Girls Premiere

Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, and Jemima Kirke at the 'Girls' premiere in New York on April 4.
Photo: Getty Images

You might have heard about a new TV show called Girls which is set to premiere on April 15 on HBO. You might already know that it's produced by boy comedy king Judd Apatow and that it's being hailed as the next Sex and the City since it's about a young female writer in New York and her three friends. Well, I'm here to clear some things UP. This is no SATC, this is straight-up living-in-NYC-REALITY (sans super expensive shoes and froofy-colored sweet drinks) and, I might add, it takes place in Brooklyn (reprazent). Also? It's incredibly funny, unflinching in its very true to life-ness, and a total must-see, so mark yo' calendars. Created, written, and directed by indie film wunderkind, Lena Dunham whose breakout film Tiny Furniture won the SXSW film fest back in 2010 (which you should totally see), Girls also stars Allison Williams (daughter of newsman Brian Williams), Furniture alum Jemima Kirke, and Mad Men scene-stealer Zosia Mamet who, ironically, plays a Manhattan girl who is totally obsessed with Sex and the City (meta-munch, nom nom nom). The gals gathered in NYC last night to fete their new show and wore the girliest of girly dresses and, frankly, we're super excited about it all.


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Accessories from Luv Aj's Heavy Metal Lover collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Luv Aj

If there's one name you need to get to know in the world of accessories, it's Amanda Thomas of Luv Aj. The LA-based designer creates heavy metal (literally) jewelry that has been worn and loved by everyone from Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea to Rachel Bilson and Vanessa Hudgens. The mix n' match pieces are made of both pristine and worn-looking antique metals and include everything from criss-crossed studs, layered necklaces, and giant perforated cuffs to body chains and turbans. To put it mildly, these are accessories for your inner badass annnnd we pretty much want every single piece in the collection. Thus, we spoke to Thomas about her accessory heroes, how she sold her first collection in college, and just how to wear a body chain.


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Deer Dana Justin Bieber Kanye West Tees

Justin Bieber and Kanye West tees from Deer Dana's collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Deer Dana

We're obsessed with a lot of things here at MTV Style, but holy moly do we have an intense metaphysical ache for Deer Dana t-shirts. Designed by Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel and sold at Opening Ceremony, Deer Dana tees feature hand-drawn faces of pop culture figures—we're talking everyone from a pharaoh Kanye West to Justin Bieber rendered as Apollo, Greek God of music, poetry, and sunshine (which he is, duh)—and we've gotta say, each and every one of 'em is awesome. Did we mention they do tote bags, too? *hyperventilating*


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Anthropologie Made In Kind

Anthropologie to release 11 collaborations with Made In Kind.
Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Everyone is collaborating with everyone these days, and you know what? That's totally cool with us. Typically when a major retailer partners with a well-known designer to launch a capsule collection the results are affordable clothes that you actually want to wear or more scaled-down versions of a designers main (more expensive) line. Sadly, sometimes these types of collections sell out way too fast (we're looking at you Marni at H&M). But we're confident Anthropologie is gonna solve all of our collabo problemos with their new Made in Kind site. That's right, this collaboration is all about various designers partnering with that retail behemoth of party dress and home decor bacchanalia we all know and love for a project that will live on its very own website. Oh, and we're talking new designer lines by the likes of Karen Walker and Samantha Pleet, too. *SWOON*


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Marc Jacobs Makeup Collection

Marc Jacobs is launching a makeup line.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's any designer who's slowly taking over every aspect of our fash-obsessed worlds it's Marc Jacobs. Not only does the man sell everything from thief-nabbing T-shirts and super cool 1940s military punk gear, he outfits the teensie toesies of one Blue Ivy Carter. And now, according to WWD, he's ready to take over our face regions too, with a new makeup line in collaboration with everyone's favorite beauty purveyor, Sephora.


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Stop the presses (and/or The Spectator) because Gossip Girl is back! We've waited too long to live vicariously through Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and her gang of elites on the Upper East Side. Wait, scratch that. Upper East Side? We mean BROOKLYN. This latest episode finds Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) living back at chez Humphrey as a result of being kicked out of their chic digs by one Ivy Dickens (Kaylee DeFer), who inherited the place from the now deceased grandmother CeCe (Caroline Lagerfelt). Serena's working overtime at Nate's (Chace Crawford) Spectator gossip news site trying to write the in-depth story of how Ivy stole her cousin Lola's (Ella Rae Peck) identity and her family's fortune. But does the real Gossip Girl make her an offer she can't refuse?

In Blair (Leighton Meester) Land, there's a whole lotta luvvin' NOT going on with new BF LonelyBoy, aka Dan (Penn Badgley). Are they better off just being friends or will an elevator solve their problems? And what about Chuck (Ed Westwick)? Seems Mr. Bass is trying to find out the real person who gave blood to save his life and it's not who he expected. Oh, and Serena's dad, William Van Der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin), is still on the scene, trying to manipulate Ivy and keep the secret of his I'm-your-dad identity from Lola, and we think something mayjah's gonna kick off where that's concerned. Did we mention there was also a party, a blood drive, and a bottle of vodka making a cameo appearance? If you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Ivy Dickens (Kaylee Defer).
Photo: The CW

+ Dress: Vera Wang
+ Shoes: Zara
+ Earrings: Sequin


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Taylor Swift White Dresses

Taylor Swift at the Kids' Choice Awards on March 31 and the Country Music Awards on April 1.
Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift had an amazing weekend. Aside from receiving the Big Help Award from First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, she took home the Entertainer of the Year award at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Also, she did all of this while wearing glorious white dresses with gold accents. Sounds like your standard weekend with some designer duds, immaculate hair, and hobnobbing with the First Lady of the United States thrown in for good measure, huh? Seriously, though, we need to talk about these dresses because WHOA, there were two sides to this good-deed-doin' country music angel—sweet and edgy.


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dakota fanning wonderland elle fanning self service magazine

Dakota Fanning on the cover of "Wonderland" magazine and Elle Fanning in "Self-Service" magazine
Photo: Cedric Buchet/"Wonderland" magazine; Venetia Scott/"Self-Service" magazine

The Fabulous Fanning Fashion Sisters™ are at it again! You might recall the fashion face-off heard 'round zee fashion world earlier this year when acting wunderkind siblings, Dakota and Elle Fanning, were featured on competing February fashion titles. Well, the phenomenon has happened yet again, as Dakota graces this month's My Fair Lady-esque Wonderland magazine cover while Elle is featured in a sun-kissed California shoot for Self-Service magazine. Our question is: Who triumphs in this international magazine fashion face-off?


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Clockwise from left: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Swizz Beatz, Frank Ocean, and Ludacris wear hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin.
Photo: Diddy's Twitter feed; Swizz Beatz's Instagram; Frank Ocean's Tumblr; Ludacris' Instagram

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has swept the country in the past few weeks, stirring a nationwide debate on the importance of an article of clothing, namely the hooded sweatshirt. Long a staple of leisurewear, workout wear, everyday wear, snuggle wear, cold weather wear, and just about every other kind of "wear" you can think of that involves covering your person, there has never been a reason to think twice about the meaning of a hoodie until the shooting of 17-year-old Martin (on his way home from a 7-Eleven with a bottle of tea and packet of Skittles in hand) by a neighborhood watchman who claims it was self-defense. Thousands have taken to the streets wearing hoodies to protest both the shooting and lack of arrest made on George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin. Celebs have also been showing their support by tweeting and Instagramming photos of themselves wearing hoodies.

Diddy tweeted support for the Million Hoodies March by wearing a black hoodie and carrying a picture of Trayvon Martin as a young boy. Swizz Beatz Instagram'd a double image of himself in a hoodie, saying, "Had to Hoodie up for Trayvon, what a sad situation. Blessing to his fam." Odd Future's Frank Ocean Tumblr'd a photo of himself in a hoodie, and Ludacris Instagram'd an "I am Trayvon Martin" message with a photo of himself wearing a printed hoodie while standing in front of a plane. The outpouring of support for Martin and his family sheds light on the fact that a young person was killed, seemingly, as a result of what he looked like.


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Madonna introduces Avicii at Ultra Music Festival on March 24, 2012 in Miami, Florida.
Photo: Getty Images

WHOA. According to the New York Post, the Queen of Pop, aka Madonna, was asked to tone down the new ad for her Truth or Dare by Madonna perfume, as it was deemed too racy for ABC network television. Clocking in at 30 seconds, the ad features Madge rolling around in black lingerie while the refrain "I know I shouldn't act this way/I know good girls don't misbehave/But I'm a bad girl," is repeated in the background juxtaposed with shots of the white and gold perfume bottle. Aside from licking her mega-rouged lips and briefly fondling the same cleavage and bum dimplage we've ALL seen again and again for decades, there's really, um, nothing to see here, folks. Thus, our question is this: What's the big deal, ABC?


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