Adam Lambert is in full diva mode.
Photo: VH1

Adam Lambert is one of our all time favorite Divas, so it should come as no surprise that we were EXCITED to hear that he would be hosting VH1 Divas Live tonight. I mean, Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Iggy Azealea and SO MANY MORE AMAZING PERFORMERS in one night? Please, we're basically dying with excitement right now. It all goes down tonight on VH1 at 9 PM Eastern, and you can watch the stars walk the red carpet RIGHT NOW at Watch Adam Lambert prepping for his diva moment after the jump, and stay tuned to MTV Style for all the best looks from the carpet and the stage!



Joan Smalls telling us her favorite moments of 2012.
Photo: MTV

It's essential to keep in mind, always, that we all have so much to be thankful for. 2012 has been a MAJOR year for Joan Smalls, and the model has no shortage of gratitude. Between making us smile while shopping at Colette with Karlie Kloss and Kanye West as the host of House Of Style, to realizing a teenage dream by walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show, to covering W magazine, there's no denying that this has been Joan's year, and things are only looking up. Joan joined us on MTV's "Big & Best Of 2012: A Year End Celebration brought to you by T-Mobile" to share her top moments of the year. Can you guess what her top two moments are? Check 'em out after the jump!


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Rihanna on her 777 Tour plane, Cat Wanged.
Photo: MTV Style Instagram

Yesterday we crowned the MTV Style 2012 king and queen, and brought you "The Big & Best Of 2012: A Year End Celebration Brought To You by T-Mobile," and over the past weeks we've broken down everything from the best nail art to the best magazine covers, the best band style and best facial hair. Today we're getting a little more specific, and breaking down our five favorite sticker apps of 2012. We have a lot more Best of 2012 coming, too, so stay tuned right here.

One thing that took up a lot (too much) of our time this year: Instagram. Both at work and at play, we at MTV Style are all about the photo app, and make sure to document everything from the crazy products that come through our office to the amazing events we get to attend. From the runway, to the Rihanna Plane, to the set of House Of Style, we're always on the lookout for a good photo opp. Sometimes, though, we're feeling a little more playful than just straight documentarians, which is where our fave photo apps come in. Whether you're putting little bears all over your brunch photos with Line Camera or adding a little rainbow to your selfies with the Lisa Frank app, there are tons of ways to jazz up your pics, and make them stand out from the crowd of ho-hum, well, brunch photos and selfies.


Ok, Catpaint was a fave of ours even before Instagram, but after a couple of years it got a little old, we have to admit. We LOVED the cat motif the Odd Future crew plastered all over their Golf Wang tees and hats, and so naturally their Cat Wang app made us purr like creepy little upside-down cross painted kittens. With a huge variety of cat faces, as well as explosions, laser beams, beanies and paid add-ons, this app upps the ante of Cat Paint so your photos still have that shot of feline-induced "awww" but with a little bit of an "ew" thrown in for good measure. We applied some cat faces and laser beams to one of our photos from Rihanna's 777 tour above. The app is free and you can download it here.


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Miguel performing on Big & Best of 2012.
Photo: MTV

Happy 12-12-12 everyone! You might be thinking, what's the big deal, it's just a date, and yes, we feel you but also did you know that the next triple digit date alignment won't happen until the year 2101?! Not to get all real-talk depressing but that means today will be the last time this happens in our lifetime. Heavy. On a happier note, though, MTV is pulling out all of the stops all day long with Big & Best of 2012. The live stream, which began at, you guessed it, 12 pm EST today, has already included performances from Miguel and First Aid Kit, Demi Lovato and Joan Smalls' top moments of 2012, and more! And that's only the beginning...In the hours to come, you can watch performances from A$AP Rocky, Bruno Mars and more, AND get your first look at Taylor Swift's new video for "I Knew You Were Trouble."

We CANNOT wait to see Tay sport the pink dip dye job we caught a sneak peek of in her interview with MTV News. The queen of kittens and cookies all punked out? Yes please. In the meantime, though, we're going to be watching performances from Metric, Alt J and more, as well as obsessively watching Miguel's "Adorn" performance and drooling. Wait, did we say that out loud?

For all that and more, head to right now!

Stick with MTV as we count down the Best of 2012, including the Best Songs of 2012, Live Performances, Movies and EDM Videos of the year.

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Katy Perry performing in Dubai.
Photo: Getty

If you happened to be in Dubai this weekend, two things. First, we are jealous that you were in Dubai period because, awesome, and second, did you see Katy Perry perform at the closing ceremony for the World Parachuting Championships? Oh no, we didn't misspeak. This weekend, our lady of teenage dreams was dropped from the sky (or at least from right above the stage), supported by a pop art-inspired parachute. She then removed her similarly themed flight suit to reveal a latex bustier ensemble that would have made Roy Lichtenstein very proud. Borrowing from the iconic 1960's artist's highly stylized, satirically tweaked comic book style, the look was slick and unexpected--appropriate for an unexpected performance venue. The look definitely has us reaching for our 3.1 Philip Lim Lichtenstein cardi, that's for sure.


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IO Echo's Ioanna Gija with Jeremy Scott.
Photo: IO Echo Instagram

We've been keeping a close eye on IO Echo. Ever since we peeped lead singer Ioanna Gika's too-cool-for-school style at CMJ, we've known this was a band with some serious fashion tricks up their (kimono) sleeves. Rocking a deep side part, bright blonde hair and the aforementioned Kimonos, Gika has a style all her own, part goth-witch, part LA it-girl. In the atmospheric new video for "Outsiders," Gika holds court in a stark, grainy world, industrial and spare. Her clear, bright soprano is haunting against the yellowing backdrop, lending the haunting song a sinister, minimal air. If you look closely at her, though, you'll see that there's nothing minimal about the video's style. If you follow the band on Instagram, you might recognize Gika's kimono from a recent snap she posted of herself with Jeremy Scott. That's right, the flowing, magical garment is the creation of the man himself, and it's incredible. It's hard to see the piece in its full glory in the "Outsiders" video, but there are moments when you get a little flash of something across the camera and you realize that this is no ordinary robe. For a moment you think it could be a trick of the camera, or something added in after, but knowing that the singer was given the holographic piece by the designer, we know otherwise. We're not entirely sure how the great J.S. managed to make a holographic kimono without it looking at all stiff. Indeed, the piece seems almost liquid, like Gika is draped in light. Watch the video after the jump, and let us know what you think of this Jeremy Scott stunner.


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Lenay Dunn and Holland Roden messing around on the set of Most Stylin' Stars Of The Year.

Boy do we have a holiday treat for you! Musical performances, awesome style, and some of your fave MTV stars? In one place? You know we like to treat you right all the time, but especially during the holidays, which is why we're so excited to give you a little sneak peek of a VERY special show we have airing on MTV this weekend. You all know 10 On Top, with the adorable Lenay Dunn, well, on Sunday we're bringing you a VERY special, VERY stylin' special. Most Stylin' Stars Of The Year will, yes, countdown 10 On Top's fave style stars, but it will also feature an awesome runway show co-hosted by Holland Roden and featuring the catwalk talents of Jersey Shore babe Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, Awkward's Molly Tarlov, and many more. The special will air on MTV this Sunday, December 9th on MTV at 8 EST/7 Central. We're not just here to tell you about it, though. Check out an exclusive behind the scenes video below!

MTV Style | Most Stylin Stars of the Year Fashion Show Behind The Scenes

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Jourdan Dunn taste-testing her Jerk Pork recipe on Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn.
Photo: Life + Times Youtube

Model, mom, cooking show host. We're talking, of course, about Jourdan Dunn, the host of Life + Times' Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn, and one of our all time fave catwalk (and editorial) staples. Models have been getting into the culinary game more and more these days (see also: Karlie's Kookies), but Jourdan is the first girl to go full on Julia Child, and we have to say she's doing a bang up job. For her first episode Jourdan cooked a classic Jamaican meal with a few twists. She made a classic, scotch bonnet pepper filled jerk, but rather than using chicken she used pork belly, and on the side she made classic rice and peas and a Caribbean salsa. The meal looks amazing, and her instructions are clear and totally adorable. Save for an unfortunate (but heart meltingly cute) garlic smashing incident, she's a pro in the kitchen. She also peels a mango with an insane amount of skill that even seems to surprise Jourdan herself. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her culinary inspiration, the whole do models eat question, and whether we might be able to get her together with our House Of Style hosts for a little models only dinner party. Read her answers after the jump, and check out the first episode of Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn here.


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Lisa Howard, Diamond Rings' stylist.

Earlier this week, we had a conversation with Diamond Rings' John O'Regan about his performance and music video style, and the way that his look has evolved in the whirlwind couple of years since he burst onto the scene. From dancing in front of a graffiti-covered (greenscreen) wall in leggings and an enormous denim jacket in his video for "All Yr Songs" to wearing a custom-studded leather jacket on Letterman, O'Regan has evolved from rocking vintage and classic sports jerseys and electric glitter makeup to rocking super slick monochrome, on-point accessories, and yeah, still a pop of color once in awhile. He hasn't done it alone either. If you've watched John's videos, particularly "Wait & See" and the more recent "Runaway Love," you might have noticed a little blonde cutie dancing behind him. That's no video extra, oh no, that's John's right hand woman, creative director, stylist, makeup artist, and, yes, cousin, Lisa Howard. Lisa does it all, even HAND STUDDING the leather jackets and sneakers that John wears, and that's no small task. When we saw Lisa at a gathering to celebrate the release of Diamond Rings' sophomore album, Free Dimensional, her fingers were literally bleeding from spending all day studding sneakers for John's Letterman performance. Seeing dedication like that, we knew we had to share her secrets with the world, and she was kind enough to take a break from her breakneck touring schedule to answer all of our pressing questions.


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Yep, it's true—2012 is almost over, and, gosh, what a fashion-filled year it has been! From the breathtaking magazine covers to the oh-so-shocking haircuts to the incredible red carpet dresses, there certainly wasn't a dull fashion moment over the past 12 months. So sit back and relax as we reminisce about all our favorite style moments of 2012.

The hyper speed instant gratification of the Internet is awfully nice, but there's also something to be said for closing that laptop and cuddling up with your favorite glossy's new issue. There's the satisfaction of feeling the pages in your hands, that half paper half perfume ads fashion mag smell, that's the perfect combination of comforting and indulgent. I mean, until you get a paper cut, that is (we still work on the internet, after all). But seriously, we love fashion mags for many reasons, not least of which being their COVERS. Seeing our favorite celebs looking amazing, and often going out of their comfort zones. taking risks, and revealing new looks is something we look forward to every month. This was a big year for our fave mags AND our fave stars, which made picking our faves SO. HARD. But we did it, you guys. Just for you.

One Direction On Wonderland

One Direction (and puppies! on the November December cover of Wonderland.
Photo: Wonderland

One Direction and puppies. There's really nothing more to say, this cover speaks for itself. It's like Wonderland magazine has concocted a secret love potion that should never have been secret. It's a no brainer, right? You combine perfectly coiffed young pop stars, crisp collars and soft cashmere with snuggly, squirmy little white lab pups and what do you think is going to happen besides a collective gasp-swoon-faint combination.


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