Rain on the cover and inside the Oct. 20, 2011, issue of "1st Look."
Photo: Courtesy of "1st Look."

Oooooooobbbaaaaaaaaaah! OK, for all y'all who don't know, that's the term in Korean for "brother," and it's often shrieked in cochlea-shattering decibels by ladyfans of K-pop singers like our guy Rain, who we would all obviously SCREEEEEAM for on sight because he's now in the military and we can't see him anymore. Hence this coverline on 1st Look Magazine, Vol. 7. saying "Good-bye" that makes us desperately sad. BUT then we go in-book and peep that not only is this Rain sportswear story filled to the gills with Jeremy Scott, but there's even a shot of the SoKo pop megastar in a hoodie WITH EARS. Waaaaah soooo kawaiiiiiiiii. Even if that term is Japanese...


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Whoa, you guys, the Britney Spears "Criminal" video is super intense. So *spoiler alert* basically she's in London dating this grade A D-bag with arguably the MOST grating accent ever and he's a real piece of work and a total fancypants because he takes her to hella fuddy-duddy engagements and then SMACKS HER AROUND, at which point BritBrit's "criminal"/knight in shining armor/IRL boyfriend Jason Trawick stomps on his neck and they go racing into his crime lair where they bone. A lot. Like, to where there do it one time in the shower and you're like "Deedledee, I feel weird since they're forreals dating and blorgh pervatron voyeur feeeeeelings." Then Britney brandishes a gun in the second act to stick up a bodega so OBVI attempt NONE of this at home. *END spoiler alert*

Anyway, Britney looks AWESOME so let's talk clothes, makeup, and hair (< --VERY important). BESEECHING SMOKY DOE EYE, PALE POUT

Britney Spears Criminal

Britney Spears in her "Criminal" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Jive

No seriously, let's take a poll: Is there anyone in the world who can switch on PLAINTIVE, WET-EYED INTENSITY like Britney? Ohmahgawg, it's like smudge a little charcoal around the peepers and adorn the limpid pools with false eyelashes, daub a spot of shiny, nude-ish (possibly NARS "orgasm" gloss) on that jillion-dollar pout and you've got yourself a MOMENT. (P.S.: So am I the only person in the world who didn't know that smoky wasn't spelled smokey? OR is it?).


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Cosplayers looking wild DORBZ at New York Comic Con 2011.
Photo: MTV

Not going to lie to you guys, I love Con. Granted, I pronounce it just like that, "Con," and folks instantly think I'm referring to "Cannes," and I let them because it's fancy and hilarious, but I go to New York Comic Con every year. And I even trek over to the big 'un in San Diego despite it having grown to nigh-unmanageable MONSTER proportions in the last, ahem, five or so years I've gone.

ANYBALLS, as you know this past weekend was NYCC (Right? Because you frequent all branches of our vast and impressive MTV digital home tree like MTV Geek), so I dragged my Jeffrey Campbell Lita-shod self way west to the Javits Center to shoot this little video guide to cosplay. And also because, uuuuum, maybe I heard Chad Michael Murray was going to be there to promote his new comic on Archaia and the only thing keeping us apart is the fact that he hasn't seen me reenact his entire One Tree Hill arc in person. TRUE STORY.

So cosplay is a portmanteau of costumes and role-play and is awesome because it's the umbrella term under which other fantastic things like Furries, LARP (live action role-playing; they have a whole association with a LARPA website that looks crazy Geocities—NO SHOTS), and Yiffing live. We took a camera on the convention floor to check out all the action AND even got an awesome Halloween costume idea because (where my Game of Thrones fans at???) we saw a slew of Daenerys Targaryens, which is easier to put together than you'd think. And for all you NON-NERDS, she is a beautiful blonde princess who is married to a great-big burly horse thief KING and they have a lot of sex—and she's got these powers that have to do with dragons and eats this heart this one time and OBVI I have said too much. Don't judge me.

OMG, this post is already so long BUT the final (promise) thing I did want to mention is that we deliberately picked people who MADE their costumes. As in with glue guns, sewing machines (yes even the lovely ladies in Supergirl stereo), and HEART. Each ensemble took many months of TOILING so we didn't choose anyone with store-bought situations. WE HAVE FASH STANDARDS.



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Jessie J

Jessie J poses a promotional photo for the House of Holland for Pretty Polly collection campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Pretty Polly

Jessie J

Jessie J poses while shooting the House of Holland for Pretty Polly collection campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Pretty Polly

I don't often wear trousers. I infrequently wear jeans and can't take leggings seriously as a unit of clothing. It's akin to sweatpants in my book, and while I understand this makes me completely insane and way too narrow-minded it does make me really appreciate tights. I'm a huge fan of House of Holland's Pretty Polly collab, especially now that they've pegged blunt-banged British BOMBSHELL, Jessie J, for their fall/winter 2011 campaign.

So real quick sidebar: If you don't know HoH, it's Henry Holland's line and he's the dude who came up in the London club scene in, like, 2006, who made those '80s tees that had all-caps, sans serif slogans on them like, "CAUSE ME PAIN HEDI SLIMANE" and "I'LL TELL YOU WHO'S BOSS, KATE MOSS," etc., etc. Anyway, he's super handsome, has great hair, and is besties with Agyness Deyn.

Pretty Polly is a U.K. hosiery brand and for three years PP + HoH have been making beautiful music together like tights with stars on them, trompe l'oeil suspenders, alphabet tights, and bingo ball tights. Outrageous stuff (that you can now cop from its Facebook page), so you can totally see why the brash, mega-leggy bodaciousness that is Jessie J (uuuuh, did you guys see her "Domino" video?)is a perfect fit for their superhero-themed FIRST campaign shoot THAT WE HAVE A BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEO ON (it's hilarz). This is what each had to say on the project aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand what they listen to when they're getting ready to go out for a night on the town.


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Breast Cancer Awareness Products

OPI Pink of Hearts in Pink Shatter, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Tweezerman Precision in Pink Slant Tweezer, & CHI Ionic Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Set.

Here's the thing about Breast Cancer Awareness Month that we have weird issues with. Obviously, we are hard-core #TEAMBOOBS and terrified for besties who have a history of breast cancer on both sides of their families, and we are all for ladyunity and contributing to research, BUT we just can't get behind buying some rando junk because stuff in stores go pink right before they go crazy Halloweeny and then go non-denominational, pan-faith "Holiday Season."

So to commemorate the month and support the various organizations that dedicate time and effort to cancer research, we've rounded up 10 items that you might buy anyway at other times of the year. Not only will a percentage of the proceeds go to a good cause (which we've outlined below), now you don't have to find a place for a fluffy, fuchsia anklet with "COURAGE" bedazzled on it that you impulse-guilt-bought because it was RIGHT THERE.


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Rain performs at Beijing's Wukesong Culture and Sports Center on March 26, 2011, in Beijing, China.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. I, along with a bajillion Rain fans, are extra-special sadfaced that the superstar South Korean heartthrob, actor, and Stephen Colbert dance-off rival has finally been conscripted for his mandatory two-year bid in the army.

While part of me is a bit starry-eyed at the prospect of HARD-CORE military training and its effect on what is already a siiiiiiick ripped physique (your boy has 0.0002 percent body fat in Ninja Assassin), I can't even deal to think that his hair will be all Jarhead short, even if I'm totally mixing idioms because I think that only applies to Navy dudes (UGH, whatever, it's like sports, ALL THE SAME). And I won't get to see him dance (haha, just thought of that awesome YouTube of those dudes pop-locking in the Korean demilitarized zone). BUT even more :( is that we won't get to see him in beautiful suits for all his various fashion editorials.


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Nicki Minaj

Musician Nicki Minaj attends the 2011 American Music Awards Press Conference on Oct. 11, 2011, in Los Angeles.
Photo: Getty Images

Look it, we're massive Nicki Minaj fans. Obviously. She gives kick-ass energy and mondo bananz ensembles with wackadoo makeup and hair. Nothing about that kind of moxie that is not to be admired. Real talk. BUT the threat in veering so near fantasyland and flying too close to the sun is that not every adventuretime risk will pay off. Case in point: Nicki at the AMA press thing last night. Um. Whut? But mostly why?

Sure, sure, the internet is having a grand ol' time bazooka-ing Nicki in the face for what is, make no mistake, a WHOLE LOTTA LOOK, but we think that the outfit could be saved with just a wee bit of rejiggering. Kinda like how those genius scientists, The Fug Girls, deconstruct fashion in their "Unfug It Up" franchise that rules. First of all, she needs a shirt.


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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks
Photo: Courtesy of Vice Style

Oh man, this Azealia Banks 212 video has been making my LIFE for WEEKS now, to where I’ve been watching it on repeat because there’s something so gloriously s*** eating and triumphant about the entire operation. The chick just smiles, licks her teeth, flails her arms, raps, and sing-yells in front of brick wall in a Mickey Mouse sweater, ripped-up jorts, and these quadruple braid pigtail things and her baby hair’s all, HAAAAAY, and it’s fantastic because who cares since her face is just so beautiful.

And it’s not just one of those, "Her face is so empirically beautiful because blablabla GoldenRatio…" or anything like that, it’s her EYES. Impossibly long lashes framing surreal-steez BRIGHT whites and this glitter of unadulterated trouble, nevermind the filth that’s coming out of her mouth because the lyrics to her insanely catchy, ridic winsome single are down right friggin’ purple. It’s the best.

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Katy Perry

Photo: Courtesy of Katy Perry's Twitter

We're sure it comes as NO surprise that fun-loving, dress-up magician, Katy Perry, is super into Halloween. Snapped in a striped sweater with Skeletor face paint at Knott's 'Scary' Farm over the weekend, we love the blithe delivery of the ghoulish mug. This is exactly how we'd do it. Snug it up in some toasty layers, hair all NBD-style, hands on hips and what looks like some very respectable shading on the neck and temples, hollowed-out eye sockets, cracks from being dead and then exhumed and nailing a legitimately cute costume that has NOTHING to do with the whole snoresville, "SLUT ANESTHESIOLOGIST" or "NAUGHTY CIVIL WAR REENACTMENT PERSON" or "SEXY MARU THE BOX-LOVING CAT" bag. Nobody likes the thigh-high fishnet wearing version of something regular. It's so predictable. Even if that cat idea is geniusgross and a.k.a. LARPbarf. {via Katy Perry's Twitter}

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Karl Lagerfeld Florence Welch Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 4.
Photo: Getty Images

Ever since the unveiling of the Chanel spring 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week two days ago, the MTV Style staff has been in full-tilt swoon about the majesty of the 'Enchantment Under the Sea'-dancesque theme of Karl Lagerfeld's show. I mean, the Kaiser fully unveiled Florence Welch in a frickin' clam shell on some Boticelli's Venus ish which just goes to show that Uncle Karl is the G.

There was flowing, iridescence GALORE with wee scintillating pearls gracing the faces of the girls to where they had labret piercings and Madonna piercings IN PEARL and it was SO Man Ray's 'Tears of Glass' EXCEPT that there were even shiny, dew-droppy SPINAL COLUMNS on the moddels which gets into space alien territory that rules. Seriously, watch this behind-the-scenes video and use a spatula to scrape your face off the floor because it hath molten into a puddle of ZOMG.

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