Sweating is kind of a bummer. Unfortunately I do it all the time. Like when a stranger approaches me on the street to ask a simple question, or when I watch celebrities give awkward and embarrassing speeches at award shows. Or how about last week, when I sweat profusely through my wedding dress fitting, endlessly apologizing to the seamstress, while facing the hard reality of how much I will inevitably sweat during the wedding itself. Pretty cool life moment for me, but hey, it could have been worse. I could have been sweating AND smelled bad. Luckily, in fifth grade, I learned the importance of deodorant, so as much as I sweat, I usually never smell. Usually.


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There are a lot of home beauty tricks and remedies out there, but how do you know which ones are worth trying and which are a big ol' waste-o-time? (That's a cool expression, right?) Don't worry my friends, I have tested some out for you, in hopes of saving you energy and personal disaster. So, you're welcome.

I have to admit, I'm skeptical about home remedies. It's not that I think they don't work. A lot do. For example, when my mom was a teen she used to put mayo in her hair overnight to condition it. You should see some old photos of her—real nice hair. Realistically, I just don't think I'm gonna whip up an avocado callus softener when I can whip up some guacamole instead and just buy the avocado callus softener. Also, I don't cover anything about avocado callus softeners in this video.


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Hi. I'm Annamarie Tendler, and I love eyelashes. Well, let me be clearer, I love glamorous eyelashes—like Audrey Hepburn's, or Sophia Loren's, or Kim Kardashian's. My own lashes are very straight however, so to get remotely close to having the lashes of my dreams I require an eyelash curler, false lashes, and oh, like, 10 coats of the darkest mascara I can find. When I was in my teens and early 20s I was down to partake in this over-the-top beauty regimen almost daily, but now that I'm fast approaching 29 (someone explain to me how this happened) I'm simply too busy to go through all these steps just for thicker lashes. I am also very lazy.

Imagine my overwhelming glee when a friend told me about eyelash extensions. "So, you're telling me," I said, "for a couple hundred dollars I can go have some lady glue false, silk lashes onto my own lashes, and it will look completely natural AND last for months?!"

"Yes," she said. "That's literally what I just said to you."


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The movies! The dresses! The makeup! The hair! Oh my god, isn't awards season over already!? The Oscars is the grand finale of award shows and I can't even imagine how sick everyone is of putting on Spanx and walking in 6 inch heels. It must be very difficult to put on couture Dior and have your makeup done, so thank you, ladies of Hollywood, for rallying on last night!

Here are some of my favorite beauty looks from the Oscars, and how to get the key aspects of those looks.


amanda seyfried

Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Academy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images/NARS

Choosing a colorful eye makeup is super risky for an event like the Oscars; Amanda Seyfried's lavender shadow is an example of how it works! It looks especially beautiful with her bright blue eyes. The trick to wearing colorful eye makeup is to keep everything else on the face light. In other words, don't do this with red lips, you'll look like a clown! To get Amanda's shadow try NARS 413 BLKR Duo.

1. Use a light shimmery shade over the entire lid.
2. Apply the dark shade in NARS 413BLKR Duo lightly along the lash line of the outer corners of the eyes.
3. Apply the light purple shade into the crease and into dramatic wings.
4. Apply the light purple shade lightly under the bottom lashes as a drop shadow.


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While the 2013 Grammys lacked both meat dresses and see-through lace gowns, the attendees didn't seem to follow that fashion advisory memo CBS sent out in hopes of curbing "inappropriate" nudity. They didn't actually think that, of all people, musicians would listen, did they? Even with side-boob and full leg exposed, the Grammys seemed a bit more tame and glamorous this year than in years past, and of course we could count on a lot of great hair and makeup. Below are some of my favorite beauty looks from the night along with tips on how to get the signature piece of the look.


Rihanna Grammys

Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images / NARS

Dare I say best dressed?? Rihanna always looks good, but I'm not sure we've ever seen her look this glamorous. Her hair is to die for, but my favorite thing about this look is how perfectly her lips match her dress. To get lips as good as this, I'd recommend trying NARS Semi Matte lipstick in Jungle Red.


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Last night were the SAG awards, an award show where actors come together to celebrate the year's best movies. Wait a minute, isn't that the Golden Globes? And the Oscars? So, what exactly ARE the SAG awards, because I really have no idea? I'd also like to point out that two nights ago were the Producer's Guild Awards, an event even more mystifying than the SAG awards. Hollywood cannot get enough award shows! But that's ok, it just gives us another excuse to watch attractive people in fancy clothing do those awkward presenting bits and give uncomfortable acceptance speeches. You know you love it.

And of course there's the fashion. Below are some of my favorite beauty looks of the night, along with tutorials on how to achieve the defining piece of each look. Enjoy!


Kelly Osbourne SAG Awards

Kelly Osbourne at the 2013 Screen Actor's Guild Awards in L.A. on Jan. 27.
Photo: Getty Images/Amazon

Resident Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne looked stunning. I loved her full glam makeup, complete with perfect red lips and voluminous lashes, but I gotta say, my favorite thing about this girl is her hair. If you at home are thinking about sporting lavender locks, here's an easy way to get them without a professional colorist.

1. Buy some violet hair dye, like Directions. You will notice this looks very dark, don't worry!
2. In a tinting bowl mix a LOT of conditioner (doesn't matter what kind) with just a DAB of the violet dye. Keep adding the violet dye until you have the desired color, you won't need much.
3. Apply to hair and put on a shower cap. You will look really cool at this point.
4. Heat your hair with a blow dryer and wash dye out after about 35 mins.


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The Golden Globes are great. What's not to love about a laid back, boozy affair, but in fancy clothes? What could be better than that? We've already broken down some of the night's biggest trends, and told you our top looks, but what about the beauty?! The hair and makeup tended toward the natural this year, with a few retro hairdos thrown in the mix. Here are my favorite beauty looks of the night, in no particular order!


Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig at the 2013 Golden Globes.
Photo: Getty

I loved this hair color on her, it really makes her eyes stand out. Kristen's smoky eye makeup was a breath of fresh air among all the natural faces.


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Clockwise from left: mini nail files, a thin wallet, Benefit's Posiepal, Chapstick, and long-wearing concealer.
Photo: Tweezerman/Wintercheck Factory/Benefit/Chapstick/Make Up For Ever

If you're going out on New Years Eve you're probably carrying a clutch or small purse, because seriously, who wants a big bag getting in your way when you're are simultaneously counting down to 2013 and trying to kiss your date? Unfortunately fancy bags are about the size of Cindarella's glass slipper and hold things just as effectively, so we have to think efficiently when packing our purses. Along with a couple $20's in case your debit card falls out of your bag, and your debit card in case your cash falls out of your bag, here are the most important items to put in your cramped clutch!


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The whole NYE beauty look.
Photo: Annamarie Tendler

Shine bright like a diamond- or rather, like the New Year's Eve Ball- this December 31st! As you get all dolled up this year to ring in 2013, skip the dark smokey eyes; everyone and their mom wears that look to a nighttime party. Instead, make your eyes sparkle with layers of gold. Get step-by-step instructions after the jump!


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Editors Note: Phew! Can you believe we're exactly one week away from Christmas? And only two weeks away from New Year's? The time is FLYING and it's probably because we're having so much fun sharing our 2012 faves with you (sorry, we had to). Yesterday we brought you a sillier one, our the biggest cat ladies of 2012, and tonight we bring it back to something you might have expected a little more of us, which is the best red carpet beauty looks of 2012. To narrow down our immense list of much-loved looks, we enlisted beauty correspondent Annamarie Tendler, who you might know from The Daily Face, and her halloween makeup tutorial on House Of Style! We commend her for being able to pick her top 5. There were so many good ones, we were about going crazy just thinking about having to choose!

While the dress reigns king when stepping out on the red carpet, we can't forget how hair and makeup can make or break a look. A bad chignon or over done face can destroy everything, while an amazing updo or knockout red lips can save a boring dress. Here are my top five favorite beauty looks from the red carpet this year. Oh, and the dresses aren't bad either.


Camilla Belle at The Met Ball.
Photo: Getty

This is a gutsy look and it totally worked, not many woman could pull off something this harsh. This is a perfect example of dress, hair and makeup complementing each other perfectly. Camilla Belle looks like she walked out of a party in The Great Gatsby. I want to dress like this every day.


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