Christian Siriano at the debut of Karl Lagerfeld & Rachel Bilson's original film series inspired by Magnum Ice Cream in New York City on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Guys, guess what? Ahahaha. Actually, you can probably guess exactly what from the title of this post, BUT we're very excited to announce that Christian Siriano will be joining us again this weekend to host the 2011 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Report. As you've seen from previous years, Christian's fabulous fashion expertise and sparkly wit are sure to make the evening's glorious gowns and gorgeous suits all the more memorable. Plus, he's just as PSYCHED as we are about his return:

"I’m excited to be back on the red carpet for MTV," says the now 25-year-old Siriano. "It’s always a lot of fun and it is nice to take a break from the designing process and see fashion up close as it's happening. I love that MTV celebrates and supports creativity and artists in all forms."

We do indeed and also, we are DYING to see how fancy and turned-out his mic accessory game will be. The fierceness will assuredly be on full blast, and while the bespectacled, angular-haired designer needs no introduction on this site, we'd love to turn your attention to what he's been up to since the Movie Awards last year. When he wasn't dressing Nicki Minaj for her SNL appearances in the most ethereal confections ever (think layers upon layers of delicate blush, silken, curl-edged leaves for a skirt), he was bowling us over with his impeccable murse (man-purse) game as well as causing a ruckus (albeit a well-behaved fashion ruckus) with his exquisitely platformed, teetering heel collection this past February.

But all told, it's unforgettable moments like these that we can't wait to catch this year!

+ Watch Christian Siriano's 2010 MTV Movie Awards interview with Katy Perry below!

+ Aaaand, be sure to catch the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and check back in at MTV Style for the full Red Carpet Report!

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Lady Gaga in both A-Morir and Sally LaPointe at Google.
Photo: Courtesy of Google

With an entire fashion world at her fingertips and designers literally getting made when she dons a glove or wears a bangle, Gaga can wear any item of clothing she wants (and often does). But over and over again, paying homage to her hometown and the streets that she says made her, Gaga grabs New York designers—young adults who stick to her ferocious NYC aesthetic. When sitting down with MTV, Lady Gaga didn't perform or wear a latex condom-inspired dress, swoop in on a zip line (like she did on this morning's Good Morning America), or even light herself on fire. Instead, she quietly, and articulately, laid out her path to Gaga-hood (Gaga-dom? Gaga-verse? Who knows.), paved on the avenues of NYC. (If you missed the incredible documentary special entitled "Inside The Outside" with a remarkably candid Gaga, you can see clips here. Or catch it when it airs again at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. today. And for every McQueen and Armani Prive she wears, there's a New Yorker too, one less well-known… well, that was, until Gaga asked them to help define her look.

Sure, Nicola Formichetti is now a household name, and Gaga's influence almost surely landed him his gig at Mugler. But what of her teacup? Or her straightjackets? Or the 800 other things that have set gossip blogs afire with their bizarreness (and the subsequent need for every other fashionable pop star to get something similar)? So MTV Style picked three of Gaga's most relied-on designers—young New Yorkers like herself—who, like Gaga, get the grit of New York. Artists like Asher Levine, Sally LaPointe, and Kerin Rose have defined that Lower East Side aesthetic as interpreted by the Gaga we know: spikes, leather, dramatic liquid liner, angular shoulders. Without them, Gaga just would not be Gaga.

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A red carpet look for our Scotty.
Photo: Getty Images, Clockwise from top left: Urban Outfitters, Ssense, Topman

Scottsman. Can we call you that? Since you took over our screens with American Idol, we've felt like we know you, so forgive our familiarity. Sure, some of us here at Style are olds who do not know what a TVs is, but a few of us watched you emerge from Milwaukee, taking—with your small-town charm—a big part of our hearts. But, let's be honest: You are verging a bit on the side of a style fiasco here. No, no, don't worry. We understand, and we still think you are savable, but since you are currently on the world's stage, we feel compelled to share our knowledge with you. A few fast rules: First, never unbutton your fancy shirt. Also, grow your hair out to set off the adorable roundness of your face. So follow our tips to make your casual/red carpet looks totally on point. Since you are the big winner, we'll tackle the dressy stuff first.

You dig on the classics, no doubt, so we went for a nice pop o'color à la Elvis for this jacket from Lanvin. If you keep it cool (literally, blues, blacks, grays), you'll be a hit without getting too busy. Also, you can fudge whatever underneath it, and the gray in a color like this will keep it from clashing our eyeballs out. Chambray is major right now, so give a nod to your hipster tendencies with a skinny tie in a fun color. No patterns—not on the RC, my dear.

Urban Outfitters tie; Lanvin woven blazer; Topshop shoes

And this may just be the bloggers in us squealing, but patent-leather shoes just don't work. The men before these current generations all knew that worn, rugged and heritage leather not only didn't need absurd upkeep but could be kept around for years. Since you'll be doing plenty of meeting and greeting, you'll want an easy pair of shoes to stay stylish.

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Saturday Night Live bumper photo of Lady Gaga.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC/Mary Ellen Matthew

As you all well know, Lady Gaga was the musical guest on the season finale of "SNL" hosted by the ever entertaining and dapper Justin Timberlake. Hordes of eager monsters waited in line FOR DAYS in front of NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center in hopes of getting their claws on standby tickets for the show and, of course, in true Gaga form she sent out donuts, pizza and coffee to keep her adoring public well-fed and happy. Classy broad.

What you might NOT know is who Lady Gaga was wearing for her performances of "Born This Way" and "Judas." While we've chronicled Gagaloo's previous sartorial forays into latex with such designers as RISD-grad Sally LaPointe at her last Oprah performance, and her appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, the latest young gun whipping up stretchy, shiny smocks for mother monster is none other than Jac Langheim.

With an eponymous debut only having JUST launched (like spring of this year), Langheim's versatile collection has caught Nicola Formichetti's eye for a litany of obvious reasons, but it's this New York City designer's unique vision regarding topics such as humor and love that we find the most interesting and are only evidenced by her handmade clothes upon closer inspection:

“My memories tend to be visceral. I recall sensations, the pace and depth of my breath, tingling in my fingertips, how my facial expressions felt as opposed to specific locations, people, or even circumstance. My most intense and favorite memories are those that happened right before I fell in love.

“Part of the fun of latex garments is that they require a dressing aid and often an extra set of hands. I designed with the intention of making it as easy as possible to get in and out of these clothes. Tight pants usually require a bit of patience, and practice. So I may put a functional zipper in as a tuxedo strip. It looks great but is also an easy way to get in and out of my clothing.”

Product shot and sketch of Lady Gaga's performance outfits from Saturday Night Live.
Photo: Courtesy of Jac Langheim

The sculpted sleeves on the right were dramatic as they were impressive (seriously, try getting latex to STAND) anchored cleverly by the elongated neckline, and the latex black-and-blue bodysuit was an exercise in elegant contours ending in garter belted, thigh-high stiletto boots. Definitely looking forward to future collaborations. FOR SURE FOR SURE.

Watch the 'Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside' on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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Debbie Harry circa 1970, Lady Gaga performs in Carlisle, England, on May 15, and Cruella De Vil from '101 Dalmatians.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Disney

Black and white is a classic trend when it comes to the best in clothes, '80s home decor, cookies with deceptively soft consistencies, bordellos... Such a stark contrast can be a challenge in hairdos, and yet it's been done successfully time and time again. And while there's definitely a Cruella de Vil-ish element to Lady Gaga's current two-tone 'do (an easy comparison to make since mama Monster actually was the fur-clad, would-be dog murderer for Halloween) it's an interesting, extreme twist on ombre hair and would be a refreshing counterpoint to the current surge in everyone dying their hair red.

The read pioneer of pulling off black-and-white, is of course Debbie Harry. Granted, this now 65-year-old punk-rock (with moments in rap and disco) GODDESS, is the pioneer of a great many divergent trends (it is said that she INVENTED looking smoking hot but appearing largely unaware of your level of attractiveness ESPECIALLY if you're talking to a famous person/on TV/at Studio 54), but the one thing that has always stuck out, other than how she effortlessly pulls of white pants, is that she can look badass while looking sweet and NEVER appearing costumey.

Debbie Harry circa 1970.
Photo: Getty Images

There's just something about this hair that just does it for me. The bangs are a razor-cut mess of divergent lengths and textural weirdness, Harry's obviously wavy locks curls at the base of her skull and is probably a nightmare to cut with any accuracy, and she's chosen to darken some strands with seeming randomness. And that's why it works. It doesn't look overwrought. It's already a choppy look so the changes in hue aren't totally alarming. Gaga's wig looks like a wig because the retro bob is incredibly stylized and the dye job hugely conspicuous.

If Gaga's is the performance version and Cruella's is the scary cartoon version, Harry's is definitely the "Real World" example that is still enormously daring but won't make you look deranged in a cardigan. Also, would you not KILL for everything she's wearing on this shoot? From the teeny pendant to the shirt to the high-waisted white shortshorts to the over-the-knee pirate boot to the sunnies? AMAZING. But still, the 'do is verily the swoonworthiest, and I would LOVE to see more successful examples, so if you know someone or have it sitting on your head presently, please send us a snap. Kthx.

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Jennifer Lopez performs at KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2011 in Los Angeles on May 14, and Nicole Scherzinger performs at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011 in London on May 14.
Photo: Getty Images

You know how even the most impressive dudes in the whole wide world put their pants on one leg at a time? WELL, WHAT ABOUT CATSUITS? I don't even wear leggings, let alone leggings without a shirt/tunic/dress long enough to cover the V of your ladyundercarriagearea, so I gotta say, these skintight bodysuits seem awfully challenging and yet here we have two very successful examples.

Peep the impressively sleek physiques of Jennifer Lopez (again, this woman had TWINS) and Nicole Scherzinger. Despite my being 1 million years old and damn-near Victorian when it comes to grave matters of the camel toe, I am not in the least bit affronted by either display of womenbits because there is NONE TO BE SEEN HERE.

It's really a matter of fit. J. Lo's homage to Spider-Woman (whaddap Jessica Drew) is plenty revealing, but the fact that there is ZERO bunching or even the slightest hint of sausaging on any of her extremities speaks to either a dynamite tailor or a superhuman tightness of flesh. The iridescent webbing also breaks the look up, so there isn't just an expanse of skin for the eye to train on and pick off shortcomings since human eyes can be total bastards.

Nicole's working with a much more retro, Body Glove-ish silhouette. Neon, midriff cutouts, color blocking... But the trick here is that a) it appears that this onesie isn't made of neoprene as earlier suspected (wetsuit material can have an oddly thickening effect) and that b) the shapes on the surface, the long sleeves and the V-neck actually contours an already dumb perfect body. Basically, this is a magical catsuit that gives you boobs, trims your waist, makes your torso appear slender and lengthy while elongating your limbs. It's like if your SPANX had tiny intelligent mirrors, lights, and a million buglike robotic arms that moved according to who's looking at you to make you appear 10 pounds thinner and 32 points boobier. You know, DESPITE ALREADY HAVING THE IDEAL MOST PERFECTEST AWESOME BODY ALREADY. Who wore it better? More like, who but these two could in the first place?*

*Oh, I guess Nicki Minaj, Jessie J. And basically anyone who chooses to. I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO TALKS SMACK ABOUT A LADY IN A CATSUIT. It's not easy, man. Can you even really carry a purse? OMG. You'll need to make a mini-you-in-a-catsuit-fanny-pack. Oh me? Yeah, I'm just blogging MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS IN THE ASTERISK POSTSCRIPT.

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Karolina Oacik, Nadja N., and Abbey Birden.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Cajmel, Street Princess, and Mice and Unicorns.

We can always grab prom style inspiration from the couture runway shows or from the glossy pages of a magazine, but sometimes the best, most-thoughtful, and straight up COOL looks come straight from the street! We're obsessed with these three ladies who show that prom doesn't have to be about the super duper long dress covered in rhinestones paired with a tight updo and heels you'll probably never wear again. Prom is all about HAVING FUN and getting the most out of your outfit! Wear your hair down, let loose and break all of the fashion rules. C'mon, it's your ONE NIGHT to do whatever you want!

Karolina Oacik of Cajmel
A Poland-based blogger with cute style to boot, Karolina lets her bright red dress be the center of attention in this outfit. She opted for suuuuper classic accessories that don't take away from the dress: a black velvet clutch to add texture, a flower pin for a dash of sweetness, PERFECT black platform pumps that can be worn anywhere, and a rose in her side chignon for a pop of color in her hair. Also, please take a closer look at her updo because it's amazingly braided and INSANE and this girl deserves major props.

Nadja N. of Street Princess
Nadja is a Sweden-based blogger with flair for street culture. We LOVEEEE her daring bright pink '80s-inspired tutu prom dress from Elegant Evenings paired with lavender and white high-top Nike Dunks (it's no wonder her blog is called Street Princess!). With a dress THIS intricate, it's best to keep the accessories at a minimum like she did. She also wore her hair loose and beachy (just like our DIY prom hair guide), which means she doesn't take herself too seriously. And, um, with an outfit like this, there's no WAY she won't be the most fun prom date ever. (Psst! You can also peep her street style on Lookbook!)

Abbey Birden of Mice And Unicorns
Abbey maaaayyyy be the cutest girl from the UK. OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but every time we see a photo of her, we just wanna say, "Awwww!" For her prom look, she paired a pale pink Lipsy London dress (that kind of reminds us of Katy Perry on the Vanity Fair cover) with all UH-MAZING New Look accessories! She personalized her outfit with layered charm necklaces, lace gloves, polka dot tights, a black clutch and black pumps. Abbey kept her bob simple and chic and added a Claire's netted headband for an extra touch of glam. Perfection!


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is COLOR BLOCKING! Send pics of your outfit to or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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BLADOW. It's that time of the week again. Time for us to bring you the Cover Girl Roundup. Our last installment featured Michelle Williams on the cover of Interview and full-throttle supermodel fierceness in the form of Cindy Crawford on the cover of Vogue Mexico, Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue Japan, and Bregje Heinen in a crazy awesome yellow Max Mara jumpsuit on the cover of Greek Vogue. This week we're bringing you Lady Gaga's DOUBLE covers for V Magazine, Rachel McAdams looking sweet and sassy on the cover of Elle, Alexa Chung gracing the cover of Vogue UK, and Cameron Diaz's side-boob all over the newest issue of Cosmopolitan.


This June, V Magazine serves up a double dose of GAGA with this pair of üuber-close-up full-face covers. Lady Gaga fronts V's new "Asia" issue celebrating Asian high fashion AMAZINGNESS including features devoted to the hottest Asian models in the biz right now, including Liu Wen, one of the current faces of Estee Lauder and Victoria Secret's first-EVER Asian runway model, and reportedly, 10 percent of the proceeds from this issue will go toward relief efforts in Japan. Gaga's looks for these yin yang covers are styled by Nicola Formichetti (per uzhe). Her hair is coifed by Christiaan and her makeup is so artfully applied by Peter Phillips. But let's be honest here, can you reeeeally equate this majestic rainbow sequined butterfly mask and these gold metal facial embellishments with the make up art of mere mortals?! If I ever attempted to replicate either of these looks, the result would be less cover girl and more like the bottom of a petri dish or a bag of week-old rock candy.


Rachel McAdams strikes a cutesy demure pose on the cover of Elle's June 2011 issue in promotion of her upcoming film Midnight in Paris. The Woody Allen flick, in which she costars alongside Owen Wilson, premiered at Cannes yesterday and Rachel looked totally glamourous in a white-hot structured number. On this cover, she rocks a little more casual/sassy look with a top by Sosume, jacket and pants by Balmain, and ZOMG BANGLESBANGLESBANGLES galore! The diamond ones are by Chopard, brass-plated by Noir Jewelry, and her link bracelets are by Fenton. Eeeee GIMME!


Oh man, who in life, other than this chick, can actually rock a feathered BOB? Like, seriously, it's insane sometimes how Alexa Chung, seen here on Vogue UK's June 2011 issue, can breezily execute every aesthetic and single-handedly start a trend like it's NBD. With a porcelain complexion, dramatic cheekbones and awesome clavicle game, Chung nails the GIANT "summer chic" (hmm... nerd note, why is "chic" not capped since seasons shouldn't be capped either so this isn't sentence case... so... so... ANYWAY...) on the cover effortlessly in floral sleevelessness and a shiny heart-shaped locket.


Holy sideboob, Batman. Whoa. So with this single Cosmo June cover, the lovely, impossibly smoking Cameron Diaz levels a blow that makes it wholly NUTS that she's of an age to play starlets' MOTHERS in movies. In the issue she reveals her thoughts on marriage, what it's like dating A-Rod (I guess he's some famous sports person? JKJKJKJK I know he plays hockey!), and vacays with her bestie Drew Barrymore. But more than anything, we're loving how she stays so sun-kissed, supple and the way she works a super-revealing, python print dress with stacked, gold bangles galore.

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Lady Gaga at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on May 6.
Photo: Getty Images

• Fashion director/editor/stylist extraordinaire, Nicola Formichetti, blogged all of the fashion credits for Lady Gaga's "Judas" video. ALL. Prepare your eyes, minds, and hearts for the fashion explosion that awaits. Think Erickson Beamon, VINTAGE LACROIX (sweetie darling) and find out who did the awesome Japanese stiletto 3-D nails! Monster claws rise in exaltation. You saw the HBO spesh, right? {Nicola Formicetti}

Lindsay Lohan, ever the style changeling, has altered her appearance once again, this time to resemble a bloodthirsty vampire. She embraced her inner mythical bloodsucker for a friend's photo exhibit entitled 'Life Is Not A Fairytale' (hmm... Brooding are we, LiLo?) where her pointy canines and crimson lips took center stage. {People}

• Mmmmm... Moss x Testino. Check out Kate Moss and Mario Testino's EPIC Vogue Brazil spread entitled "Love You." Wow, I'll say. It makes us feel FEELINGS.

• Oh snap, we told you that Adam Lambert shaved his villainous facial hair (that we'd grown strangely fond of), check out his cleanly shorn mug now. Ponder the difference (whilst stroking your chin, of course). {Just Jared}

• Check out these choice morsels from Rosemount Australian fashion week in Sydney where local designer Dion Lee wowed the crowds again with structural austerity and keen cuts. {Fashionista}

Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and Demi Moore were all at Victoria Beckham's baby shower where the 36-year-old only wanted pink presents for her baby girl. Bonus among all those famous moms? This Twitpic of the typically fashionable Posh covered in a toilet paper dress. {NY Daily News}

• Zebra print and neon are still going strong for spring/summer, and at $65 this retro Swatch watch is a steal. Kiiiiinda want at least three, even if that does defeat the purpose of thriftiness. Hmm... {High Snobiety}

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Kristin Cavallari at a premiere in Hollywood on May 3.
Photo: Getty Images

• This week, it's alllll about the ladies! Kristin Cavallari showed off her ginormous engagement ring (we die), Nicki Minaj appeared on Dancing With The Stars in a shimmery gold corset by The Blonds, Katy Perry took us behind-the-scenes of her California Dreams tour, Lady Gaga had her last hurrah on Oprah in a gorge Sally LaPointe blazer, and we broke down every look from Eve's latest music video with Swizz Beatz.

• We can't forget about about the fashionable gentlemen! Ed Westwick rocked a plaid suit in ways we didn't know were possible, Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie has steal-worthy bow tie and suspenders style, Michael Cera used a shopping bag as an accessory and TOTALLY made it work, Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam are equally good looking, Zombie Boy Rick Genest does, IN FACT, look hotter as a zombie, and Adam Lambert shaved off his mysterious facial hair. Sad.

• Here at MTV Style, we like weird stuff. Like, really, really weird stuff. This week we discovered: brainwave-powered cat ears, tattoos for your lips, and boots that look like Mary Janes (but aren't).

• The MTV Movie Awards are fast approaching! We know you've already been voting for your faves, but have you seen their AMAZING style? Check out the most memorable fashion moments from the Best Female Performance and Best Male Performance nominees!

• The Met Gala brought out the amazingest (and fugliest) dresses we've seen this year BY FAR. The best part? The following day when André Leon Talley put HIMSELF on his own best-dressed list. Yeah.

Have a fun weekend fashion friends!!

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