Back in October, we fell head over heels with the first look from Prabal Gurung's collection for Target. The collection, which the designer described as being inspired by "a girl’s journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears during each milestone—from the first date to meeting the parents to the engagement," is whimsical and bright, with strong lines and playful accents, and it was a challenge to pick just five favorite pieces. Versatile and wearable, these are pieces that could take you from brightening up your office to as Gurung intended, a first date, with ease. While some of the pieces are a bit too bright to be accurately and honestly called 'practical,' the line's affordable price point, starting at just $12.99, makes it totally ok to have a little bit of fun! So, without further ado, our 5 favorite pieces:


The floral crush shorts suit.
Photo: Courtesy of Target

Ok, we're kind of about to cheat with this one, cramming all three pieces in. I mean, how could we not. An all floral crush shorts suit? yes please. The blazer is $49.99 and could totally dress up jeans at work or be paired with a skirt (maybe even in a different pattern? Hello springtime!). Under it, the long sleeve tee is $19.99, and while this might not be one of our favorite pieces on its own, it's a great way to add a pop of floral to an outfit. Finally, THOSE SHORTS. At $26.99, the shorts in floral crush print are very close to the top of our list (although we're not putting this in order on purpose). We could wear them all spring and summer long.


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Zosia Mamet and Emily Blunt in their Golden Globes dresses.
Photo: Getty

The Golden Globes really are the beginning of red carpet season. Not to diminish any of the other awards shows, we love them all equally, but as far as the most nights in movies and television are concerned, the Globes are only second to the Oscars, and then it's a close second. We love seeing our favorite stars of screens both big and small get fancy and celebrate one another, and last night was a particularly exciting year. With some of our favorite movies and shows up for awards, we were really rooting for all of our favorite stars. We were also rooting for them in the style department, and for the most part, we were impressed. Girls star Zosia Mamet elevated your basic black in a leather paneled Tony Ward dress that we adored, and Emily Blunt appealed to our enduring love of studs in her golden Michael Kors. There were also some looks that weren't quite working for us, mostly because we so want our favorite stars to look AMAZING on the carpet, and it makes us so sad when they don't. See all of our hits and misses in the video below, and tell us what you think in the comments!


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We love movies. We love them for their fashion, for their stories, but also for all of the glitz and glamour that surrounds them, including, of course, the red carpets. And what's the red carpet to end all red carpets? I mean we hardly even have to answer that question, do we? The Oscars, of course! Well, the nominations were announced yesterday (MTV News has the full list), and we're already chomping at the bit to see the dresses that float down the carpet come February 24th. With a best actress category that includes both Oscar veterans and newcomers, it's going to be a good year, we think. Between Jennifer Lawrence, who was nominated in the same category in 2011 and regularly appears all over MTV Style; Quvenzhané Wallis, who is the youngest person to ever be nominated for Best Actress at just 9 years old; and Emmanuelle Riva, who will be the oldest person nominated in the category at 85 years old, there are a lot of firsts and a lot of familiar faces. Jessica Chastain, who regularly tops our top looks lists and got a Supporting Actress nom last year, will be pulling out a killer look without a doubt; and Naomi Watts, who is a two time best actress nominee, always breaks out the old hollywood glamour. Let's take a look at some of our nominees past looks!


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence.
Photo: Getty Images

When she was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Winter's Bone in 2011, she became, at the time, the second youngest actress to be nominated in the category. She was just 20 years old. For her first Oscars, Jenny wore a super simple but super sultry long red Calvin Klein gown and kept her hair and makeup understated and youthful. She's been on many a red carpet since then, between other major movie roles and, of course, The Hunger Games series, but we think Jennifer will go with a similar approach to this year's awards. Like her character in Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer isn't afraid to take risks, but she also has a style all her own. We would love to see her amp up the glam factor, maybe with some old Hollywood flourishes, but we're not sure how HER that would be. Nevertheless, we're sure she'll surprise us with her look.


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Katy Perry Lea Michel Jennifer Lawrence

Lea Michele, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence at the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 9 in L.A.
Photo: Getty Images

Could braids be the biggest hair trend of 2013? Of course they're nothing new, braids have shown up everywhere from the head of one Miss Pippi Longstocking to those of the highest high fashion models on the most couture of runways for seasons and seasons, but we've never seen them totally dominate a red carpet like this before. I mean, THREE of the biggest leading ladies in TV, music, and movies rocking plaited 'do's at the 2013 People's Choice Awards? That's a trend explosion if we've ever seen one. And in three totally different ways? Pinch us, we're in heaven. Between the looks on Glee's Lea Michele, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lawrence, we have a lot of braiding tutorials to watch and time to spend in front of the mirror because we think braids are about to become a major go-to in seasons to come. Lea's look was a relaxed, almost beachy all-over braided style, an easy complement to her sparkly cocktail dress, while Katy went for the classic milkmaid braid, but added a strip of metallic gold fabric to her twist to make it a little more red carpet ready. Jennifer Lawrence's braid is so subtle you might not have even seen it, but that's what our eagle eyes are for. With an old Hollywood sweep of side bangs, Jennifer's up-do is all about drama, and the devil was certainly in the details: if you look closely, you can see that the sides of the hair style have tiny little braids snaking over to the back. We love to see more girls keeping their hair off their shoulders. Like we saw with Taylor Swift's messy up-do, which she paired with her dramatic deep V-neck Ralph Lauren gown, keeping long hair at bay really allows these stunning dresses to take center stage. Braids, however, allow all that while still leaving room for some creativity and detail, which we're super into.


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Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren.
Photo: Getty

WOAH, Taylor! We're used to Taylor Swift slaying red carpets like dragons all awards season long, but even WE got the slightest case of cartoon wolf eyes at the sight of her timeless yet daring Ralph Lauren gown on the 2013 People's Choice Awards red carpet. The floor length, pure white dress featured a ground-sweeping train and super deep v-neck, a look that's far more revealing than what we're used to seeing Tay hit the carpet in. Not that we're all that surprised: Taylor has been upping the ante with her red carpet looks as of late, so this most recent look seems like an almost natural progression. Starting way back in September, when Tay wore that white J. Mendel suit to the 2012 VMA, and then just generally turned up the heat with a series of impeccably tailored, pretty-yet-not-totally-innocent frocks. From ballerina va-va-voom at the Aria awards to her beaded, peekaboo gown at the MTV EMA, Taylor is staying true to her elegant, classic style while also showing the world that it's not all tea dresses and costume parties for this girlie girl. Could this latest trip down the red carpet be a sign that 2013 is going to hold even more red carpet risks than the year we've just had? Or could it be a nice little smirk in the DIRECTION of ONE certain boy band heartthrob? We're not much for indulging rumors, but whatever, get yours, Tay, show 'em.


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It's December 21st and the world hasn't ended, but we ARE one day closer to the end of the year! What does that mean? Why, a brand new Best of 2012 post for you, of course. This week's offerings were a bit more about fun than they were about breaking it down, with the Best Fashion Lyrics and yesterday's music video paper dolls cracking us up in our almost-holiday madness. Today, however, we have a more serious best of to break down for you: The Best Red Carpet Looks of 2012.

Gah, this one was a doozy. How do you choose from a whole year of sparkly, silky, long, short, frilly, gorgeousness? How do you pick just ONE look from each of your favorite stars when there are SO MANY AMAZING ones? We were kind of hoping the Mayans would be right on this one and we would be off the hook, but alas, the world is still very much turning and so we got put on the hot seat. Now, disclaimer, there were so many amazing red carpet outfits this year that we cannot say that these are ALL of the best, so just consider this MY personal fave red carpet looks of 2012.


Beyonce in Givenchy.
Photo: Getty

First of all, a disclaimer: Beyonce could show up on a carpet in a potato sack, or in all of the things we've discussed in Weird Wednesday this year combined, and she would probably still look the most incredible. The combination of her superhuman poise, that smile, and her incredible bod make her a red carpet hit, and so Bey at The Met gala was a guaranteed home run. But were we expecting this incredible black and sheer Givenchy gown, cascading down her frame into a pool of black and purple feathers? No. It. Blew. Our. Minds. Bey strolled up fashionably LAST to the ball's red carpet, and immediately stole the night from some very stiff competition, making this perhaps our #1 favorite red carpet look of 2012. We say perhaps, however, because we're not picking favorites, not exactly.


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Will Oldham and his Bonnie Billy perfume.
Photo: Getty/Sanae Intoxicants

Ok, so there are two possible reactions you might be having right now, after reading the name Bonnie "Prince" Billy. One is that you're like, "who dat?" and scratching your head and maybe moving on to another post (don't move on! This is going to be funny, swear!), or, you're thinking about the last time you got sad, put "I See A Darkness" on your iPod, and cried into your pillow. The stage name of legendary punk folk songwriter Will Oldham, the music of Bonnie "Prince" Billy is emotional and singular, and those who love him, LOVE him a lot. But we're not here to tell you what to put on your sad days playlist (although you totally should work him into your rotation). No, we're here because we got our grubby little perfume loving paws on a vial of his Bonnie Billy fragrance, and OBVIOUSLY subjected our office to the MTV Style smell test. As we all learned when they gave their olfactory critiques of Rihanna's Nude, our loyal coworkers are getting pretty good at the smell test game, but they were not prepared for the curve ball we threw them with Bonnie Billy. When we first got the sample, perfumer Sanae Barber of Sanae Intoxicants, the lab behind the smell, warned us of its intensity, saying "It's slightly reminiscent of gasoline when you first take a whiff. It's intense!" she went on to explain, "I'm using 80% pure perfume oils, attars, resins and absolutes. After applying, wait about 20 to 30 min. It warms, softens and a prism of scents are released, most people especially notice the jasmine, tobacco and oud." With this in mind, I volunteered myself as guinea pig, and put the fragrance on both of my wrists. Gaby Wilson also got some on her hands, and we went slowly around the office, gauging people's reactions as the scent changed.


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Haylor at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor with Harry's tattoo artist Freddy Negrete.
Photo: Freddy Negrete's Instagram

Ooooooh Haylor, what will we do with you? Pop's latest power duo is, obviously, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, and the two have been out and about all over the place, from watching the seals in Central Park to, now, the tattoo parlor. While the pretty as a peach and innocent as ice cream Swift is basically the LAST person we would expect to find frequenting an establishment called The Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles. I mean really. Shamrock Tattoo Parlor? It doesn't get less flower crown than that, but we're kind of loving it. Tay's new beau is no stranger to the hypnotizing buzz of the tattoo gun, already sporting a fair amount of ink, but we have to wonder, does this mean Taylor is considering adding a little illustration to her bod? A portrait of her cat, Meredith, perhaps? We can only hope. The tattoo, which covers a large portion of Harry's arm and is a highly detailed pirate ship, bears a bit of a resemblance to the ship tatt Taylor's "I Knew You Were Trouble" beau sports in his new video. Coincidence, we think not, but what could it mean?! It definitely solidifies what we already knew: Tay loves a bad boy. Check out an interview with the singer, where she talks about just that, after the jump!


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Gaga in the Sweaters For My Friends Intarsia Sweater from Urban Outfitters.
Photo: Terry Richardson

We've known for awhile that Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga are total besties. Between their photo book, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, and the fact that Mama Monster shaved part of her head in honor of Richardson's late mother, the two seem super close, and new photos posted on Terry's Diary are only solidifying what we already thought. The cozy photos, which were taken backstage when Gaga performed with the Rolling Stones on the final date of their anniversary tour, show the singer in a variety of looks, both casual and stage ready. There's even one sweater that looked oddly familiar, and it turns out to be from Urban Outfitters! Celebrities, they're just like us, right?! Unfortunately it's now sold out, but the fact that the great Gags is clowning around in togs from one of our favorite suppliers of everyday clothes makes us feel pretty special. Or makes us feel like maybe we can relate to Gaga a little more? Ha! Just kidding, though, the rest of the images bring us back to reality once again, showing the singer in full velvet bodysuits, signed Rolling Stones jackets, and more untouchable insanity.


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Miley Cyrus, Kat Graham And Iggy Azalea on the VH1 Divas red carpet.
Photo: Getty

Last night was a big one for the ladies, and Adam Lambert. VH1 Divas is always one of our most anticipated nights of the year, because, obviously. It's rife with big voices and big fashions, from the PURPLE carpet to the stage. We've already broken down all of Glambert's looks from the night, and noticed that The Blonds made a major appearance on the stage. But what about the ladies on the carpet? We noticed one trend was really making the rounds, and that was the creative display of skin, but just a little bit. We all know the power of a little peek in these situations, and three ladies in particular showed off three flawless ways to rock it. In three very different ways, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Kat Graham all showed some skin, while also keeping a little something to the imagination. While, in Iggy and Miley's case, we didn't see them in their peek-a-boo looks for long before they took to the stage, the dresses each made a distinct impact on us. With dress up season very much upon us, we're definitely going to be taking some cues from these stunners.


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