Sammi and Ronnie are your Jersey Shore Style Champs of the night.
Photo: FilmMagic

Jersey Shore spoiler alert: Sam and Ronnie are back, and we are filled with a mixture of sad trombones and NO DUHs. But Pauly pointed something out that we never noticed. When Sam and Ron are together, the two both look funereal. Yup, black for both of them, which was evidenced when the boys noticed Ron slipping into his black v-neck, which apparently indicated that Ron is back into "Sweetheart"-mode. And anyone who wears their emotions on their shirt, literally, is our Jersey Shore Style Champ for tonight. In case you didn't know, this is the plan: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

We factor: commitment to keep everything fresh to death, the struggle of blow-drying your hair on a whole other voltage, the gruesome walk to the gym and any other trials and tribulations our favorite meat heads suffer. And now that we know that we can read Rannie like a BOOK through their clothing, they are the Season 4, Episode 3 style champs. Just...don't be afraid of color, you two...


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Little Monsters in Times Square!

Oookay, like the rest of Times Square, we know that LADY GAGA IS IN THE BUILDING! The Little Monsters are lined up, our typing fingers are itching, and we can't wait to hear what Mother Monster has to say. We know it's a VMA announcement, and we know she'll be performing on Sunday, August 28, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. ET/PT. And we know our world with both begin/end with her appearance. If you can't be here, be sure to tune in to Lady Gaga's live announcement and "Yoü And I" premiere!

Monsters, do you see yourself here?!

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards will air live on Sunday, August 28, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. ET/PT. See the list of nominees, revisit last year's highlights and vote for your favorites in the general categories by visiting


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Natali Germanotta and Lady Gaga at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

As if the fashion chops of Lady Gaga weren't genetic, the entire blog-world is absolutely a-titter with the news that her little sister Natali wants to grow up and be a designer. To that, we give a big fat duh. The dark-haired beauty (who is younger, but kind of looks older, right?) tags along with Gaga every now and again, playing the girl who gets in a fight in "Telephone" and appearing next to her big sis in an all black ensemble, complete with a leather bustier, when Gaga showed her butt (literally) at the CFDA Awards in June. Apparently, as Women's Wear Daily reports, her furious note-taking wasn't just for memories: She is a freshman at New York's Parsons The New School for Design, studying fashion. When she was still at Convent of the Sacred Heart (Gaga's an alumna as well), Natali interned for designer Allison Parris and even pitched in backstage at a fall fashion show.

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Lady Gaga waxes poetic.
Photo: MTV

Last year was the meat dress. The year before, she bled to death. So the minute we heard that Lady Gaga herself was performing at 2011's VMAs, we got on the horn to our bookies, started taking odds, and placed bets on what her Gaga-ness will wear. According the her hot-off-the-presses VMA promos, we might be betting on nothing, literally, as Gaga strips down to her bare essentials while singing a jazz rendition of "Yoü And I."

Gone is the Versace kaleidoscope of colors we've seen of late, replaced by a Gaga who invokes smoke-filled cafes and a poet behind the piano by setting things in black-and-white, looking like a classic dame who just wants to rid herself of her bra. Even though she has mod/modern angles and contrast galore, she nods to the classicism of a chick with a piano and an upright bass with waist-length string of pearls...which is one of the few things remaining when Gaga stops.

Watch Lady Gaga's 2011 VMA: First Look promo videos, and don't miss "MTV First: Lady Gaga," an exclusive live Q&A on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7:49 p.m. ET. to watch Gaga discuss her "Yoü And I" video, her upcoming VMA performance, and make a special VMA announcement. Until then, here's a breakdown of all of the genius fashion and beauty scrawled all over this promo thanks to Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti and their amazing team (Brandon Maxwell, Frederic Aspiras, Tara Savelo, and Aya Fukuda).


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Olivia Palermo at the DKNY Summer Soiree in July 2011; the Olivia-designed shoe for "Young Hollywood Cares."
Photo: FilmMagic/Stuart Weitzman

See, this we like. Instead of adding to the already-saturated celebrity-fronted clothing line hullabaloo, this "Young Hollywood Cares" collection makes a tremendous amount of sense. Not only does the Stuart Weitzman-led initiative benefit Dr. Marsha Moses' pioneering research in ovarian cancer, but it also allows four ladies with a penchant for rocking our socks off to try their hand at shoe architecture. The City style guru Olivia Palermo (whose Weitzman pumps have already debuted on the red carpet before), Scarlett Johansson, Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg, and Hayden Panettiere all put their own spin on the Weitzman heel (think sky-high for Hayden, edgy for Michelle, and so on), which is rad because those girls know what goes into a good pump. They made sure their offerings stayed true to their personal style, oh...aaand contributed to a good cause. So let's see what each lady dreamed up:

Olivia went girlishly sophisticated with a pink feather-embellished wrap-heel, but kept things clean with a streamlined satin strap.


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Frances Bean Cobain

Photo: All images courtesy of photographer Rocky Schenck

Last week, the entire blogosphere stopped en masse to stare with wonder and exhilaration at a young woman named Frances Bean Cobain, who looked defiantly out of shots done by designer/photographer Hedi Slimane. Today, we received another batch of Frances Bean images, this time from Los Angeles photographer (and friend) Rocky Schenck. The shoots could not be more different: Slimane's are rough and stark, while Schenck's show Frances as a glamorous, slightly tortured beauty. Loosely tied hair, pouting lips, vintage outfits instead of ripped and torn T-shirts. Though not channeling her rocker history, these pictures are just as alluring.

Frances Bean, unlike her counterparts Jagger or Osbourne or Leon, is a relative unknown. Sure, there was her parents' infamy and the Kurt Cobain tragedy, but we don't see her in the Page Sixes and gossip strangely familiar as her face may be. How did this young thing pass us by? Why did we not notice her blossoming into a beauty or get to ogle her awkward teen stage? And how did her mother, Courtney Love, the mistress of very publicly courting drama, shield Miss Cobain from the ills of fame?


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Taylor Momsen At Lollapalooza

Taylor Momsen in her Lollapalooza outfit, the same one she wore in Tokyo.
Photo: Getty Images

Here's a piece of not-breaking news for anyone who has followed MTV Style for even a nanosecond: Taylor Momsen is a total rocker. Gone are the Gossip Girl days, and gone, so she says, is her acting career. She told Elle Magazine, on her recent trip to Japan, that "I quit acting, actually. I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band and that’s pretty much all I want to do." Well, girl's got a dream, so as much as we might miss Jenny Humphrey, we are psyched to see her pursue her true rock-and-roll calling. That, and never give up her stripper gear.

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Twilight Wedding Invite

Soon, there will be "Twilight" stationery, as well.
Photo: Photo by John Shearer/WireImage

All we know is that it's beautiful, body-squeezing, and made by Carolina Herrera. Any other minute detail concerning Bella Swan's wedding dress debuting in The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn is guarded like the treasure that it is, closely kept under wraps by the tiny elves that live inside the walls of Summit Entertainment. So while we have no idea what the dress will actually look like, fashion insider Women's Wear Daily has confirmed that bridal designer Alfred Angelo has secured the exclusive right to create and sell Vampire Wedding of the Century dress imitations. The collection will be named Twilight Bridal, and of course won't be revealed until, you know, the dress actually appears before human eyes, but the bridal designer is quick-thinking in nailing the rights to replicate the gown.


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Pauly D. is our Jersey Shore Style Icon of the Night.
Photo: WireImage

While we didn't have any ZOMG SUITCASES moments in tonight's episode of Jersey Shore, we forgot how cleeeeeeean it gets when our favorite fist pumpers just go out and get down. And no one does fresh to death quite like DJ Pauly D. So we gleefully anoint our second Jersey Shore Style Champ for Season 4. In case you didn't know, this is the plan: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, measure them in a fair and shrewdly scientific manner (we eyeball it and go with our guts, sometime there is production assistant bloodshed but so it goes...), and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

We factor: commitment to fashion in the faraway, medieval (did you SEE that coffee grinder?) land of Italy, GTL-isms and any other trials and tribulations our strangers-in-a-strange-land cast members endure. And after seeing the way The Situation keeps his kicks...well, Pauly D. is a shoe-in for Season 4, Episode 2 Style Star. Badum.


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Kate Moss on the cover of 'Vogue' in a modified Alexander McQueen dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Vogue

There is no one in the world who could quite get married like Kate Moss. Sure, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor certainly put on a show and even the fictional Bella and Edward are making a stir, but no one is able to stop as many worlds from spinning as Kate. She's got rocker cred (her new hubby is Jamie Hince from The Kills), and A-list cred (basically every British actor on the island attended), and photographer cred (Mario Testino shot the thing and even Terry Richardson came in a tux). She has model cred galore, a mere fledgling when the "great" supermodels of the '90s (Tyra, Naomi, Cindy) ruled, but single-handedly took modeling out of glamazon territory and into style-spotting territory. She became the person photogs wanted to shoot when she was off duty. And her designer cred: having modeled for everyone from Alexander McQueen to Calvin Klein, designers who the average person forgets are actual people attended her nuptials: Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Treacy, Stella McCartney (and her dad Paul), heck...Vivienne Westwood was in her bridal party. If a single bomb exploded over the wedding, the fashion world as we know it would be gone.

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