Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Birthday

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber coordinate at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, Selena Gomez, we are bursting with pride like parents...or at least creepy aunts who pour over the pictures you send and remember things like "how much you loved pink when you were still small." But you aren't small anymore. In fact, you grew up before our very eyes, stepping out from Waverly Place and into the hallowed halls of The Very Adorably Dressed Women In Hollywood. So we wish you a happy 19th, and very gingerly have some teensy-tiny suggestions for what your man Justin Bieber ought to get you for the occasion.


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Theophilus London

Theophilus London performs at Amoeba, July 20, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

We have a crush on Theophilus London. Not a platonic, wanna-be-your-friend crush, but a crush that makes us a little mad that the dudes in our everyday life don't have the swagger of this Brooklynite. Because, gentlemen, even if you aren't dropping your much-anticipated Timez Are Weird These Days album this week or playing a host of shows around the nation in the next handful of days, Theo has got something urgent to teach you.


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Blake Lively with her Blamo toy.
Photo: Getty Images

When you're Blake Lively, it can be scary heading out on your lonesome, what with the stalkers and the paps and the bloodthirsty fans. So it's understandable to crave comfort whilst slogging through the red carpet trenches. But to rely on a safety object? On a regular basis? We are beginning to worry a bit for Miss Lively. The star has been spotted milling around town not with a Chanel It-bag, but with a Blamo leather toy with brass plating like some sort of comfort blankie. The graffiti-inspired handmade squishie (that's what I used to call it, at least) is certainly adorbz, but at MTV Style, we are hear to ask the hard-hitting questions. And those questions, today, are why?


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Ryan Gosling wearing a patterned Gucci suit at the New York premiere of "Crazy Stupid Love."
Photo: Getty Images

There is an evil thing that goes on in our office when we have to write about Ryan Gosling. Someone shyly shares a heart-palpitating image of him wearing a suave Gucci suit, and years of professionalism devolve into hair pulling and name-calling. We aren't children; it's just that RyGos is such a perfect specimen, with a blessed combination of ruggedness and intense grooming, that his no-duh approach to fashion, life, and existence as the hottest human being to ever grace our eyeballs is so straightforward we are a little surprised more dudes haven't broken into this game. And have you seen him steal our hearts with his laugh-cry?


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Nine. Nine VMA nominations nabbed by Katy Perry for the 2011 VMAs. If that is too astronomical of a number to even fathom, think of all the places she's been this year; from the cosmic void of outer space and the awkward void of high school parties. Truth, her musical adventuring has earned her every single one of those nine nods. No one has put on as many hats (or hooves, or braces) as KP, who has three videos in a total of four crucial audience-picked categories ("Video of the Year," "Best Collab," "Best Female," and "Best Pop Song"), already coming in first for VMA nominations. Which means practically everyone is up against we've decided to pit Katy against herself to see which music video style will make like LOTR and RULE THEM ALL. From her alien turn in "E.T." to the angelic vibe in "Firework" to even a gawky Kathy Beth in "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)", one look will certainly prevail. Let the battle of Katy vs. Katy vs. Katy begin!


Katy Perry's top makeup looks from "E.T," "Firework," and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records


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Audrina Patridge Bongo

Audrina Patridge's behind the scenes shoots for Bongo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bongo

Sure, Lauren Conrad has an empire and Whitney Port has her own line, but Audrina Patridge—belle of The Hills—has a whole lotta sass. And it's clear in her new ads for Bongo, which features Audi (that's what we call her when she calls us up for fedora-wearing advice, which is, like, always) looking like she's got her confidence at an all time high. Instead of going sans-bra, The Hills-y dons a black hat and sky-high pumps and cocks her hip like a pro for Bongo's fall 2011 line, which lets her get down to her most animalistic with leopard print, zebra stripes, and a pretty fierce tiger shirt. In fact, this new, attitude-laden Audrina, is kind of doing it for us, and after checking out her "behind the scenes" shots, it's hard not to put your hand on your hip or your foot flirtatiously behind you.


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Taylor Swift Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are a couple of stylish ladies!
Photo: Getty Images

If you were that bastion of American style, the man that stood for classic U.S.A. fashion, who would your icon of Americana be? There's the sweet, down-home fashion of Taylor Swift, who looks fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked even in a sundress on the street, or the adventurous glamour girl Katy Perry, who embodies California optimism and a slathering of hair dye. Tommy Hilfiger, Captain America of Fashion, has decided to settle on both. In the July issue of Vogue, he explained that he couldn't choose between Taylor's "energetic charisma" and Katy's "edgy charm," so he picked both as his ambassadress of American style.


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MTV Pitchfork Street Style

Claire, Michelle, and Jen at Pitchfork 2011.
Photo: MTV Style

This weekend's Pitchfork Festival in Chicago was super hot. Yes, of course we mean the sweltering, near-100 degrees and the heaping piles of buzz bands (both "hot" indeed), but we are mostly referring to the hordes of fashionable, adorable concert goers. The blazingly rad styles we spotted gave the high noon sun a run for its money, and we've got to give it up to the ladies who let us snap their picture. Not only were they on their feet all day (sensible shoes!) and sweating their skin off (loose clothing!) but each one brought their own special brand of rocker cool to the concert. (For more on the festival, check out our pals Refinery 29's amazing Chicago blog.)

So not only did we get schooled on how to dress for steamy weather (Pitchfork staples included wrap sandals, bright prints anchored by solids, and leather satchels), but we spotted some styles we are going to be stealing all summer long.


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EMA, Twin Sister, and Zola Jesus Perform at the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois.
Photo: Getty Images

Summer festivals, like this past weekend's Pitchfork Festival, ain't a walk in a densely populated park: the crowds, the lines, the endless barefoot dancing. And the girls who brave the temps to get onstage to entertain the sweltering masses have it the toughest and earn our utmost respect (and gratitude. And space on our iPods). Not only do they perform with the sun beating down like a spotlight from hell, but they all look so cool belting out songs it almost looks easy (it isn't. At all).

We caught up with emerging rockers EMA, Twin Sister, and Zola Jesus in Chicago this weekend to hear a little bit about their music and a lot about their stage garb of choice. Not only do we have three new girl crushes, but each of these ladies has a style as distinctive as their sound.


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Lady Gaga with a hat beard in Sydney, Australia, on July 14, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Some days, working for an internationally renowned fashion blog with cutting edge news on all your favorite celebrities (which is what I tell my mother) is a tumultuous, energy-depleting job. Other days, the news just writes itself and you are but a mere conduit in the information cycle. And in those moments I sit back and ask you to turn your attention to Lady Gaga’s hat beard. God bless you, internet.

We’ve seen all matter of gonzo styling but the black-and-white chapeau, in which a peekaboo window is cut to where she looks like she's sporting millinery facial hair, is simply baffling. Is it meant to be a protective device? A helmet protecting her from prying eyes? Why is punctured so small as to strain a monster's neck? And most important, is her cyborg-esque stance to keep it from sadly slouching over, or is it entirely unrelated? Also, GOOD GOD please explain this to me, but is Gagaloo wearing a latex palazzo catsuit? We can't see yoooooou properly. At this rate even if the artist hired an army of look-alike decoys like an assassination-attempt-fearing despot we wouldn't even know. I'd definitely ask for time and half if I was put on payroll to suffer this uncomfortable contraption though. For sure.

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