Ryan Lo S/S '13

Ryan Lo S/S '13.
Photo: Getty Images

With Halloween behind us, we're one step closer to total holiday takeover. But before you tire of tinsel, check out a few shimmery looks that popped up this week!

Ryan Lo's Confection Collection
Susie Bubble revisited her love for designer Ryan Lo, whose work at first sight might recall the contents our childhood dress-up bins. But this hyper-feminine collection is way more than pink puff.
{via Style Bubble}

Zooey Deschanel Sings In Sequins
Zooey Deschanel offered her wispy vocal chops to game 3 of the 2012 World Series this week. With a sequined dress and bold red shoes, the banner wasn't the only thing that was spangled!
{via Outfit Identifier}

Mac's Glamour Daze Collection
MAC recently released its holiday beauty collection and it's pretty much a cosmetic jackpot. With products for your eyes, lips, and nails, the MAC brand guarantees high quality and *ooh* high drama.
{via Teen Vogue}

Meet The Parents
So you've reached that turning point in your relationship. But meeting the BF's 'rentals doesn't have to mean cardigans and A-Line dresses. Check out how a little bit of sparkle can enliven and even sweeten your most sophisticated looks.
{via Refinery 29}

Kylie Minogue's Fashion Book
As Kylie Minogue marks her silver anniversary in the music industry, the pop queen is set to release a fashion book chronicling her most fabulous looks throughout the years. Prepare your eyes (and your holiday wish lists!) for pages upon pages of brilliant and bedazzled couture.
{via Vogue}

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Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari in Alice + Olivia.
Photo: Getty Images

Kristen Stewart isn't the only one killing it in achromatic hues lately. See where else the B&W color palette has been popping up on the internet this week!

Kristin Cavallari's Semi-Vinyl Dress
Kristin Cavallari heats up the annual QVC "FFANY Shoes On Sale" event in an Alice + Olivia bodycon number. Props for workin' that vinyl stripe down the middle and an inhuman post-baby body.
{via Coco Perez}

Olivia Palermo's Tuxedo Jacket
We rarely question Miss Palermo's sartorial choices, but this time... NERP, she killed it again. A blue chambray top roughens her refined black and white (anti?) colorblocked tuxedo blazer.
{via Outfit Identifier}

Kylie Minogue's Gingham Style Dress
Kylie Minogue goes double gingham style at the Q Awards in London in a Stella McCartney cutout dress. Highlights: illusion paneling and a muted red lip that tempts an otherwise monochrome look.
{via Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

Black And White "How-To"
Blogger Bonafide Supernova inspires a black and white get-the-look guide and dispels all your fears of looking like a penguin!
{via Refinery 29}

Karl Lagerfeld In... What?
Anddd a shameless curve-ball: Karl Lagerfeld is caught NOT wearing black and white. The Kaiser trades his trusty white collared shirt and black blazer for an olive tweed suit. Holy horseplay, Karl. What's next? Flip flops?
{via Fashionologie}

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Scarlett Johansson W Mag

Scarlett Johansson on the cover of W.
Photo: W Magazine

So, remember when we did that thing, re-launched that show... House of Style it's called, right? (JK, we know you've watched the premiere seven times) Well, we aren't the only ones sweating out the '90s fever!

Scarlett Johansson For 'W' Mag
Scarlett Johansson kills it with gray hair and a nose ring for W Magazine's 40th anniversary cover (shared with the inimitable Kiera Knightley, Mia Wasikowska and Rooney Mara!!!). ScarJo fiercely reps the '90s as she talks about loathing turtlenecks and loving Chris Farley (RIP).
{via Global Grind}

Eddie Borgo Spring 2013 Jewelry
While some designers are bent on '90s grunge inspiration, Eddie Borgo's newest collection celebrates the costume jewelry that launched a decade of bling. Borgo reimagines the gilded gold and geometric aesthetic with sleek, modern shapes.
{via Fashionista}

Mila Kunis In A Lisa Frank TV Ad
Earlier this week we fell off our chairs when we caught wind of the vintage Lisa Frank merch at Urban Outfitters. Well, we dusted ourselves off (and tried again, tried again), but you better believe plopped RIGHT back on the ground when we saw Mila Kunis in this commercial circa 1993. It's like, Jesus, take the wheel.
{via Buzzfeed}

Supermodel Reunion
Backstreet Boys? Pshh. Fashionista is calling on the likes of Cindy, Naomi, Christy, and Linda to make a comeback. Oh, the WASSAILS we would sing if these legendary women reunited on the runway!!! We know Versace 1991 is burned in your brain.
{ via Fashionista}

Wu-Tang + Casio G-Shock Watch
There's no denying that G-Shock watches were a total 90s STAPLE. Remember the Baby-Gs? Casio and Wu-Tang Clan teamed up in celebration of their respective anniversaries (and general awesomeness), to create a signature black and yellow model of the classic timepiece.
{via Hypebeast}

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Resin Human Beaded Skull

Resin Human Beaded Skull.
Photo: Our Exquisite Corpse

As mid-October bids farewell to Indian Summer, it's safe to say that fall is HURR. This season is no stranger to multi-colored, geometric patterns, and with Dia De Los Muertos approaching (kinda) we couldn't help but round up some stand-out references to iconic prints inspired by ancient civilizations.

Exquisite Corpse Beaded Skulls
Our Exquisite Corpse worked with the Huichol people of Mexico to create beaded skulls, which represent a treasured piece of the Huichol culture. Each skull is handcrafted, uniquely patterned, and, ohher maiii, those defined jawlines!
{via Hypebeast}

Frida Kahlo's Style Exhibit
For the first time, Frida Kahlo's personal dress collection will be on display for the world. The exhibit is sponsored by Vogue Mexico and will celebrate the artist's iconic bohemian style and its indigenous Mexican influences. We'll get a glimpse of how her sartorial daring inspired trends of today (and we're not just talking about how she fearlessly rocked a uni-brow).
{via Huffington Post}

Vans Sk8-Hi Sneaker
This week, Vans released a new edition of its classic Sk8-Hi collection. The sneaks send out familiar vibes with woven fabrics and an iconic Aztec-inspired zig-zag pattern. We're all about a fresh take on a classic design.
{via Highsnobiety}

Mary Katrantzou & Current/Elliott On Moda Operandi
Moda Operandi recently announced that it will be offering Mary Katrantzou's new capsule collection with contemporary line Current/Elliott. We're stoked that this collaboration mingles with Katrantzou's Spring 2013 runway show, where we saw pattern play inspire a bombtastic ode to the old world.
{via Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

Jeffrey Campbell for Convert's Vegan Shoe Collection
What do you get when you combine two fashion heavy-hitters, environmental consciousness, AND a hot trend? Weeeeee *brain explosion* Check out JC's totally biodegradable "Sante Fe" loafer to see what we mean.
{via Refinery29}

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Get ready for a chin scratcher, guys. This week in fashion news we've spotted a peculiar pattern: hidden faces. Are we on the brink of a lasting trend? Or is this a curious coincidence?

SBTRKT’s “Terminal”
British producer SBTRKT dropped a new track entitled "Terminals" this week. He's an artist given to anonymity, so you might recognize him onstage wearing modern interpretations of native ceremonial masks. But the REAL upshot here is that homeboy doesn't have to think twice about a Halloween costume.
{via Highsnobiety}

Ivanow's "Surreal World"
In New York Mag's latest edition of the Out of the Box photography series, Martina Hoogland Ivanow layers Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney in luscious fall looks of cloth, brocade and crewel. BUT, lo and behold, sprouting from the heads of her models are bushes and flowers. Can you say luxury Chia Pet?!
{via The Cut}

Sneak Peak: Margiela for H&M
Early this summer, we gushed about the forthcoming collaboration between H&M and luxury brand Maison Martin Margiela. And this week, a teensy-tinsy behind-the-scenes picture gave us a teaser of what's to come. With Margiela's ultra-discreet trademark (Imeanreallydoe, models swept the runway in beaded masks for Couture 2012) we wonder if faces will be covered in the H&M collection presentation? We're taking bets!
{via Refinery 29}

Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week
Alexander McQueen's creative director Sarah Burton exploded the Paris Fashion Week finale with cylindrical mesh headpieces inspired by beekeeper masks. Suffice it to say, the fashion house is celebrating a much buzzed-about collection.
{via Fashionologie}

Anne Hathaway’s Bridal Headpiece
Anne Hathaway made headlines this week with her whimsical and (a-DUH) custom Valentino wedding gown. Slightly more perplexing, though, is the floral headpiece that tops off her bridal look. We can't help but wishhh her blissful face was free of fabric that, forgive us, is slightly reminiscent of a head-wound bandage. What do you think?
{via Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

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Monster X

"Monster X" bag.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Twitter

Some opt for subtle hints and some shout from the mountaintop--voices in fashion take different approaches to getting a message across. Well y'all, this week we've kept our ears to the STREETZ.

Handbags Inspired By Lady Gaga's Tush
In the wake of Lady Gaga's recent brave response to weight-haters (think: her awesomely meta Comme Des Garçons coat), we couldn't be more excited that Mugler's first-ever leather bag collection celebrates the pop super-diva's BEhind. We wonder, though, is this a bold statement on behalf of her good friend (and Mugler creative director) Nicola Formichetti, or just a fortuitous coincidence? {via Refinery 29}

Grazing Sheep In New York City's Bryant Park
Excuse us while we SHUT THE FRONT DOOR because today the Campaign for Wool turns NYC's Bryant Park into a meadow for thirty. grazing. sheep. The UK-based environmental organization created this installation in an effort to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool, a sustainable and durable fabric. Our response: bring on the fleece. {via Racked National}

GROK Leather Bowtie Collection
Ladies and gents! Bowties NO longer come standard with Croakies and a cigar! Japanese leather artisan GROK Leather punches some attitude into this classic collar piece for its Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Each masterfully crafted ehem LEATHER bowtie displays controversial four-letter words and brings a whole new meaning to the term "statement piece." {via Hypebeast}

Karl Lagerfeld's Allergy
Karl Lagerfeld sat down for a little Q&A with M Magazine to share a few rules about his personal style. And, well, the interview quickly turned into a feast of LOL-candy. The brassy and beloved designer claims to be "physically allergic to flip-flops." Oh Karl, tell us how you really feel. {via Fashionologie}

Pimp My Stroller
Cars have headlights, so why can't strollers? Brooklyn-based inventor Bruce Fraizer will hook up your stroller with cup holders, flashing LED lights, and an iPod dock. The idea was conceived after Fraizer accidentally ran into a mom with a stroller (...), so this new service aims to make transporting tots safer and, er, casually well-equipped for an EDM festival.
{via Animal NY}

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myThread Pavilion by Jenny Sabin.
Photo: Nike Stadium Tumblr

Let's face it. Fashion has its well-manicured hands on just about every conceivable artistic medium there is. And to quote Li Lo à la Mean Girls, "The limit does not exist!" This week, we see designers and artists merge with fashion, delivering a WHOLE new meaning to Art with a capital "A."

Nike Art Installation
Nike unveiled artist Jenny Sabin’s "myThread Pavilion" for the brand's latest installment of its Flyknit Collective. Sabin's installation is inspired by performance and lightness, two ideals of the Nike Flyknit shoe. This thing is a SERIOUS circus of color and we're starting to think Nike's gone all Fantasia on us! {via Hypebeast}

Animated Bunny Accessories
Juuuust in case you weren't already convinced of Susie Bubble's eternal cuteness, check out the stop-motion animation film she posted on her blog. The short, which literally animates Katie Hillier's Spring/Summer '13 accessories line, brings London Fashion Week to a delightfully refreshing close. It also has us belting, "Man, LIFE IS JUST GRAND!" {via Style Bubble}

Ginger Spice On Display
People of the world! Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack platform boots (and plenty of other jaw-droppingly UH-MAZING shoes) are on display at the historic Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in England. From human hair to, er, human quirks (hint: 50 Shades of Grey), the collection features designs both centuries-old and unexpectedly risqué! {via Coco Perez}

Swatch Gets A Tattoo
Swatch recently unveiled its latest collaboration, a limited edition release of watches designed by tattoo artist Tin-Tin and Swiss visual artist Emmanuelle Antille. Drawing inspiration from classic tattoo graphics, each piece is JUST timeless (*ba dum TSH!*).
{via Style Engine}

Louis Vuitton Goes Sci-Fi
Louis Vuitton embarks on a celestial journey for its jewelry collection in new a short film, "Haute Joaillerie," or "High Jewelry." The film is a kaleidoscope of color and sound, and the bass drops just in time for a high-fashion fist pump. {via High Snobiety}

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Susie Lau

Susie Lau, NYFW.
Photo: The Cut/Youngjun Koo

ALL RISE from the Fashion Week haze!! In this week's Related Links, the real and imaginary begin to mingle in the world of fashion. Check out these street-style snapshots you'll have to see to believe.

Optical Illusion
{via The Cut}
In one, overall ensemble, style blogger Susie Bubble seamlessly pairs a t-shirt and baggy Chanel jean shorts (which, alone, prompt a huge *asdklajd?!?!?*). We also LOVE how she channels our beloved Italian video game hero. Yes, the one who drives the famous Kart.

Room With A View
{via Fashionologie}
This girl snatched a great two-for-one deal: bodycon dress and exquisite painting. Hello, wearable art! We don’t always have teatime on someone’s midriff, but when we do, we hope it looks as elegant as THIS.

Cord Phone Comeback
{via Harper's Bazaar}
“Hands-free” is not a priority for House of Style host AND model-of-the-moment, Karlie Kloss. Maybe she's going to pillow talk on the catwalk?!

Lady Liberty
{via Fashionista}
Check out style blogger Peony Lim's draping denim number and spiked headband, tilted to fit like a crown. Where have we seen this Roman goddess look before? Ah YES, from sea to fabulously shining sea.

Hannibal Lecter Purse
{via Racked National}
High fashion meets horror film: is this purse a badass ode to one of the top movie villains of all time? Or just a little creepy?

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US Open Tennis Balls

Creatures of the Wind for US Open.
Photo: Vogue

This week, we’ve seen a sartorial staple--florals--totally reclaimed. And we are just ticklish about it! For this installment of Related Links, we’ve gathered some of our favorite new expressions of the beloved pattern.

Vogue’s Custom Tennis Balls
{via Vogue}
In honor of the US Open, Vogue has commissioned a handful of top designers to create some SERIOUSLY impressive (but hardly aerodynamic) tennis balls. This one to the right, designed by Creatures of the Wind, looks both delicately ambrosial and slightly like our eighth grade science project. Regardless, we are NOT going to be using this masterpiece to cross-court-take-out our frenemies.


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Hannah Metz

Hannah Metz's "You Amews Me, 2012..
Photo: Hannah Metz's Tumblr

Here at MTV Style, we know that the sudden appearance of cats in the fashion world is NOT breaking news. Dog-lovers out there might still contest that cats are just fluffy home fixtures, lacking in personality what they make up for in laziness. But guys, cats are EVERYWHERE, so we’ve dedicated the first weekly installment of Trending Topics to our favorite iterations of the kitty-craze. Here we go!

We Want These Drawings To Be Real Clothes!
Hannah Metz, please hear us loud and clear: we love everything about this drawing. The femininity of these sketch sisters is just modest enough to let the loudness of the amazinggg CAT SWEATERS steal our focus. We’re digging the way this photographer/stylist reimagines the “cat lady” with a touch of retro glam. Plus, there’s even more where this came from on Hannah’s Tumblr. The only question is, how do we get our hands on the real thing? What’s a girl gotta do? {via Hannah Metz's Tumblr}


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