Avril Lavigne on the cover of Nylon.
Photo: Brooke Nipar/NYLON

When it came out in 2002, I used to listen to Avril Lavigne's debut album, Let Go, over and over again on my headphones in the dark. The spokeswoman for sad, "Complicated" teenage girls, Avril was the early aughts' Alanis, and at least everyone I knew was completely into it. It's more than a decade later, now, and both we—the girls listening to Let Go in the dark and Avril herself—have grown up, but she is still going strong, making music and refining her signature skater girl style. This month, she's on the cover of NYLON's music issue, giving a cuts-right-through-you stare that has us fully convinced that growing up hasn't taken away a hint of her edge.


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Miley in #allgolderthang.
Photo: @mileycyrus Twitter

Knowing the little that we know about the business of making hit records, we know that it's a grueling, often times 24 hour process. Miley Cyrus has been busting her butt in the studio a lot as of late, and while we might be more inclined to work in, oh I dont know, some jeans and a comfy tee, Miss Miley has a slightly more glam wardrobe when she's on her grind. Getting ready to release her single #WeCantStop and her video for Angels & Ashtrays sometime this week (supposedly), as well as attending the Billboard Music Awards, you would think Miley would be too exhausted to turn it up on a regular work day, but wait, this is MILEY we're talking about here. The singer tweeted a photo of herself in the studio with the caption "@Versace #celine #STUDIO #allgolderthang,"in which she is not only wearing a killer pair of Versace logo sandals but also an AMAZING black and white striped bow top and a pair of black ankle-baring pants.


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Diana Agron, Zosia Mamet, and Alexa Chung at the premiere of 'These Girls'.
Photo: Getty

Last night, a group of rad ladies got together at the request of Glamour magazine to perform a series of monologues called "These Girls" at New York City's Joe's Pub. The group, which included Dianna Agron, Zosia Mamet, Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts and more, touched on everything from the internet, to bullying, to boys and everything in between. While we're dying to hear each of the girls' monologues for ourselves, we're also totally jaws-to-the-floor over their classically elegant outfits. Springtime is often an occasion for light, airy, colorful frocks, but Dianna, Zosia, and Alexa all opted to play with monochrome and textures in their still seasonally appropriate ensembles, a move which we think really worked.


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Rebecca Minkoff and Taylor Swift.
Photo: Getty/Diet Coke

It all started with a t-shirt. Can you believe that something so ordinary is responsible for launching a career as extraordinary as Rebecca Minkoff's?! Well, back in 2001, the designer released her take on the iconic "I Love New York" tee. The top caused a fashion explosion, and 12 years later she has clothing, shoes, and accessories stamped with her name, and is one of the most well-known designers out there today. Now she's teaming up with Diet Coke and Taylor Swift to give another young designer the chance she once had, with the Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge. The competition asks young designers to put their innovative, creative spin on the iconic Diet Coke logo and packaging, for the opportunity to dream up a tee that will then be sold in Target stores all over the country. Not only that, but the winner will also get $10,000 and a chance to meet Taylor Swift herself. Pretty major prize, huh? Last week we chatted with Rebecca herself about the contest, what she'll be looking for, and her own inspiration. Don't think she's giving away any secrets, though—you're going to have to think up a boundary-pushing design all on your own. We know you can do it, though!


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We're going to venture to guess that Hangout Fest might actually be the hardest music festival to dress for. Not only is it, well, a music festival, but it's a music festival AT THE BEACH. We don't mean on the boardwalk, or overlooking the sand and the waves. No, Hangout is actually IN the sand. Do you wear that cute festival dress or go full sunshine in a bikini? Either way, our Hangout correspondents model Chrissy Teigen and Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb know a thing or two about fashion, and they were embedded in Gulf Shores, Alabama all weekend long. In other words, they were the perfect people to take part in a little festival fashion challenge. Each of the ladies had to find their wildest look, the cutest look, and their best man, and then compare each team to see who was the festival fashion challenge winner. They only had 60 seconds to assemble a sartorial dream team, plucked straight out of the sand. How did each of the girls do, and who was the winner? You'll have to watch to find out.


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Taylor Swift performing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift may not actually be 22 anymore, but she's become the official ambassador of that oh-so-very fun and confusing early 20's age with her song of the same name. Tay performed "22" at the 2013 Billboard Awards tonight, and while we thought at first that she was wearing the tap shorts and tee that have become her go-to performance look as of late, our eagle eyes quickly realized that Taylor wasn't just looking like a cutie in her on-stage look. No, she was telling us something. Her bright blue baby-t, which she wore tight and tucked into her nautical shorts, featured a picture of a sparkly unicorn with a thought bubble. What do you think rainbow bright is thinking while adorning Swifty's tee? If you thought "HATERS GONNA HATE," and let's be real, you didn't, you would be right. "HATERS GONNA HATE," you guys! Any joke you could have made about Tay or her performance, well, failed, because she sees you.


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Ke$ha wears Givenchy at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty

You really never know with Ke$ha. Will she go all out with glitter, crazy talons, and insane makeup on the red carpet, or will she take things in the opposite direction and wear something more classically glamorous. For her turn on the 2013 Billboard Music Awards carpet (which, incidentally, is blue and not red), Ke$ha decided to go with a little bit from column A, a little bit from column B in a daring, ultra-mini Givenchy LBD. With a high neckline and modern, sculptural ruffles down the front, the dress looks at first like it might be may closer to 'nun' than 'naughty,' but then Ke$ha turns to the side and BAM!, you see that the dress has a slit almost all the way up to her hip. Is side-butt the new side-boob? Daring, indeed.


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We've already told you about how excited we are that one of our favorite models, the one and only, the hilarious Chrissy Teigen is covering this year's Hangout Fest on hangout.mtv.com. But we don't really feel like we did the actual festival, which is a fantastic mix of AMAZING bands and a totally beautiful beach (i.e. heaven, pretty much), the justice that it deserves. Hangout is a seriously good time, and no matter which aspect of awesomeness you're the most excited for, there's most definitely something for you. Like Coachella, there is a HUGE variety of music to choose from, and there's a pretty solid chance that no matter what your preferred genre, there will be something right up your ally at Hangout. We picked three of our most anticipated, but also different, Hangout Fest acts and broke down some looks that we think would make you look right at home in the crowd.


Solange inspired festival style.
Photo: Nasty Gal/ASOS/Urban Outfitters/Forever 21/Zara

Obviously, we take serious style inspiration from Solange on a regular basis, so when we were thinking about who could kick off our Hangout Music Fest style-a-palooza she came to mind immediately. We LOVE her bold style, and have to credit her for single handedly doing away with any fear we might have of wearing mixed prints. In her honor, we think either a shorts suit or, better yet, a jumpsuit in a bold, colorful print is just the ticket for looking fly and still being able to dance to her set at Hangout. We love the Nasty Gal Flower Punch Jumpsuit ($88.00) paired with a colorful, low heeled sandal like ASOS' Hedley Heeled Sandals ($76.36), a classic panama hat like the BDG Aloha Straw Panama Hat ($29.00), an easy cross-body bag like the Forever 21 Canvas Saddle Bag ($24.80) and finally a little pop of something extra, like the silver Tiger's Head Belt from Zara ($25.90).


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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, your Hangout Fest Correspondent.
Photo: Getty

Here are some things we love: style (obvi), models, food, music, and humor. Do those things go together all the time? Unfortunately not, so when they do, we get all kinds of excited. You may have heard that this weekend is the Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and that we'll be streaming the WHOLE thing live at hangout.mtv.com. OK, so there we have music covered, what about the style? Well, we're totally excited to announce that the HILARIOUS host of VH1's Model Employee Chrissy Teigen will be taking her host game on the road, and joining Vinny Guadagnino as an MTV Hangout Fest correspondent. Chrissy will be interviewing bands, breaking down the festival style, and much more, and with a lineup that includes rad names like Kendrick Lamar, Solange, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, it's gonna be major. Now, we've been following Chrissy's hilarious Twitter for awhile now, and it never ceases to crack us up in an embarrassing way. Not only that, but the model also posts AMAZING recipes on her food blog, So Delushious!, on the regs, and they always, always make our mouths water. Did you know she wanted to be a chef before becoming a model? See? Fave. The hilarious Chrissy will be supplying us with style quips and belly-laughs all weekend long. We. Are. Psyched. So psyched, in fact, that we got Chrissy to take some time out of her totally nutty travel schedule to chat with us about the gig and give us a little taste of what we have to look forward to at Hangout.


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Cara Delevingne is a magical unicorn. The model has become known as much for her hilarious antics and goofy, totally weird faces as she is for her modeling, proving that she's way more than just a pretty face, as they say. In fact, sometimes we think Cara's pretty face might be made of different stuff than our own because of the CRAZY contortions she is capable of. It's totally appropriate, therefore, that Cara would make an appearance in her bestie Rita Ora's video for her song "Facemelt." The two have been teasing us with their collaboration for months and months, and Rita released the original version of the "Facemelt" video on Hunger TV last week. However, we wondered when Cara would come in and what it might be like. This wasn't exactly what we had expected. The remixed video is equal parts adorable and artful, with Cara mimicking Rita's moves and lip-syncing along to the words of the song but also pulling some classic Cara faces in the process. We went through and identified five of our favorites, but we have to say, it was hard to choose.


A still from Rita Ora's "Facemelt (Remix)".
Photo: Hunger TV

Cara eases us into her faces with this quick little glance. It's not too jokey, but you can see that any minute she might break into one of her signature crazy faces. This is just the warm up. Cara is telling you, I know what you want, and I'm going to deliver.


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