Cee Lo Green Andre Leon Talley

Cee Lo Green performs at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Feb. 5, and Andre Leon Talley attends the MET Ball in New York on May 2. Photo: Getty Images

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *mustache twirl* I have been WAITING for this moment. As you'll know from not one, but two posts from the past year, I am both baffled and delighted (bafflighted?) by Andre Leon Talley's enormous blue fashion tarpaulin that wore him to the Met Gala. The moment I saw Cee Lo Green in his majestic black sequined Givenchy smock I could not WAIT to pose this question to you guys.

Who wore a ridiculously fancy manrobe better? Cee Lo or Andre Leon Talley?

Another question that came up last night during the halftime show, wherein the indomitable Madonna (for the record, I firmly sit on the side that believes the bish BROUGHT IT) threw on the pyro and incited the synchronized bananasness that can only be described as a VERY AMERICAN version of the North Korean Mass Games and Cee Lo (also bedecked out in a GLITTERY band helmet) conducted a troop of gospel singers:

Remember when this dude was in Goodie Mob?

Not really. But Khujo and T-Mo probs do. :(

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Azealia Banks.
Photo: Matt Barnes

As some of you may know, hyper-cute, 20-year-old, uptown MC Azealia Banks landed a major record deal today, signing with Universal Music Group.

This is awesome, considering we've been quietly stalking her and sending a grip of positive vibes her way since she came into our offices to gossip about style. As I've rhapsodized in previous posts, I think your girl is the mazin'. Truly hilarious and basically the bee's knees and fearless in that way where you cannot believe how wicked-auspicious THIS PARTICULAR collection of traits is in one tiny, mortal person. While you can read all about the deal anywhere on the information superhighway except for...ummmm...Wikipedia today, the thing I wanted to bend your ear about, or rather bogart your eyeballs on, is this fistful of awesome videos.

FIRST OF ALL, A LITTLE BACKSTORY: I dragged Azealia in here while she was recording and because she was headed out of the country for a slew of European engagements, we were pressed for time. Basically, I made her film without hair and makeup. YUP, AND SHE WAS COOL ABOUT IT.

The only reason I'm throwing out the preamble is that you can tell by this The Hundreds cover (shot by Brooke Nipar and featured after the jump) and the leading photo by Matt Barnes, your girl can run the gamut between girl-next-door easy-breezy and


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8:01pm — OH HERE WE GO. RICKY GERVAIS' MONOLOGUE IS ON. Red carpet blog OVER. xoxoxoxxoxo

7:44pm — Jessica Biel FRESH from getting engaged to Justin Timberlake (please, please STILL record an ALBUM Jay Teeeeeee) in Elie Saab. IS SHE WEARING A RING?????

7:49pm — Lea Michele in Marchesa. Very tight. Very negative space naked bits. Very prom. Very um.

Lea Michele at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.
Photo: Getty Images


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Azealia Banks is working with Nicola Formichetti.
Photo: Matt Barnes/Getty Images

As you're all aware, MTV Style is well and in love with one Ms. Azealia Banks. We dutifully stalked her online and maybe even invoked the juice of Viacom and the MTV brand to cajole her into visiting us and shooting some videos that you will see very soon. Lucky you, ENTIRE WORLD. Anyway, it was during these interviews that we learned that Azealia's dimples are as adorable as her mouth is FILTHY. Seriously, she can curse a hilarious blue streak. It's not often that you find someone as talented and winsome as this Harlem native responsible for the most salacious T-shirt designs and some of the most knocking-some, compulsively sing-along-able songs, among them "212" (which has finally been hauled out of whatever production purgatory it was trapped in for MONTHS) and "Liquorice" but THEN to hear that she's collaborating with a styling/creative directing genius?

You'll understand if we soiled ourselves a little.

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Max Irons Macy's

Max Irons for Macy's INC.
Photo: Courtesy of Macy's INC

As you know Max Irons—son to Academy Award-winning thespian and ever-convincing bad guy Jeremy Irons—is a wonderful actor and a very good model. He's a very good model because his cheekbones are so cut up and dramatic that it casts beautiful shadows on the sides of his face. It makes him look vaguely haunted and sad bust mostly SO GOOD LOOKING. I mean, jeez, LOOK AT HIM. It's this freakish attractiveness and easy appeal that prompted Macy's to snatch him up for their in-house brand INC in a campaign that runs the gamut from casual, distressed separates to sharp, sleek, tailored pieces. The series, shot by Walter Chin, begins next month and will be featured on the information superhighway and more than 600 Macy's stores nationwide.


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9:27pm — Alright, that's a wrap! See you in a couple with our best dresses and trends of the night!

9:18pm — Jennifer Lawrence in cobalt, swirly, strategically-placed-panels-over-ladyareas SS12 Viktor & Rolf. AGAIN with a dynamite smokey eye.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2012 People's Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

9:12pm — Emma Stone being AMAZING in a kelly green, black lapel Gucci TUXEDO. OKAY this is a little loosey goosey, but we're totally bleeding into live blogging the show now. Consider that a HOUSEKEEPING ANNOUNCEMENT.

Emma Stone at the 2012 People's Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

9:08pm — And Ginnifer Goodwin is in the most DROP DEAD bell sleeved neon pink Roksanda Illincic with pin curls. Beautiful. Might be one of our favorites of the night?

Ginnifer Goodwin at the 2012 People's Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty Images


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Iz it you??
Photo: Getty Images

Dudes. You have NO idea how excited I am to let y'all know that we are hiring a full-time editorial person. That person is either going to be an associate editor or an editor. I know it sounds all loosey-goosey to say "EITHER" and then to go ahead and tack on the understood parenthetical of "(commensurate with experience)" but we're BIG (huge, really) on making sure the right person gets hired even if the pedigree is a little on the green side or SUPER O.G. The job description as a whole, like, soup to nuts, is available online for your perusal so go to there.

We want a SUPER ORGANIZED dude or lady who can write/edit his/her face off and understands SEO, and whose brain gets really itchy when things aren't orchestrated in a synchronous manner. OH, and they have to get a major accomplishment high when they check things off their list and the editorial calendar is GLEAMING and they've read a bajillion news items from eleventy trillion sources. Please be fun to work with and bring candy once in a while, aaaaaaaaaand please don't email me or my boss directly. You can apply for the job here.

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Stüssy x Beavis and Butt-Head.
Photo: Courtesy of Stüssy

If you're anything like us, you embody the couch-locked pop-culture pundits Beavis and Butt-Head to the extent that you're maaaaaybe too lazy for appointment viewing. Though the resurrected run, aka Season 9, JUUUUUUST ended and that's all dreadfully :( it does also mark the AWESOME occasion of the entire 12 episode run being available for viewing online. DO THE MATH: this means you can watch it all on your iPad or laptop or Kindle Fire or whatever IN BED, which is the most luxurious viewing experience of all.

The only thing that gilds that ol' lily of a lazytime supine 'splosion is if you're WEARING a Beavis And Butt-Head x Stüssy crew neck sweatshirt with cashmere leggings (OH WE KNOW) while doing so...and drinking an alcoholic milkshake from a sippy cup (WHILE LYING DOWN). The thing you should know about your new and very necessary jumper is that its existence is partly owed to the birth of one man (NO, NOT MIKE JUDGE, but good guess). This dude goes by the name of Adam Jay Weissman and he is not only the art director at Stüssy and responsible for special T-shirt projects like Stüssy x Marvel, he is also the producer and percussionist for L.A.-based R&B, pop, soul, "cosmic sci-fi" trio Pollyn.

He's cool so we interviewed him and learned about what inspires him, what he loves about the CLASSIC MTV icons, and how the Beavis and Butt-Head-Stüssy collab almost never happened.


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In ur poinsettias, openin up prezents. Meow.
Photo: Getty Images.

Oh, hay. We here at MTV Style are hardworking individuals. I know that because I am the sort of tired where your tear ducts feel spicy from lack of sleep and your knees crack every single time you get up from a chair. AHAHHAHAHHA wait, I just realized that could 100 percent be attributable to the fact that I am as old as the moon. Regardless, this serves as a housekeeping notice to let you, our dear readers, know that starting tomorrow we are all going on vacation. Like, ALL OF US. I know the internet will continue to barrel on in that punishingly voracious way that it does, to where it feels like the room is filling with poisonous gas, but in celebration of the holidays, mirth, booze, and rejuvenation we will only be publishing a post or two a day leading up to January.

In the interim, feel free to catch up on bygone posts, but please don't let our patch of the information superhighway grow over and be forgotten. Keep us in your hearts as we will with y'all, and happy holidays! Don't fight too hard with your family, eat way more than is necessary for a human being, drive carefully wherever you go, and we'll see you next year. Peas. xoxo

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I'll let you in on a little secret: Sometimes I love menswear more than ladyfashion. It's not some weird deliberate thing, or a self-hating thing, it's just that dudes have so few options with which to play dress up that when an ensemble catches my eye, it's usually a glorious symphony of layered details. Or it's something so out-of-its-tree bonkers that I can't help but break it down and golf clap.

It's almost 2012, which is the year (according to the Mayan calendar and most of the internet) that all land masses catch fire right before sliding into the ocean, thereby killing everything. As such, we can't very well enter into it neglecting all the lads because they're adorable and something we'll miss when everything is gone. Especially Ryan Gosling.


Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson at the European Premiere of "Arthur" on April 19, at the Versace for H&M Fashion event on Nov. 8, and DJ and at the launch event for the Nike Sportswear "Live For The Game" Ultralounge on June 16.
Photo: Getty Images

Mark Ronson is a frickin' treasure. Dude is merciless when it comes to killing me dead with the most shut-it-downiest details. Peep this: We've got three suits. The first has a satin shawl collar with harem pants that's coupled with a nehru shirt. The sheen of the lapel is mirrored in the sheen of his super-black dress sock so the eye is drawn directly into his shoe. It's an elegant line that begins at the shoulder and is unencumbered by a shirt collar or bowtie. The second is head-to-toe fuchsia with saturation points at the jacket buttons and shoes, and the last is not a suit so much as it is a twill trouser (possibly denim) with a double-breasted peacoat/blazer hybrid and a crewneck tee. Extra points on the trompe l'oeil tip. ACK. So good.


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