Rihanna Liv Tyler Givenchy Tee

Rihanna in New York on March 18 and Liv Tyler in Paris on April 12.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna and Liv Tyler have a thing for Givenchy. And style-offs. In fact, Rihanna went head-to-head in a Rottweiler tee with Kanye West and so did Liv, in the very same tee. We don't know if it's a serious love for the House of Givenchy, support for Rottweilers in general, or just a basic need to try and one-up Yeezy, but perhaps there's something to this here. Case in point, both stylin' ladies are in a fash-duel yet again, this time in an oversize Givenchy silk orchid tee. But who wore it best?


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Jarvis Cocker Pulp

Jarvis Cocker performs at Radio City Music Hall in New York on April 11.
Photo: Getty Images

Last night marked a momentous occasion in the history of music, and if you were on Twitter or happened to stroll past Radio City Music Hall in NYC, you may have noticed a sea of mostly black-clad misfits freaking out about a band called Pulp. If you're unfamiliar with the seminal Brit-pop legends that helped define the '90s music scene (and completely rule my life) nor the band's enigmatic lead singer, Jarvis Cocker, you best educate yo'self because, like the entire audience at both performances at Radio City, Pulp is soul-bursting on a variety of levels. For one, their hit song, "Common People" is both a hilarious generation-defining anthem and a super fun song to dance to 17 years later. Also, Jarvis himself is witty, fearless, and incredibly dapper. Did I also mention that he's a consummate performer who not only feuded with Michael Jackson in 1996, when he ran onstage during Jackson's performance of "Earth Song" and, well, pointed to a certain part of his anatomy to tell the audience what he thought of it, but also fronted the Hogwarts dance band, The Weird Sisters, in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Yeah. AMAZING. But yet another reason to love Jarvis and Pulp is their enduring style, specifically Jarv-o's uniform of black-rimmed glasses, a crisp shirt, tie, suit jacket, and '70s heeled boots.


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Topshop Shopper Bag, Floppy Hat, and Drop Earrings; ASOS Color Block belt and Happy Socks Inca socks.
Photo: Topshop; ASOS; Madewell

Color blocking is one of spring's biggest trends thanks in part to another trend, sportswear, which was all over the runways. What we love about wearing bold blocks of color (aside from the whole infusion of cheerfulness to our otherwise goth-like winter wardrobes) is that it adds a bit of movement to a basic ensemble. It's also great for those of us who are into the whole mixed prints look but don't know if that stripey blouse will really look ok with a neon floral skirt. Enter color blocking! We recommend giving it a try through accessories. Topshop's Blue Structured Shopper Bag (above left) is the right balance of school/work functionality with blue and yellow modernism—the perfect accessory to accent that still-being-worn black dress. (Don't worry, we're still wearing ours, too. With tights. *sigh*) Topshop also has a Colour Block Floppy Hat in black and tan for those who shun color altogether but pair it with a pair of gold and yellow Circle Triangle Drop Earrings and a maxi dress, and you're good to go. Just want a dash of blockage? An ASOS Color Block Waist Belt in purple and red suede is great with jeans and a tee or try Madewell's Happy Socks in Inca print, instead, for something a bit more funzies. Need more options? We've got 'em!


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Rooney Mara Ombre Hair

Rooney Mara on set of the film 'The Bitter Pill' and at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Feb. 26.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

Holy hair transformation! Academy Award nominated actress, Vanity Fair cover girl, Givenchy fan, and all-around cinematic badass Rooney Mara is sporting some new locks. The former Dragon Tattoo goth princess has traded in her blunt black bangs and shorn bob for dusty blonde ombre extensions. Worn for her latest role in the movie The Bitter Pill, which is a thriller about a woman fearing the release of her husband from prison (also starring Channing Tatum for your nom-nom daydreaming pleasure), we're guessing Mara's character is soooo scared that she forgot to shampoo and condition.


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Sneaker Wedges

Affordable sneaker wedge options by (clockwise from top) ASOS, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Topshop/Urban Outfitters

The wedge sneaker is everywhere this season including on Beyoncé's post-preg footsies, and according to WWD they have officially eclipsed smoking slippers as the "It Shoes" of the season. Can we get a round of applause please? Not only is it amazing that a totally COMFORTABLE shoe is getting its day in the spotlight, wedge sneakers—as a concept—are also worth celebrating. Combining a hi-top sneaker with hidden height? This is genius and mostly attributed to Isabel Marant (she of the Bey sneaks) whose design riff on Nike Dunks started the whole trend. Sadly, we have to pull a sad face where these covetable sneaks are concerned because they are waaaaay out of our price range ($680 - $760 = YIKES territory). Thankfully, many of our favorite stores are offering more affordable versions.


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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart in "Snow White And The Huntsman."
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

As summer approaches, you should be thinking of one very important element for your warm weather wardrobe: ARMOR. That's right, one of the biggest upcoming blockbusters is Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart as a stronger, more badassier Snow White who dons velvet, wrap-around braids, and—you guessed it—a suit of armor. So, does this mean we're all going to have to invest in chain mail? We thought a bodice of cold, hard steel might be K-Stew's only costume choice from what we've spied in the trailer so far, but thanks to MTV News (holla!) we now have an exclusive behind the scenes look at what went into the costume design for the film straight from the designer herself, Colleen Atwood. Aside from discussing Snow White's costume elements, she talks about Charlize Theron's bone-enhanced wicked queen and reveals how to sword fight in a dress.


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Jennifer Lawrence

Barbie releases Katniss Everdeen Barbie.
Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate/Mattel

It was only a matter of time, but the onslaught of merchandise related to The Hunger Games now extends to the land of plastic, side-braid, arrow-toting, long-legged dolls. We're talking about the new Katniss Everdeen Barbie, of course, which is actually a real thing that you can pre-order now. The fine folks over at Entertainment Weekly offered an exclusive sneak-peek at the new Barbie doll which, we have to say, looks very much like her real-life counterpart played by Jennifer Lawrence complete with Games-gear including her seemingly fire-resistant jacket and Mockingjay pin. But, you guys, there's something else going on behind these gray eyes.


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Raf Simons Dior

Raf Simons has been named the new artistic director at Dior.
Photo: Getty Images

Stop the fashion presses because the tumultuous wait is finally over! The New York Times is reporting that Dior has tapped former Jil Sander creative director Raf Simons to take the place of John Galliano at the helm of the house. Are you experiencing deja vu like we are right now? Not to worry, this is to be expected since the wait has been, oooohhhh, like a gazillion years and this whole "Who's gonna take over at Dior?" brouhaha has involved so much speculation and wishy-washiness (like that time when Marc Jacobs was thought to be the top choice or that other time when Fashionista April Fooled us into thinking it would be Kanye) that we almost gave up hope that anyone would ever be named. But this time it's for realsies, and from that photo above you can also tell that this dude is all about SERIOUS BUSINESS.



Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad wears Heartloom's Athena Maxi Dress to a book signing for "The Fame Game."
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Revolve Clothing

Just in case you thought Lauren Conrad was slowing down, we're here to remind you that she's not. Aside from causing googly-eyed teenage boys to go all jelly legs at the mere sight of her topless Glamour cover shoot (believe me, I witnessed it fo' realsies at the local Duane Reade), she went on an African safari adventure, and popped out the Paper Crown fall lookbook all, seemingly, while we were eating cold tacos on our lunch hour. Does any of this surprise you? It shouldn't, because Lauren Conrad is a business mogul, y'all, and she's way past the whole ex-Hillsie thing. In fact, just to prove her point even further, she went ahead and wrote another novel, The Fame Game, probably half a second before I typed this. (I jest! But not. She probably penned some poetic prose while sewing a quilted kaftan minidress at the same time, too.) And you know something else? She's still slaying it style-wise. I mean, check out this stellar maxi dress right here.


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