting front row in her Daphne Guinness meets Maleficent custom Versace gown, Jesse J going glam in a sparkling Julien Macdonald dress, and Nicki Minaj celebrating Halloween early in a couture red cape.

• Everyone's favorite pint-sized crooning couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got even cuter when the Biebs bought Selena a diamond-encrusted "J" for Justin ring. Awww!

Kelly Osbourne is a purrfect vixen in the new Lovecat magazine, rocking skintight, bootylicious dresses, and a pretty-and-punky purple head of major hair.

• A glowing Demi Lovato tweeted her newly dyed flaxen 'do followed by the comment that "change is good." Proof that blondes do have more fun?

• Newsflash in "Duh" town: Adele is flawless, specifically in her Vogue cover, one of the more stunning displays of immaculate skin/hair/boobs we've ever seen.

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