Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola celebrates her birthday at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens in Las Vegas on March 12.
Photo: WireImages

Sammi, sweetheart, we love that you wanted to try something a little different with your usually pin-straight hair for your birthday party on Saturday night in Vegas. You only turn 24 once, right? BUT we (heart) the Jersey Shore castie's efforts so much that we wish she would have added waves to the rest of her hair. Once you pull out a crimper (where in the world do they sell them, by the way?), it should be D.J. Tanner ALL THE WAY or nothing at all. So there you have it. Sammi's crimped style is hot, but it would have been hotter (in an '80s, baby!! kind of way) if she decided to bevel every inch of her mane.

+ What do you think? Do you dig Sammi's crimped hairdo?

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Lady Gaga on the runway at the Thierry Mugler Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show in Paris on March 2.
Photo: Getty Images

MOVE IT squares and rounds! There's a new nail shape clawing its way to the top. Sure, Barbra Streisand rocked the almond look in The Way We Were in 1973 (we like classic movies, so...), but you know how everything old becomes new again. Lady Gaga has been wearing the shape (sometimes sharper than other times) since last year, and now fashion designers are latching on. Mugler's models, including Gaga, stomped down the runway in Paris with painted and embellished talons that could have doubled as weapons. Meanwhile, Emanuel Ungaro's models wore classic red polish, and The Blonds' girls wore glittery nails during Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, respectively.

Score the look by filing the sides of your nails to a soft (or SEVERE) point. If you're worried that you'll wind up with some funky, ridge-y key-shaped nail (hey, it happens), go to a pro. Or better yet, have a pro come to you. Why? Because you can! Manicurist Aya Fukuda, who designed Gaga's talons for her "Born This Way" video makes house (or office, or wherever) calls. We're putting her in our speed dial—who knows when we'll have to intimidate someone with the threat of poking their eye out. We kid, we kid. Kinda.

Models on the runway at the Emanuel Ungaro Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 ready-to-wear show in Paris on March 7, and at The Blonds Fall 2011 fashion show in New York on Feb. 16.
Photo: Getty Images

+ Is the new almond nail trend cool or creepy?

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Liv Tyler at the GO International Designer Collective Launch in New York on March 10.
Photo: Getty Images

It wasn't that we didn't like the shaven-head look made popular by singer/model Cassie back in 2009. It was just that EVERYBODY was biting the style. The novelty of it all sort of wore off, ya know? Today though, Cassie might be the lone celeb still taking an electric shaver to the side of her head (per the new Wiz Khalifa video "Roll Up"). But that doesn't mean the appeal is dead and gone. We recently scooped the models at the Charlotte Ronson runway presentation during New York Fashion Week wearing their strands slicked and braided to one side. Then, Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth were spotted last week ON THE SAME DAY wearing the faux shave. While Kate's plait was easy to detect (we'll tell you why, below), Liv had us fooled for a split second. #goodgirlgoesbad

Get the Look (without the commitment):
STEP 1 With a rattail comb, make a 2- to 4-inch part—from the front of your hairline to the nape of your neck—on one side of your head.
STEP 2 Clip the larger section of hair, so that it's out of your way while you braid.
STEP 3 Starting at the front of your hairline, french braid the hair below the part. The tighter the braid, the more believable the faux-shave. Braid until you reach the nape of your neck.
STEP 4 Tie off the braid with an elastic that matches your hair hue.
STEP 5 Unclip the rest of your hair and style as usual.

Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth on March 10, Cassie on Sept. 10, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

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Emma Watson at the 'Elle' Style Awards in London on Feb. 14.
Photo: Getty Images

• In the hopes of tapping a new generation of neck cream-lovers, Lancome recently signed 20-year-old Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) as brand ambassador. {Styleite}

• Crazy costumes aside, this is why Lady Gaga is our girl...the singer recently designed a $5 red and white prayer bracelet with proceeds going to disaster relief efforts in Japan. {Us magazine}

• Mark your calendars! Fashion designer Matthew Williamson is releasing a line of party dresses, printed scarves, and bohemian-style rompers for Macy's on April 13. Can't afford a $1500 frock? You're in luck—at Macy's, Williamson's designs start at just $50. Woot-woot! {Glamour}

• The model in this un-Photoshopped Make Up For Ever ad is ever-so-slightly shiny, and she has bumpy arms—just like us! {Huffington Post}

• Don't be alarmed. It's just Zombie Boy (the tattoo-covered model) posing for Mugler's fall campaign. Look, he's wearing pearls. How sweet. {Styleite}

• Kirsten Dunst, the new face of Bulgari's fragrance Mon Jasmin Noir, recently told WWD that she would jump at the opportunity to one day collaborate on a fashion line. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. {Just Jared}

• Burberry recently launched an apprenticeship program to teach new staffers the fundamentals of fashion design—cutting, weaving, and garment making. {Coco Perez}

• Leaked: Kate Moss’s 90-second Dior Addict lipstick commercial, which shows Kate looking all pouty and fabulous. Check it out! {Fashionista}

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First things first— Sliimy rhymes with "Jimmy." Not "grimy." Not "slimy." Not "buy me." Okay, now that that's out the way... Sliimy, a French-born crooner with a colorful wardrobe and a headful of curls (enter: hair envy), released his debut album Paint Your Face in 2009 under Perez Hilton's record label. Born Yanis Sahraoui, 22-year-old Sliimy scored his nickname as a kid courtesy of his thin frame (enter: body envy). But, dude has way more than just a difficult-to-pronounce-name and a cool falsetto voice to tout. Check out his style swagger below. Is it just us, or does Sliimy look like he could pass as Prince's lil' bro? (Enter: celeb look-alike envy).

ALL BUTTONED UP: Going formal does not mean traditional suits and ties for this fella. When Sliimy dresses up he does it in ruffles, top hats, suede or velvet dinner jackets, leather book bags, and dark specs. Hello, Elvis Costello!

Sliimy at a Le Crazy Horse photo call on Sept. 29 in Paris, at a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac A/W 2011/2012 fashion show on March 8 in Paris, and at a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show on Jan. 20 in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

PERFORMANCE OUTFITS: On stage, Sliimy flashes gold sequined jackets, rubber bracelets, neck scarves, hand paint (as in he paints his hands), exaggerated collars, and arm tassels. The whole scene is a weird juxtaposition to his folksy sound, but it totally works for him. Can you say: "Je ne sais quoi?"

Sliimy performing at the Rock en Seine music festival on Aug. 30, 2009 in Paris, at the France 2 Live Show 'Fete de la Musique' on June 21, 2008 in Paris, and at the 25th Victoires de la Musique at Zenith de Paris on March 6, 2010 in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

BLAZERS AND BOW TIES: In a roundabout kind of way, we think Sliimy helped bring back bow ties. Think about it. The kid was rocking the gentlemanly accessory (with standout blazers) WAAAAAAY back in 2009 before everyone else and their cousin's friends were.

Sliimy at a photocall in Cannes, France, on Jan. 18, 2009, at the VIP Room Theatre on June 29, 2009 in Paris, and performing at the Eurockneennes Festival at Malsaucy on July 5, 2009 in Belfort, France.
Photo: Getty Images

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Gisele Bündchen covers Vogue Paris.
Photo: Vogue

• The first cover under new French Vogue editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt features the always-perfect Gisele Bündchen in a white bikini with a lacy cover-up. GAH! Does this girl ever have a bad day? {Huffington Post}

• Star of Red Riding Hood (out today) Amanda Seyfried says Hollywood executives have advised her to get Botox. Yes, the same Amanda Seyfried with the supersmooth forehead and ZERO fine lines. {Daily Mail}

• Boys' shorts used to be short (like, circa when our dads' wore shorts). Then they got long. Then they sagged. Now, they're getting short again. Yes, this IS all rocket science. {T magazine}

• Lindsay Lohan recently wore a taupe, form-fitting Raquel Allegra leather dress with black tights and oxford-style Chanel booties to a court appearance. Who does she think she is? Naomi Campbell? Throw Hold the phones! {Styleite}

• John Galliano experiences more backlash from his alleged anti-Semitic remarks—a handful of Canadian retailers are pulling the designers newest fragrance, Parlez-moi d'Amour, from their shelves. (Parlez-moi encore d'ignorant rants AMIRITE?) {Coco Perez}

• DIY-ers, for goodness sakes, don't subject your man friend to modeling EVERYTHING you make (especially homemade hats!). Some things are better left, ummm, sooo much less sadface. {Refinery 29}

• As witnessed by Zara's new collection, hot pants—orange, yellow, sky blue, oh my!—are in for spring. {Nitrolicious}

• We never thought we'd be saying this, but it's time to revisit flared denim. Apparently, it's taking the crown back from skinny jeans. {Fashion Indie}

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If you think the Jersey Shore roomies would be caught twiddling their thumbs on a rainy day, think again. Vinny invited Pauly D to go to Staten Island for a good ol' fam dinner, and the girls got their nails DID. Even though Mike "The Situation" stayed indoors, he hung out with Lean Cuisine, JWOWW's cutie patootie pooch, feeding him peanut butter and fluff. And you KNOW what happens when you give dogs human food. Meanwhile, JWOWW *thinks* she sees Roger doing the dip in his car with another girl. AND, Ronnie and Sammi "I'll never kiss Ron again!" smooch and make up....Psyyyyche!

SNOOKI'S SITUATION FACIAL: After Vinny notices a few pimples on Snooki's face, The Situation gets all esthetician and gave her an anti-acne facial mask. Snooks commenced to channel a mime.

Photo: MTV

VINNY'S SPRAY TAN: "Casper the Ghost" (er, Vinny) exfoliated and went spray tanning (PSA: spray tans are the safest tans) to look like a "fist-pumping guido." Mission accomplished.

Photo: MTV

THE SITUATIONS "FRAGRANCE LAUNCH": After letting JWOWW's dogs have free reign of the house, The Situation gets found out because the pups smell like his cologne. Hmmm, we wonder what The Situation smelled like after rubbing his face on poopy pups.

Photo: MTV


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Season 2, Episode 25: 'A House Divided'
Season 2, Episode 23: 'A Cheesy Situation'
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Season 2, Episode 20: 'Cabs Are Here!'
Season 2, Episode 19: 'Should We Just Break Up?'
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Season 2, Episode 17: 'Free Snooki'
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Season 2, Episode 15: 'It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer'
Season 2, Episode 14: 'Back To The Shore'

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Lindsay Lohan leaving court in Los Angeles on Feb. 23.
Photo: Getty Images

• Days after the video showing Lindsay Lohan allegedly swiping a necklace from Kamofle and Co. was released, the jewelry store announced that they are going to auction off said diamond necklace for charity. Turning a bad situation into a good one? {Us}

• Kanye West sat front row at Paris Fashion Week's Valentino, Givenchy, and Vivienne Westwood runway shows. But after showing up unannounced at the Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Louis Vuitton shows, he was turned away. #celebsarejustlikeus {NY Post}

• Mroooow, Brit-Brit. Ms. Britney Spears, wearing a show-and-tell leotard, was shot by photographer Ruven Afanador looking all femme fatale (yoga, much?) in the recent issue of Out magazine. {PopSugar}

• Happy 52nd birthday, Barbie. You look good, girl. {Fashionista}

• Preggers stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe usually jumps at the opportunity to dress celebrities, but there's one she's not interested in working with—Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Honestly, Rach, Snooki probably wouldn't dig your picks anyways, unless they were dipped in leopard print, micro-mini, or trucker-inspired. {Us}

• Opening Ceremony created this amazing video of the Bad News step team from the Bronx (HOLLA) performing while wearing some of the supercute dresses from Target's GO International Designer Collective, which will be available on Sunday. Way to sell us on a frock. {Styleite}

• Were you eyeing the chastity necklace that Glee's Jayma Mays wore on last night's episode like we were? Seriously, we were rewinding and pausing to get a closer look. Here are the deets. {Us}

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You guys, it's T-minus 50 days until Kate Middleton, princess-to-be, walks down the aisle and even though we're pretty sure she's on fitting number 109,939 of the (likely Alexander McQueen-designed) dress by now, we have opinions! The whole rigamarole of the impending royal wedding (we ordered our thimbles and tea cozies aaaaaages ago) has us on flights of nuptial fancy and we'd lovelovelove to see the future Mrs. William Arthur Philip Louis in any of these dresses on her big day. Let's go.


Dresses from Bruce Oldfield's wedding collection, Alexander McQueen's A/W 2011/2012 show in Paris on March 8, and Marchesa's Fall 2011 presentation in New York on Feb. 16.
Photo: Courtesy of Bruce Oldfield/Getty Images

Bruce Oldfield
Bruce Oldfield was an early contender when Kate and her family reportedly spent some time at his London shop earlier in the year. Coincidence? Doubtful. Bruce's gowns are sleek, feminine and fuss-free (exactly how we'd describe Kate in three words; we're, like, this // close with the girl). Another random-cool fact about Bruce: In 2008, he redesigned McDonald's staff uniforms in Britain. Yes, seriously.
Super-formal ceremony (top, left): Lace is hot, so are belts/sashes. Aaaannnnd, we know how much Kate loves her V-necks. Modesty is tradition for royal wedding ceremonies, so Bruce would have to go easy on the neckline and elongate the sleeves but how chic would that be?
Equally-staid party (bottom, left): This strapless, airy gown has just the right amount of drama and functionality for a royal dance fest. And by "dance" we mean, "sway" and/or "nod acknowledgements."

Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton unveiled her fall/winter 2011 collection for Alexander McQueen, and lo and behold, it was full of wedding dress look-alikes—structured silhouettes, exaggerated skirts, embroidery, and feathers—fueling the speculation that she'd be the lucky royal wedding dress designer.
Super-formal ceremony (top, middle): Naturally, Sarah would have to sew in some sleeves (maybe an ethereal mesh?), but zoinks, this embroidered and pleated high-collared masterpiece would definitely elicit serious rubbernecking.
Equally-staid party (bottom, middle): In this futuristic halter dress with an embroidered and feathered skirt, all eyes would be on the new princess during the royal reception. Cake? What cake? Oh, thaaaat cake. Yum (who are we kidding? Dress only nearly trumps cake.).

London-born/New York-based designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are the go-to girls for Hollywood A-listers who love making a red carpet entrance (erm, that would be everyone...). The duo's dramatic evening gowns are modern, photo-ready and simply gorgeous.
Super-formal ceremony (top, right): This romantic lace and tulle dark ivory dress is feminine, but not too girly-girl. The neckline is RIDIC.
Equally-staid party (bottom, right): How could Kate not make an unforgettable entrance in this uber-plumed strapless ball gown?


Dresses from Bruce Oldfield's wedding collection, Alexander McQueen's A/W 2011/2012 show in Paris on March 8, and Marchesa's Fall 2011 presentation in New York on Feb. 16.
Photo: Courtesy of Bruce Oldfield/Getty Images

+ Which Kate Middleton wedding dress do you like best?

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Kate Moss and Lady Gaga smoking on the runway.
Photo: Getty Images

• Kate Moss, wearing a buttoned-up bustier with dramatic puffed sleeves, lit one up for the close of Louis Vuitton's fashion show. Granted, smoking is revolting and terrible for your health (hear that, kids, don't smoke EVER, EVER), but the whole display felt like an homage to Lady Gaga's Thierry Mugler runway walk. Dontcha think? {The Cut}

• Christina Aguilera may be down, but she's definitely not out. The crooner recently shot the ads for her sixth fragrance, Secret Potion (count 'em...SIX). Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson and J. Lo, watch your floral-scented backs! {Coco Perez}

• Daaaaaag, time flies! Marc by Marc Jacobs is a decade old already. To celebrate the anniversary, the brand has launched a limited-edition capsule collection full of reissued styles like lacquer fruit belts and silk blend scarves in prints of the past. {People StyleWatch}

• At least the designer of Lily Allen's wedding dress isn't shrouded in mystery like another British belles' (cough-cough, Kate Middleton). The singer will fittingly enough recite her vows in a design by Karl Lagerfeld. {Coco Perez}

• Balenciaga has gone to the dogs. No, really—the designer is now hawking leashes and collars for pooches. Sure, they're $275 and $295, respectively, but they're Balenciaga! And, they're for dogs! {NY Times}

• Soooooo, it looks like Kanye West won't be hitting the books after all. Spokespeople from Central Saint Martins College in London squashed the rumors that 'Ye applied to study fashion at the institution. {Coco Perez}

• Thanks, Natalia Vodianova, for making us look bad. After running a half marathon for her charity The Naked Heart Foundation on Sunday morning in Paris, the supermodel walked the runway for Givenchy's Fall 2011 fashion show! {Glamour}

• We're animal lovers over here, so as much as we want to, it's hard to fall head over heels with Givenchy's new beaver fur backpack. What say you? {Styleite}

• Cheeky designer Jeremy Scott made us LOL with this clutch bag from his Spring/Summer 2011 line made to look like a pair of men's tighty-whiteys. Would we carry it? Prob not. {Coco Perez}

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