Coco modeling the Licious Denim Outfit.
Photo: Courtesy of Licious

Over the weekend, the New York fashion community learned something new—that Ice-T's improbably proportioned wife Coco has a clothing line. And while there's plenty of low-hanging fruit to plunder in discussions of fledgling fashion brands launched by former Playboy models, since I have an enormous amount of respect of Fin Tutuola in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, I will strive for diplomacy and a delicate touch.

We'll see how that goes.

The thing about the blonde bombshell's foray into apparel is that she's actually had a denim line since 2009. The unorthodox spandex to cotton ratio of her jeans not only flattered her absolutely INSANE physique in this Twitpic dated December 12, but was actually a respectably early form of the jegging (a trend that outright refuses to die despite my attempts to kill it with fire). In that aspect, she was definitely on to something and could have made a grip of loot with the right positioning.

But then there's another aspect that's truly hilarious and emblematic of the cloistered life that the trophy wife of Ice-T would lead.


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You WILL have fun. You WILL mean it.
Photo: Getty Images

Hi internet! *Waves* I really like what you've done with the place *looks around, wipes chair absentmindedly with a hankie before sitting down.* So, there are many, many exciting changes afoot in our little corner of the information superhighway, namely the fact that we've got a whole new squad! I KNOW! You're already familiar with Chrissy, our stalwart production assistant/editorial assistant who is McGotes the wind beneath my wings, like, to where when I was flopping around cluelessly like a beached hammerhead shark she fed me milk shake through a squeeze bottle, kept the blog alive, and social-networked everything until I got my bearings and regained my strength. Plus, her nails, eyeliner, and shoe game were FLAWLESS the entire time.

Then, we added Gaby the PA/EA whose waist-length curls, button nose and total type-A personality we THOUGHT was total mean girl material until we realized she's a huge band nerd with a tireless work ethic whose strong back and perfectionist nature we could ABUSE and HAZE by making her do SO MUCH WRITING while cropping and HTML-ing her face off.

And now, with my latest CHAMPIONSHIP coup, namely the cherry picking of the bananasawesome Leila Brillson, formerly of Refinery29, Interview, and Switched (pour some out) it's a MUHFUGGIN' PARTY!!! Mwahahahreeeeer. And, if not a party, we're at least totally gassed and running around the office patting ourselves on the back and making sure everyone who's anyone in the building sees it. We're getting T-shirts made and maybe even satin jackets with EMBROIDERED "MTV Style" all in cursive and bedazzled that we are absolutely NOT going to charge to our corporate cards or anything... *cough* but the actual OBJECTIVE remains the same. We, along with our fearless boss, Sophia Rai, are dedicated to bringing you the best, brightest, LOL-iest, absurdest, awesomest style news in all of the universe. It's SO on. Oh, and write to us at to talk to any of us. xoxo

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Real talk. I kiiiiiiiiinda can't stop looking at the cast of Jersey Shore even though they're reviled in certain circles beeeeeeecause the prospect of watching them gallivant around Rome with their drunken emo hearts BURSTING with pride and the quiet fear of dissonance and rejection holds me rapt. In fact, ever since the announcement of the fourth season's Italian location, I've been picturing nothing but a sprawling fashion editorial of Snooki and JWOWW perched on animal print chaises dripping in D&G, Escada, Zannoti and '80s Versace, adorned by GOBS of the heaviest David Yurman jewelry, surrounded by a fussy topiary potted in scads of marble.

Also, there would have to be a maze. It would take them like an hour and 45 minutes to get out.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley in Italy on May 22.
Photo: PictureGroup

So while I was anticipating some stylistic changes, I'm not sure I was ready for all this. Suddenly, they're all exactly ONE fashion step away from dressing like total hipsters. See, check this out. First of all, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is totally carrying a sensitive-dude man purse for all his paperbacks, and even though he is sporting a great deal of flair in his bedazzled shoelaces (his own company, naturally), for all intents and purposes, his size smedium, fine-gauge, screen-printed tee and designer sunnies could certainly have him fit in with the downtown cool-guy set in Manhattan's East Village (of course he looks Euro, he's a DJ! etc etc). Change his shoes to some hyperstrike Nikes and he's a hipster.

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley looks downright elegant and even her JWORTS (JWOWW jean shorts) are incredibly demure. The vibrant flats and FASHION BLOGGER SUN HAT are functional as they are attractive, but what we love is that seriously, were she wearing the solid American Apparel felt version of this millinery, she, too, would be a total hipster.

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Deena Nicole Cortese in Italy on May 19 and May 23.
Photo: PictureGroup

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's shrunken leather jacket, dyed shorts and retro scrunched boots alone make for a total hipster callout, but the thing that nails this (other than her FUR ANIMAL PRINT SUNGLASSES) is that she looks like she's wearing THE hottest, just-on-the-come-up trendoid spring accessory--the FANNY PACK. Upon closer inspection, the band of leopard on her midriff is actually a cummerbund (immediately skewing the look to weirdly Euro), but again, she's about a yard of printed nylon away from iconic fashion-forward hipster material.

Deena Nicole Cortese is wearing a microfloral romper for crying out loud. The only thing that prevents her from toppling completely into H-ville is that her floral wedge heels are entirely incorrect. Were she wearing scuffed Tom's or filthy jute-soled espadrilles, she would have been a perfect candidate too.

We're stoked to see what each will bring on the sartorial mayhem front as soon as this season starts. BRING IT.

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Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Liner Notes.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti

As you may have heard from one or two or SEVENTHOUSANDMAJILLION sources, Lady Gaga's Born This Way album has dropped. Currently chilling atop 22 international iTunes charts, it maaaaaaybe seems like the album is a success? But who are we to make such outlandish conjecture? Right? JKJKJKJKJKJKJK Gaga could start printing MONSTER MUNNY with her angular, prosthesis enhanced face emblazoned right on it and most of planet Earth's countries would accept it as bona fide currency. This is where we're at.

But as with all gigantic successes, there are millions of hands unseen who contribute to the overall dazzling triumph and Lady Gaga's fashion director and Theirry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti knows this well. In a move that's totally in keeping with our philosophy of giving propers where they're due, the sartorial mastermind has dutifully recorded EVERY SINGLE FASHION/STYLING/HAIR/MAKEUP/NAILS credit on his Nicola Formichetti blogspot. Plus, kiiiiiiinda love him for still having a blogspot. Retro gangsta.

The image you'll see to your left is an ensemble courtesy of Bart Hess, an incredible Dutch visual artist whose work in textiles and photography will blow your mind nuggets. Check out his entire résumé here (spoiler alert: He's SUPER young like many of Gaga's fashion collaborators). On the right you'll see the classic prostheses, but what I love about this bra is that it's from the extremely high-class and coquettish Kiki De Montparnasse, which is a lovely counterpoint to the avant-garde/futuristic/space alien aspects elsewhere.

It's this sort of witty interplay that makes Nicola a genius, and it's a testament to Gaga's savvy that her crew is filled with brilliant, willful people who each hold it down in their respective areas of expertise. Her entire aesthetic is uniform as a whole, but the fact that her directors, fashion directors, photographers, designers, and choreographer definitely all do their own thing is what makes this crew truly monstrous. *golf claps abound* LOOK AT THE BART HESS DETAIL, PEOPLE. Incredible. {via Nicola Formichetti}

Watch the 'Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside' on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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The gravy-esque cheese is an added bonus!
Photo: Getty Images

GOOD MORNING! How were y'all's respective weekends? Dazzling? Mesmerizing? Filled to the distended gullet with CHEEEEEEEEEBURGAHS? I certainly hope so (unless you're a vegetarian and the prospect of munching on a multilayered cow flesh sandwich makes you want to barf). There are few things we at MTV Style love more than food, and while we're not terribly discerning in the sense that we will eat pretty much anything if you put it in front of us (and directly in front of us, if we have to get up and walk or even stretch TOO HARD = no dice), of the food category, regular cheeseburgers rank just above candy and right below "cheeseburgers with bacon where the bread is glazed donuts."

So you can imagine our delight when close-up food porn shots of oozing burger innards were met with our other favorite thing to ogle and catcall (yes, audibly to where it's very professional)—NAILS. We love looking at nails/nail art/new nail silhouettes and innovations in peel and set colorways, but often the shots are fairly predictable—hands holding the bottle, fingers splayed unnaturally against a stark background, disembodied nail shapes floating in sets of five, hands holding something very on the nose ("coral me happy" holding a piece of coral etc etc)—so this seems like the sort of genius where you can't believe no one's done this already.

An entire cheeseburgers and manicures Tumblr called nailburgerlar (GAH! Amazing), is replete with numerous examples of such couplings and it makes us wildly happy. Now if we could just get some pull-and-peel nail art OF burgers and nails to put on your nails whilst eating burgers, we'd be all set. Somebody hurry up and invent that. But make the accent nail a corndog. Those rule, too. Thanks.

Nails. Burgers. Nailburgers.
Photo: Courtesy of Burgers and Nails

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Justin Bieber's new women's fragrance, Someday.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Justin Bieber Someday

I love Justin Bieber. Like, to where it's weird and friends don't make fun of me because they think it's legitimately unsavory and a poor reflection on them. Maybe it's because there's some sort of errant ribonucleic acid specific to my being an Asian chick that makes me like pop music but probably also, maybe not. IDK. QUIZ ME ON ANY LYRIC, I SHALL SLAY THEE. Whatever, I'm way too old to question what I like.

I enjoy that he wears Supras and Comme des Garcons, I like that he loves Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and shirts and oy, don't even get me started on that cute-as-a-button girlfriend of his because she really is the bee's freakin' knees. The thing, and this definitely says a lot about me, that I love the MOST about Justin Bieber is the algorithm of his fame. I think he and his manager, Scooter Braun, have just MASTERED the message and his image when it comes to his mind-bogglingly fervent LEGIONS of female fans. It's nothing short of genius.

The "One Less Lonely Girl" thing, where JB picks a girl from the SOLD-OUT ARENA SHOW OF CRYING LADYCHILDRENS to serenade with a single rose? Brilliant. The fact that he makes 3-D movies of himself playing basketball with his childhood friends who he stays tight with to this day? Canny. His constant, vigilant Twitter dialogue between him and his MILLIONS of Beliebers? Church.

From jump street, Beeeeebz was all about visiting podunk malls and teeny-tiny radio stations and personally singing and dancing for EVERYONE, and that mirage of accessibility is still largely pervasive in his message. You feel like you're two, maybe three steps TOPS from actually making out with him. It's fascinating.

The June release of this perfume for women, that fetches $35 per ounce, with the marketing being centered around "this is what Justin Bieber likes girls to smell like" is brain-bleedingly clever. The price point is SWEET, and this can conceivably go on as his fans grow with him as long as the product itself is sexually vague and innocuous. He could never go into the edible underwear market (mostly because that crap tastes disgusting and he has highly evolved taste in candy) but stationery? Absolutely. Decently priced jewelry? Yup. Sheets in a collabo with Marimekko because his mom likes it? In the PAINT.

What this stuff actually smells like? Moot. Though, given this type of opportunity, I doubt highly that they've entrusted this to just any old noses. The fact that the bottle smacks (to pretty egregious levels) of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume packaging? Eh. That it's called Someday? A word FECUND with possibility and sparkle-magic-dream-sequence-harp-music? Awesome.

I give this two enthusiastic thumbs-up. I WILL consider buying this. Mostly because my regular perfume costs a majillion dollars and because this is TOTES going in my time capsule that I'll dig up once I've defrosted from the cryogenic process I'm saving up for. {Racked } via {WWD}

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There’s a great deal you could say about Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" video, directed by Francis Lawrence (the auteur behind Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, among others), regarding the fact that she KEEPS bodying the ENTIRE WORLD with her unbelievable bodaciousness and message of female empowerment and unrivaled joy. I mean, Ms. Bey dances like she’s giving off the type of energy that could achieve spaceflight, and the fact that she does all of this in the most face-meltingly SUBLIME fashion is a rare and sumptuous event.

The postapocalyptic scrubland makes for a perfectly austere backdrop that makes all that floor-length drama, metal, syncopated bassline, ANIMALS, and McQueen POP. The styling genius behind all of the looks that run the gamut from Givenchy to Brian Lichtenberg and Jean Paul Gaultier to Norma Kamali is none other than Ty Hunter, aided by his assistant stylist Raquel Smith. Another awesome thing about Ty? Not only did he give us an EXCLUSIVE interview, he made ABSOLUTELY sure that his assistant was also name-dropped for this piece, which soooorta speaks volumes about how hard he rules. <3 MTV Style: ZOMG. We are so excited about this video. We basically want to dress up in matching outfits with 30 of our closest girlfriends and take to the streets.

Ty Hunter:[Laughs] Right?

YES! We want to know EVERYTHING. Word is, she wears a lot of her own stuff in the video.

Yes! So, that whole section? The amazing red Alexander McQueen dress? I can't even take credit for that. That was out of Beyoncé's closet. That was her personal dress, and in that scene, every single female that has on Alexander McQueen and all that high-end fashion, that whole section with the lion is all of Beyoncé's personal clothes she's worn in the past.

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Wow! We see Chanel and Balmain and Lanvin. *Sigh* We’re dying. So it makes sense to hang out with her knowing that one day you might borrow from her fabulous archive [Laughs]?

Yes! [Laughs] All the way down to the shoes, that whole section is filled with all of the things that she's worn and been photographed in. We got together and put all the clothes in garment bags, and she wanted all the girls to have a section of the video where they're all in couture.

Can I just say that crown made my entire staff's heads fall off? It was GORGEOUS. We kept pausing to see how intricate it was.

That's Erickson Beamon. They actually made it expressly for us. The creative director of the video, Jenke-Ahmed Tailly, and I got together trying to figure out this whole queen concept, and we needed a crown. Erickson Beamon make such beautiful pieces, and when they said they'd do it, we knew it would turn out to be amazing.

Did all of you collaborate to make sketches and edit?

Nope, we just knew they would come through. And when that box came and we opened it, it was like, "Oh my god. THIS is perfect."

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Let's talk about the other hardware. The Zanotti. Oh, man… the gold Zanotti necklace/sternum armor/cummerbund thing. Gorgeous.

Yes, yes! I actually have a person that works for me, Raquel Smith, who came with that body piece from Giuseppe Zanotti, and that just totally made everything. They've actually custom-made that in different materials like silver and leather. It's been great, and we play on the theme to use it every now and then for performances.

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

And the interplay between the shine and the fur is awesome as well. That's what I love about this video: You've got some boutique L.A. designers like Brian Lichtenberg, who made that black shrug. He's enormously talented.

I called him on the phone. He is a little bit newer, but we actually used his designs in "Diva." He's great! It was a section where he made these crazy hats and headgear. The lace bodysuit? He actually custom made that, too. But those shoes in that scene?

The black tassel ones?

Yes! I made those.

A still from Beyoncé's 'Diva' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Nuh uh! I love the range between the custom-made/boutique/newish/personally handmade to the pulls you made from hardcore houses like Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier.

It's just that everything fit the vision perfectly.

A still from Beyoncé's 'Diva' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Spring 2011, Couture

A still from Beyoncé's 'Diva' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records. Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2011, Couture

For a fashion nerd, there are just so many Easter eggs that come at you so fast. The quick contrast between white and black is stunning and, of course, we have all that SHINE from one of our favorite designers, Gareth Pugh. The armor, chainmail, armadillo plated gold ensemble with the matching shoes. Breathtaking! AND it's been a while since we've seen Pugh x Beyoncé.

I had Gareth's number from when we went to a party in London and we pulled from his last collection, which I'll have you know Beyoncé didn’t wear, since Sasha Fierce wears Gareth Pugh, and so I texted him and was like, "This is what I need…" And he had this one-of-a-kind dress and he had those amazing shoes and I was like, "YAY!"

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

The jewelry that accompanies it is a lovely touch.

That's Laruicci, a young jewelry designer [Lauren Ruicci] who I met last year. She did some different pearl necklaces for the "Why Don't You Love Me" video, and I went to her showroom and saw the gold rings and I was like, "This is perfect for that" and you know everything just kind of worked out.

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

A still from Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

I feel like the aesthetic is a continuation of some of the hardware that we see in "Single Ladies" and "Diva."

Yeah, it was like the new take on the beautiful Lorraine Schwartz handpiece that everybody loved and couldn't stop talking about but just in rings.

Let's talk about the Puccis! We've been anticipating more Pucci since the infamous Met Gala dress. The yellow dress was incredible, but the fact that Bey can dance her face off like that in the cutout green dress blew us away!

A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Yeah, Peter [Dundas] at Pucci is so nice! He actually let us use the green dress, and when Bey was getting ready, she put it on—nobody knows this so this is exclusive—he lent us the green dress and it was set to be shot in Vogue. There was like a big deal behind this green dress! Anyway, it was, like, the showstopper! So [Beyoncé] puts it on like she was getting ready to dance, and the sleeve was made out of a delicate sequin fabric. And it already had like a little hole in it, so it ran!


Yes! So we actually took scissors and cut the sleeve off! And we were going to put the sleeve back on, but Jenke took it with him when he returned to New York and I was like, "OK, well, I'm going to have to return the dress, but the sleeve is somewhere else." [Laughs] So they ended up knowing we cut the sleeve off, but it worked out perfectly and the fact that we took a couture piece and put combat boots with it was what really made it.


A still from Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records


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A model wearing a pair of Subs.
Photo: Hatch Ventures

You know those late-night television commercials that start like, "Are you and inventor? Etc etc" that prey on people who suspect they're secret geniuses, with the only thing standing in the way of their million-dollar ideas coming to fruition is someone seeing through the masquerade of their current career of plumber/office manager/blogger and giving them the publicity that they so rightfully deserve?

Yeah, this doesn't remind me of that at all.

I don't even know what it reminds me of, but all of this *waves hands in "wax-on; wax-off" formation* is #vom. First of all, perhaps for no reason, my classist antenna gets a little itchy about stuff like this especially given that the inventor Andrew Lewis of Harlem says stuff like, "Sagging is a huge issue in my community. I spent a lot of time observing and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point which even they're not comfortable with how their jeans were falling."

First of all, just how much time are you devoting to such field studies? Get a job OTHER than self-appointed anthropologist/scientist. Secondly, um, so what, this reminded you that you'd like to capitalize off of such 'saggers' to fulfill such an egregiously under-addressed neighborhood problem? The suspenders fetch around $30, and according to this article will "help bridge the gap between saggers who want to express themselves through fashion and critics who say the trend shows off underwear and looks unprofessional."

WHAT IS ANYBODY TALKING ABOUT? The underwear is STILL showing. And anyone who is concerned about appearing professional is likely not wearing trousers that are hitched at the coccyx, and if underwear is underwear and GARTER BELTS ARE UNDERWEAR would some dude rolling up with the addition of some perplexing contraption make the workplace situation any more conducive to productivity?

To me, this is as infuriating as the town of Dublin, Georgia's well-publicized vigilance against sagging and their strides to qualify it as "indecent exposure" in order to slap children and teens with fines upwards of $200 for each strike. Below you will see a very servicey video on how these Sub-Spenders, aka "SUBS" work. In it, a very astute woman who I agree with wholeheartedly calls them "so insanely dumb." And by "dumb" she meant "dumb plus mind-bendingly ugly and pointless." UGH. And this is not at all in support of sagging pants, exposed boxers or "whale tailing" (the act of sagging ladypants to where the thong is exposed because that mess is revolting [not to be confused with "bum cleavage circa Alexander McQueen" because that's different. It is. I'll fight you.]). {via}


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Hailee Steinfeld at the Miu Miu Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show in Paris on March 9, and at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A. on Jan. 30.
Photo: Getty Images

Ok. *Deep breath* I guess this is where I have to add the preemptive disclaimer that what I talk about in the "Let's Discuss..." column is not necessarily the viewpoint of MTV, Viacom, its subsidiaries or the youthful production assistants whom I adore but share few references with because I am older than hate. Also, limestone. And fruit. And while that's THE most self-aggrandizing crap ever that any large-scale corporation would be affected by what I say, AND while I know my gorgeous MTV Style babies mostly ignore me when they're not prodding me with a bedazzled stick to make sure spinster mama's still breathing, I'm pretty confident that what I'm about to say is going to be an unpopular opinion.

I think Hailee Steinfeld is too young to be the face of a designer campaign. Sorry. I KNOW that the
Oscar-award nominated actress has been KILLING IT on the red carpet. And I know that Miu Miu is the little sister to Prada. A sort of Skipper to Miuccia's Barbie, if you will. And I do realize that Ms. Steinfeld used to model as you'll see the example below to the left. The right is Skipper nailing a satin midi skirt and a sheer, bejeweled shirt like she was BORN in 'em.

Hailee Steinfeld in a 2007 Guess ad campaign and at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in London on Feb. 13.
Photo: Guess/Getty Images

And also, there's this one. Friggin' ADORABLE. I know this, I have EYES.

Hailee Steinfeld in a Fall 2007 Guess ad campaign.
Photo: Guess

I do also know that there are models a scant year older that routinely grace magazine covers and trot down runways for all the world to see in undoubtedly gorgeous but skimpy outfits. But, and maybe this is just me, models are SUCH phenotypic anomalies that they sort of have nothing to do with regular, young, female, girls. And again, this is where I duck darts behind my VERYVERYVERY old wizened age because I no longer get the remotest bit threatened or hostile around beautiful, Amazonian, willowy, couture-wearing girls because it's like watching a gazelle do the dishes or cheetah playing hopscotch with a merman—it's like, SUUUURE that is an AMAZING thing that is occurring but *shrug* because of COURSE I don't look like that. I am a human who types for a living.

ANYWAY. My point is this. I just feel like the platonic ideal of beauty these days seems a little screwy and is quickly becoming more bonkers. Not to say that this has never before been the case (I did live through "heroin chic," I'll remind you) but we seem a little more obsessed with youth culture and lionizing CHILDREN for their choices in a way that I honestly find troubling. I think Hailee Steinfeld is beautiful, truly lovely, and I, like anyone else with an opinion on fashion, appreciate that she always look thoughtfully turned out and age-appropriate with a fresh face.

I just think that between Lanvin and Versace making a children's line, and conversations about Elle Fanning wearing head-to-toe Chanel for an Interview magazine spread at 12, there's a discussion that needs to happen that doesn't have to do necessarily with a fear of sexualizing kids or making them look older or damaging their psyches, etc., etc., mostly because, heck, these girls are FAMOUS,and normalcy has somewhat been chucked out to window to land on a majillion-dollar three-picture deal.

My concern is that I don't want 12-year-olds to know about $500-$1,200 ballet flats. I don't want them to get it twisted that they have to dress in the demure gown that a 50-year-old who had to endure four divorces to claw her way to a specific tax bracket would also wear. I guess my take on the whole thing is that a) please don't plummet into hellish credit debt if you're still in school and somehow you think Hailee getting a campaign that allows her to wear Miu Miu all the time at 14 and infants wearing Lanvin means you're 'behind' or something and b) please ignore MOST of this and just continue to thrift/eBay/scrounge/EARN/make/borrow clothes that aren't just owned by three MAJOR fashion conglomerates because that's the message you're getting. And mostly, just forgive me because sometimes I'll forget and force more of the same on you and that's when YOU will have to poke me with the dazzle stick to have me hop to attention. So yeah, am I completely off the mark? IS she too young? I mean, this Guess campaign was in 2007, which is NOT that long ago... Right? Who knows. GAH...

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Soooooooo, there's no way you could read our site and not know who Kat Graham is, right? No, wait, that sounds smug and off-putting. *Reeeeeeewiiiiind* What we mean is, ZOMG PLEASE PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS GIRL WE ARE WICKED OBSESSED WITH BECAUSE SHE IS BASICALLY THE BEST. The thing is, some of us were GINORMOUS fans of her music (Chrissy has a disturbing effigy and miniature alter built on her desk), others of us are die-hard followers of her show on the CW network (Sophia), The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays, 8/7c), and still others (me) were largely unaware of anything other than how consistently crazy her shoe/hair/dress/epaulette/ bustier/chainmail/necklaces-that-weigh-20-pounds game was.

Then, we got the chance to talk to her and, well, basically, we are girl-crushing a combined 9283749237498237427384787387428374788 percent harder. Gaby got obsessed while transcribing the million-page interview mwahahahaha. ANYWAY. It's insane. So check out the below and read about how we slobbered all over her in an unbecoming manner but how it was so totally worth it since she is incredible. OH, and not to be weird BUT she was born in Geneva, raised in L.A., and is not a double threat as much as she is a QUADRUPLE one (singer, dancer, model, actress BOOM). But she also speaks FIVE languages. So, yeah, there's that. And she's hilarious. And rad. *Sighs throws petals at her feet that she tramples on in DYNAMITE boots*

Kat Graham wearing The Blonds on location filming her "I Want It All" music video in San Bernardino, California, on March 6.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's talk about The Vampire Diaries. We're HUGE fans, but we definitely see differences between your character Bonnie's style and your personal style. We're not bugging, right? Do you find it frustrating at all?

Kat Graham: [Laughs] "No, I think it's awesome that the wardrobe department has specific ideas for each character. For mine, they went for a very earthy, hippie, embroidered shirts, loafers, natural curly hair, and I love that I'm part of a character that has a defined style. It's great to see actors dress like a character instead of like themselves. It's funny, on set, in those clothes, everyone calls me Bonnie. And then, when I'm dressed as myself with some torn tights and leopard shorts or something insane, they know that that's Kat."

A cast photo of Kat Graham for 'The Vampire Diaries,' and Kat Graham as Bonnie in a still from 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 2, Episode 10.
Photo: Andrew Eccles/Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Right, so there's like a dichotomy at play. It probably helps to be totally immersed, considering the fact you're involved in a show errs on the side of supernatural or surreal.

"Oh totally, because I think it's one of the hardest things to do. You have to react to things that aren't there, you're pretending that some vampire is ripping your neck out or throwing a guy against a wall but it's all green screen so you have to get totally into it. Not that I'm saying that me as Kat Graham wouldn’t throw a guy against the wall."

So you have three discrete situations: You have Bonnie, you have Kat as like the actress on the red carpet, and then you have the addition of your music persona that is kind of like a larger, hyper version of you.

"Yeah! You know music is my biggest thing. It’s me, 100 percent like me but on fire."

A still from Kat Graham's music video for 'I Want It All.'
Photo: Perezcious Records

With, like, lasers and diamonds and unicorns and tons of metal.

"Yeah, all of that. It's important for me to just be myself—in fashion. A lot of people overlook that side of me because they're scared of it, but that's just who I am. Even my little sister, who's 16 now. She's in high school, and she wears what she wants, and it's cool that she does that, you know? She'll wear crazy, fringy stuff, and that's who she is. She's like me in that way—and people respect her for it."

I do love that you're unafraid to wear unknown designers or smaller sportswear lines like Dimepiece.

"Right, well Dimepiece—and I just want to give my girl Laura Fama a shout-out because we've been friends since I was 17—Laura would be making clothes and would say "try this one on! And this! And that!" So my repping Dimepiece is mostly me representing her as a fashion designer. I have a lot of friends who are in fashion and I like to rep them."

Kat Graham wearing Dimepiece at 'Us Weekly''s 2011 Hot Hollywood Party in Hollywood on April 26, 2011, and wearing Jeremy Scott at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California, on Aug. 8, 2010.

So you're heavily involved in what you'll wear.

"Of course, I work with Brett Alan, who's an amazing stylist, but I'll send him the laundry list like, 'These are my favorite designers, these are the people I live for, and I want to wear them.' "

Name some of the laundry list.

"I love Manish Arora. I don't even want to say what I would do for a Manish Arora dress. I can’t even… I love Raphael Young shoes and I also really love Jeremy Scott. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, The Blonds."

Looks from Manish Arora's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

You consistently wear The Blonds for your videos. Like, the “I Want It All” video is essentially a commercial since it all looks utterly fabulous. You LUH them.

"I do! They’re friends of mine, I've known about them for years and just been such a huge fan of theirs forever. Everything I wore was The Blonds—spiked corsets, chain corset—they're incredible. I really love bustiers and corsets and things that border on the Barbarella line and domination. I love anything that makes you feel empowered. I'm 'bout that, you can't be scared."

A still from Kat Graham's music video for 'I Want It All.'
Photo: Perezcious Records

Gasoline Glamour is another one of those boutique, bespoke, lines that you're known for wearing. I'd frankly never heard of them until you started wearing them, and when I visited their site, my mind exploded all over my keyboard.

"The shoes from that same video were Gasoline Glamour. Shannon is the designer, and she makes shoes and jewelry and whatever sculptural pieces at home and sells them. I had an assistant. I don't anymore, but at the time I had an assistant who would help me with my fashion pulls and he came across this one line and I looked at it and it was everything I loved: spikes, diamonds, and just huge chunky jewelry, because I'm not much of a jewelry person, to be honest. Like, I don't wear jewelry unless it really makes a statement."

Kat Graham in a pair of custom Gasoline Glamour boots for the August 2010 issue of '944' magazine's Miami edition.
Photo: 944

The shoes were amazing. How were you wearing 1.3 million pounds of metal and climbing over a mountain of postapocalyptic tube television sets?

"OMG, yes! I don't think those shoes were meant to walk in. On set I was walking on all these crazy surfaces, and of course I totally bit it."

Well, right. So at least we know you're human. Any other designers you’d like to add to the list?

"I LOVE Cassette Playa and for people who don't know who she is, she kind of started out designing shirts for M.I.A. and she took this whole alien hipster neon look and she just really took it to the moon."

Yeah, Carri's great. Highly atypical choice for a young actress type, though, right?

"I think what's kind of a blessing and a curse with my job is that I play to such a mainstream audience. I think my character is truly accepted by America, but I feel like my style and my own personal sense of fashion is a little more fine-tuned and specific. I'm not always accepted for it. I get a lot of backlash for wearing designers that I feel are creators and artists. I get it all the time."

Yeah. You don’t exactly smack of that "courtesy of the gifting suite" vibe that you get from some thespian ladies.

"People automatically assume that because you're an actor, you're a blank canvas 24/7. But I can't wear what everyone else wears. If I went to an audition, I'd wear what the character would wear, but the moment I'm done with the audition or done filming, I go back into my high-waisteds."

It's surprising to me that you have a stylist at all. It must be a somewhat unorthodox relationship.

"Brett reached out to my manager, and my manager said, 'Well, Kat dresses herself, she’s not interested blablabla,' because I’d never worked with anyone before who not only knew fashion, but who knew designers, who knew pieces from archives, and who knew their stuff. But then I met Brett, and he did. He’s young, too. Only 23."

Whoa. So he's one of those.

"He’s one of those, he’s a prodigy. Brett knows my style to a T. He knows my favorite designers, he knows the pieces I look at, and since I'm here for the summer I want to do something different. I don’t want to just do red carpet. I want to have a 'black summer' because I'm feeling black and dark colors for the summer. Change it up a bit."

A Victorian summer, then.


Kat Graham attending the 'Something Borrowed' Los Angeles premiere in Hollywood on May 3 and at the Belvedere 'RED' special edition bottle benefit launch party in Hollywood on Feb. 10.
Photo: Getty Images

And what do you plan on doing, draped in black all summer?

"I’m traveling a lot and doing appearances for Vampire Diaries and doing shows and my film that I did last summer, Honey 2, finally comes out theatrically in Europe. Just promoting that and staying busy and staying fashion-forward and trying not to have too many darts fly at me, you know?"

Well, you certainly have a specific aesthetic. Do you have any plans on starting your own fashion line or anything to that effect?

"I’m just not that talented. I know what I like, but when you're a designer I feel like you have to be able to produce products that can serve different people. I don't have the kind of style that I feel like would serve any and everyone. But I'm really into ear cuffs, like cuffs that cover your entire ear? I'm considering making some for my fans and for myself, but we'll see. I'm not Gwen."

You do love a statement bauble.

"Yeah! And I've now learned that if you're going to wear a crazy huge piece on your neck, make sure that the dress is very simple. If you're gonna wear a very tiny rock with spikes on it, make sure that the dress has its own personality. So you know, I'm still learning about shapes and what to do on the bottom and what to do on the top and how your hair can affect the look of something. I'm really into the high bun right now. I have been for a while, but I haven't been able to do it on my hair because the show had me wear my hair a certain way. I'm really into the tight pulled-up bun. I think that always looks fashionable."

A still from Kat Graham's music video for 'I Want It All.'
Photo: Perezcious Records

You know what? I'm really feeling high bun, plus blunt bang. That looks fantastic on you right now.

"Yeah, I’m really into the thick, thick bang but who knows how long I'll keep it."

You obviously love dramatic lines. Like, you skew architectural, both in your accessories and shoes.

"It's all about, if you're big on the top, you can't be big on the bottom. And I'm learning about shoes and which shoes elongate your legs, and the different kinds of booties that cut them off since I'm short. I’m only 5'4", so I'm VERY aware of that."

Kat Graham at the Samsung Infuse 4G launch event featuring Nicki Minaj in Los Angeles on May 12 and at the 14th annual 'Friends 'N' Family' Grammy event in Hollywood on Feb. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

You DO elongate effectively. I had no idea you were that petite.

"Well, the MTV Style reader should know Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Everyone should know what a Giuseppe Zanotti patent leather wedge looks like. If you don't know the blade heel, you should know what that is. Definitely go educate yourself."

And what becomes of those who know but can't EVER afford Giuseppe Zanotti heels?

"Report Signature has some amazing shoes, and I rep them so hard-core."

Good platforms.

"And Alexander McQueen always has some really incredible ones especially for summer and fall. I love metal. Anything with a metal tip."

You realize we totally went from Report right back to McQueen.

[Laughs] "Well, Jessica Simpson has some great shoes. But I'll live in Zanottis, and I'll live in Raphael Young."

I think if you're living in those shoes, you're doing it right.

"Yeah, if that's all you own, you're fine." [Laughs]

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