Jay Z for 'Vanity Fair.'
Photo: Mario Testino/'Vanity Fair'

For the November issue of Vanity Fair, Jay Z be on his suit and tie s***, tie s***, tie. The man loves him a good dinner jacket and gets all pressed up in black and white on his first cover for the mag. The feature gives readers a rare glimpse into the life of a modern day mogul, who currently has a hand in pretty much everything. (But seriously.) Aside from his involvement with music, movies, video games, a theater, a nightclub and a sports team (*wipes sweat off brow*), Jay’s fallen hard for fashion. But, contrary to what one might assume, it’s not all about the Benjamins anymore—it’s about making improvements in the industry, he says.


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Lauren Conrad's getting married!
Photo: @laurenconrad's Instagram

• Lauren Conrad got engaged to her boyfriend William Tell and SQUEE! Naturally, the ring is gorg, and naturally, LC had the perfect accessory for an already perfect accessory: a diamond-encrusted "LOVE" ring on her middle finger. We're gushing, you guys.

• A little birdy told us that Nicki Minaj might be putting out a spring line for Kmart! And by "little birdy," we mean Minaj herself. In a caption that accompanied a shirtless selfie, the rapper hinted at a second collaboration collection wearing nothing but nipple covers.

• If you see thousands of tweens walking around looking like Selena Gomez, blame us. You laugh, but we're totes serious. Selly snapped a few pics of herself with fans recently and we go the low-down on her off-stage steez. You can snag her sheer striped top and her bat print PJs at Forever 21! (You're welcome.)

• Rihanna wore vintage Chanel to go shark diving in South Africa because, I mean, it's Rihanna. So, you know, obviously.

• Easy, breezy, beautiful, Katy Perry! Earlier this week, the pop singer revealed that she's the newest face COVERGIRL. In her first official ad, Perry looks fresh, lovely and a little bit Prism-y. We dig it. And since we got all the deets on the makeup she wore for the shoot, we plan on getting Prism-y this weekend ourselves.

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There's always money in the banana clothes.
Photos: ASOS/Poppy's Closet/Nasty Gal/Topshop/Shop Jeen

This ish is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! But seriously, there are bananas all over these clothes. It’s Food Friday y’all, and with the weekend quickly approaching, we’ve rounded up the best banana gear we could find so that you can ACTUALLY go bananas when you clock out at the end of the day. You know what? Go ahead and go bananas right now. You’ve earned it. (We’ll wait.) Now, imagine how much more fun that would have been if you were wearing bananas, too! Next time.


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Rita Ora got her hair did.
Photo: @majormoon's Instagram

Go getcha some hair chalk. Dip-dyed ‘dos are officially happening again. We know this because, well, see above. When it comes to fashion, there's no doubt that Rita Ora is a risk-taker. (See also: antler ears, head-to-toe logo gear, combo pants, etc. etc.) But in terms of her hair, she’s pretty much kept it in the blonde spectrum–until now. Earlier this week, we got a glimpse of Rita’s rainbow chunks in a photo of a studio session she posted on Instagram. But the shot went without comment, so for all we knew, it was some temporary Manic Panic ish that she wanted to match with her new, floral Jeremy Scott raincoat. Well, that was not the case.


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Christina Aguilera's new fragrance, Unforgettable.
Photo: Christina Aguilera

Things that are unforgettable: your first kiss, your first concert, the first time you saw Harry Styles shirtless, your first job, your first love, the second time you saw Harry Styles shirtless, Christina Aguilera’s new perfume. (OK, so that last one was a smidge more literal than the rest.) Back in August, Xtina teased some “fragrance news” via Twitter with a mysterious photo that showed the bleach-blonde pop star shushing the camera in a sexy lace dress. And now we finally know alllll about it!


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World, meet pasties.
Photo: @nickiminaj's Instagram

When we first saw Nicki Minaj's complete collaboration collection for Kmart, we thought, "This is pretty great and all, but there's definitely something missing." For days we stroked our imaginary beards, desperately trying to put our finger on the one piece that would totally tie together the entire line. And then suddenly, without warning, it hit us. Like, it ACTUALLY jumped out through the computer screen and almost smacked us in the face. PASTIES! OF COURSE!


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Katniss Everdeen for Capitol Couture.
Photo: Capitol Couture

Oh YAAS, District 12! Katniss Everdeen, the beauty with a bow and arrows, is the newest cover girl of the Hunger Games' faux high fashion blog, Capitol Couture. With Catching Fire only a month away, the Tumblr fantasy mag FINALLY chose the film’s most famous tribute for an exclusive feature that gets back to basics in earth tones and minimal makeup. While they offered Everdeen (known to us outside the Districts as Jennifer Lawrence) a rack of couture gowns from the likes of Lanvin and Balenciaga, Couture tells us that she came prepared with her own clothes, courtesy of her stylist, Cinna. (We hear Miley Cyrus does the same thing!)


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A clown, a cat and a pop singer.
Photos: Splash News/Jimmy Kimmel Live

To the untrained eye, this photo may appear to be your average Halloween snapshot. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see that there’s a pop star in disguise, deviously lurking among fans to give them a trick AND a treat. MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA. (But don’t be scurred!) Before she performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Ariana Grande encouraged fans attending the taping to dress up in costume for a ‘special surprise.’ Since Grande is basically like, a Pied Piper of screaming tweens, a TON of her loyal followers showed up, but only three were chosen to compete for the chance to meet the tiny diva: The clown, the cat and the chicken.


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It’s not easy being Lady Gaga. First of all: the hair. There’s a lot of it. Can you even imagine the size of the suitcase required to travel with all of her wigs? Long, short, black, yellow, bobbed, Boticelli—those things must take up a TON of space. Second of all: The shoes. There’s a lot of those suckers, too, and they’re not like, pin-thin flip-flops you can toss in your purse on-the-go. They're typically tall, thick-heeled and embellished—not for the faint of height OR heart (#spikes). And then there’s the outfits, which basically have lives of their own and can speak for themselves, as far as I’m concerned.

On any given day, Gagaloo switches up her clothing/wigs/shoes, like, a BAJILLION times—so it’s no surprise that she wore FOUR different outfits over the course of her 5-minute opening performance at this year's VMAs. SANS MALFUNCTIONS. We were impressed, to say the least. SO impressed, in fact, that we decided to recreate each look from her "Applause"-inspired performance for your Halloween enjoyment. Pick one costume for yourself or snag 3 friends and make it a group thaaang. Then, you only have to learn like, 25% of the choreography, which you can totally do if you practice real hard starting NOW.



Warning: This costume is not for the spill-prone.
Photos: Getty Images/Costume Supercenter/Office Supply Inc/Epic Sports/Pynk Luxe


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M.I.A. for Versus Versace
Photo: Versus Versace

Welp, the rumors were true and the projected shelf date was accurate, too. Color us PUMPED! M.I.A.’s Versus Versace collaboration collection is officially available, so get it while it’s hot! Scratch that: this collection will STAY hot—you just gotta get it before it all sells out. And it looks good, y’all. Like, WAY better than it did in the preview photos, IMHO. The color combinations are wonderfully vibrant, and the graphic, bootleg-inspired prints appear to have translated quite well to Versace’s sister brand. Best part about this designer capsule collection? It’s not out-of-this-world expensive. It ain't H&M, but the price point is a whooole lot less than buying Versace off-the-rack.


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