Emma Watson

Emma Watson only owns eight pairs of shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Emma Watson recently admitted to owning only EIGHT pairs of shoes, because how many four-inch, black leather, almond toe pumps does one need, anyway? Looking at you, Mariah. {Vogue UK}

TOMS, the "one for one" pioneers who gave a household name to sensible canvas slippers, celebrated its 10 millionth shoe giveaway this week. Claps for good karma. {Telegraph}

• Apparently, you have a “birthday shoe” and apparently it says a lot about you. Just ask the experts of Shoestrology. {Amazon}

• In defense of the Birkenstock and Teva, one fashion editor wrote an inspiring ode to ugly shoes (still no Crocs, though). {Refinery29}

• And finally, a would-be robber in Atlanta was shot (in alleged self defense) by a customer waiting to buy LeBron X Denim sneakers. The customer(/hero?) then continued to wait in line for his sneakers because he didn't wake up early for NOTHING. {Huffington Post}

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Adam Levine Frangrance

Adam Levine's fragrance campaign.
Photo: Terry Richardson/Macy's Facebook

Adam Levine, one of the favored-few male celebrities to launch a fragrance, released a steamy new promo video for his perfume. But let's be clear on one thing: he still hates bulls*** celebrity fragrances. {People}

Tom Ford announced this week that he will launch a makeup line for dudes, including everything from concealer to bronzing gel. Equal-opportunity grooming FTW! Just remember to blend, boys. {Women's Wear Daily}

• Barney's creative ambassador, Simon Doonan, doesn't understand why American men are afraid of wearing Speedos. Hmmm... we're guessing it's probably because Ryan Lochte induced a nationwide inferiority complex.

• A recent study found that millennial men are more comfortable adopting women's beauty routines and miiiight even be opening their hearts to Spanx. *hair flip* Took you long enough. {AdWeek}

• And finally, meet The Prancing Elites: an all-male cheerleading team from Alabama who won the Internet with their metallic orange booty shorts, crop tops, and straight.up.fierceness. {Jezebel}

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson performs SANS engagement ring.
Photo: Getty Images

• WOOPSIES! Kelly Clarkson lost her canary diamond engagement ring mid-performance at the CMA Music Festival. But before you send out a search party... {Kelly Clarkson's Twitter}

• A "well-dressed thief" swiped two Tiffany’s necklaces worth nearly $100K from the Fifth Avenue flagship last week. He just lifted them from the counter, making the sting both the most boring and fascinating jewel heist ever. {Fashionista}

• Diamond experts have developed several tests to help you determine if your rock is fake. SUHWEET! Wait, let me get a rock first. {Racked}

VFiles announced a Bling Ring capsule collection by releasing a surveillance tape of the brand's SoHo store being robbed. Well, fake-robbed. So don't get any ideas. They probably want you to buy the clothes. {Refinery 29}

• If you haven't heard New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde’s earthwormy tune “Royals” yet, listen to it NOW because it brings a whole new meaning to "diamonds on your timepiece." {Vimeo}

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Charlotte Ronson Starbucks

Charlotte Ronson's tumbler for Starbucks.
Photo: Charlotte Ronson's Instagram

Must be something in the water because big-name collabs are everywhere this week!

Charlotte Ronson designed an exclusive ceramic tumbler for Starbucks featuring a delicate (though not exactly "pick-me-up") illustration of a woman sleeping on a bed of daisies. {Women's Wear Daily}

Lily Cole teamed up with Sky Rainforest Rescue to launch a sustainable jewelry line made out of wild rainforest rubber. We're talking rubber straight-up tapped from trees in the Amazon! {The Gloss}

• Hillary Clinton’s fake Bravo pitch, Project Pantsuit, already enlisted a MAJOR contestant. Hint: she has legs for days decades. {Racked}

• The Olsen twins, co-creative directors for Superga, sat down for a roundtable with The Sartorialist and photographer Garance Doré in this super cute style diary. {Refinery 29}

• And because we all know the best Revenge is looking drop-dead gorge, ABC Studios and Matchbook Co. are teaming up to create a clothing line inspired by the hit TV show. {Fashionista}

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Karl Lagerfeld and Madame Coco.
Photo: aleXsandro Palombo

Dur, collide. This week, the links are all about unbeatable combinations. So much goodness, all in one place!

• Italian artist aleXsandro Palombo hilariously transformed famous fashion peeps into Smurfs. Yep, Karl, Anna, Marc, and a slew of fashion's most wanted were re-imagined as the little pudgy blue cartoons with Phrygian caps! {Humor Chic}

Little Mix revealed how they (unsurprisingly) draw inspiration from two MTV Style favorites: the '90s and One Direction boyfriends. {Fashionista}

• The cat meme ain't over 'til it's over! The internet (and general life) obsession got some new treatment with this fiercely pretty gold ring. {The Cut}

• Happy 100th birthday, T-shirt! In honor of America's fave clothing item, CustomInk rounded up the most iconic tees of all time, including one that has particular sentimental value. *wink* {Refinery29}

• Supermodel Coco Rocha has been swimming in badassery since she became the first model-turned-tech-columnist. Check out her piece for PC Mag, which explains why she might be trading glossies for gadgets. {PC Mag}

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Harry Styles Instagram

Harry Styles 'just graduated' in Norway.
Photo: Harry Styles' Instagram

Because we all have to cut corners every now and then...

• Earlier this week, Harry Styles celebrated the Norwegian russefeiring graduation tradition by sporting a blindfold over his baby blues... except that he skipped the actual graduating part. {E! Online}

Google Glass is the wearable computer of the future, y'all! But for those of us who don't have $1,500 in pocket change, here’s what the experience actualllly looks like. {Mashable}

• Pants are superfluous, really. That's why Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) just up and wore undies to brunch.
{The Man Repeller}

Selfridges, the U.K. department store, is introducing the world's first retail drive-thru. Yep, now you can legit go shopping without leaving your car. {Huffington Post}

• Fact: dude with a guitar > dude without a guitar. No really, there's scientific proof behind the “accessory” that automatically makes a fella more attractive. {The Cut}

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Ellie Nike Women Half

Ellie Goulding laces up for the Nike Women Half Marathon.
Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Just when we think we have 'em figured out, they go and pull a fast one on us.

Ellie Goulding postponed a few shows on her Halcyon tour to run the Nike Women Half Marathon in D.C., raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In addition to being a total BAWSE, she dished about her workout style and running playlist! {Refinery 29}

• When designer Tory Burch isn't building her uptown-chic empire of ballet flats, she's jamming out to the one and ONLY, Tupac. Perhaps there's a double meaning in those iconic "T" emblems? {Racked}

• Indie darling Sufjan Stevens might have a history with outrageous performance outfits, but one time in college, he published a scathingly honest guide to fashion dos and dont's. Take heed, y'all. {BuzzFeed}

Zach Galifianakis took a break from his SNL rehearsals to profess a new-found passion for nail art. He's so serious about it, he got a $400 manicure that includes a sticker of Justin Bieber's face. {SNL}

• And in a new low for millennials: some college senior thought it would be a good idea to bring her cat to an interview at American Eagle corporate. (¬¬) Come onnnnn. {Complex}

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Selena Gomez for adidas NEO

Selena Gomez fronts the adidas NEO summer collection.
Photo: Courtesy of adidas NEO

Well, our karmic meters must be off the charts because we’re not sure what we did to deserve this much Selena Gomez + adidas NEO goodness. Mere days after we peeped the fresh, sporty looks for Sel’s NEO spring campaign, the label launched its brand new beachy-keen (LOL had to) summer collection! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been closely following Selena’s brand ambassadorship for NEO, a project that has her pulling double duty as both face and guest-designer for the teen-styled line. And now that Selena's punctually dropped a first look at the summer collection (in the midst of her other little career as an international pop star, mind you), we are straight REVVED for the dog days. In the lookbook, Selena sports sunspired staples including swim wear, accessories, airy knits, and may even a flamingo or two. Check out more looks after the jump!


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Grimes performing at Coachella 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

A few things you might have missed this week, but you'll be glad we didn't!

Grimes took to Tumblr to defend the merits of pop music and fashion, and thusly scored 10 points in the game of life. {Grimes' Tumblr}

Zac Efron caused a stir when he wore a candy-striped bathrobe, but the REAL star of the outfit: the adidas sandals on his feet. O_O {Just Jared}

• Apppparently, there are some up-and-coming sites tryna be the next Nasty Gal. Hm, the more the merrier? Or, can't touch this? {Fashionista}

• A hardcore Chinese reporter redefined the meaning of "runaway bride" when she left her wedding to cover an earthquake. We're talking sprinted from the altar into the rubble, clad in dress and veil. {Jezebel}

• Here are a bunch of celebs who used to be Abercrombie & Fitch models... because everybody has to start somewhere. {Buzzfeed}

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Selena and Taylor

Selena and Taylor in 2012, but their womance stays alive.
Photo: Getty Images

Whether you're all cartoon hearts or ridin' solo, this week the links are all about LURVE.

• According to Selena Gomez, BFF Taylor Swift throws “Lonely Girls Club” parties for all her single friends where they eat junk food and play with Meredith, and it maybe looks like this. {Perez Hilton}

• A new trailer for the thousandth film adaptation of Romeo & Juliet just surfaced, but this one features an unshorn and pantyhosed Chuck Bass! {Jezebel}

Leandra Medine released her new book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls, in which she discusses white ankle socks, harem pants, and, erm, crotchal mishaps while surfing the crimson wave. {Fashionista}

• Media mogul-in-the-making Tavi Gevinson might be falling out of love with fashion. She dishes about her ever-evolving interests, her duties as EIC of Rookie, and taking time to, you know, just be a teenager.
{Ad Week}

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding get cute and cuddly as on-screen lovahs (wearing nothing but bed sheets) in their music video for “I Need Your Love." {Calvin Harris VEVO}

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