The entire MTV Style staff in Skele-Toes.
Photo: MTV Style

Here at MTV Style, we wear heels or platforms...basically every day. We break our backs, pulverize the cartilege in our knees, and get nasty blisters all for the sake of FASHUNN. So today, we decided to do things a little differently. We've ditched our sky-highs for some Fila Skele-Toes, aka "those toeshoes." We're chronicling our adventures via the MTV Style Twitter AND our personal Twitters. Follow the shenanigans with the hashtag #daywithoutheels. We can't believe how short we all are. The air is so thick and luxurious down here...


Today's assignment: Wear these gross-tastic toe shoes ALL DAY and report any feedback. HOW DO YOU LIKE OUR FEETZ? than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply


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Oliva Wilde wears her hair in a long tiered ponytail for the Berlin premiere of 'Cowboys and Aliens.'
Photo: WireImage

Holy moly, Miss Olivia Wilde. The problem with summer is that you start off really psyched and then mid-way through you start getting tired of all those florals and brights, and then towards the end you see all these inspirational ideas that you wish you saw EARLIER, before you started unpacking your sweaters. Olivia's Cowboy And Aliens cascading ponytail is a voluminous twist on a seasonal staple. And what Olivia—whose beauty game is so airtight that she is the new face of Revlon—has going on here is not only inspired, but the textured, undulating pony is interesting and—get this—easy to pull off.

Fortunately we got you mid-way through August, so you've got the rest of the month (and well into fall) to try out this look. And since you only do things properly and with utmost professionalism, we contacted one of our favorite coif experts, celebrity stylist and extensions expert Ashley Hanna from NYC's Mizu salon, to get the step-by-step for the cascading ponytail.


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Snooki is launching a fragrance this fall.
Photo: Getty Images

If pickle flip-flops, brass knuckle bracelets, sneaker slippers, and leopard print nails weren't ENOUGH ways to get Snooki-fied, the Jersey Shore star is launching her first fragrance this fall. We foresee a round, meatball-esque bottle with a big, colorful bow on top, but judging by her GMA appearance this morning, the newly sleek-haired mini mogul might be turning a bit more serious. Either way, the smell and name on her fragrance are yet to be determined. But Snooks, GUESS WHAT? We thought of some ideas for you! I knowwww. We are SO NICE. (Psst, hire us!)


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Kanye West and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Kanye West stunting in tuxes.
Photo: WireImages

Um. Watch The Throne. Right? That. Shiz. Cray. Nevermind the singular coup that, as promised, the mega-opus by Kanye West and Jay-Z did NOT leak, but we've got THE exclusive premiere of the "Otis" video on MTV and, Thursday, Aug. 11 at 8:56 p.m. ET/PT AND a Sneak Peek below of the gritty, exciting, GENIUS visual slant from none other than directorial extraordinaire SPIKE JONZE.

Plus, holy face-melty fashion references on this monster collaboration. To celebrate MTV Style's unbridled enthusiasm for throne watching (which we've been doing nonstop), we've chronicled the BEST and most memorable fashion lyrics from the entire album with multiple nerd seshes devoted to "Otis." Of course. Get your Gucci geek glasses on, mmkay?


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Nicki Minaj performing on "Good Morning America" and Jem of Jem and the Holograms.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Fanpop

Doot doot doot, Friday morning, getting ready for the weekend/relaxing our platform-weary feet and then BAM…NICKI MINAJ appears looking like a classic '80s cartoon-eating chicken with a piano ring. Hence: Apocalypse, of the best sort.

At her Good Morning America shoot today Mistress Minaj rode up wearing an INCREDIBLE outfit, which is making us shake with caffeine/how much we want to explain how MIND-BOGGLING this is. It’s like a Matryoshka doll of win—each layer gets better and better—but it's topped off with this blonde explosion of frizzy hair deliciousness that is part helmet, part dream come true, and ALL a fire hazard.


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Snooki is our Jersey Shore Style Icon of the Night.
Photo: Getty Images

If we did a shot for every time a Jersey Shore cast member triumphantly announced that they were going to Italy in this premiere, our post would be way short and filled with spelling erroooooors (JK). Thankfully we didn’t, but we did anoint our very first Jersey Shore Style Champ for Season 4. This is what's going down: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, measure them in a fair and shrewdly scientific manner (we eyeball it and go with our guts, sometime there is production assistant bloodshed but so it goes...), and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

As dutiful editors, we consider personal trends, commitment to fashion, pain-in-the-ass-factor-of-GTL-in-a-foreign-land and whatever Heart of Darkness-ish trials and tribulations the cast members endure to keep their looks FRESH TO DEATH. Using mathematics, rune tossing and mascara-based fingerpainting, we’ve divined our first Season 4 Style Star: SNOOKI. Your girl Deena incinerating her weave was DEFINITELY a close second LOL. Our evidence is as follows:

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Director Drew Barrymore and the Best Coast Supervideo stylist, Alicia Lombardini.
Photo: MTV

We know, we know, you CANNOT POSSIBLY be expected to keep your wits about you while we bust a DELUGE of Drew Barrymore x Best Coast 'Our Deal' Supervideo magic at you bubububuWAIT it gets MORE INTENSE. As we mentioned earlier, a big part of what makes this technicolor, multi-generational, mercilessly beautiful vision so engrossing is how involved the costume designer, Alicia Lombardini, was in the ideation of the final look. Director Drew Barrymore's aesthetic was peripatetic and SPRAWLING but the impressive part is how seamlessly the elements flowed together.

First of all, all the characters from Tyler Posey to Chloë Moretz and Donald Glover to Miranda Cosgrove, and even Bethany "Best Coast" Cosentino's cameo displayed a convincing, cohesive outfit. Once you've suspended disbelief that any warring squads could be SO ATTRACTIVE and well dressed, you can completely imagine each person selecting their respective ensembles as they go into battle.


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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams at a QREAM launch party.
Photo: Getty Images

Pharrell Williams has been all over the headlines lately for launching his snicker-inducingly named alcoholic beverage for laydeeeez called Qream. While those 21 and older amongst us would rather partake in scotch or a crisp rosé, the one thing we can all agree on is that skateboard P hitting the party/red carpet circuit to peddle the "silky drink... [for] beautiful, independent, sophisticated women of today..." means a lot of fantastic photos and some seriously thorough ensembles.

The thing about Pharrell that makes his outfits such a joy to dissect is the shrewdness. While upon a cursory glance there's nothing too, too special about a gray cardigan, shorts, tee, and boots it's all in the fit and details. The cardigan in question fits him beautifully with the curveball of a long, button placket not on a traditional six-button delivery BUT ON A CREW NECK. And there's no discernible cuff on the bottom or sleeves, which creates a subtle roll—two bonus points. Plus, the way the arm's eye falls RIGHT at the shoulder with zero baggy/excess knit on his narrow armpits means this summer-weight throw on could easily buy and sell your entire sweater collection, no problem. This man knows his sizes, as does every retail salesperson working on commission worth their salt.


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