Snooki perfume and knuckle bracelets.

Snooki at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas.
Photo: Getty Images

Snooki signed a fragrance deal and rocked knuckle bracelets this week. When we think about the two of these happenings together, we kind of hope she names the fragrance FIERCE MEATBALL.

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift topped our style charts at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards while Zooey Deschanel, Chelsea Hobbs, and Holland Roden rocked the red carpet in crimson lips. Young Hollywood is seriously killing it in the style department these days.

Rihanna apparently spends almost $300 a day on her hair. We don't care as long as she continues to WOW us with neon red updos and wild mermaid tresses.

Kanye West and Jay-Z released the 'Otis' video from their Watch The Throne album and we singled out their best fashion lyrics. Gucci, Louis, Margiela? You better believe it.

Justin Bieber's mega-selling Someday fragrance inspired an ice cream sundae at London's Harrods department store. We know it smells sweet, so we're assuming it tastes the same way, too.

Korean boy band Big Bang wears silver minx nails and we LOVE IT. Who says boys with serious polish aren't seriously awesome?

Demi Lovato looks gorgeous and mature in a new Elle spread. The former Barney and Friends child star has proven that we will cry at both our age and how much this gal has grown.

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Dianna Agron Pink Hair

Dianna Agron dyes her hair pink!
Photo: Getty Images/Pacific Coast News

One of the greatest things about growing up is looking back on your personal style evolution and realizing how far you've come. Sure there are looks you can laugh at in your past (you better believe jeggings and joggs will come back to haunt you), but then there are those wardrobe epiphanies that move life stylishly forward. It's humbling to see that stars (they're just like us!) go through the same evolution we do—only they do it much quicker and for all the world to see. If we had to give an award to someone truly SLAYING IT in the style evolution department, though, the periwinkle blue ribbon would go to Dianna Agron, aka Glee's Quinn Fabray. A rising star of both the small and big screen, she is now a bona fide STYLE SENSATION, too. Thus, in honor of the opening of the Glee Live! In Concert! movie, we'd like to present her complete style transformation...


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Natalie Portman Diorskin.

Natalie Portman for Diorskin Forever.
Photo: Courtesy of Dior/via Harper's Bazaar UK

Natalie Portman looks forever beautiful in the new ads for the Diorskin Forever skincare line. Giving her best powerful brow stare in a muted mesh dress and naturally FLAW-LESS makeup, we're totally sold from the photo already. Who knew skincare fluid could be so intense and breathtaking? {via Harper's Bazaar UK}

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester is the face of Vera Wang's new Lovestruck perfume. In a video for the "sexy and feminine" fragrance she talks about being love-struck with New York and thinks romance is all about staying in, ordering delivery, and watching movies. So, pretty much the opposite of Blair Waldorf's penchant for fancy wooing. {via Coco Perez}

• A new video for Nars cosmetics features a model lying prone in a dentist chair while a robot lines her eyes. Directed by famed French art director Fabien Baron, the robot confidently applies the brand's Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner while the model remains motionless and relaxed. If this is a glimpse of the future, we like it. {via Racked}

Vanity Fair has an extensive look into the costumes of Madonna's upcoming film, W.E., based on the life of controversial divorcée Wallis Simpson and Britain's royal family. We're already bowing down to a blue and white striped tea dress and a black zigzag 1930s ensemble created by costume designer Arianne Phillips. Time to start scouring vintage stores! {via Vanity Fair}

• If there's anything that could possibly eclipse summer's crazy nail art trend, we're guessing it could be tooth decals. While they've always been available in the U.S., it's the Japanese who have deemed the temporary decals fashion-worthy as seen in a recent issue of Ginza magazine, where a model appears to match her red nails to a red ladybug on her tooth. We don't know how long it'll take this trend to catch on stateside, but perhaps one daring celeb will soon sink her teeth into it. {via Bellasugar}

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Lauren Conrad Alice and Olivia face paint.

Lauren Conrad at the Alice + Olivia Shoe Launch Party.
Photos: WireImage

Lauren Conrad attended the Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet shoe launch party in Los Angeles and opted for a totally new trend: face paint! The Paper Crown designer wore the cutest A+O dress that looked very Cali-late-summer with its bright bursts of color and lightweight flounce. But what about this FACE PAINT?! We're assuming the event space, Hollywood's ultra-hip Palihouse, was decked out with face-painting stations because LC doesn't appear to have arrived with a surrealist swirl upon her tanned temple. We're guessing that Miss C—who always seems game for a bit o' fun—agreed to go with it, maybe even trying it out herself before recommending to others in the primp section of her website.

We're curious if she co-designed this swirly face magic herself or if she even kept it on for the rest of the night. We know the author and Forbes columnist is all about keeping it classy, so is she trying to tell us to up our beauty regime and treat our faces as artistic canvases? Perhaps she'll give us a step-by-step tutorial on The Beauty Department blog or just start turning up at various parties with crazy patterns and dots all over her face to give us the courage to Picasso our own blank visages. We have a zillion questions about this face paint situation!!! Sigh, I guess we'll have to just keep rabidly following our favorite former Hills-ie's every move until we get some answers.

{via Popsugar}


Lady Gaga Vogue Cover.

Lady Gaga on the March 2011 cover of "Vogue."
Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

• Who can sell hundreds of thousands of copies of magazines just for being on the cover? Lady Gaga, of course! Mother Monster's March 2011 cover for Vogue sold 100,000 more copies than the same issue the previous year. Guess it's not at all ironic that Gaga's cover was entitled "The Power Issue," either. {via Fashionologie}

• A photo of Katy Perry dressed like a glamorous mermaid popped up on a blog recently. Covered entirely in sea glass sparkles with a lavender wig and iridescent pink tail, the look is apparently attributed to a photo shoot. However, we think it would make a splash on the red carpet. {via Oh No They Didn't!}

Twilight's Kellan Lutz has been wearing an Alex Woo gold "K" pendant around his neck recently. Despite what you might think about jewelry on men, the Breaking Dawn actor clearly doesn't have a problem with it at all. Who are we to argue with a man-vamp? {via Refinery 29}

• Hear this, the latest jewelry trend is all about ears! That's right, EARS. Calourette is a whimsical French jewelry company selling cat, rabbit, and human ear-shaped rings and earrings, as well as necklaces with dangling bananas and doughnuts. Although most of the products are only available abroad, Urban Outfitters will soon stock them online. {via StyleCaster}

Ralph Lauren's latest label, Denim & Supply, launches online today and is all about—you guessed it—jeans. An edgier take on the company's American aesthetic, the line features distressed denim separates for men and women mixed with laid-back flannels and cozy sweaters, all at an affordable price point. Check out the preview video featuring rugged models galore. {via Stylelist}

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A dress by Kindall Almond, a tunic by Sam O'Brien, a maxi by Simone Kurland, and.
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters put nine Pratt Institute students through a sort of mini Project Runway-esque competition this summer. The challenge was to design a dress with the store's customer in mind, and the prize for the top three designers would be the chance to sell their dresses at Urban Outfitters this fall. However, the catch (because you know these fashion competitions are always throwing a birdseed-only type of curveball) was that the designers had to work strictly with jersey. So, almost like a "turn this t-shirt into a dress" kind of deal where the biggest weapon in your toolbox is imagination. Top that, Heidi Klum!


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Ashley Greene beauty secrets.

Ashley Greene at an Ella Moss party in Los Angeles.
Photo: Getty Images

The Twilight Saga's Ashley Greene shared her beauty secrets from skincare to favorite products while on location for a Mark cosmetics shoot. She even dished about how to look like you aren't wearing any makeup even when you are. Apparently, it's all about fake freckles. {via Bellasugar}

Amy Winehouse allegedly barbecued an Alexander McQueen dress worth upwards of $15,000. According to the late fashion designer's former boyfriend, the late singer refused to forgive McQueen after he offended her at a party. McQueen later sent her a dress as an apology, and she skewered it on a BBQ grill. Here's hoping they've made amends in the afterlife. {via Daily Mail}

Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson graces the September cover of Seventeen magazine and opens up about her "edgier" personal style. We love how the behind-the-scenes cover shoot accentuates this by pairing her cute, gray tube dress with striped socks and two-tone creepers. {via Seventeen}

• If you haven't heard of fashion designer Takako Iwasa yet, don't get your whiskers twisted. She just so happens to be the most celebrated cat tailor in Japan. That's right, Iwasa specializes in fine feline fashion for only the coolest cats. Check out the video for her new book Fashion Cats (we might need the human-sized version of that Chanel-esque cat cape). {via Racked}

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are at it AGAIN with the launch of yet another fashion project. Stylemint is an online club that sends you a new T-shirt every 30 days (for a flat fee, of course) based on your personal style preferences. What's more, the dazzling Olsen duo was shot by photog Terry Richardson for the promo ads and will star in an upcoming video for site members. Sign us up in a NEW YORK MINUTE! {via Elle}

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Rihanna's various hairstyles.
Photos: Getty Images

Coco Perez recently suggested that style chameleon Rihanna spends nearly $2,000 a week on her hair. But the Daily Mail suggests that the number is over $14,000. According to one of the members of her "entourage," Ri-Ri's mane guru, stylist Ursula Stephen, apparently charges around $2000 A DAY to keep the singer's ever-changing locks looking luscious. That's some heavy-duty maintenance! But you know what? Regardless of the actual cost, we can't imagine Rihanna not changing her look so often because we've come to both appreciate and anticipate the sometimes crazy, always cool results.

The ragin' red she's been OWNING looks edgy and amazing. Also, it seems to go with virtually any style, from a more traditional bob or a pseudo-pixie to a glammed-up 1940s 'do to intense mermaid tresses. It accentuates a variety of outfits too, from classic suits to party dresses and costumes. Even if you're afraid to go for the bold color that Ri pulls off like a champ, you can give any of her styling options a try. She changes the length so often, there's a style for all of us. Perhaps we shouldn't judge how much she spends on her constantly changing hairstyle but rather applaud her consistently motivating inspiration. Now, please excuse us while we book a salon appointment...

{via Coco Perez and Daily Mail}

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Blake Lively Gossip Girl Los Angeles.

Blake Lively filming "Gossip Girl" in Los Angeles.
Photo: Getty Images

Blake Lively has been filming Gossip Girl in Los Angeles, and it seems her character has had a bit of a West Coast transformation. We're loving her striped tank with speckled mini, but it's the candy colored accessories like a lollipop pink jacket, mint handbag, and pastille drop earrings that give us a full-on sugar high. {via Oh No They Didn't!}

Glee's Lea Michele attended a Fox All Star Party in Malibu, California, in her best beach chic. The Broadway star accentuated her golden glow with a long, white dress and some seriously tousled beach hair. We want. {via Coco Perez}

• The first photos of the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony fall collection are here! We'd fill our dream closet with their jet black dresses and pastel prints as well as with gauzy gowns and printed tights. Sigh, guess our dreams will have to wait until October. {via Elle}

• Baltimore's Rye Rye and Sweden's Robyn sang a duet together on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno clad in their finest '80s inspired street wear. Robyn wore a Boy London see-through shirt with shorts and mega creepers while Rye Rye rocked a denim bodysuit. Girls just wanna have fun! {via Oh No They Didn't!}

• Favorite nail brand Essie unveiled its fall polish collections. The "Carry On" collection is inspired by handbags while "Cocktail Bling" is full of sparkle as its name implies. But we're particularly taken with the "Dive Bar" collection, which is metallic yet full of colorful character. {via Fashionista}

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Paul Rudd on the September cover of "Nylon Guys."
Photo: Courtesy of "Nylon Guys" Magazine

As far as Hollywood heartthrobs go, Paul Rudd is the male version of America's Sweetheart. His sincere brand of sweet and funny has charmed us in every single film he's been in for the last TWO DECADES. It's kind of insane to think that the dude from Role Models and Dinner for Schmucks is still breaking our hearts the same way he did way back in the golden olden days of 1995's Clueless. One of our favorite moments in the movie is when Alicia Silverstone (aka Cher) sits in front of the neon pink Beverly Hills fountain and says, "I love Josh! I'm majorly, totally, crazy in love with Josh!" Is it wrong that we still mouth that line with her every time we watch it and that we maybe sort of mean it? No, no it's not. Paul Rudd is aging like a fine wine, and that's something to HONOR and CHERISH, which, incidentally, Nylon Guys does in this month's cover feature.


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