Iggy Pop in his "Wild America" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Virgin

Sure, there's "pride" and "patriotism" but let's get serious for a minute: Being American means blue jeans. It means cowboy boots and dust in your hair and crazy shoulder pads and Lady Gaga shoes. Somewhere there are debt crises and manifest destinies and whatnot, but what really matters on the Fourth of July is optimism—putting on your sunglasses and venturing into the horizon like good Americans. While there are plenty of tunes about being an American, these are the ones that remind us that looking like an American can be weird and crazy but almost always cool. Like, Bruce Springsteen-cool. (No Fourth of July playlist is complete without The Boss and that is an undisputed fact and if you are even questioning our style-commitment to Bruce you should maybe have your passport revoked.)


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Freja Beha Erichsen in Chanel's Fall 2011 campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

No other animal is as fashion-friendly as the feline, and this is a fact that cannot be refuted (heck, I wear my cat ALL the time.) Kitties are affected little weirdos with slender legs and flirty tails, and they are just so thrilled about Chanel. To be certain, I as well am literally trembling with excitement to see this campaign. It is leaves a sweet warm little Chanel-flavored taste in my mouth, and it isn't just because of the incredible and inspired choice to turn the Chanel roses into cat ears, but it is because of this: Imagine Carine Roitfeld, the ex-editor in chief of French Vogue who deftly birthed this cat-filled campaign from her mind space, saying to her assistants, "Oui oui. But, zee, I vant le chat!" and the entire room scurrying around trying to figure out how to get the perfect whiskers for a Chanel campaign (not too short, and not any of those CHEEKY whiskers because, HULLO THIS IS CHANEL). And then see them calling up some off-season costume store and explaining, hurriedly, that you need THE BEST whiskers and non-smudge nose makeup because you are making Freja Beha Erichsen into a snuggly little feline.


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Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Dree Hemingway as Justin Bieber's "Someday" ad muse is beautiful, delicate and light as an angel, and I love watching them float/prance in the bubblegum pink lining of the Bieb's mind, but can I just say, I really like that Justin can poke fun at himself? When teamed with Jimmy Fallon, whose videos are always filled with viral deliciousness, the teen heartthrob is whispering ominously against a breezy white curtain.

So Justin Bieber released a perfume because no one knows teenage girls like Justin. Of course, this is ripe for parody, and like the good sport he is, he and Fallon have presented a more realistic "Someday" with less floating and Dree and more black and white. Justin breathlessly whispers, "Someday, we'll be together. Someday, I'll be next to you." Then Jimmy comes along, with a dead-on windswept coif, to remind Justin that "Someday... you'll look like this." Clad in a textured leather jacket and matching dog tags (?!), both Fallon and Bieber lament the difficulty of aging, with the older Bieber saying, in a faux whisper, "Your metabolism changes, dude" or "I just got busy." Then, the duo go on to create their "Someday" futuristic fantasy, which is promptly ended by the real Bieber proclaiming he'll shave his head. A shocked Fallon is frightened at a hairless Biebs, and then Justin explains, "Nah, man, I'd never do that." And then our heart started beating again. Check the dream-inducing, atmospheric "Someday" below.


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Mia Wasikowska in 'Harper's Bazaar Australia.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Harper's Bazaar Australia'

Generally, magazines do this thing each time they encounter a girl with "quirk" or "pep" where they decide to style them in "vintage." Michelle Williams, early Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel have all been victim to the spunky gal/retro shoot, but Mia Wasikowska’s most recent shoot in Harper’s Bazaar Australia took the time-traveling thing über-seriously. Not only did stylist Jillian Davison put the Aussie actress in plenty of high-necked lace and a couple of corsets, but her black Nerida Winter bonnet has us feeling oddly War Of The Roses (and not in the sexy, The Tudors bodice-ripping sort of way). Granted, Mia is promoting her role in the upcoming Jane Eyre, but a Louis Vuitton batiste turnover collar doth not an It Girl make.


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Whitney Port at the John Frieda Style Salon Tour in Hollywood on June 24.
Photo: Getty Images

While Lauren Conrad might be the The Hills alum with the best advice, we have to say: Our girl Whitney Port is certainly the Hills-y (Hills-er? Hillite? Whatever.) whose closet we'd most want to raid. Not only does she have Whitney Eve and her teeth cut on the New York fashion world, but the girl always looks so poised. So when Fabsugar caught up with her in Los Angeles, the blog got Whit Whit to spill some of her secrets about how to dress up (and down) and still look poised (which she pulled off with aplomb in her relaxed white Whitney Eve pants). We dug what she had to offer, so we've teased out a couple of our favorite pieces of advice:


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H&M website with Suddenlee service.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M/Suddenlee

It's a no-duh that H&M is a total go-to for any sort of basic—and even unbasic, too—but one of the biggest issues with the mega-Swede retailer is the fact that we cannot have it delivered to us in the comfort of our darkened, air-conditioned office in which we keep the blinds firmly closed. In fact, not having e-commerce is the one thing that keeps the store from overtaking our other go-tos, Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters.

And since H&M e-retail is somewhere in a hazy distant future, an enterprising service has decided to make us lazier. Suddenlee promises to go out, choose the things that you've seen on the site and have them literally sent to your place of residence (or office, or birdhouse, or whatever) overnight. OVERNIGHT. Oh, and the other brilliant thing about the startup (which launched last week) is that you can literally shop from any of the 300 stores (which include about every major retailer that exists like Abercrombie & Fitch, or Madewell) and bundle your delivery into one delicious clothing purchase. Basically by adding a bookmark into your browser's toolbar, all of your purchases can be made at once. The service costs $10 per use and $2.50 per store, but getting an entire outfit in one pleasant go (and literally as soon as possible) might be worth it. Check out the mind-numbingly easy tutorial here.

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Taylor Swift on the cover of the August 2011 'Teen Vogue.'
All Photos Courtesy of Teen Vogue

There is something going on with this Teen Vogue spread of Taylor Swift that is just so flawless, so completely ideal, that if we never saw Taylor on the cover of a magazine again, we'd be OK. It's not that we don't want Taylor to never be a cover girl again, but this moment that Teen Vogue captured is so idyllic, such unbridled adolescence, soooooo nostalgic that we want this to be ingrained in our brainses forever.

What we've got here is a real-deal magazine cover from 1992. This is the stuff we used to steal from our older sisters. Look at Tay's hair: gently frizzy, atop a porcelain complexion and dark, nonlined lips. Then, below, we are treated to a cashmere-blend shirt with a boatneck, showing off just a hint of bling. Taylor Swift: On this cover, you are the most beautiful babysitter we have ever had.


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Jackson Rathbone in an AllSaints jacket at the 2010 Spike TV Awards, Ashley Greene wearing an AllSaints cutout sweater at Best Buy in New York on Dec. 17, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Kristen Stewart does it. Jackson Rathbone is into it. Even pretty gal Rachel Bilson will dabble (WHILE KARL LAGERFELD WATCHES). Hollywood is pretty in to Brit brand AllSaints Spitalfields. The store, known for vintage-y materials and slouchy, draped fits (think pretty much everything K. Stew wears), has a NYC outpost that verges on madhouse on the regular, and a lovely, easy-to-navigate e-store that is worth a venture every now and again. But for butter-soft, tough-but-femme leather, we can't afford to make many purchases. That is *bumbumbum* until now.

Teresa Palmer at Coachella 2011, Lourdes Leon at the 2011 Oscars, Rachel Bilson at Chanel's Spring/Summer 2011 Show.
Photo: Getty Images

The site, instead of tossing out, massively discounting everything, or shuffling it off to a third party to sell, has created it's own "always-on-sale" option called The Archive. Think The Outnet instead of Pret-A-Porter, except one brand covering many seasons. The options are multitudinous (though, sizes can be tricky) and most of the treated silks and beaten denim are over 50 percent off. And with dudes like Jared Leto and Joe Jonas digging on the antiqued leather boots, this new venture isn't just for ladies. But never fear; the option to get Vanessa Hudgens' red carpet dress for just $200 is a major temptation.

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Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Aid Japa in Chiba, Japan, on June 25, and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

In the MTV Style office, we often have conversations like this: "Oh look. Lady Gaga did something with her horns," or "Hrm. Did anyone see Lady Gaga's florescent pubic hair?" These are the simple realities of our daily work. However, every now and again, we get clobbered with a double Gaga whammy (her CFDA Awards outfit PLUS the dress she wore with her face on it), and we are sent into a makeup-induced tizzy.

When she was in Japan performing for MTV's Music Aid, the shape-shifter very definitely painted trompe l'oeil eyes on her face, like our favorite roguish pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Not only does it look like Gaga is constantly boring into our souls with her heavy dose of eyeliner, but the lid became the eye and the eyebrow became lashes and we were very confused/slightly titillated. And for the double-whammy: We saw this in up-close, bra-grabbing detail, on Amen Fashion, Gaga's brand-spanking new Tumblr.


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Christina Aguilera and Daisy Lowe in campaigns for Stephen Webster.
Photo: Courtesy of Stephen Webster

Eep, Christina Aguilera has been dumped. By a guy, no less. And while it certainly wasn't the end of a romance, the decision made by jewelry-designer Stephen Webster
to ditch Xtina may still stings the singer a bit. Webster is known for creating high-end shine with a definite edge—think diamond encrusted spikes or shark teeth made out of precious stones—which is very much Christina's aesthetic. However, Webster has decided to tap Brit-girl Daisy Lowe (love child of Gavin Rossdale) to be the new face of Webster.

Taking a more artistic, darker approach, the campaigns feature a sultry-looking Lowe wearing a dark dress and vampy eyeliner, sporting one of Webster's "Murder She Wrote" pendants and a matching green armor ring as the only pictured jewelry. The Lowe shots are decidedly more moody, with a superimposed image of London's St. Pancras station as atmosphere. With her English/rock-star pedigree, the young model is a fitting choice for the brand. And Xtina can console herself by knowing if she's gonna get replaced, at least she is being subbed out for one of the most beautiful, sought-after women in the world (who is also a longtime friend of Webster's).

{Via Daily Mail}

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