Perhaps by now you've realized that we, the loyal attendants of the MTV Style brain trust, prepare for prom like most prepare for Christmas. Over the past few weeks, we've made it our goal to present you with a carefully curated guide to this one night, THE ultimate high school soiree. However, we feel there are certain parameters we need to discuss. Movies set ridic standards for prom by packing drama, hi-jinx, and MAJOR sartorial showmanship, but there is one aspect of fictional proms that seems slightly overlooked: the entertainment. Have you ever noticed how certain movies feature a prom band that is just a little too famous to be believable? I mean, not to dock the history teacher who moonlighted as a DJ at MY prom, but let's face it, most prom committees just don't have these kind of connections. Let's break it down.



Usher DJ's the prom in 'She's All That.'
Photo: Courtesy of Miramax Films

She’s All That is an insta-classic for several reasons, one of them being the legendary non-sequitur dance scene that takes place at the prom. Usher just so happens to be the "Campus DJ" [Ed Note: a campus which includes LIL KIM amongst its student body, BTW] who, pristinely outfitted in a tux and bowler hat, leads the entire senior class in an impeccably choreographed dance to Fatboy Slim’s iconic big-beat jam, “The Rockafeller Skank." Because we all know that practicing dance routines is exactly what high school students do in their free time. The dance number has ZERO plot-thickening merits, but there is something very satisfying about watching the same R&B superstar who sings “Nice & Slow” preside over a Bob Fosse-inspired skank routine.


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Beyoncé's Pepsi Commercial

Beyoncé's nail game in her Pepsi commercial.
Photo: Courtesy of Pepsi's Youtube Page

This week the links are all about sneak peeks, inside looks, and living vicariously.

• Suffice it to say, emulating anything Beyoncé is a considerable feat, but the Melody Ehsani-designed nail wraps that Bey wore in her Pepsi commercial are actually available to us mere worshipers AND a manageable $16! {InStyle}

CFDA and Tumblr just launched a series where top fashion bloggers get to visit the not-so-humble digs of famed designers. Internet and a little inspiration, man! 'Sall you need! {Fashionista}

• Even if your festival-ready wares won't make it to Indio this weekend, you can livestream Coachella fo' free thanks to the event's official channel on the Tube of You. {Refinery 29}

• Whether or not bright prints and prep-school togs fit your style, Lilly Pulitzer's passing is an important moment in fashion. These old-school photos prove she was the living embodiment of her brand. {The Cut}

• And in news of vastly-unnecessary-but-remarkably-impressive architectural feats, one NYC penthouse boasts an 80-foot serpentine SLIDE coursing through its living room. {Jezebel}

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Ria Keburia Runway

Models walk in the Ria Keburia show.
Photo: Getty Images

• A Russian designer sent topless models down the runway in headpieces that resemble equal parts Mufasa and the surface of Mars. {Styleite}

• Because vixen is as vixen does, Chrissy Teigen wore a sheer black dress to the Jeffrey Fashion Cares fundraiser. Those solid panels over her lady parts look like censor signs, amirite? {Jezebel}

• Students in India engineered panties that will shock sexual offenders. As in, they will send 3,800 kV of electricity to foul and groping hands. {The Cut}

• Crop tops may have been against dress code in high school, but in the 1890s, so were your bare ankles. {Fashionista}

• Proving once again infallible, Janelle Monáe landed on the cover of Essence to aver, “Showing my skin is not what makes me sexy.” {Essence}

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"Are you kidding me?"
Photo: Tori Locklear's YouTube

Here at MTV Style, we know that sartorial gusto often comes at the high price of practicality (…and time and money and sanity LOL but really). Thus, we bring you useful ways to tackle style-related nuisances.

• YouTube tutorials are a godsend, but because we’d rather you not end up with literal side burns, here's a round-up of the top hairstyling how-to videos. {Fashionista}

• Chances are, your favorite lace dress has at some point gotten caught to your bracelet, bag, another human, etc. Enter: lace's cool, low-maintenance, snag-free cousin.
{She Finds}

• With pictures being shared like the last slice, standing in front of a camera can be a lot of pressure. A few quick tricks to take the perfect picture will have you all #nofilter in #notime.
{Refinery 29}

• So your closet is overflown with pieces of tired outfits you've cobbled together for an entire season? TopShelf is a new service that offers online personal styling (without making a desert of your checking account). {TopShelf Clothes}

• Finally! A sandal that won't give you blisters, provides enough coverage to walk the begrimed streets of NYC and doesn't look orthopedic. {Racked National}

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Charlotte Ronson CFDA tote

Charlotte Ronson's CFDA tote.
Photo: eBay

We all have subjects that make us rant, and this week, the links are all about causes worth knowing.

• Knock-offs, beware! The CFDA and eBay rounded up 90 big-name designers to create tote bags that insist the honest truth: "You Can't Fake Fashion." {InStyle}

• We forever salute our bra-burning sisters of second-wave yesteryear, but now you can make a feminist statement just by applying lip gloss. Yup, uh HUH, I'll take it. {Refinery 29}

Topshop and PETA team up to create window displays urging you to, please, keep lions and tigers out of your wardrobe. {Racked}

• In more news about the ethical treatment of animals, real fur is being mis-labeled as... fake? Shady business, faux-real. {Fashionista}

• And this Canadian PSA thinks your justification for "social smoking" is a bit, well, flatulent. {Jezebel}

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Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons and her shiny ponies.
Photo: Getty

You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos or Cinderella to appreciate why this isn't your ordinary news about shoes.

• According to J.Crew's queen supreme Jenna Lyons, there are two types of shoes: "Shiny Ponies" and "Ugly Dollies." A delicious behind-the-scenes video explains. {Racked National}

Obviously there is a shoe for every neighborhood in NYC. And whether or not you're a city dweller, this handy guide 1.) exists and 2.) is fantastically accurate. {Refinery 29}

Vans continues to dominate capsule collections by teaming up with Comme des Garçons. We're hoping that the shoe makes it stateside because it's just plain pretty. {Highsnobiety}

Ugg boots have never been completely immune to derision, but the folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference have some very specific thoughts about them. {The Cut}

• And finally, we are much obliged to share this public service announcement for all sneakerheads with Instagram shortcomings. {Complex}

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Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe defends her line like a baws.
Photo: Getty Images

Even the heaviest of hitters take a hit once in a while. But it aint over ‘til it’s over.

+Rachel Zoe was not impressed with the Page Six blasphemy (printed back in August) about her collection's low sales. But such misfortune makes for reality TV greatness, so Zoe took to the airwaves to silence dem h8rs!
{via The Hollywood Reporter}

+The latest issue of CR Fashion Book suggests that editrix Carine Roitfeld went back on her word to never feature a cigarette in an editorial. Oh, Irreverent Carine!
{via Fashionista}

+Hedi Slimane’s divisive Saint Laurent collection prompted confusion during Paris Fashion Week, but the collection was christened by one of fashion's top bananas, swiftly making popular opinion trivial.
{via Racked National}

+We'll defend our boy Justin to the death, so let it be known that Biebsy went shirtless on his birthday for mere practical reasons, okay?
{via Justin Bieber's Twitter}

+And if you're ever just having a DAY and find yourself on the receiving end of a disingenuous, “Smile, sweetie!”, the below is for you.
{via Jezebel}

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Fashion's Night Out 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012 in NYC.
Photo: Getty

This week the links are all about breakups, cover-ups, and the relationships that just take WORK.

+Fashion’s Night Out ended its four-year love affair with NYC because, apparently, it was just all give and no take.
{via Fashionologie}

+A blonde Jennifer Lawrence was almost ubiquitous this awards season, but she's returned to a decidedly darker and more eherm Katniss-y 'do because, you know, on to the next one!
{via InStyle}

+An Iranian news agency photoshopped FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s Oscars dress in order to make it appear more modest. But at least they understand the merits of a charming crew neck and cap sleeves!
{via Jezebel}

+Mobile retail trucks (aka stores on wheels) are on the outs with lawmakers in San Francisco because they are, well, illegal.
{Racked San Francisco}

+And finally, does Cara Delevingne have plans to leave modeling for another, truer love? Oh, my body's saying let's go, but my heart is saying...why nawt.
{via The Cut}

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Marios Schwab Fall 2013

Marios Schwab channels Renaissance spirit for Fall 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

This week’s headlines are all about historical movements. Bill and Ted, eat your heart out.

+Beads and burgundy velvet at Marios Schwab Fall 2013 do not a Renaissance faire make. But they might as well.
{via Refinery 29}

+Did you know that Impressionist painters were the original street-style photographers? I mean, who wouldn't love to see Monet's take on the Man Repeller?

+ Wood Wood's "3rd Movement" collection is 1) excellent and 2) inspired by the respective American and British Summers of Love. Indeed, dip-dye jobs and flower prints will have you invariably humming, "If you are going to San Fran..."
{via Hypebeast}

+A new Punk exhibit at the Met showcases how Chanel and Versace incorporated mohawks and bondage straps into their aesthetic vocabulary. And there's a story behind why the exhibit will be extended to roughly 100 days...
{via Women's Wear Daily}

+Happy belated birthday, Cindy Crawford! We salute you and your supermodel comrades from that eponymous (and let's face it, enormously pivotal) era.
{via InStyle}

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Karlie's Kookies

Karlie and her Perfect 10 Kookies.
Photo: Karlie Kloss' Instagram

These are the simple bare necessities.

+ Just when we thought Karlie Kloss couldn't outclass her own charm, she made a Karlie's Kookie-baking/80s-inspired workout video and simultaneously proved that, yes, those two things can coexist.
{via Fashionista}

+ On this Feast of St. Valentine, a Dallas chocolatier positively leveled the competition with delectable designer shoe creations. Naturally, her most popular items happen to have red soles.
{via Racked National}

+ Cynthia Rowley debuted a new venture at her Fall 2013 show this week and it's, SURPRISE, a line of delicious sweets that are just as quirky and fanciful as you'd imagine them to be.
{via Refinery 29}

+ Reed Krakoff teamed up with famous French pâtisserie Ladurée (responsible for all the delicious cake that Marie Antoinette "let them eat" in Sofia Coppola's 2006 film) to create some shmancy macarons. They'll be at Krakoff's NYC store until end of Fashion Week (ALERT: TODAY), so giddy up!
{via Styleite}

+ And finally, House of Style alumna Stephanie Seymour sets the record straight on the curious asparagus that appeared alongside her in Jason Wu’s Spring 2013 campaign. Hmm.
{via Fashion Week Daily}

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