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Bella's wedding look...without the dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Some may say Will and Kate were the wedding event of the century, but that's clearly hyperbole. The real wedding we are holding onto our hankies for doesn't even exist, and that is the one between Twilights' Edward and Bella. Duh. The internet has been a hot, hungry cesspool of speculation, and the Twilight crew has been doing an absolutely wonderful job of feeding our appetite without giving anything too revealing away. Which is actually great—we want to be surprised, but our shock and awww (GET IT? PUNZ.) won't diminish if we know just a few deets, right? Like, maybe Kristen Stewart needing to cover up with a Volturi cape every time filming was paused like she was some sort of vampire captive?


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kesha terry richardson

Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson

kesha terry richardson

Ke$ha cleaned up for a shoot with Terry Richardson.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson

When Ke$ha met Terry Richardson, there must have been an explosion of smut and garbage-loving, of dirty thoughts and sarcasm, and it probably hit such a critical mass that the result was a complete negation of their formerly gritty aesthetics and suddenly both emerged freshly scented and pure. Look at this Ke$ha. She's like a beautiful angel in a simple black tank, a far cry from the glitter-smeared, sweat and eye-liner stained creation we've grown to love. Almost as if she took a bath in essential oils and sanctity and maybe a little bit of bleach, and we bet she smells not of whiskey, but something floral and delicious. And shot by Terry? The man who single-handedly popularized the American Apparel softcore porn aesthetic? Color us pleasantly shocked. We'd say "MAKEUNDER!" if that wasn't the worst phrase of all time.


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Lady Gaga So You Think You Can Dance

Lady Gaga channels The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on "So You Think You Can Dance."
Photo: PictureGroup

We ought to get this right out of the way: Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, Lady Gaga showed up looking an awful lot like an Italian Sgt. Pepper, cried tears of joy while her makeup stayed sedentary, and then got so excited she took off her massive (and maybe dangerous) heel-less shoe and whipped it on the stage. All of these facts should be presented with no comment (really), but since that’s not our job, let’s take a look at the emotional, psychedelic, shoe hawking state of our current Lady of Gagadom.

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Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart and Leighton Meester in Balmain

Kristen Stewart at the 2011 Movie Awards, Jessica Alba at the 2010 "Machete" premiere, Leighton Meester at the 2011 Movie Awards.
Photo: Getty Images, Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup, Getty Images

Yeah sure, those crazy rock star looks perfected by Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards were so veritably mind-splaying that we might have asked her for a safety pin or two to keep our brains together, but most of us starving, lonely bloggers could never afford such a tasty sartorial concoction. It is BALMAIN, the same brand that brought us a T-shirt that weighed in at a hefty $1,500. The same brand that has helped Beyoncé "Run The World." The very same brand that made a dress that appeared on SEVEN MAGAZINE COVERS in its glitzy lifetime. What? Us? That's too rich for our blood. Well, stop the fashion train, guys, because we've got some wallet-friendly (or friendlier) news about the House Balmain.


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Amy Winehouse in Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse wearing her first Fred Perry collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Fred Perry

Almost a year ago now, Amy Winehouse teamed up with Brit sportswear line (known for their punk/rockabilly/TENNIS following) Fred Perry to collaborate on a collection. The result was totally Winehouse—bright, reminiscent, filled with narrow pencil skirts and high waists. Earlier this year, the second collaboration was released and has since sold out on the Fred Perry site. Speculation now suggests that, despite her tragic passing, Amy x Fred may have several more seasons under their belt.


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Hold the phone: Taylor Momsen turns 18 TODAY. The Pretty Reckless singer and former Gossip Girl bad gal is finally a grown-up and there's PUHLENTY to celebrate. Pantsless of course. Taylor's come a long way, baby. Sure, her clothing has remained constant since she started exclusively wearing black platform boots and errant leather scraps and a cape of wavy/dyed/dreadlocked blonde hair, but one thing has changed so dramatically we'd be remiss not to mention it. With each platinum extension and step toward near-nudity, Taylor has never forgotten what is most important to a fledgling rocker—black eyeliner.

Rock and roll doesn't mean a "lovely smoky eye," it means MAKEUP DRIPPING DOWN YOUR FACE AND MASCARA SMEARED ON PEOPLE STANDING NEXT TO YOU. Let's face it: Momsen is a rock star, and 18 years old is prime time for a heavy hand. To celebrate, we've created a retrospective with an accompanying "Eyeliner Scale" to judge progress where 0 is baby-faced freshness and 10 is looking into the deep black of insanity. So Taylor, happy birthday to you and your evolution in kohl. Mazel!


 Taylor Momsen 2002

Taylor Momsen at Disney's Toontown Online Takes Hollywood in 2005.
Photo: WireImage


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Besides a horde of pubescent boys wielding lightsabers (and our own, non-lightsaber wielding senior editor) descending upon San Diego for Comic-Con, the city also played host to basically everyone who has ever mattered ever. (Not really. Jared Leto wasn't there. But a whole heap of our fashion faves were.) Though the Con is more for dressing WAY up as Batman or letting your casual flag fly, a couple of our leading ladies took the time to demonstrate that being a geek doesn't mean you aren't chic well-dressed in killer heels. Check out our best-dressed list for Comic-Con below—and if, like us, you are craving a Kristen Stewart fix with shaky hands and pasty skin, we cover her totally cool (and affordable!) Comic-Con outfit here.


Carey Mulligan Comic-Con

Carey Mulligan at Comic-Con.
Photo: Getty Images


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Old Kreayshawn Photo

A younger Kreayshawn shows off her incredible nails,
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Tumblr

When we first heard that Kreayshawn's ultra-catchy hit "Gucci Gucci", snagged her a spot as a VMA Best New Artist Nominee, we felt instantly vindicated for our massive girl crushes. That thick cat-eye liner, those killer nails, the shiny Minnie Mouse ears—there was just so much to obsess over...including the video's addicting DIY aesthetic. Suddenly, she was a much-welcomed respite from impossible music video looks with inaccessible designers, a demonstration that sometimes all a gal needs to look BANGIN' was plenty of jewelry, a penchant for dollar store digging, and swag (pumpin' out yo ovaries). So we wanted to know, has her scrappy sartorial vision always been this cool?


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Katy Perry Smurf Dress And Nails

Katy Perry in a Smurf dress by The Blonds and Smurf nails.
Photo: Getty Images/@Katy Perry's Twitter

Teenage decorum dictates that you never wear a T-shirt of the band you are going to see in concert. Our girl Katy Perry shattered the fashion version of this rule by sporting a thematically appropriate Smurfette dress by celeb fave The Blonds, but unlike a tattered 311 tee, this worked so brilliantly. Not only does the flirty dress make Katy look youthful and fresh, but KP's full-on Smurf dedication is so sartorially spot-on we wouldn't have cared if she showed up to the Smurfs premiere with blue skin and a slouchy stocking cap (and in many ways, she did...spiritually).


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Rihanna on Vogue Italia

Rihanna named "Woman of the Year" by "Vogue Italia."
Photo: Courtesy of "Vogue Italia"/Getty Images

Not only did she top the charts, but the campaigns, and the magazine editorials, and our computer wallpapers, so it is literally *zero percent* surprising that Vogue Italia, that arbiter of insane international style, named Rihanna "Woman Of The Year." Sure, Gaga is pretty great too, but there is something so accessible about our Barbados babe, something that is both 'round-the-way and totally otherworldly (while Lady Gaga is mostly just otherworldly), so the title is well-deserved.


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