Hawaiian Print Nail Art

Photo: Via Very Emily

In case y'all didn't get the memo, Hawaiian print is in. The floral design is no longer reserved for uncool tourists—we've spotted the hibiscus pattern used in tons of high-end designer's spring lines (see: Stella McCartney and Comme des Garcons), and, honestly, we couldn't think of a better time to bust out some super fresh nails—we're DEEP into this whole summer thing, y'all! We rounded up some killer designs from all over the internets that range in difficulty, but—a quick piece of advice—use nail art pens to help with the really detailed parts (like these!) and definitely look at some fabric for inspiration (especially vintage!). All right, time to the peep the designs below, and give it a go!


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Nicki Minaj Minajesty

Nicki Minaj and her new fragrance, Minajesty.
Photo: Getty Images/Nicki Minaj's Instagram

Just like clockwork, Nicki Minaj is rolling out her second fragrance of 2013 (which she hinted at back in April) called Minajesty! She debuted the bottle on Instagram, which features Barbz's signature pink wig (this time with a short, curly bob), red and black bustier, a gold face, and pink lips. Just last week, Nicki posted behind-the-scenes pics from her then-unnamed fragrance campaign, and judging by the INSANE princess dress, we should've KNOWN that it'd be royalty themed. So, what does this bad boy smell like? Well, in one Instagram caption Nicki wrote, "#Minajesty smells like a passionate love affair. Mysterious and sexy. An unforgettable and hypnotizing scent." OoOOoh. We can't WAIT to take it for spin.


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Lady Gaga Applause Cover

Lady Gaga on her 'Applause' single cover.
Photo: Lady Gaga/Little Monsters

If there's one thing we can expect from Lady Gaga, it's that, well, we just never know what we're gonna get! She's constantly surprising us--I mean, just last week (after a six month hiatus), news dropped that Mother Monster will be performing at the 2013 Video Music Awards and today WWD released an interview with Gaga in which she revealed cryptic details on her upcoming ARTPOP album and--GASP--what she'll wear to the VMAs. The "Applause" single cover art, which features Lady Gaga with a colorful, make-up smeared visage, was shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. She is wrapped in a white Gareth Pugh jacket, and, interestingly enough, this image is ACTUALLY from her upcoming "Applause" music video, which was also shot by the Inez and Vinoodh duo. Gaga chose this image because "it’s the end of the night after the show. When I look at it I see that there is a longing for the applause. I see that there is a void that is leaking onstage, that the performer is leaking, that the art is sort of becoming something else in front of your eyes. Something more human, something more honest.”


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Gimme dat 'za.
Photo: Nasty Gal/People's Pennant/1991 Inc

It's no secret that we love pizza. I mean, c'mon, we're from New York—there isn't anything better than a fresh slice of 'za in the wee hours of the morning. So, to celebrate our appreciation for the cheesy stuff, we rounded up some of our favorite pizza-inspired pieces, but, a little forewarning: do not read this on an empty stomach. First up, we have an extremely graphic (we mean that both ways) pizza sweater ($65) that's only for THE most diehard 'za stans. If you want something a little less intense, we like this "Pizza" crop top ($8) that is totally cute, but also shows off your affinity for junk food. If you don't feel like wearing your heart, er, pizza addiction on your sleeve, you can always swipe up a "Pizza Party" flag pennant ($25), which shows that you're always in the mood for a 'za hang out sesh.


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Miley Cyrus Grills

Miley Cyrus showin' off dem grills.
Photo: Via Hello Style

We'll admit that sometimes even the most in-depth celebrity interviews can get a little, well, boring, but when Miley Cyrus and Harper's Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown team up, it's a TOTAL blast. The adorable twosome hung out on camera for the fashion mag's online video series "The Look," (which we've been loving for awhile now) and together they dish on everything from hair extensions to the Olsen Twins to even--yes--grills! We first noticed Miley's affinity for metallic teeth in her "We Can't Stop" music video, and since then, we've been DYIN' to hear more deets about them. And now friends, that time has come.


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Whitney Port Braid

Whitney Port's bodacious summer braid!
Photo: via Whitney Port's Instagram

We don't know about you guys, but we're seriously running out of ways to look cute AND keep our hair sweat-free this summer. Like, we'll be honest—sometimes we're just too hot to think outside of the top knot! As luck would have it, we were scrolling through our Instagram feed for some summer hair inspiration and stumbled upon an AMAZING 'do by our City girl, Whitney Port. She pulled back her signature beach-blonde waves in two braids that went around the crown of the head and joined in the back. The twist on this look, though, is that instead of just ending the 'do there, she took it to the next level by tying the two pieces into a knot and then RECONNECTED them into one single, finished braid. Whoaaaaa. *claps*


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Miley Cyrus Leather Dress

Miley Cyrus in Berlin on July 23.
Photo: Splash News

Oh hay, Miles! I hope you don't mind me calling you that. It's your girl Chrissy. Just wanted to say that I totally saw you filming a TV interview in Berlin yesterday (no, not in real life, Miles! I saw pap shots. I'm not that much of a stalker, hehe), and I noticed you were wearing a long sleeve black leather dress in 80-degree weather. (I know the temp because I Googled it, hehe.) And listen, I get it—it's Jitrois, it's 100% real lambskin, it's $3,000, and it fits you like a freakin' glove, but, Miles, it's July. Like, not even the beginning of the month where you're just getting the hang of this whole ~summer~ thing. It's near the end. We're even closer to August (the hottest month of the freaking YEAR), and you're swimming in all that leathery stuff like it's NBD.


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Beth Ditto Wedding Dress

Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata.
Photo: Via Gossip's Facebook

All together now: awwwww! Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto married longtime girlfriend Kristin Ogata in (what looks like) an intimate ceremony in Hawaii, and we're seriously obsessed with her effortlessly gorgeous gown. She sported the strapless plunging sweetheart layered tulle frock with a short veil and no shoes. She went for a simply chic beauty look by wearing her signature jet black baby bangs with loose curls and sported smoky eyes with light pink lips and red hot tips. For the finishing touch, both her and Kristin sported leis over the top of their ensembles. Beth posted the pic of the adorbs duo walking down the aisle to her band's Facebook page, and said, "So much love and appreciation to all of our family and friends who celebrated with us! And a huge thank you to Jean Paul Gaultier for the dream-come-true dress!" Um, did she just say the JPG made her a custom wedding gown? *dies*


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Nicki Minaj Fragrance Campaign

Nicki Minaj at her new fragrance campaign shoot.
Photo: Via Nicki Minaj's Instagram

OMG, it's finally coming to fruition, y'all! Back in April, Nicki Minaj dropped some MAY-JUH info about two upcoming fragrances (during her MTV First interview, nonetheless *hair flip*)—one special edition scent (which was already released) and another "official" perfume. We haven't heard a PEEP about the new fragrance, other than, "When the Barbz see that bottle—gag century. It's going to be ca-razy." Luckily, ever since Ms. Minaj joined Instagram, we've been getting to peep behind-the-scenes photos for ALL her upcoming projects—including her brand new fragrance campaign!


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Teen WolfAllison and Scott on 'Teen Wolf'.
Photo: MTV

Something's in the air on Teen Wolf, y'all. Last week, we noticed that Scott and Stiles were total tartan twinsies, and this week Scott matched another one of his Beacon Hills High buds—Allison! Both of them sported their own version of a cool Canadian tuxedo, but each in their own awesome way. Allison layered a jean jacket over a purple flannel button-up shirt and ruffled burgundy tunic. She decided to go with a darker denim on the bottom half to give her ensemble a more contrasted look. In the shot below, we also get to peep her effortlessly cool brown crossbody bag, which we think really pops against her outfit. She finished the entire look with a messy high bun and touch of bronzer on her cheeks. Perf!


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