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Rihanna, in wax.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna's got a wax figure! Madame Tussaud's in Berlin unveiled the first wax interpretation of Ri Ri wearing a blue leotard, pink garters, and her formerly crimson hair. What's even crazier is that it LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER. Really. Wow. {via Buzzworthy}

• There are crazy rumors that Lady Gaga is engaged to her on-and-off-again boyfriend Luc Carl, so some Irish dude started placing bets on who would design her wedding dress. Her sister Natali is the current lead choice, with "balloons" being a winning dress silhouette. {via The Cut}

Madonna is teaming with Gucci to present the Gucci Award for Women in Cinema this week at the Venice Film Fest, where Her MADGEsty will also be screening her new fashion-heavy film, W.E. Also, slightly related, check out this carcass of a mutilated peacock she wore atop her well-preserved person in a photo-op with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. {via Coco Perez}

• The Missoni for Target collection will be hitting Target stores in mid-September, and there's a new video interview with poster girl Margherita Missoni talking about the 400+ collection. We have a feeling there will be wavy stripes ALL OVER our lives once this Italian madness hits the Great Land. {via The Fashion Spot}

• Our street-style fave Solange Knowles apparently caused quite the commotion in Miami recently when she tried to enter a club carrying an unusual accessory. Allegedly, police refused to let her enter with a giant, five-foot inflatable banana, even threatening to deflate the innocent fruit. Solange took to her Twitter feed to rant about it; whereabouts of the offended banana are unknown. {via Miami Herald}

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After her SHOWSTOPPING VMA outfit caused a scream-fest both before and during the awards for its DARING use of a surgical mask (not to mention layers of metal, lace, tights, animal socks, mishmashed leg warmers, and an errant doll-baby thrown in for just the right amount of added whimsy), Nicki Minaj continued down her candy-colored road of many colors at the VMA afterparty for Lil Wayne's The Carter IV. She arrived at Boulevard3 in Hollywood wearing a slightly toned down yet still pink, pink, and MORE PINK formfitting outfit that hinted at the TOKYO-TASTIC cartoon character she played earlier in the eve. While her afterparty outfit might not be as HARAJU-KU-KU as her awards show one, we still think its playful mix of Japanese street style with Barbie doll aesthetics is worthy of a full-on, anatomical BREAKDOWN!


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Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj was nothing short of a JOYOUSLY BIZARRE REVELATION at this year's VMAs with her much photographed and blogged about futuristic candy-pop, Harajuku-esque, club kid ensemble. (Did we forget to add cartoon robot baby-nurse? Please FORGIVE.) The Barbie-loving Best Hip Hop video winner (ONE FOR THE LADIES!!!), sent the entire VMA red carpet pre-show crowd into a screaming FRENZY when she arrived, her typically diminutive figure eLONGated by a towering beehive of bubble gum pink and lemonade yellow hair buns resting atop her head like undulating saltwater taffy (YUMMM). But it wasn't until she stood still, a Whoozit-inspired stuffed toy dangling all the way to the ground from her finger, that we had a gummi bear-induced EUREKA moment. Could Nicki Minaj's outfit be an ode to the candy raver days of yore?


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Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and JoJo in shapely dresses at the 2011 VMAs.
Photos: Getty Images

Although we expected a "statement" from Lady Gaga at last night's VMAs, we weren't expecting that she would tone down the amount of fashion SO MUCH (while amping up the ah-mazing Jo Calderone theatrics, of course). Mother Monster is usually all about an exaggerated silhouette or, you know, sculpted, body-con, raw meat shapes. But this year, she changed it up—as promised—and allowed some of her female contemporaries to steal the dramatic silhouette spotlight. So, who tried to outdo Lady Gaga's usual OUT THERE outfit shape CRAZINESS?


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The cast of the "Jersey Shore" at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Picture Group

The cast of the Jersey Shore arrived (whew!) at the VMAs in the wake of hurricanes both literal and metaphorical. They were—as always—tanned and buffed despite the otherwise cloudy skies that have been dominating their native New Jersey environs, and they stepped up the WOWW (sorry, had to) fashion factor in a captivating array of sparkles, animal prints, and dark 'n' brooding suits. But were the boys tipping their nonexistent hats toward their rain-soaked summer home with this somber choice? Or were they stormy due to a different "situation"?


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Kanye West at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Image

Kanye West and Jay-Z surprised the 2011 VMAs with an unannounced performance of the new single "Otis" from their album collab, Watch the Throne. We'd been wondering if the Kanye rumors were true—if he was actually going to show—and if he'd possibly be wearing something that would hint at his upcoming fashion line that is reportedly set to debut during New York Fashion Week. Instead, we were bestowed with the gift of ombré chambray. Try saying that out loud: ombré chambray. Let it seep into your soul and emanate from your pores. Ommm-brayyy cham-brayyy. (Don't mind us, it's just the Swedish Fish talking, but, really, what a beautiful pairing of words and colored fabric.) But, WE'RE SERIOUS. Kanye rocked ALL OVER DENIM. That's risky. He paired a gradient shaded, blue chambray shirt (unbuttoned slightly, a thick strand of gold peeking through) with his FAVE Balmain jeans. We think he looks comfy, happy, and TAME this year. Blue on the outside but maybe not so much on the inside. What can we say? We like it.


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Adele at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Image

One of the most anticipated performances at tonight's VMAs (both for fans and for several of the VMA attendants) was most definitely Adele singing "Someone Like You." When the ladybird chanteuse emerged from the blackened stage, all you could see was her dramatic porcelain visage framed by a loosely curled, ladylike, side-ponytail (which we think could replace the side summer braid this fall). Her face was devoid of any overt makeup other than a strong set of loooong black eyelashes and (unless you blinked and missed them) even LONGER nude fingernails. Both were rather BOLD choices rendered in a subtle way, and they worked beautifully against her 1950s-style black, Barbara Tfank cinched-waist dress.


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Lady Gaga opens the show as Jo Calderone.
Photo: MTV/John Shearer

Lady Gaga said she'd be "making a statement," and as predicted, BOY, did she (he?) EVER. At the top of the VMAs, Mother Monster emerged as her smoking, swearing, ultra-MASCULINE alter ego, "Jo Calderone", and gave an opening speech wearing casual Serge Gainsbourg-esque, French-inspired suiting before launching into her latest single, the leather harness attired "You and I." Folks, it's as if she BROUGHT BACK MENSWEAR in the first ten minutes of the already jaw-dropping VMAs with a jacket by Dior Homme, pants by Brooks Brothers, and a t-shirt from Uniqlo. Gaga even went so far as to mix HIGH and LOW with her labels. Whatever will she come up next? We have no "le clue" as they say en français, but we can't wait for more.

Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone for 'Vogue Hommes.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Vogue Hommes'

+ WHAT'S CRAZIER? JO CALDERONE OR MEAT DRESS? What do you guys think? Fashionably speaking... Weigh in on the comments.


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A still from Nicki Minaj's music video "Fly."
Photo: Cash Money Records

It's finally here, the moment you've all been waiting for! Yes, we're talking about the VMAs, DUH, but also the mega-gigantic-MASSIVENESS that is the brand spankin' new "Fly" video from one of our biggest style crushes, Nicki Minaj, featuring our other style superstar fave, Rihanna. Is your fash-brain exploding as much ours is right now?! We get TWO STYLE-SLAYING SUPERSTARS for the price of ONE video! And the amount of unprecedented fashhhhhh-ON and rapid-fire costume changes is SO INSANELY AMAZING in this vid, that we really don't have enough words to describe it (but that's mostly because our mouths are still agape and our eyeballs are blurred by what is, truly, a MONUMENTAL STYLE MOMENT in MODERN MUSIC VIDEO HISTORY. No joke.)


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Ryan Gosling Drive.

Ryan Gosling at the "Drive" premiere in L.A.
Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Gosling acted like an urban superhero in a muscle-baring striped tank while he tried to break up a fight in NYC. Not that you need us to type this or anything, but SWOOOON.

We gave you a Lady Gaga fashion retrospective in anticipation of what she's going to WOW us with at Sunday's VMAs. Honestly, what could possibly top the MEAT DRESS?

We broke the news that pint-sized rapper and style hero Kreayshawn is set to host the MTV.com VMA Red Carpet Report. We have no idea what she'll ask celebs as they arrive, but we're guessing it'll be hilarious and hopefully in rhyme.

Taylor Swift shared photos of her rockin' retro Charleston style while on a beach vacation in South Carolina with her fellow female summer tourmates. Not only did we covet her super cute 1950s-style polka dot swimsuit, we wished we could live inside the photos forever.

Anne Hathaway went goth for the September issue of Interview magazine and we dissected every one of her black dress and lace veil looks. We wish we looked this good on our saddest day.

Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch cut off his signature long hair. Even though he's maturing as an actor (and we're happy for him!), we can't help but mourn the loss of his TIM RIGGINS-ness.

Jersey Shore's Vinny wore a Young & Restless "Stay Young" T-shirt, which retails for only $25. We're guessing he's trying to get some sort of message across with this sentiment but are glad that the message, at least, is affordable.

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