Audrina Patridge in Christian Louboutin on March 23, Kristin Davis in Miu Miu on March 19, and Leona Lewis on March 19
Photo: Getty Images

Black patent leather and peep toes go together like peanut butter and jelly...chips and dip...ham and cheese...bacon and peanut butter and banana and honey and deep fried with ice cream and... What?! It's past our lunchtime...sorry. Anyways, the point is that this shoe style is a classic that alwaysalwaysalways works no matter what the occasion. The Hills alum Audrina Patridge, who—P.S.—has a new reality show debuting in April, posed in a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that showed off her fresh maroon pedi. We're still debating the dress (the color? and the belt? ehhhh...), but the strappy Miu Miu patent stilettos that actress Kristin Davis stepped out in were undoubtedly sexy. And while it was hard to look away from British singer Leona Lewis' horsehair frock, we're so glad we did. That's when we spotted her swoon-worthy platform heels. Yum. It's near impossible to go wrong by keeping it simple and flipping it with a little sheen (if you don't own a pair, hop to it), but whose shoe game do you think stood out this week?


+ What's behind the jump? See JWOWW, Alison Brie, Louise Roe in Christian Louboutin, and MANY MORE in our Hot Celebrity Shoes gallery, which is updated weekly. You are SO welcome.

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Kim Kardashian on March 8, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

• This week Kim Kardashian, who is working on her third eau de parfum, opened up the floodgates by tweeting that she's taking fragrance name suggestions. Responses ran the gamut from "Kimberlicious" and "Karma," to "Overexposed" and "American Booty." Lesson: Careful what you ask for on Twitter. {Allure}

• Just when we thought baby high heels were about as bad as it could get (in terms of grown-up clothes little people have no business wearing), Abercrombie & Fitch is now featuring a range of "Push-Up Triangle" bikini tops in their children's swimwear line. In what meeting did people decide that this was a cool idea for a 7-year-old?! {Racked}

• Wondering what every PYT will be swinging over their shoulder this spring? Louis Vuitton's "Alma Nomade" satchel, Jil Sander's "Market" tote, Proenza Schouler's cross-body bag, or Celine's zip-around shoulder bag, say celeb stylists. {People}

• We knew that the late Elizabeth Taylor loved her some bling (it's just one of the many reasons why we loved her), but we didn't know her affinity for gemstones was worth $150 million! {Huffington Post}

• In Anna Wintour's WSJ magazine feature story, the editrix admits to regretting putting The Spice Girls on Vogue's January 1998 cover. {Jezebel}

Havaianas, the famed Brazilian flip-flop company, is branching out and introducing its first closed-toe creation on Monday. We're still debating if the design is cool or if Havaiana should just stick to flip-flops. Thoughts? {Stylelist}

• Seventeen-year-old Miss Antonio Domonique Ramirez was stripped of her title for being too fat. RUDE! But a Texas courtroom recently relinquished the beauty queen's crown. Justice served. {Huffington Post}

• Design house Liberty of London has teamed up with Nike on a collection of floral sneakers. There's nothing like flowers to make it feel like spring (when it's really snowing outside!). {SheFinds}

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The last episode of this season of Jersey Shore wasn't much different from the very first show of the season. Really. Sammi and Ronnie got into another fight or two. (How many times this season did the two proclaim "THIS IS IT" or "THIS IS OVER"??) Sitch instigated, well...situations. The casties confabbed at Karma. And Vinny and Snooki flirted in their non-flirting way. Oh, but a couple of new things happened. Deena went OFF on Vinny because he told her she was acting like Angelina. Thems is fighting words. Annnnnd, JWOWW and Roger officially became girlfriend and boyfriend...k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

DJ PAULY D'S BLINGED-OUT LAPTOP: Pauly D deejayed the casties farewell bash, and while his green sneakers and star shirt were in-yo-face, his glittering laptop, an homage to Italy, completely stole the show.

Photo: MTV

THE (RIPPED) RUSH TEE: Shore Store boss Danny can't stand the Rush Couture T-shirt shop at the other end of the boardwalk. So what did Ronnie do? He showed up to his last day on the job wearing a red Rush tee. Smack in the face! But, Danny wasn't fazed--he ripped Ron's shirt off and told him to put a new one on.

Photo: MTV

RON AND SAM'S RELATIONSHIP RUG: Bella, one of JWOWW's dogs pooped and peed on the house rug, and it reminded the roommates of Ronnie and Sammi's relationship. So bad.

Photo: MTV


Season 2, Episode 25: 'A House Divided'
Season 2, Episode 24: 'Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting'
Season 2, Episode 23: 'A Cheesy Situation'
Season 2, Episode 22: 'Kissing Cousins'
Season 2, Episode 21: 'The Great Depression'
Season 2, Episode 20: 'Cabs Are Here!'
Season 2, Episode 19: 'Should We Just Break Up?'
Season 2, Episode 18: 'Drunk Punch Love'
Season 2, Episode 17: 'Free Snooki'
Season 2, Episode 16: 'Where's The Beach?'
Season 2, Episode 15: 'It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer'
Season 2, Episode 14: 'Back To The Shore'

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Taylor Swift in London on March 23, Whitney Port at a 'What to Wear, Where' celebration in West Hollywood on March 10, and Emily Browning at the 'Sucker Punch' premiere in Hollywood on March 23.
Photo: Getty Images

Lace is by nature girly/feminine/frilly/flirty/gamine/coquettish... sooorta gaggy. Like, we agree that it's pretty and attractive and clean-looking, but sometimes it's a little one note. Like, too much of a good thing or something. Doily chic, some would say. So to toughen it up so that you don't look like you're going to tea with the queen and wearing a teeny tiny fussy hat about it, one has to be quite the smarty pants fashion plate. BRAIN SURGEONS, really. Our girls Taylor Swift, Whitney Port, and Emily Browning must be genius people with foooiiiine motor skills then. Check out (and take notes) how they gave their frou-frou frocks the gully (LOL JK, we mean "rugged") treatment...Taylor dressed down her flippy Topshop minidress with a black belt, somewhat masculine shoes and a black full skirt/slip/whatever you call it underneath. Then there's Whitney, who whipped her shift into casual shape with a manly leather clutch and python booties (the better to STOP ass in). Finally Emily; we love how she gave her sleeveless cocktail dress a touch of goth by swiping her pout with a layer of SUPER DARK BROODING purple lipstick. Well played, ladies.

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Carine Roitfeld on February 10, 2011 in New York City.
Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

• Ex-French Vogue Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld has a new 9-to-5—the fashion plate will act as editor, muse, and stylist for Barneys' Fall 2011 catalog, campaign, mailers, and the Madison Avenue windowscapes. {Fashionologie}

• Guess what (heh)? Actress Amber Heard (from Pineapple Express and Zombieland) has been named spokesmodel for the new Guess 2011 fall campaign. {People StyleWatch}

• Colorblocking was all the rage on the spring runways, including Proenza Schouler and Christopher Kane. If you think "colorblocking" has something to do with Legos or crayons, watch this how-to. {Fabsugar}

• According to this video, a dab of aspirin will calm the mean-red Mt. Vesuvius-size zit on our chin. We'll believe it when we see it. {Styelist}

• This almost seems too bonkers to be true: A mom in the UK reportedly pumps Botox into her 8-year-old daughter's face to "ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer." {Fashionista}

• Who does Brooklyn Decker look like now with her new choppy bob haircut? We can't quite put or finger on it... (She cut off 10 inches!) {Stylelist}

• "I personally know of one model who dipped cotton balls in orange juice and consumed it to feel full," says Janice Celeste, mother of supermodel Sessilee Lopez, in her tell-all (disturbing/addictive) book, Making a Supermodel. {Huffington Post}

• The same company that made those tinsel extensions that Beyoncé wore to the Grammys last year, has now set their sights on plumage. Hair Flairs now offers an at-home feather extension kit. Feather Party. {Allure}

• We thought that a fragrance made to smell like human poo was gross enough. Then we saw the fragrance's ad. GROSSEST. {Fashionista}

• More fashion designers. More legal woes. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) have been accused of tax fraud for failing to pay taxes on more than $1 billion in income, and will soon stand trial...and could face jail time. We're deeply upset. And intensely preoccupied with what they'll wear to court. {The Cut}

• Check out Gisele Bündchen's full Vogue Paris spread. It's bedraggled (seriously) in all of the right ways. {Styleite}

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Photo: Getty Images

Like you, we here at MTV Style woke up to the startling and upsetting news that queen of Hollywood and ample-bosomed home to some of the universe's best jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor, had passed away. As we perused the wires, we kept being reminded of how important a fashion and beauty icon Ms. Taylor was throughout her career. Like, did you know that the $194,800 budget for Elizabeth Taylor's 65 costumes in 1963's Cleopatra was the highest ever for a single screen actor (like bolts of REAL GOLD FABRIC). Oh, and bet you didn't know that she was born with two rows of eyelashes...yes, really. Plus, she shaved her entire face to exfoliate it? Annnnnd, even though she was in her upper 70s, she tweeted up until February under "DameElizabeth" (of course, DameElizabeth!), and once said: "Life without earrings is empty!"

Gah, we love this lady. Kiiiinda can't deal how much we'll miss her. So while other blogs and media outlets are honoring the legend through elegant photo montages and tearjerker memoriams, we here at MTV Style are giving Elizabeth Taylor her propers by pouring out some White Diamonds Parfums de Coeur and whipping up some DIY fashion (if we owned the mint and could print money in her likeness we'd SO do that instead). Sorta like the Johnny Depp Crybaby shirts that we hold so dear. Now, go forth and make one yourself and rock it hard...with cubic zirconium.

Photo: Getty Images

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Rachel Zoe at the Tom Ford store opening on Feb. 24.
Photo: Getty Images

• Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is having her baby/just had her baby RIGHT NOW! Cue the Michael Kors booties, the Vera Wang baby bottles and the Francisco Costa bottles. What, they don't exist? They will now. {Styleite}

• In her cover story for the UK magazine Fabulous, Rihanna says she chose red (instead of green, purple, or pink) for her hair because it was "like the fine line between normal and extreme." {Coco Perez}

• If you like patterns and one-shoulder frocks, you're going to love Matthew Williamson's Impulse for Macy's line. If you don't like that aesthetic, that's OK too. *shrugs* {Glamour}

• Oof. According to reports, 32 percent of British women under the age of 30 have started to go gray, which is up 14 percent from just a couple of decades ago. Stress strikes again. Also, maaaaaaybe the reason behind the latest rash of going-gray-for-style? {Huffington Post}

Steven Tyler reportedly gets stem cell facials, eyelash extensions, and wears makeup. Work! {Allure}

Max Azria, sir, we love your designs (especially this bandage swimsuit that you designed for Herve Leger), but really? Beachwear that we can't get wet? Really?! {Coco Perez}

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wax on leaving the big bad world of acting for the big bad world of fashion design in this month's issue of Vogue. {Huffington Post}

• Who will be designing looks for Ricky Martin's upcoming Musica + Alma + Sexo world tour? Giorgio Armani of course! {People StyleWatch}

• Soooooo Jane Pratt is launching TWO websites (and maybe helping out on a magazine?)—one for fortysomethings and one for teens (for which she's enlisted the help of wunderkind Tavi Gevinson). We smell an empire. Also, full disclosure, our own senior editor was quoted in the article. #coughcough {WWD}

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Half-painted manicures!
Photo: Courtesy of Wah Nails

After watching Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss rave about London-based nail shop Wah Nails, we spent the next, uh, 15.5 hours (just being honest!) ogling at all of the INSANE nail designs that the boutique shows off on their blog. During the nailgazing (YEAH, WE SAID IT), we couldn't help but notice our sistren on the other side of the pond are letting some of their natural nails peek through the design. We're not sure if the Brits have been doing this for-like-ever and we're super late pass, but either way we dig the festive-feel of it all, which presumably involves covering parts with tape that you've laboriously cut shapes and angles out of. Totally doable. Just make sure your tape isn't super-duper grippy (hello 3M brand Scotch!) and that you peel deftly before the jams dry.

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Hilary Duff at the 'Blessings In A Backpack' program in Atlanta on March 21, Katy Perry performing in London on March 17, Liz Lee at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 19, and Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells at the mtvU Woodie Awards in Austin on March 16.
Photo: Getty Images

What makes good bangs good, and bad bangs bad? We thought it was face shape—ovals can’t wear side-swept bangs, heart-shapes look best with whispy fringe...blahblahblah. Then we peeped Hilary Duff's new bangs yesterday at a charity event in Atlanta, and subsequently rounded up images of other banged beauties (which, by the way, everyone and their mother is wearing bangs these days). After going over each photo with a fine-toothed comb (MWAHAHAHAHA *pant pant*), we think we've figured out what REALLY distinguishes the A+ bangs from the sub-C bangs. And, as it turns out, it's not about the bangs at all. It's what is done with the rest of the mane that makes or breaks brow-skimmers. Hilary, Katy Perry, Liz Lee, and Alexis Krauss aced it by wearing their hair in modern, loose, let-it-be-what-it-wants-to-be styles, that sort of melded with their bangs. They don't look prissy or fussy and Katy's hyper stylized bangs work because they're higher on her head and don't crowd her face. Meanwhile, Rashida Jones, Leona Lewis (who gets extra :( because her dress also has bangs), and Ellie Kemper tried to push their blunt bangs into the spotlight (where they obviously didn't want to be), by pulling the rest of their hair back behind their ears in a wonky way. We lovelovelove you girls, but take out the little-girl bobby pins, flip your head over, and shake out that hair. All better. Promise.


Rashida Jones at the 'Monogamy' screening in New York on March 7, Leona Lewis at the Genesis Awards in Century City, California, on March 19, and Ellie Kemper at the 'Super' premiere in Hollywood on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images

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Zombie Boy a.k.a Rick Genest.
Photo: Courtesy of Thierry Mugler.

• To get the excessively tatted Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) to Paris to walk in the Mugler runway shows, Nicola Formichetti spared no expense—the creative director paid off Zombie's nearly $20,000 legal fees, which were preventing him from getting a passport. That's dedication (related: We love you Zombie Boy! Call us!). {Fashionologie}

• We'd always imagined that Christian Louboutin got his red sole idea from a magical fever dream or even Louis XIV. But, really, he admits in the New Yorker that the idea came while watching an assistant paint her nails. Exactly where we get all our best ideas. #fumes {Glamour}

• The Obama ladies' frocks were cute, but what really caught our eyes was Michelle, Sasha, and Malia's wrists, loaded with chunky bracelets. Hmmm, we wonder if President Obama felt left out. {Glamour}

• Inspired to rock armfuls of jewelry now? Grab these... {Refinery}

• To promote her new album, Born This Way, Lady Gaga released a photo of herself looking deliberately emaciated (prosthetic cheekbones, painted eyebrows, etc.). Thoughts? {Daily Mail}

Christie's is auctioning off a RIDIC Chanel package that includes a hotel stay in Paris, dinners, front row seats at the Chanel Couture fashion show, a meet-and-greet with Karl Lagerfeld, and a Chanel handbag. Bids are currently at $21,000 (!!!), and proceeds go to earth-preservation non-profit organizations. {Coco Perez}

• That Burberry Bonded Nappa Biker Studded Trench coat that EVERY celeb is wearing these days costs almost $8,000! Why don't you save yourself $7,940 (for college or a car or an international vacay) and DIY that ish. Here's how... {Who What Wear}

• Yo, kids, GQ magazine is on the hunt for NYC-based fashion lovers to intern in the publications Fashion Editorial department over the summer for college credit. What are you waiting for? {Fashionista}

• And, P.S.: MTV Style is hiring too! We're looking for a Production Assistant who is a fan of fashion, music and pop culture, and who can write (about fashion, music and pop culture) at a dizzying pace with a dazzling point of view—who can DANCE. {Mediabistro}

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