Miley Cyrus and American Hi-Fi in Santiago, Chile, on May 4.
Photo: Courtesy of American Hi-Fi's Twitter

• We're OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus' South American tour Twitpics! Check out the stacked bangles, sunnies, and slouchy shawl of her shopping style in Chile. Plus, TONS of vacay photos. {Oh No They Didn't!}

Chanel relaunched a fine jewelry site that features a watch that can ONLY be polished with diamond dust, gold that can only be worn by other gold, and platinum that dances and talks when other platinum is around. {Fashionista}

• The Charlotte Ronson for Uniqlo line has (quietly) arrived! Check out these first shots of the collection and, um, we call dibs on that summery striped dress. {Racked}

• Awwwwwww! Grab your bestie (do-si-do) and click through this supercute gallery of friendship bracelets together. {Refinery29}

• Oh, how we love an intricate fashion-related fun-to-follow infographic! Use this not-quick-at-all-HILARIOUS guide to knowing if you've left your house without wearing pants. It's not as simple as it looks. {Styleite}

• Ooooh! What do you guys think of this thigh-split, one-shouldered, black-and-white Versace that Lea Michele wore? The Cut blog is torn, and so are we. {The Cut}

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Lady Gaga performing on 'Oprah.'
Photo: Courtesy George Burns/Harpo Studios/Sally LaPointe

Oprah's "Farewell Season" has already brought us to tears multiple times from all her Godlike good deeds, life-changing giveaways, and RIDIC amount of A-list celebrity appearances as each episode dwindles down. But then, today happened. Just when Johnny Depp began tugging at our heartstrings in his cute Frenchman's vest and tortoiseshell glasses on stage, incometh LADY GAGA. Behind the curtain (seriously, there was a curtain reveal and even a prerecorded, "Gaga can't make it" fake-out) we find the Mother Monster propped atop a GIANT HIGH HEEL PIANO MADE OF COILED GOLD WIRES (a sculpture by her little sister, we discover later). Our cold, little hearts almost couldn't take in all of the glory, but then in the close-up we see *GASP* A BEAUTIFUL RED BOILED WOOL SALLY LAPOINTE BLAZER. WITH LEATHER DETAILING. AND MASSIVE WINGED SHOULDERS. *faints dead away*

This crimson masterpiece isn't the first Sally LaPointe that Lady Gaga has been seen sporting (see Exhibit A: Google Interview and Exhibit B: Consumer Electronics Show), and we certainly don't think it will be the last, either. In fact, Gaga wears a gold metallic longsleeved gown by SLP in the 'Judas' video (btw OMGOMGOMG we cannot WAIT to finally see the uncut version on E! tonight - we've already watched the leak about a bajillion times today, obvi). Upon further inspection/glorification/ogling of this Oprah performance outfit, we stop--what's this? Do we actually RECOGNIZE something Le Gags (as the French say) is wearing? That sheer, animal spotted bodysuit MUST be the very same one she was seen wearing while combing the streets of Paris early this March. That is, unless she owns more than one (still completely plausible). But how much more real (human, even!) does Lady Gaga seem when you think about her wearing an article of clothing more than once? Either way, she's a visionary and a vision in Sally LaPointe (who is ONLY 26 years old by the by). Gaga, we raise our paws to you, you big ol' ball of cramazing. Salute!

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This year's MTV Movie Awards are fast-approaching, and in honor of the event, we're bringing you TONS of style-related coverage! Yesterday, we recapped the most stylish moments of the Best Female Nominees (Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart, and Natalie Potman). This time, we've rounded up the most memorable fashion moments of the Best Male Nominees: (Daniel Radcliffe, Jesse Eisenberg, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Zac Efron). We'll keep you informed about all things fashion-and-movie-awards related right up to the big day (Sunday, June 5), and until then, vote for your favorite leading man and catch snippets of each movie moment here!


Daniel Radcliffe at the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1" in New York City on November 15, 2010, at the Daniel Radcliffe Gotham Magazine Cover Party in New York City on April 25, 2011, and at the after party for the Broadway opening night of "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" in New York city on March 27, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Male Performance - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Character Name: Harry Potter
Memorable Style Moments: As an accomplished singer, dancer, and actor, Daniel Radcliffe is the ultimate triple-threat, but what he doesn't get enough credit for is how consistently he slays casual looks, black-tie suiting, and everything in between. We love how dapper D. Rad looks pairing a classic navy suit and tie with a fun gingham shirt, as much as we adore how effortlessly he slides into a striped tee + leather bomber jacket + resin rinse jeans + lace-up boots combo without missing a beat. And, of course, as a Brit, he does old-school sophistication without looking curmudgeony in slicked hair, a bowtie and a pocket square. Easy peasy.


Jesse Eisenberg at the 5th International Rome Film Festival in Rome, Italy on November 1, 2010, at Los Angeles Confidential magazine's Jesse Eisenberg Awards Celebration in Marina del Rey, California on February 26, 2011, and at the 2010 New York Film Critics Circle Awards in New York City on January 10, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Male Performance - The Social Network
Character Name: Mark Zuckerberg
Memorable Style Moments: Hold the phone... No, seriously, wait. Have I been living under a rock or are you guys realizing with me that Jesse Eisenberg is legitimately reallyreally HOTT (with two capital T's, lest anyone gets confused...)? Maybe I was wrongly blinded by Jesse's shrew-like portrayal of Facebook mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg, but praise be for now I see the LIGHT. The breadth of his typically hunched chest in this tuxedo is delightfully surprising and VERY badass in a Reservoir Dogs way (also, stealth pocket square is yum). Admittedly, the New Balances were a questionable choice, but at least the hue of his kicks perfectly complement the slate blue of his blazer (this is also around the time we noticed that he was kinda tall...). And his flatter/straighter 'do rocked with a blue skinny tie that accentuates his dramatic cheek bones, is also thoroughly enjoyable. *fans self with one hand while biting the fist of the other*


Robert Pattinson at the 'Water For Elephants' premiere in New York City on April 17, 2011, at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California on January 16, 2011, and at the 'Water For Elephants' premiere in Berlin, Germany on April 27, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Male Performance - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Character Name: Edward Cullen
Memorable Style Moments: Hullo NURSE. If you've noticed that this "Style Moments" analysis of the MTV Movie Awards male nominees has degenerated into a gauche swoonfest of manmeat ogling, then you would be right because, well, HI, it's Robert Pattinson. We didn't approach the photo research for this post like dressing up Ken dolls or anything but Pattinson's suiting looks were definitely the most memorable and the fact that Edward Robert looks bananas-glorious in combed wool and carded cashmere is not our fault. Whether it's a narrow lapel, two-button grey wool suit with a symmetrical (dare I say, Windsor?) knot in a wine tie or a tuxedo with a peaked lapel that matches the oh-so-tempted-to-touch (word to Kevin Little) spikiness of his newly shorn hair or an adventurously dyed brownish cashmere suit, R. Pattz is a dream.


Taylor Lautner at the screening of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' in New York City on June 28, 2010, at the 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California on March 27, 2010, and at the premiere of 'The Twilight Sage: Eclipse' in Los Angeles, California on June 24, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Male Performance - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Character Name: Jacob Black
Memorable Style Moments: Taylor Lautner gets a lot of praise for his rippling pecs and washboard abs (named THE top dude on People Magazine's 50 Amazing Bodies list last year), but the guy really does also know how to wear clothes (even if millions prefer that he wouldn't...mmm... running in the raiiiin). Taylor knew this unexpected grey-and-navy combo would work after wearing it during the entirety of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, but this time the look reads less infinitely aquatic. He knows how to dress up a V-neck and jeans with dress shoes and a blazer and even sports a few subtle chains 'round his neck. Generally speaking, dudes usually shy away from man-jewelry, but Taytay is a risk-taker and honestly, with his physique, he could probably make a tutu look masculine. He also knows that sometimes the old stand-bys are all you need, and wows in an all-charcoal suit and tie with a crisp white button-up.


Zac Efron at the premiere of 'Charlie St. Cloud' in Westwood, California on July 20, 2010, at the 'Charlie St. Cloud' photocall in Madrid, Spain on September 13, 2010, and at the premiere of 'Charlie St. Cloud' in Deauville, France on September 11, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Male Performance - Charlie St. Cloud
Character Name: Charlie St. Cloud
Memorable Style Moments: Shedding that teenybopper image is a hard transition for anyone, but Zac Efron is evolving before our eyes with minimal growing pains. Everyone knows real men can rock skinny ties and pants, and seeing Zac decked out in this lustruous dark grey suit is anything but painful (bonus points for that expertly placed, nimble tie-clip). As if that didn't get the point across, he grew some (very well kempt) facial hair, threw on a red plaid shirt, and a pair of rugged khakis for an ensemble that screams "Brawny Man". And while this all light-grey suit + amber-gradient aviators + deep side-part + mustache + soul patch + beard look has the very real potential to come off sort of "used car salesman" on most, Zac makes it WERK! He's almost David Beckham-ish in that regard, no?

A Fashion Homage To 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'
A Fashion Homage To 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part1'
A Fashion Homage To 'Black Swan'
A Fashion Homage To 'Easy A'
Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Male Performance Nominees
Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Female Performance nominees

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Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas on April 16.
Photo: Getty Images

• Not to add fuel to the fire or anything, but we can't believe this Kim Kardashian "real or fake" butt war is STILL being waged. We think she and her stylist just do an excellent job of accentuation her assets in well-selected, flattering pieces. Do you agree? {TMZ}

• Check out the breezy, relaxed but still WAY cute ensembles that Disney BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale wore from their girly besties trip to Mexico. Loose skirts + summery knits + those beautiful bronze tans you only get when you visit places near the equator = Yum. {Perez Hilton}

• WHOA, new surprise look-alike we weren't expecting. Do Raven-Symoné's new luscious, golden brown waves make her look like Nicole Richie? Maaaaybe. {E! News}

• Oh snap! In supermodel news, Erin O'Connor's assistant got busted stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her and spend the money on trips, taxis, and shopping sprees. {Vogue UK}

• We LUH this Stella McCartney heart-shaped bodice polka-dot dress Liv Tyler wore to the Stella McCartney boutique opening at Saks Fifth Avenue. Best version of see-through/non-see-through trend EVER. {Huffington Post}

• The feather-in-the-hair trend continues. This time, foliage makes an appearance amid the lovely tresses of Lourdes Leon, a burgeoning fashion icon for sure. {Just Jared}

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It's OFFICIAL! It's Movie Awards season again! The 2011 MTV Movie Awards site was just launched yesterday for your viewing (and VOTING) enjoyment. We'll be covering the MMAs starting now until the big day, Sunday, June 5 (mark your calendars, y'all!), when Jason Sudeikis takes the stage as your host for the evening, so there are NO EXCUSES for missing it! Our 2011 MTV Movie Awards coverage starts up with a look back at all the most stylish moments of this year's Best Female Performance nominees: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart, and Natalie Potman. Vote for your leading ladies and check snippets of each performance here!


Emma Stone at the "Easy A" premiere in Toronto on Sept. 11, 2010, at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on Jan. 16, 2011, and at the Conde Nast Traveler Annual Hot List party in West Hollywood, California, on April 11, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Female Performance - Easy A
Character Name: Olive
Memorable Style Moments: Emma Stone has been an undeniable fashion force of late. She's been experimenting with her hair, running the options from deep scarlet to stark blonde, and rocking insanely vibrant lipstick like it's NBD. Needless to say, we've been loving it. We love her age-appropriate ice-blue cocktail-length dress with floral overlay and monster shoulder pouf where an updo and minimal jewelry don't jockey for attention, but it was at this year's Golden Globes when she swanned in an impossibly sleek apricot Calvin Klein in which she truly knocked us dead. The tousled milk-white hair, fuchsia lipstick and cornflower blue ensemble with the prettily demure accessories was a definite close second.


Emma Watson at the world premiere of "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" in London on Nov. 11, 2010, visiting "Late Show With David Letterman" in New York City on Nov. 15, 2010, and attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Ball in New York City on May 3, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Female Performance - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Character Name: Hermione Granger
Memorable Style Moments: Emma Watson gets all the points in the world for having the most-gorgeous features that allow her to rock a pixie while appearing totally chic and feminine. A style muse and the face of houses like Burberry, Watson wowed crowds at the London premiere of the latest Potter flick in a Rafael Lopez feathered frock wherein she again defied logic and expectation by proving that petite ladies can appear as stunningly leggy as 6-foot-tall models. Of course, Watson looks just as breezily stylish in jeans and an oversize sweater + shirt combo. Especially when her studded status bag shines as hard as her impish grin, and finally, we've got blast-from-the-past Watson, in Burberry (of course) at last year's Met Gala, where we perhaps first noticed that wee little Hermione had grown the hell up in a white couture gown cut to there.


Jennifer Aniston at "Exposados" (The Bounty Hunter) photo call in Madrid, Spain on March 30, 2010, leaving the "Wanderlust" movie set in New York City on Nov. 20, 2010, and at the premiere of "Just Go With It" in New York City on Feb. 8, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Female Performance - Just Go With It
Character Name: Katherine
Memorable Style Moments: Jennifer Aniston's looked good for so long (and no, dudes, that is not at all a jab at her age reeeelax) that we often forget how awesome her perfected style science is. Her hair? Perfectly colored, perfectly coiffed, perfectly spot-on for the occasion. Whether it's a sleeveless sheath showcasing her shapely arms accessorized with a simple gold watch, or suede wedges offsetting a black shrunken leather moto jacket that fits so perfectly she looks sewn in, or a form-fitting, draped-to-death blue-black Dolce & Gabbana, Aniston always looks elegant and laid-back Hollywood done right.


Kristen Stewart at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Los Angeles on June 24, 2010, at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York City on May 8, 2010, and at the screening Of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in New York City on June 28, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Female Performance - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Character Name: Bella Swan
Memorable Style Moments: Kristen Stewart's just got good genes and that youthful insouciance where she looks cool no matter where she's at or what she's wearing. Her hair, even in a braided sweep, always has the correct number of stray pieces, and regardless of what color her tresses are it never looks like it required too much effort. Whether in single-sleeved sequins and feathers from Elie Saab that created a FUHRENZY or an architectural bodice with see-through "illusion skirt" hemline by none other than Chanel (whoa, waaaay early on that trend, right?) or a immensely ornate appliqued, skintight mini Roland Mouret dress, K. Stew keeps us on our toes with an unexpected curveball and reveals a confidence that makes us 0.0034 percent OK-er with the fact that her boyfriend is insanely, unfairly, ridiculously gorgeous.


Natalie Portman at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in Venice on Sept. 1, 2010, at the "Black Swan" Press Conference in Toronto on Sept. 14, 2010, and at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' second annual Governors Awards in Hollywood on Nov. 13, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Nominated For: Best Female Performance - Black Swan
Character Name: Nina Sayers
Memorable Style Moments: The thing everyone says about Natalie Portman is that she's a consummate professional, and that's hardly a surprise since when it comes to looking awesome, this chick's on her job. The whippet-thin actress would look good in jeggings and a canvas smock, but when it comes to event dresses, N. Port keeps it well played with a *golf clap*. Look at the way this scarlet Rodarte she wore to Venice moves? Flawless. And check out this contrast: Even with a somewhat shapeless, super-casual, sweater dress, the peekaboo sleeves and truncated length make it not only cute but really freaking cool. The Lanvin she wore to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards got torn by critics for the unflattering draping, but we have to say we LOVE the color and find the asymmetry wholly pleasing. In short, haters can suck it.

A Fashion Homage To 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'
A Fashion Homage To 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part1'
A Fashion Homage To 'Black Swan'
A Fashion Homage To 'Easy A'
Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Male Performance Nominees
Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Female Performance nominees

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Michelle Obama at the White House Correspondents' Association Gala in Washington, D.C., on April 30.
Photo: Getty Images

Dudes. I don't know how much gravitas I'm supposed to employ whilst discussing the comeliness of the first lady, especially on a day as loaded with political significance as today, but whatever the occasion, whatever the time, regardless of whatever other people wore to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, there is just no denying that Mobama looked RIDIC HOT. Right? It's basically insane. Let's break down the stats.

First of all, sure, those arms. We've been admiring that yoga divot right after the shoulder muscle for multiple seasons, so I won't dawdle there, but she's wearing a fascinating Halston dress from, like, two years ago. It's notable because it features a HELLA deep V, but it's exceptionally elegant due to its muted puce color and silky sheen. There's SOME glinting but only the amount that indicates that the dress is classy and VERY expensive. I will not delve too deeply into whatever undergarments she is working with for fear of gaucheness, but I gotta say, that kind of bias-cut fabric betrays EVERYTHING. So the fact that she's not lumpy or weirdly foamy displays a great deal of expertise. Twenty-seven points.

The hair? Extraordinary. A good eye-swoop in the front for utmost sexiness, and the large curls bring up the bob so that it not only looks as occasion appropriate as an updo but is just a lot less formal and fussy. And it's short enough that you can not only see the silver and rose gold earrings but the texture and bounce actually accentuate the curved silhouette of the jewelry as well. Eighteen points.

The necklaces however, make the look for me, and here's why. Yo, how many times can you ACTUALLY say you've seen a woman of a certain age and level of importance (who is NOT an actress or fashion designer) NAIL on-trend jewelry this hard? The layered chains (all her jewelry is by Irit Design BTW) are awesome, and the dripping portion that calls attention (but not too much attention) to her décolletage is resoundingly smoking. Forty-five bajillion points. Bonus points for being the EXACT right level of boob-ish.

Nicely done, Michelle Obama. You command the respect of those around you as your man commands the searing envy and bile of dudes around you both.

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Man, why are swimsuits so insanely expensive? I don't care how rich and successful I inevitably become (I'm on a trajectory, people!), I think I'll ALWAYS bristle at the notion of spending $200 on an amount of printed fabric that covers such a wee tiny portion of my torso and delicates. Do you ever really and truly get your money's worth? I get that certain prints are gorgeous and there are definitely designers who specialize in flattering shapes, but I don't know that I could ever drop the loot. Plus, you always need at LEAST 6-12 (OK, admittedly this may just be me but...) bikinis for a weeklong trip and that's not counting flip-flops beach bags, HATS, cover-ups and complementary jewelry that won't leave bizarre tan lines. And sunblock. Sunblock's expensive.

THIS is why I respect Jordin Sparks' series of Twitpics. First of all, she posts this, saying that her bathing suit reminds her of breakfast cereal and then, when her followers asked where she copped her über-cute two-piece, she says she got 'em from Target AND Old Navy. Respectively. Very well played. Plus, each piece is under $20! We went shopping for another colorway, and the bandeau you see here is $17.99 and absolutely perfect for line-free laying out. The bottoms are $15.50 and skimpy but (as you can see from Jordin's photo) incredibly flattering. Itsy-bitsy. Cheapy. Awesome. And, not for nothing, you could actually totally rock the topper under a cute white tee or a diaphanous breezy sundress so you're not constantly tugging at a nude bra that, let's face it, you can always sooooorta see. Nude underthings are so weird sometimes. It's like wearing a neoprene prosthesis or something and totally freaks me out. Again, this may also be just me.

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Hayden Panettiere at LAX in Los Angeles on April 26, Eve at Girls Night Out at Webster Hall in New York City on April 14, and Alessandra Ambrosio shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on April 22.
Photo: Courtesy of Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images/Wetherly Fashion Group

Ultra-dyed denim is hardly new, and we all know there's nothing like a pop of color in those weeks between spring and summer when the nights are a tad nipply and you didn't necessarily intend to stay out for 22 hours after you left your house yesterday morning. But, well, heck if you don't finally deserve a bit of fun and excitement after a hard, bitter winter, so everyone stop passing judgment that you're still wearing the same clothes. At least your clothes are cute.

See, the thing about colored jeans is you can definitely overthink them. Will you get enough mileage out of green jeans? Red seems to be the safer bet, especially these skinny J Brands, but oooooh, is red played out blablablablabalbala? STOP. Look it, if Hayden, Eve and Alessandra are evidence, ANYONE can wear them ANYPLACE. Think of the vastly differing physiques/personal styles/events we've got going on in these pictures. These three ladies run the gamut, and all look very, very fetch. The thing that you have to realize is that a) It's spring, and the entire world is way too egocentric about their own wardrobes to give a pshaw about what you're wearing and b) It's spring, and you should ONLY concentrate on having as much sunshiny fun as humanly possible. You can wear ANY color, and you can wear them on multiple days a week. Get 'em a little dirty. Wear them with heels. Or flats. Or clashing colors. Or NEON color blocks. Nighttime. Daytime. Early morning after a little "nighttime." Do whatever. Yes, this IS a PSA. Now go play outside. Responsibly. With sunblock. Maybe a big hat. OH! And last, of course you have free reign on complementary articles of clothing, but we would definitely advise AGAINST wearing the same colored denim jacket. Unless you can pull it off on a suiting tip because you have an impossible body with buttloads of charisma. In that case, carry on and send us a photo.

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Fergie at Macy's in New York on April 21.
Clockwise from top left: Reality in Sapphire, Barter in Black, Tremble in Green, Quilla in Clementine, and Bold in Black.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Fergie Footwear

Given Jessica Simpson and Carlos Santana's incredible successes in the shoe department, it comes as no surprise that she of the consistently bronzed, obscenely shapely legs—Fergie—would be hot to trot into the game. And, what's even more notable is that like Simpson and Santana, her reasonably priced offerings are not only totally accessible but cute. The spring/summer line is available at Macy's or online (with most at just under $100) and there's wedges, platforms and sandals galore. Check out what the shoes look like on display in real life (you can see the colors with some accuracy here) and for the whole collection, you can check her site but peep our top 5 (working from the top left).

We love this blue suede wedge sandal called "Reality" since the T-strap upper is large enough to not only be comfy but support the heel. You can pair this with high-waisted, denim flares for a retro feel, or it'd look just as cute with a vibrant midi skirt.

With the suggestively named "Barter," we're working with a mesh that's supported with a double-looped strap. Note that the straps are padded and that the 2-inch platform on the front makes the teetering stiletto easier on your arch.

This stacked-heel, lace-up, open-toed clog is a no-brainer. You can wear the green "Tremble" with anything. Just as long as your pedi's right and the burnished studs don't clash with your accessories.

The "Quilla" in orange is the perfect summer shoe. The wedge means that you can navigate all sorts of BBQ terrain and the color pops against all types of breezy backdrops. Again, we're working with a platform so you can run around town (or seaside resort) in the utmost comfort.

OK, this middle shoe called the "Bold" (I'll say) is kinda an intense shoe. And by "intense" we mean we love it and are perfectly willing to wear these even with the most innocent of eyelet smocks. It's all about the interplay and juxtapositioning, people.

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