Rihanna rocks a bob and a bodysuit out in NYC.
Photo: Splash News

YAAS, Rih! We see you, girl! And not just because you may be the only person in NYC not wearing pants outside in November! (To be fair, it did get above freezing temps recently.) Rihanna debuted a brand new ‘do while out and about in the Big Apple this weekend celebrating the end of her Diamonds World Tour, and while we are DYING to know what her real hair looks like (because it changes shape on the reg these days), we are LOVING its latest incarnation. Rih stepped out with a chunky bob and bangs, cut by her long-time hairstylist, Ursula Steven, who was also responsible for the sleek, asymmetrical bob that helped put her on the map in 2007. Wearing a velvet, long-sleeved, mock neck playsuit from her River Island collab and thigh-high boots, Rihanna werqued her leggy mod look with a double dog tag necklace and a bold red lip. Gah, so good.


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Miley Cyrus performing "Wrecking Ball" at the 2013 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images

• Miley Cyrus stayed inside this week and has been totally MIA. JK! She was everywhere: calling for peace with her clothing on the 2013 MTV EMA red carpet, performing two songs at the EMA in way more clothing than we're used to, looking all future-istic (heh) in Future's video for "Real and True" AND showing off her handmade merch in a new promo video for her upcoming tour. PHEW. *wipes brow*

• HARRY STYLES. That is all. Actually, what we meant to say was: in other EMA news, Harry Styles (who attended in ~spirit~) won the award for 'Best Look.' Duh, duh, one thousand times DUH.

• Earlier this week, Rihanna let us peep a few advance pics of her #gothglam style from the set of "What Now," which gave us plenty of time to appropriately prepare for the return of the mullet.

• Selena Gomez lost her hair AND her shirtless bed companion in the new issue of Flaunt magazine. But she did find a picture of her hair in the end, so, there's that.

• The apple does NOT fall far from the swaggy tree in Drake's family. The rapper recently debuted his video for "Worst Behavior," which features his dad, Dennis Graham, lookin' RULL fly in a slew of luxury suits. And one of his BFFs in an owl suit.

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Robert Pattinson and his new goatee at the 6th Annual Go Go Gala.
Photo: Getty Images

Dear Robert Pattinson’s New Goatee,

Look, I know we don’t really know each other that well, but I’ve got a bone to pick with you, sir. You’re new around here, I get that. But first impressions are hard to change and my first impression of you and your finely-tuned shape is, well, not great. I don’t necessarily want to make you feel unwelcome, but like, what exactly are you doing on R. Patz’s face? Why are you here? What is your purpose?

The unkempt beard was one thing. That, we could at least relate to—because TBH, shaving (your face, legs, etc.) can be a total time suck and sometimes it’s just SO much easier to let your follicles run free for a while, you know? Also, I don't believe for a minute that you're around for a role, so don't try to play that card with me. As far as I’m concerned, ~all~ characters can be conquered by a prosthetic facial piece. I mean, you saw Tom Hanks in Castaway, right? There is no way that man grew a curly blond beard on his own.


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Katy Perry on set at her COVERGIRL shoot.
Photo: @covergirl's Instagram

Now that Katy Perry is the newest face of COVERGIRL, she’s got some business to attend to. We imagine that includes things like experimenting with different shades of eye shadow, creating some sort of prismatic lip-illusion and just generally looking really pretty. Man, life as a COVERGIRL sounds hard, right? *sigh* But before she gets down to the nitty-gritty, Katy decided to have some fun by taking over the cosmetics giant’s Instagram account earlier today and only snapping photos of cats. JK! But that would have been hilarious.


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Rihanna filming a scene for "What Now."
Photo: Def Jam Records

OK. Now that we’ve seen a few sneak peek pics and behind-the-scenes footage from Rihanna’s new video for “What Now,” we are officially afraid. Like, we’d even go so far as to say that “Disturbia” ain’t got nothin’ on this. And that video was RULL scary (but also pretty sexy, because Rihanna). Despite the soft, balladic nature of "What Now," the concept behind the video, which was shot in a warehouse in Thailand over 22 hours, is supposed to be “eerie” and “creepy,” says Rih. Well, mission accomplished from what we've seen so far, which includes a lot of mullet, retching, writhing, and possibly an exorcism. #goth


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Photo: Getty Images

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace go way back. Like, all the way back to 2011, when Gaga borrowed a vintage Versace dress for her "Edge of Glory" music video. Flash forward two years later, and they're basically besties (and sometimes twinsies, depending on Gaga's wig du jour): they do lots of air kissing, they send each other extravagant flower arrangements and now, after Gaga penned an ode to Versace with her song "Donatella," rumor has it that Mother Monster is slated to be the face of the brand's spring 2014 ad campaign. Suddenly, there's a whole new meaning to the phrase "friends with benefits."

Obviously, the set of this potential shoot provides the perfect place for us to drop in for another installment of Fashion Fanfic. Because LBR: aren't you DYING to know what the two of them talk about?

“And zen I told her, ‘Jes! Of caars, of caars! It looks fabulous, it is amazing,’” Donatella explained to Gaga as the pair entered a cavernous London studio, arms linked. She exhaled a long drag of her cigarette and brushed a bleached blonde strand away from her face to survey the set. “Jes, this is fabulous.”

Gaga set down her meatball-inspired handbag (made to scale with real marinara) and beelined for the nearest garment rack (there were seven). “You know,” she started, “I just really want people to feel included in this ad, Donatella. I want this to be an all-inclusive ad. I want people to look at this ad and know that they’re not just looking at fashion or art—I want them to know that they’re looking at … a movement.”


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Katy, Miley and Nicki rock Chanel chain belts.
Photos: Getty/@nickiminaj Instagram

Most people buy belts to help hold up their pants up or cinch their waist in an over-sized outfit. Celebrities, however, are not most people. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna (see below) have all recently been spotted wearing Chanel chain belts that definitely serve the purpose of #FASHUN over function. I mean, the way these dangling designer links are typically worn—slung low, multi-layered and/or over already snug garments—these “belts” are actually a lot closer to like, really expensive necklaces for your hips.

Of course, no matter how you categorize this particular accessory, it will consistently portrait luxury. A seemingly average outfit is instantly upgraded by the addition of a draped, chain belt and if you happen to have one with those iconic double-c's, well, feel free to flip your hair. (Politely, of course.)


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Rihanna gives a sneak peak of her 'What Now' style.
Photo: @badgalriri's Instagram

Over the weekend, Rihanna posted a few short clips to Instagram of fans singing along to a live performance of her new single, “What Now.” One of the accompanying captions implied that a music video for the song would be coming soon, and judging from those videos, we got the impression that it might be fan-fueled. D’awww! #RihannaNavyLove Well, that may still be the case, but we now know that it will also include THE MULLET. Oh, and a very ripped, #ghettogoth Rihanna. BONUS!

According to Rihanna, the video for “What Now” is set to be released on #FRIHDAY (see what she did there?), and from the two style snaps she shared, it’s going to be RULL angsty. AND, if the lyrics of the song are any indication, the reason she’s squatting in that corner looking so angry in her heavy black eye makeup praaahbably has something to do with some unresolved issues with a certain *achem* trouble-making ex. But that’s just a guess, of course.


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Jennifer Lawrence in couture Christian Dior.
Photo: Getty Images

Today was a big day for Jennifer Lawrence. Mainly because it was the red carpet debut of her super-new, super-short pixie cut. OK, also because today was the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in London. You know, small details. But while the world was waiting with bated breath to see how J. Law would style her freshly cut ‘do (answer: slicked back), it was her Christian Dior gown that really held the public's gaze. (Those metallic, midnight blue Kurt Geiger pumps aren't half bad either.)


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Lady Gaga gets ready to take flight.
Photo: Getty Images

On the eve of ARTPOP, Lady Gaga wore ten different outfits to debut her flying dress in Brooklyn last night—and LBR: that HAS to be some sort of record. Even for Gaga, a woman who seemingly changes clothes every time she exits a building, ten different outfits over the course of several hours, for just one event, is pretty impressive. I mean, hello! That is, like, almost as many costume changes as she had in the music video for “Applause" alone, and that wasn't even live.

The multi-platform artRave event, which included a gallery tour with a 100-inch replica of Jeff Koons’ Gaga sculpture, an 8-song performance, and a full demonstration of that much-hyped flying dress, celebrated creativity and Lady Gaga’s keen ability to overpack. JK! It was all about the creativity. But seriously, let's talk about all those outfits.


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