Moscat Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2011, the Terry Le's by Moscot.
Photo: Getty Images/Moscot

We are on to you, Terry Richardson. We know you probably wouldn't be able to slip under the radar and get stars at their most vulnerable if it wasn't for that goofy beard and your weird button ups and those geek glasses. We see right through you, Terry. We know that those boxy frames are your source of power, and we thank Moscot for allowing us the chance to steal it (them) from you.

Since the controversial photog is rarely seen sans glasses, the brand has come out with their very own Terry specs, based on a collaboration with the shooter. The thick, black aviator-style rims won't come cheap—the frames themselves are $290, with lenses will set you back $365, and for prescriptions you'll need to shell out $540—but one cannot really put a price on looking like a nerdy photographer with a penchant for beautiful women. And don't worry about every aspiring celebrity shutterbug getting a pair. With only 350 made, only a select few (and Terry, himself) will get their hands on the shades. Soon, with your glasses in tow, we'll be able to land the top of's best-selling list with our very own Lady Gaga photo book. Because that's how these things work, right?

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The stylish Selena Gomez visits FOX Studios in New York City on June 29, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

This thing happened that kinda crept up on me and as an oldie, I have feelings about it: Selena Gomez became someone I quite respect. Sure, she’s got a boyfriend the majority of teen America would slay massive fire-breathing dragons for, but she has a specific poise I quietly covet. Her red carpet steeze is certainly turning heads, but her general, put-together style is something rather enviable. It’s like, she’s a dream teen, one with just enough sophistication to be looking toward the FUTURE when embarrassing Facebook photos come back to haunt you and still being (as they say) "age appropriate."

So Miss Gomez has decided to impart some of her wisdom onto the general populace by releasing the youthful "Dream Out Loud" collection at Kmart. No high fashion or exorbitant prices here, but Gomez has given her name to a line of easy-to-wear separates like tiered skirts, tortoiseshell sunnies, and a bunch of bright (but not too bright) bags. In stores now, the junior collection seems cozy and cool, with plenty of sensible options for sensible girls like Selena.


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Tamara, Jenna's bestie on "Awkward"
Photo: MTV/Elisabeth Caren

Sure, teenage leads get all the drama and romance, but since the dawn of history, the style has always belonged to the best friend. Jane Lane. Rayanne Graff. Even Duckie. Intentionally or not, they steal scenes from our main protags with weird belts and great hair, enviable boots and a flippancy our main character's should envy but usually don't. Adding to that hallowed hall of besties that we fancy almost more than the star is Awkward's Tamara ("Spelled TAM-ara, but pronounced TahMARA, like if your birth control fails, you better Plan B it...TAMARA!"), a fast-talking drama queen with a penchant for leopard and IMMACULATE, unbelievable, full-bodied red curls that force us to sometimes lose track of the plot because we just want to watch. Played by the perky and adorbz Jillian Rose Reed, we don't blame Jenna for being so close with this super-cool gal. So, yeah—Ashley Rickards as Jenna is great, but Team Tamara is the fast-talking, cuff-rocking, accessory-laden side we are totally taking.


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Kelly Rowland will be the face of Diddy's fragrance 'Empress.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Sean John

Kelly Rowland has not done bad for herself. Sure, Beyoncé is the superstar that immediately comes to mind in the post-Destiny’s Child world, but Miss Rowland has solidified her songstress legacy with a steady string of hits. We still jam to her and Nelly’s “Dilemma” on the regular, and she and Lil’ Wayne sound on point in her newest single (plus she is making headlines with her just-announced tour with VMA performer Chris Brown). Suffice to say, her collaboration game is up to snuff, and her newest project—being the face of Diddy’s newest women’s fragrance, “Empress.”

Set to release this month in Macy’s the light, citrus fragrance is perfect for the winding days of summer. The scent comes in a formidable and regal bottle, which is what Kelly suggests the fragrance is all about. “I just love what Empress represents,” Kelly gushed on Access Hollywood. “It’s just women that are beautiful and powerful in their own right.” Meant to be the lady counterpart to Diddy’s own “I Am King” cologne, the new Sean John ambassadress appears to be, like her old bandmate, a girl who is certainly running the world.

{via The Cut}  

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Carey Mulligan at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ellie Goulding at Best Buy in NYC, Alexa Chung at the 2011 NME Awards.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images/WireImage

Stars, guys. They are nothing like us, gaseous and burning billions of light years away. (We mean the celestial balls of light...not celebrities, of course.) The galaxy, with its multitude of colors and psychedelics is perfect sartorial inspiration—dark but not black, eye-catching but not garish. After Christopher Kane got galaxial for his 2011 resort collection (which has been worn by everyone from Anne Hathaway to Carey Mulligan, above), seeing stars on the red carpet has gotten easier than seeing stars on the red carpet.

Carey's Christopher Kane gown is elegant but not dowdy; the full-bodied skirt and high neck are complemented by the fun, spaced-out print. (Also, any shoes work because the dress itself literally has EVERY color in the spectrum emblazoned on the fabric.) Then Ellie Goulding showed up to her Best Buy performance in a Topshop high-button capelet/blouse that's borrowed straight from NASA for a supernova that is more beautiful than any paisley or plaid or print we've ever seen. And Britain's it-girl Alexa Chung has been spotted out in Kane's resort collection loads of times, but this leather bustier dress is one of our favorites, simply because it is so space-age mod. The stolen-from-satellites star print is both fun and thoughtful; accordingly, we've picked our favorite starry-eyed looks below.


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Kirsten Dunst Elle UK

Kirsten Dunst on the subscriber and newsstand covers of Elle UK.
Photo: Courtesy of Elle UK.

There is something going on with this soft, antiqued rose trend and cover girls. And that something is AWESOME, and feminine and smelling like Clinique Happy circa 1996. First we had our girl Taylor Swift in a romantic flashback, and now Kirsten Dunst gets pretty in pink on the cover of Elle UK. But not just any cover. The September cover, which is only reserved for royalty of the highest caliber. With a large carnation in hand, clean and soft makeup, and a black chiffon dress, Kirsten seemed to reference her '90s child star history, appearing flirty and fresh-faced instead of the cutting edge fashion pro she is today. Instead, there's a girl here, who has cut out her favorite florals and dreamily shellacked them all over the image, like a collage that is totally inside-the-math-notebook-in-September appropriate.

For her shoot, the Melancholia star donned pleated skirts with edgy leather, which kept her effortlessly unfinished. No one does short quite like K. Dunst, who wore her hair loose, textured and down and held up roses to give a spring feel to the typically dark and dramatic September covers. In fact, the only thing seasonally typical is Kirsten's lovely berry-colored lipstick, which is certainly a de facto autumn color—and looks cramazing with her flushed skin.

Don't forget to check out the ultra-feminine inspiration and Kirsten's laid back shoot for Elle UK.

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Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had

A still from Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Had" music video.
Photo:Courtesy of Columbia Records

At 29 and with a lifetime-sized career under her belt, Beyoncé knows a thing or two about making mistakes...and then getting it right. Which is why she is giving scorned (or totally satisfied) fans the ability to star in an alternative version of her supreme kiss-off video "Best Thing I Never Had." The original tells the story of a young Bey (fictional or not) who prepares for her wedding day. As she gets ready, she tells her former prom date, a dismissive, creepin' jerk in a crown, that he "turned out to be the best thing (she) never had." In fact, she's moved on with a hottie who treats her, and her appreciation for flouncy white dresses, with the respect she deserves. A feeling exactly everyone can relate to, amiright?

By uploading happy wedding photos or disastrous prom shots (no word on whether the inverse works as well) to Twitter or Flickr with the hashtag #BeyonceBestThing, Beyoncé fans can participate in a crowdsourced, fan-made reimagining of the "Best Thing" video. Expect tons of awkward prom peplum and blissful black-and-white nuptial photos (and, of course, smug feelings of closure and reconciliation).

{Via BeyonceOnline}

Beyoncé, "Best Thing I Never Had"

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Maybelline Great Lash

The Maybelline Great Lash tube as interpreted by Tracy Reese, Max Azria, and Vivienne Tam.
Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

It does not matter who you are. It is not affected by where you grew up. If you are a girl, born in the last several decades, sentient and living in America, you know the iconic pink and green Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Maybe you don't use it or have only seen it in passing...or maybe it was a staple that lived inside your purse along with, like, a concealer you used until you had to scrape the remnants out with your fingernail. Whatever. But it is (and has been) a drugstore score for EXACTLY 40 years, providing an inexpensive and dramatic go-to for basically everyone—it is the number one selling 'scara in the USA. And three design powerhouses have reinterpreted that neon-pink tube for its anniversary, adding their own aesthetic to the classic.

Tracy Reese, Max Azria (of BCBG), and Vivienne Tam have all put their own unique stamp onto the mascara, using a print or pattern for which they are best known to spruce up the applicator. (Not that it needed it—in the '90s, the pink and green may have looked slightly dated, but with the influx of neon, the bottle is incredibly on point.) Tracy took one of her feminine graphic floral prints to make a more fun Great Lash. Body-con master, over-the-top Azria added a sultry black lace to the bottle. And taking the challenge literally, Vivienne Tam adorned hers with the Chinese symbol for "lash."

The special edition will be out in September, but take a sneak peek here. And if it's been a while since you revisited the classic, do. You'll definitely have that "Whoa. This stuff is WAY darker than the bougie crap I've been buying" reaction we did. Plus, it won't be discontinued like the 983749238749327482374 other hard-earned products that we still get a little misty about.

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Lady Gaga Jimmey Kimmel

Lady Gaga on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Once we basked in the glory of Taiwan's Lady Gaga Day and marveled on how these tots were able to so convincingly replicate all of the iconic weirdness of Lady Gaga. We said to ourselves, "What if?" What if we were all quite literally Born This Way, with Kermits on our dresses and hair bows upon our crowns? We weren't alone. Gaga, ever willing to poke fun at herself, took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to present her very own creation for "The Littlest of Monsters," an infant clothing line called Lady Gaga Goo Goo.


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Rupert Grint in Tom Felton Shirt

Rupert Grint showing his love for Tom Felton at the "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" premiere in Los Angeles.
Photo: WireImage

So everyone is all charmed by the cast of Harry Potter being such "great mates" and whatnot, but secretly we suspect it to be some sort of party line. We all know that they'll move on and get their new projects and shed their Harry Potter images (MUCH LIKE THE EPILOGUE IN THE BOOKS!) and Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson will merely be misty, water-colored memories. Except the FEELINGS right now are as heartfelt as ever. Um, Rupert Grint showed up to his buddy Tom Felton's premiere (they share, among many things, a dry, completely British sense of humor and willingness to "Talk American") with such a declaration of love that it makes our wee ice nugget hearts stir a little. There is no other way to so advertise your devotion to an ex-castmate than to arrive at their first post-Harry premiere wearing a shirt saying "I LOVE TOM FELTON." (If only Ron and Draco got along this well in fiction. If only.)


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