Zac Efron

Zac Efron on the cover of "Men's Health."
Photo: Courtesy of Men's Health's Facebook

It's unsurprising that Zac Efron is on the cover of Men's Health. The magazine is pretty straightforward and their covers always feature a 3/4-length shot of some guy being all clenched, taut and suitably ripped. It's the sort of thing that Chris Hemsworth would do. Or either Taylor (Kitsch or Lautner). Everybody has 2% body fat and that's cute for them. It's a pectoral festival.

For the most part though, they're pretty easy to ignore. They're not my jam (the coverlines are lulz). EXCEPT THAT MAYBE THIS ONE IS VERY MY JAM. Why does Zac Efron look so... so beautiful here? Like, what IS THAT enormous muscle ripple on his arm that looks like a giant, cartoon spermatozoa that's rising at least an inch and a half in relief? Hmm... that sounds horribly suggestive and I guess that's my point. I am appalled at how attracted to him I am. It's allowed for you guys to lust after this guy, you're all tiny babies born in the '80s and '90s. I remember Zac Efron WHEN HE WAS A CHILD. It was not that long ago. At least as a ratio of my years :(

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Karl Lagerfeld Florence Welch Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 4.
Photo: Getty Images

To be honest I was a little apprehensive about meeting Florence Welch . There's a certain gravitas about her music because it makes me feel actual, live emotions which is suboptimal because it makes my cheeks get all flushed and pins and needles-ish. I thought when I interviewed her she'd speak in song and it would come out of her head all misty and mythological and in cursive strings of English moss because if there's anyone who's a human unicorn besides Bjork, it would be her.

If you've been keeping up with the fash-news, you'll know that Karl Lagerfeld is obsessed with her and when he's not putting his pointy Dior-Homme-shod foot directly in his non-food-eating mouth for insensitive quips about outrageously talented zaftig singers who love a smokey eye, the kaiser is a fairly reliable litmus test for who is spectacular (also see: Azealia Banks). Florence even performed at his underwater-themed Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week for Chanel, emerging from a clam shell like Botticelli's Venus.

The rad thing about Florence is that she's hilarious. You'd suspected she might have an awesome sense of humor because she covers some truly unorthodox music brilliantly (ie: Drizzy songs) but that same sense of whimsy and charm carries to her attitude about fashion. In this interview she discusses how Karl is surprisingly tactile and easy to hug (WHUT?) and what was going through her mind during the surreal time span in which she had to wait for her cue to perform from a shell in the Grand Palais at 9 in the morning in Paris. She's tickled by the fine line between what constitutes a ladies' suit and what are just printed dude's pajamas and she loves herself a Ralph Lauren smoking slipper. All in all, she was super fun to chat with and we're stoked that on Sunday, April 8, we'll get to see a Florence and the Machine "Unplugged" performance at 11 p.m. ET on MTV and She rules. IRL, on-camera, Unplugged, basically all the time and everywhere. Check out a sneak peek of her performance as well. Do eeet.

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Lourdes Leon Material Girl Miu Miu Sneakers

Lourdes Leon and her bejeweled Miu Miu Sneakers.
Photo: Getty Images/Material Girl Collection's blog

So obviously we know by now that Material Girl is the clothing company that's a joint venture between Lourdes Leon and her mom MADONNA and we also know that it has an uber cute ad campaign that features Kelly Osbourne (and is shot by my bestie Brooke Nipar). What I had ZERO idea about until this very moment is that there's a blog and Lourdes contributes, as in, she actually writes and it sounds like a real-ass human teen not just some marketing svengali or a bloggerbot. It's awesome and conversational and peppered with scads of random, self-deprecating, parenthetical asides and I am into it.

ACK. I'm not trying to sound patronizing so please forgive me if I do. I'm not like "gobsmacked BEYOND IMAGINATION that Madge's kid is a cogent person wowowowoowowow" but I guess I'm impressed that she clearly doesn't fetishize her thoughts so much that she had to agonize over how to string sentences. This post is chatty. Example 1: "As you all know spring is coming around, oh hai time to get the zyrtec out. Fo realz the only good part of spring is fashion and warm weather, other than that it’s the re-awakening of dog poo in the park and super sexy allergies." And 2: "Ive kind of gotten into sneakers lately (wutt I know man). I personally don’t own any but my brother has a generous collection of very cool sneakers and I have been illegally raiding his closet."

What's not to love. You can tell she knocked this ish out in minutes and threw it up there all NBD-like and I just think that's incredibly rad and well-adjusted and regular. This is just reason number 32987493287432 of how Lourdes Leon is legitimately cool in a way that has less to do with nepotism than other people may realize. It's in the ingredients, man. Also, speaking of which, HI, can we talk about how much girl looks like her mom in this photo? Stunning. Plus, these Miu Miu sneakers are the jam (and likely do NOT belong to her brother).

{via Material Girl Collection}

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Hair cones as seen on 2NE1 are now available at ASOS.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of ASOS

Look, anyone can have their favorite 2NE1 member, but if you ask me Dara's the most awesome. Especially in terms of style. I know it's not a contest, but there's just something so noisy and interesting about the way she throws a GANG of colors and patterns together, and because she's so whippet-thin her oversized clothes take up interesting amounts of space on her slight frame. It just reminds me of if a blowfish got dressed after watching a TON of TLC videos circa when Cross Colours was cool (aka the "What About Your Friends" video era. TOTAL CUHLASSIC, look it up if you're too young to be up on it). Basically she's got swag for days.

ANYWAY, when I interviewed them during their first U.S. performance I became completely smitten with the giant contraption on Dara's head. I thought she looked just like Daisy-Head Mayzie and 100 percent beautiful. WAAAAAAAAANT. Especially since stick-straight, long, luxurious ponytails are that HOT ISH (hullo, Katy Perry at the KCAs or Iggy Azealia all the time) and especially-est because I have long hair also and believe in my heart that if I hoisted it all up in a big gold hair conical thing that it will haul all my wrinkles to the tippy-top of my head and away from sight. Basically, I am going to get a couple of these jams from ASOS and stack them and see if it works and if I look awesome (I will probably only do, like, two of them and not be as extreme as Dara's), OR I will just return all of them because I look ridiculous and buy some creams and elixirs made from placenta for a jillion dollars to slather on my face BECAUSE IT'S FROM FRANCE and because I am vain. Here are some other eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting baubles that carry the same idea. If you buy one, please come back and we can share notes.

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Prom Dresses

Three prom dresses from Prom Girl.
Photo: Courtesy of Prom Girl

Did you guys read the WSJ article a couple days ago about how high schools are cracking down on dress codes for prom with intricate Power Point presentations and nifty little tricks like using your hand and your collarbone to deduce whether or not you're revealing too much boobage (the exact words are as follows: To deal with cleavage, the dress code asks girls to place the index finger on one side of the collarbone and the thumb on the other. "If any skin shows beneath your hand...your dress is too low-cut.")? It sounds insane and alarmist and conjures all sorts of images of stuffed-shirt administrators mouth-breathing and getting slap-happy with rulers and getting their foppish feathers ruffled over NOTHING. But then, um, I clicked on some of the questionable dresses and they legit bum me out. Is this real and totally a thing? Do high school-age ladies really want to dress like they're on "Dancing With The Stars?" Because: yikes.

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Willow Smith, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber

Willow Smith, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber change up their hair at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh man! The 2012 Kids Choice Awards were SO SATISFYING. There's just something so enormously rewarding about seeing gorgeous, dewy-skinned, long limbed ladies and dudes get dolled up for an event and then get RIGHTEOUSLY SLIMED. The show was all in fun, and we saw a lot of bright, bold, mini dresses on the "Orange Carpet" but something we also noticed was that Willow Smith, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber flipped their proverbial wigs for new hair dos.

The ever adventurous Willow (who's been steadily making her way through the entire color spectrum) opted for pink for her close-to-the-dome shorn coif, which was just the perfect zany dash of color under a black porkpie. The added collar, stud earrings and retro rhinestone cat's eye sunnies offset the black, leather jacket (also, is it us or does the whole Smith fam have the best collection of jackets EVER?) and while we love the truly, truly, truly outrageous hue we're def curious about what's next. We'd bet blue but we're not ruling out any patterns either. Maybe she'll twerk camo?

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Vinny Guadagnino Paper Magazine

Vinny Guadagnino in "Paper" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of Douglas Adesko/"Paper" magazine

In a moment of unlikely circles converging, venerated New York lifestyle magazine Paper has chosen Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino for its 15th Annual Beautiful People issue. The April installment features Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta on the cover (which makes sense since dude is nothing if not dishy with a knack for dressing sharply) and contains the gorgeous likes of Rita Ora, actress Zosia Mamet (from the upcoming HBO show Girls), and our Lady of The Not-So-Basic Bishes, Kreayshawn.

OK, I know you're all thinking, "Well OBVI you love that this JS kid is in this magazine you wildly biased, slippery MTV-employed woman," and while I get that, here's where my brain went in enjoying this particular move.

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Kat Graham

A still from Kat Graham's "Put Your Graffiti On Me" music video.
All Photos: Courtesy of A&M/Octane Records

Not to be alarmist and shrill but: UUUUUM WILL EVERYBODY DROP EVERYTHING AND LOOK AT THIS VIDEO PLEASE BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS IT NOOOOOW. It’s the vid for Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me” directed by Benny Boom and obviously I am slightly obsessed with it given that a) the song is a syncopated masterpiece of girl-power anthem-ish goodness and b) Kat’s stylist Brett Alan Nelson is a fuhreaking genius and I can’t even deal with all the streetwear Easter Eggs dotted throughout. AND WELL, HI, I did work at a graffiti magazine for years one million years ago. Anyway, on a scale of one to WILDLY REWARDING, for me it is absolutely the latter.

I grabbed Brett for a chinwag over the phone and we ki-ki’d like banshees and high-fived about the styling at least twelve times because, really, it’s incredibly empowering and SO ’90s in way that is surprisingly fresh and if you’re a huge sportswear and music + fashion dork like I am you’ll just get a such a kick out of it. So from hitting up the 99 cent store for accessories and incorporating sage footwear advice from Jeremy Scott, check out this video look by look and definitely peep the video in a loop as well. Let it get deeeeeeep in your brains.

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Rihanna Geisha Outfit

Rihanna dressed up.
Photo: Via Rihanna's Instagram

Uuuuuuuuum. What? OK, can someone go hug Rihanna. Like, right now. What is going on with her lately? Like, seriously, I LOVE this chick but between that sheer shirt "wardrobe malfunction," this article about "getting your tits out" being a "great way to feel better about your body," this outfit, and the series of photographs you see here from Twitter where she talks about being a "Gangsta Goth Geisha" and dubbing herself #PrincessOfChina (named after her upcoming Coldplay song), I'm legit getting... worried. Look it, I know girl has a SQUAD of people around her supporting her and maybe saying no 37 percent less than they should be, and that my growing increasingly concerned about where her head's at is some barnacle on a blue whale's ass, but I just want to stay being in LUH with her and her music and now I'm getting TIRED. She is wearing chopsticks in her hair.


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Rita Ora Fashion

Rita Ora in London on March 6, at the NME Awards in London on Feb. 29, and at London Fashion Week on Feb. 19.
Photo: Getty Images

You guys have heard of Rita Ora, right? The lovely, talented lady from Kosovo signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation? She's that platinum-tressed lissome songstress behind such chunz (yes, that's supposed to sound like an English accent) as "Hot Right Now" with DJ Fresh and the more recent summertime banger "How We Do (Party)" which was formerly known as "Party And Bulls***"? Anyways, her album is going to be bats-in-the-belfry bonkers because it is rumored to feature production from Drizzy, The-Dream, and superproducers Stargate (!!!!!!!!).

Total nerdly sidebar that is for like 4% of you BUT did you guys read 'The New Yorker' article about Stargate and Ester Dean (she's considered a 'Top Liner' which basically means she barfs pure hook diamonds from her brain)? If not, you totally should because it is a fascinating behind-the-scenes peek into the ingredients of all your favorite songs, like basically every super-sticky, ear-wormy Rihanna song in the last couple years.)

**Back from the sidebar. So, I first heard of Rita in the late summer of 2009 because FULL DISCLOSURE I interviewed her for her bio and learned a ton about how much pride she had in being recognized for her cultural heritage (little known fact, she was [at the time] the first Kosovan to be on MTV) and the fact that prior to being discovered by A&R impresario Jay Brown from Roc Nation and you know, MEETING JAY-Z, she was working at a sneaker store on Portobello Road and recording songs on a spectacularly beat up laptop.


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