Scented nail polish from Mattése Elite.
Photo: Courtesy of Mattése Elite

Friday afternoons. Nothing better than smelling vaguely of a beachside bar every time you make any sort of hand gesture. People may already be suspecting you knocked back a few, but fortunately you have your nail polish to blame for the boozy smell. For the Happy Hour collection, Mattése Elite presents six neon shades that come with an over-21 scent meant to waft off of your freshly painted fingertips. While the inclination to have our paws soaked in cocktail-like scents has never really struck us, the $6 collection actually features a group of youthful, summery shades that we wouldn’t mind trying. And while the drinks themselves might be too sugary for human consumption, the sweetness of the shades has already got us choosing out our favorites.


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Rihanna's Max Kibardin shoes for her 'Loud' tour.
Photo: Courtesy of PR Consulting/Max Kibardin

Bright colors in the summer certainly isn't groundbreaking, but Lil' Miss Rihanna may be directly responsible for turning this one into a hypercolored, multichromatic smorgasbord of neon. And to that, we give props. For her Loud tour that kicked off early in June, Rihanna had to up the already flamboyant quotient, and for her footwear she tapped shoewear designer Max Kibardin, who has already made his musical imprint with the mind-blowing, actually functional guitar shoe. For her candy-coated, Swarovski-studded look, Max told us, "The inspiration was Cindy Crawford dressed in a vinyl trench from an old advertising campaign of Gianni Versace. (Stylist) Mel Ottenburg wanted to convey the same punk rock feeling, which I gave to a part of my summer collection." (Note: '90s Versace is really having a moment right now.) Of course, Max didn't want to just make a hot shoe: "The most important thing for me was designing shoes that Rihanna likes." With a chunky heel, patent leather and the most eye-catching colorblocking we've seen in this decade, how can Ms. Loud not want to wear these to every one of her shows?

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A still from the 'New Thing' promotional video.
Photo: Courtesy of Prabal Gurung

Resort Collections kind of get a bad rap. Sandwiched in the lazy summer (where our Euro compatriots straight up have WEEKS OFF), it's all stuff meant to come out in the winter, when we are having imaginary Caribbean vacations with well-oiled hunks of man. But the thing is, it can also be the time when a designer cuts loose a bit and ups the neon ante with some really poppy colors, and resort wear gets kind of exciting. And wunderkind Prabal Gurung is definitely a designer that's easy to get excited about; after successfully helming Bill Blass, he was the star of last season's New York Fashion Week with his sophisticated use of colors. So we love that the Nepalese designer handpicked M.I.A. protégé Rye Rye to be the face of his resort collection.

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Lady Gaga performs during the 2011 Europride in Rome on June 11, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

There is this thing that is quietly happening (or has been since Tavi The Style Rookie went all grunge and Alexander Wang crushed some velvet and paraded out platforms) that MTV Style cannot be more happy about. It appears that the collective world at large has gone back over their old In Living Color tapes or reminisced about House Of Style and has reached this massive no-duh conclusion: The early '90s were mind-splayingly rad. With the clashing primary colors and Benetton prints and baby-faced Linda Evangelista in Unzipped there was unbridled enthusiasm and a sort of disregard for mores and FASH-rules, which sounds very much like the zeitgeist being heralded by our girl Gaga. So to hear that the Lady, between playing a keytar made of hair on X-Factor France and continuing to don her aqua-hued 'do, has gotten her monster claws into the Versace archives is certainly happy-making, because it is clearly the best and most natural next step.


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Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian shopping at Petco in L.A. on June 12.
Photo: Getty Images

When we woke up this morning, we rolled out of bed, got screamed at by our felines and thought to ourselves, 'You knoooooow… *mustache twirl* today is the day we are going to buy Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries that $8,000 Baccarat vase they want for their wedding. Because, check this: Their registry is public. Everyone can line up and see exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian-Humphries (side note: Her husband and her mother have the same name. TO YOUR DOME.) have selected to receive for their nuptials. And, you know, spending your exorbitant amounts of earned money is entirely at your discretion, but we have a couple of notes.


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Alexander Wang Spring 2011 Adele Ombre Clutches.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang

Maybe it is just a New York thing (not), but every gal who has ever dreamed a dream about a handbag gets weak at the knees and geeky over Alexander Wang's
accessories. Right, his clothing appears on Zoë Kravitz and cool girl Skylar Grey wears Mr. Wang on the red carpet, but in terms of leather goods and shoes that we have major meltdowns over, he really is the domo of downtown cool.

In fact, Alexander took home the Oscars of handbags (THIS IS SUCH A THING) when he nabbed the CFDA Awards for accessory design, which could not have been more appropriate because, we present, exhibit A: The Diego bucket bag. Bucket bags a little too retro for you? Wrong. This perfectly slouchy, pebbled leather, grommet-laden shoulder item nails that hard-to-handle space between a briefcase size and a regular day bag. WHICH MEANS you can fit all of your goods, a T-shirt, maybe a book or two and the videotapes you have to return on your way home without any hassle. Yes, it is more than we'd spend on a single item, but click it again. Go on. I'll wait. See? See? (We have SUCH the same tastes, right?)

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Katy Perry as Kathy Beth Terry in 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).'
All Photos Courtesy of Capitol Records

Imagine the world of Kathy Beth Terry, the secular teenager who didn’t grow up singing Christian songs on the acoustic guitar like the real Katy Perry, but the bizarro version living in a fantasy land by way of coming-of-age classics such as 16 Candles. In her new video, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," KP takes one for the team—the team being every awkward kid tumbling through puberty (stuck with headgear or a solar system diorama they loved too hard to part with). She invites the equally downtrodden to party alongside her: A Rebecca Black who is in on the joke, too-cool-for-school Kenny G. (who has, for ages, stood for the emphatically unhip), the Brothers Hanson, and a Corey Feldman making "Lost Boys" references and looking vaguely like a more sober Charlie Sheen (that's a whole lotta retro in one video).

And retro is definitely Katy's modus operandi, since she expresses her cringing pubescence through old-school fashion and culture references. Let's see how many nerd-cool moments of nostalgia Kathy Beth has wrapped up for us, tied up with a delicious bow of braces' bands. Enemies of frosted lipstick beware…


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Rico Genest and Jac Jagaciak in 'Fashion Magazine Poland.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Fashion Magazine Poland'

The thing is, and not to get all Freudian/Ophelia on all y'all, but girls just love a guy they can't bring home to Mom and Dad. Sure, we might not marry them, but who needs marriage when you have soulful eyes made even more with a deep black outline, a body made from the wings of angels, and head-to-toe ink that includes worms and biohazard symbols? What this extreme body modification says to us—whether we realize it or not—is that Rico the Zombie will go through hell for you. He will submit himself to hours and hours of pain because to him, it ain't no thang.

Full disclosure and maybe TMI, but this writer kind of has a thing for dudes and tats (though, like any sort of over-the-top ornamentation, they tend to cover up some sort of lack, but: digression), and when Rico and Lady Gaga were a pseudo-couple in her "Born This Way" video, hearts raced, bubble-gum snapped and I wished it was me whom Rico the Zombie Boy was leering at suggestively. So it is no surprise that he is now an official model who gets to pose alongside Jak Jagaciak, one of the most-sought-after models still walking the catwalks.

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Suri Cruise in New York City on March 16, on April 13, and again on March 16, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

We ought to get these things right out of the way before proceeding: Apparently Suri Cruise, child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has a shoe collection worth $150,000. The Daily Mail has an insider claiming that "The older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels," and that she gets all sniffly if Katie opts for anything but girlywear. Whatever. So, basically, we are OK with this because a) we are a fashion blog and we love looking at other people's insanely expensive digs while we weep silently over the sole-less heels of our sad hand-me-downs and b) not one of us has kids so we aren't going to front like we know what it takes to be a good parent. Oh, and c) Let's be completely honest. If we weren't living on a steady diet of Kool-Aid packets and shards of childhood dreams, we'd totally get the little ones in our lives totally excessive, designer stuff...especially when it's all patent and covered in baby bows.

Basically, we aren't here to judge. But we are here to tell you how likely it is that a 5-year-old girl could own $150K in shoes, and the short answer is: Probably not, but maybe. Here's how:


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Our dear old Aunt Gaga on the June cover of 'Spex'
Photo: Wolfgang Tillmans/Spex

Whoa. Just when we thought Lady Gaga was incapable of surprising us, she up and appears on German culture and music mag Spex doing the au natural thing like it's NBD. In fact, "surprise" is putting it mildly considering, "mind-frying shock" seems closer to the truth.

But here is what we're reminded of: Gaga is an empirically striking young lady. She has piercing eyes, a wide and expressive mouth, and as our mothers used to say, "When you wipe that stuff off of your face, you really do look much lovelier. Plus, you won't attract those horrible boys you normally do with your misleading harlot appearance." Oh moms...

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