Nicki Minaj Betsey Johnson

Nicki Minaj and Betsey Johnson backstage at the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson show.
Photo: Getty Images

Backstage at the Betsey Johnson show for New York Fashion Week was INTENSE. Seriously, it was a 1-to-1 ratio of models + handlers + champagne pourers + makeup artists + hair stylists + to ALL. THE. PRESS. The z-racks were FESTOONED with sequined dresses, flowing florals, animal prints, and a gang of alarmingly tall naked chicks who are apt to give a blogger body dysmorphic disorder if it weren't for the fact that they were lithe and beautiful to the point that they no longer have anything to do with human persons. Plus, it really gives you a whole new appreciation for the tacit agreement that so few images of mammary glands hit the internet because the boobs really do fly in mid-change.

Betsey was holding court like the unflappable OG that she is, graciously stopping for photographs and deftly dodging the mics that people kept trying to javelin her face with, and Nicki Minaj even made an appearance. At that point it was a wildebeest crossing of papps craning to catch a flick, and bully for the ladies who looked radiant and unruffled the whole time.

Also, that's about the time my brain broke because BETSEY JOHNSON AND NICKI MINAJ TOGETHER IS A LOT OF INFORMATION. It just makes me happy that they make each other happy. Anyway, on to the clothes!


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Kanye West will show his Spring 2012 Collection at Paris Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

ZOMGAWDS. Finally, more news on the spectacularly enticing Kanye West Fashion Week debut! He will NOT be showing at New York Fashion Week as earlier reports had surmised, but he is in fact holding his runway show on Oct. 1 at Paris Fashion Week. We have it confirmed on deep background that the designer is definitely Louise Goldin (which everyone has basically been tittering about for WEEKS now) and that it is a womenswear collection. Reports have since surfaced at Australian Harper’s Bazaar confirming the date, location, and news that it’s a womenswear collection since their fashion editor Christine Centenera has been consulting Yeezy with semimonthly visits since March. Apparently the runway show will be held after Jean Paul Gaultier at 9:30 p.m., thereby breaking the entire internet by 9:32 p.m., with everyone’s faces exploding in order to jockey for SEO supremacy.  

{via Harper's Bazaar Australia}

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Nicki Minaj Anna Wintour

Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour at the Spring 2012 Carolina Herrera show on Sept. 12.
Photo: WireImage

Man, New York Fashion Week rules. For one whole week, not only is the entire town an absolute clusternut of the most outrageous peacock-ing, showponying, and high-octane stunting you'll see, the front row fash flick wires will occasionally BLESS you with bonkstastic images like the one you see before you now.


Nicki Minaj is seated next to Vogue EIC Anna Wintour at Carolina Herrera. And the weirdest thing is, CHECK OUT THE MIRRORED BODY LANGUAGE. Granted, Nicki is wearing HOT PINK tights with NEON GREEN mesh leggings under a cheerleader skirt and a scoop-neck situation with a strong shoulder that is dotted with row upon row of wee multicolored pompoms, and, well, Anna Wintour is going in an entirely different direction, but I do want y'all to note the DIESEL STRING OF ENORMO DIAMONDS around Ms. Wintour's collar that's REALLY just as conspicuous.

So the juxtapositioning of these two women is a dandy sight gag, and not to be on the mongering tip rumor-wise, BUT let's break down what is actually going on. Carolina Herrera IS a major show but not necessarily a designer we could see our girl Nicki working. Given the fact that she is seated next to Anna, who is typically flanked by Vogue staffers (scarlet-tressed Grace Coddington is two seats over for example), this definitely makes us think...WILL NICKI BE ON THE COVER OF VOGUE???? Man, we hope so. Aaaaand, we hope it features a FIFTH COLOR IN EITHER NEON OR METALLIC, OOOOOOH OR A GATEFOLD THAT SPRAYS YOU WITH COTTON CANDY SMELLS AND GLITTER WHEN YOU OPEN IT. That would be awesome.

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Beth Ditto performs at MAC's Fashion's Night Out party.
Photo: Getty Images

Beth Ditto of Gossip (and her own solo career, thank you very much) performed at M.A.C. for their Fashion's Night Out event in commemoration of the kick off to New York Fashion Week. I don't know if you know what I know BUT if you had that sinking suspicion that Beth was one of those ladies who, if you met her, you'd fall madly, irrevocably, STUPIDLY in love with, you'd be 193749823749832748372% correct. She. Is. MAJOR.


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Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at Fashion Week.
Photo: Images

Oh hullo, Mary-Kate Olsen. Also, Ashley Olsen. And Vanessa Hudgens. Plus, Hayley Williams from Paramore *hat tip*. Boy, oh boy, lemme tell you laaaaaaydeeeeez, there's just SOMETHING about this third Red Bull at the wee hour of 12:35 a.m. ET at my desk after Fashion's Night Out that makes your lovely faces such a welcome sight. ERGO, it HAS TO BE fashion week. Or VMAs. Or a red carpet event. Oooooor the fact that I just love uppers, wrinkle-free foreheads, and MAYHAPS need a life.

Anyhoo, it is day one of NYFW and despite the attention paid to designer ensembles, stunning heels, and generally stunting all over the place like you've replaced food with other people's jealousy as sustenance, all it means for us internet feeders and professional typists is that we are tired, HANGRY, and eat tater tots at barf o'clock while legging it here and yon JUST to find out where all the STAAAAHS AAAAAH.


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Rihanna in the Armani Jeans ad campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Armani's Facebook

Shot by Steven Klein in New York, the ever-stunning Rihanna has unveiled her ad campaign with Armani Jeans on Facebook, so as to make the her crazily diesel legions of fans, known as the Rihanna navy, lose their minds. The ad features yet another hair transformation from the tonsorially adventurous singer, who has this time opted for a blonde pixie cut that does NOTHING to compromise her gorgeous features despite it being a near-impossible 'do to pull off for 98.76 percent of us. Seriously, compare her Vita Coco ads with the bright-red mermaid hair and clean face to this smoldering platinum situation and then eat your sandwich quickly because tears make the bread soggy.

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Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson.
Photo: Courtesy of Tavi Gevinson

There are few style blog readers who are unfamiliar with Tavi Gevinson, aka the "Style Rookie," aka the 15-year-old blogger wunderkind who routinely sits front row at fashion shows and hobnobs with the sisters Mulleavy (of Rodarte, no big deal) and graces the cover of Pop magazine. She is the tow-haired girl who raps about Rei Kawakubo (in the pocket too, if you must know) and has pwned a great many other fash blogs since launching her blogspot when she was 11. TODAY, she launches her lifestyle site Rookie Mag, and we at MTV Style are just super amped. SO we talked her face off. We dished about media empire dictatorships run (like a BOSS) by teenagers, Jane Pratt, dressing up like chickens (as you do), and what you do when you're a 15-year-old spokesmodel for a bajillion teens who love and trust you. You know, really easy stuff...

MTV Style: Why launch Rookie on Labor Day?

Tavi: We wanted to start in September but a lot of our schedule is based around the start of the week and it was awkward to start on a Thursday or Friday.


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8:56 pm - Running into the bathroom to change with Kreayshawn to check out her next ensemble. All black and white Marco Marco vest and Ashton Michael pants.

8:53 pm - Whoa speculation is running wild about why Beyonce's gown was not as skintight as usual.

Beyonce at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

8:45 pm - Beyonce! Scarlet, long, drapey, stunning. One shouldered. An absolute vision of poise. One of the decidedly more dressed up looks. Also, her stylist was fully holding the back of her skirt so it wouldn't drag. It could've been MEEEEEEE. #jobs

8:44 pm - Sooo... Jared Leto just walked in. Black, white, shades and what looks from the side like a SKIRT/APRON situation. *call me*

Justin Bieber at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

8:39 pm - Justin Bieber!!!!! Red jeans, glasses and giving the Game a pound. His glasses are so Cuban missile crisis in a HOT way.

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VMA MAC Pro Team gives their performance makeup tips.
Photo: MTV/John Shearer

You know when you're the type of anxious excited where your eyeballs vibrate a little and you're tearing through craft services because you're maybe burning hundreds of calories from sheer excitement? Well, I haz that. I can only imagine that the performers and scores of backup dancers are feeling similarly so THANK goodness for the magic of flattering lighting and MAKEUP. Specifically MAC Cosmetics whose pro team are responsible for the looks of Britney Spears's Tribute dancers and Pitbull's scores of bronzed Miami beauties.


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Kreayshawn Video Music Awards Red Carpet Report

Kreayshawn's super official Red Carpet rehearsal shot
Photo: John Shearer/

Soooooo, I just got back from our red carpet walk through with Best New Artist nominee Kreayshawn and we're both STOKED for her 2011 Video Music Awards Red Carpet Report for TOMORROW NIGHT. We did a whole pretend interview (I got to play Nicki Minaj, Kreay got to play herself) and little did we know there was a slew of people in the sound booth listening to our live mics as we fanfic'd commentary and cracked some loopy jokes [we both needed a nap]).

ANYWAY, consider this a friendly, prodding (*poke poke*) reminder to check back in with us tomorrow because we are liveblogging the bononkers out of all of our scorching hot attendees about their VMA red carpet style exclusively for

+ To find out what Kreayshawn's wearing tomorrow (hint: it involves MICKEY MOUSE AND SEQUINS and an outfit change will go down), tune in RIGHT HERE for our MTV Movie Awards live blog (starting at 6:30 p.m. ET) as we scour the red carpet for all the stuntastic style.


VMA 2011: Kreayshawn's VMA Quiz

Watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards live from Nokia Theatre L.A. in Los Angeles on Sunday, Aug. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and Catch the live preshow at 8 p.m. ET/PT and cast your votes for Best New Artist up until the show airs!

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