Lady Gaga

Looks like Lady Gaga has black hair now.
Photo: News

Sheeeeee's BACK! Lady Gaga has been noticeably, achingly absent from the mass pop culture ethos for months (due to a painful case of synovitis which caused her to cancel remaining dates on her tour). Not entirely, of course. I mean, when someone says, "BRB," and wheels away in a 24-Karat gold wheelchair, you just KNOW she'll be back. And here she is, flaunting asymmetrical BLACK hair. Granted, we've seen her crop up here and there—peeking in at the Versus Versace x J.W. Anderson launch party, rallying for LGBT rights, and y'know, traipsing around Manhattan in just a bra—but multiple Gaga steelo updates in just the last 24 hours? THIS is what we've been missing.


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One Direction

A still from One Direction's "Best Song Ever" music video.
Photo: Simco Limited

Directioners, are you still breathing?? It's been several hours now since the release of One Direction's "Best Song Ever" music video (#BestVideoEver), and I'm still barely able to process all my incredibly, overwhelmingly positive feelings about it. I can only imagine how the most die-hard 1D Stans are doing right now. If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor, scroll to the bottom, and watch it already. Granted, I am also a fan, but come on, how can you argue that this isn't the science of the Boy Band (which, OK, is more like one-third science, one-third pop magic, and one-third hormones) vacillating at its highest, most unquestionably adorable frequency?

The "Best Song Ever" music video a One Direction masterpiece that will go down in these dudes' history of group iconography in much the same way that "It's Gonna Be Me" does for *NSYNC. LOADED COMPARISON, I KNOW. But y'all, this video is good. And what's one of the biggest parts of why it's so good? THE OUTFITS. *puts hand to ear and looks off in the distance* Hear that? It's a Look By Look. And it's coming your way in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


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Karlie Kloss, Daft Punk

Karlie Kloss and Daft Punk for "Vogue" magazine.
Photo: Vogue/Craig McDean

Remember when one of our House of Style sweethearts, the lovely, always-smiley Karlie Kloss, was spotted traipsing around Midtown Manhattan with Daft Punk? On top of it just being an eye-bugging collision of greats, there was heated speculation as to whether Miss Kloss might be featured in a new music video from the world's favorite French robots. Welp, turn out, the shoot was actually for a massive editorial spread starring Daft Punk and Karlie in the August issue of Vogue which hits newsstands nationwide tomorrow (July 23) and is available NOW as a digital download for iPad, Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet (pick your tablet poison).


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Selena Gomez

A still from Selena Gomez's "Slow Down" music video.
Photo: Hollywood Records

Usually when your birthday rolls around, you're the one getting gifts, not giving them. Fortunately for us, Selena Gomez ain't about that usual life. Just ahead of her 21st birthday (which is TODAY, BTW), this weekend, the pop princess revealed the music video for "Slow Down," the second single from her upcoming Stars Dance album which is set to release tomorrow. The musical moving snapshot is set in Paris, all under the cloak of night, with Selly starring classic night-out scenes: en route to destination in the backseat of a car, Naomi Campbell-walking by streetlight, and breaking down choreographed dance moves in a studio loft. Naturally. Each scene is accompanied by a wardrobe change, so as our Selena birthday gift to YOU, we're running through "Slow Down" look by look. Enjoy!


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Rita Ora

Rita Ora posts sneaker-wearing snap to Instagram.
Photo: @RitaOra Instagram

Since she first burst on the scene, Rita Ora's love of sneakers has been an integral part of her personal steez. Her love's a pretty unconditional one, wearing them with literally everything and not discriminating between classics and platforms. Jordans, however, are her absolute fave. Still in the Nike fam, Rita posted a super cute picture of herself to Instagram repping a pair of crisp white Air Force 1s with a matching all-white outfit and referencing lyrics from British rapper Dizzee Rascal.


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Kanye West

Could Kanye be working on another larger fashion project?
Photo: Getty Images

He's designed for ladies. He's designed for dudes. Now, it's rumored that Kanye West is designed for BOTH at the same time. Buried in a story with the headline, "Kanye West back in LA with Kim K," New York Post reports that Yeezus "is now prepping a unisex collection of about 100 pieces, we hear, to be revealed during the fall fashion shows." Say whaaaaaa? I mean, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to hear Ye's on to his next fashion project. For a dude who's penned the lyrics, "Don't talk about style, I'll embarrass you," that just seems an inevitable truth, no? But 100 unisex pieces? How is that even possible?


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Way better than a 500 Benz, AMIRITE?
Photo: Society 6/Amazon/Etsy/Beloved Shirts/Very Vile/Milk Sick

Happy Friday, y'all! We're kicking this one off with everyone's favorite NOM-focused shopping franchise: FOOD FRIDAY! *tosses up fistful of glitter and French fries, follows with jazz hands* On the menu this week, we have the MTV Style order-in staple: sushi. When it's a sweat-inducing 99 degrees in the city, the last thing you want to do is go outside, let alone jack up the temperature in your apartment by turning on the stove. Thus, sushi has become our culinary savior as we crawl through the dog days of summer. Since we just can't turn off the little voice in our brains that asks, "But what's the fashion angle?" (even about the most mundane observations in our lives), we decided that sushi deserved a shopping homage. Surprisingly, there's actually a ton of fun stuff out there that capitalizes on our love of the iconic Japanese food. Check it out!


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Demi Lovato

A still from Demi Lovato's "Made In the USA" music video.
Photo: Hollywood Records

If you haven't seen Demi Lovato's "Made in the USA" music video, stop what you're doing right now and hit play. We're pretty sure nothing encapsulates the sunkissed skin, hair blowing in the wind, free feeling of summer in the good ol' U.S. of A. quite as sweetly as Demi's new video and track. (P.S. As Lovatics already know and are way stoked on, "Made in the USA" is also D's directorial debut!) And to add the rampant Americana cherry on top, Demi spends the entire vid clad in *drumrolllll* you guessed it! DENIM. The combination of it all—blonde-haired, blue-jeaned Demi and the super-sweet Aimee Teegarden #texasforever—is giving us so much shop-lust and totally convincing us that we need more denim in our closets. SO, naturally, we went online shopping, and now, we're going to share with you what we've found. ENJOY!


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Gimme That '80s Butt

A still from Don't Talk To The Cops' "Gimme That '80s Butt" music video.
Photo: Don't Talk To The Cops/Stephan Gray

High-waisted jeans, thin leather belt, button-up shirt tucked into the high-waisted jeans. These are lyrics from Seattle-based Don't Talk To The Cops' "Gimme That '80s Butt" song, but they're ALSO an itemized breakdown of our daily uniform over hurr at MTV Style. You see, every era (and sub/counter-culture within that era, but for simplicity's sake let's just cap it at decades) has its silhouette: the '50s had poodle skirts, prim polos, and ponytails (try saying that three times fast!), the '60s ventured into mod, mini territory, the '70s had spread collars, macrame, and bell bottoms, etc. etc. ad infinitum. We won't be able to keenly discern the hallmark outfit shape of the 2010s until way after the fact, but one thing is for sure, and heavily underscored by DTTTC's track: we're borrowing so. much. '80s butt.


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