My Chemical Romance just premiered their latest video "SING" on MTV, the second song off the group's upcoming Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys album. The video picks up where their previous video, "Na Na Na," left off — in the future, year 2019, as Killjoy characters invading Battery City. And the boys are looking good! For the video, lead singer Gerard Way and the band are wearing slim-fit jackets, while the bad guys are in white masks, all of which were custom-made by renowned costume designer Colleen Atwood (she's the acclaimed designer behind movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Alice In Wonderland, and Nine; and she's won Academy Awards for costume design for Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha). We caught up with Atwood to find out how she created My Chemical Romance's all-custom "SING" look. Find out all of the details on the band's wardrobe, look by look, with commentary from wardrobe designer Colleen Atwood below.

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How did you get involved in this project?
Colleen Atwood: "I got involved because I did a video called 'The Black Parade' with Gerard, and we became friends, and stayed in touch. When he started this, he sent me his stuff, and asked if I was available to help him out. I said, 'Of course.'"

What were Gerard's directions for you?
"Because he's an artist and had a filmic idea in mind, he wanted to the outfits for the guys to help create the characters. We talked about each guy and how he saw them, and we collaborated with a great graphic guy named Matt Varnish, and he did a lot of graphic stuff with us as far as stuff applied to the costumes."

How did you use Gerard's sketches (seen below) for the video?
"We sort of interpreted them, as is what always happens with a sketch. When you start making something, and when you see it as a finished garment — it changes. We used the sketches as a starting point."

What was the inspiration?
"The inspiration was '70s mixed with his futuristic Mad Max idea, just with more color and more graphic quality. All of the guns and were an important element of the design, which we did in with Legacy Effects, who does lots of Hollywood films and those kinds of things, like Iron Man."

What was the most difficult item to make?
"The most complicated were the band's costumes. Each person had to be individual, but they had to look like a group. Getting the balance between the four guys was the most time consuming. The rest were fairly simple in comparison."

Did you create the jackets?
"Everything is hand-tailored and fit like a bespoke outfit. To make all four jackets took about three weeks, from the time we started to the time we finished. I loved collaborating with Gerard on the short jackets for the guys. I think these jackets are going to be a hit on guys with good bodies. They're really fun and felt fresh, and it made me want to do more."

Is this how you envision fashion in 2019?
"2019 is not that far away. The way I envision it includes elements of today mixed with elements that make it look in the future. When you know clothing, you see people taking elements and recycling them, even today in fashion. It's sort of interpreted that way in the video. I was serving the vision of the concept, Gerard's vision, which is these guys who are surviving in this urban wasteland. So, their stuff got beat up and aged like it was beat up in the sand, so that was the scene in terms of the future element of it."

Did you create all of the looks?
"Yes. Everything from the video we made or found."

How did you make the new clothes look so old?
"Overall, we did a lot of sanding and waxing. We sanded the costumes to soften them up and used wax that we melted with an iron to give them a shiny quality, so it would look like they've been worked in and lived in for a long time. Kind of like when you see homeless people and they're clothes look stiff."

How did you decide to represent the villains as they did?
"The villains were all white with white faces—the idea was that they were these lost souls. The concept was just using the masks and whiting everything out. The red, white, black, and minimal theme contrasted great with all the energy from the bands costumes."

How did you create the masks?
"We found a couple old ones, and used it as a starting point. Gerard had one from his own collection, it was probably 30 years old. Then, we shopped on Hollywood Boulevard and found similar ones, and then painted them to look like Gerard's vintage one. It was part of process to create something fresh and different, which is better than if you just shopped it."

What else are you working on?
"Right now, I'm working on a feature with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. As for Gerard, he's in music, so we'll see. I'm sure we'll put our heads together again."





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Rihanna in September 2009, Madonna in November 2010, and Blake Lively in January 2010.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash

Stella McCartney's perforated thigh-high boots were one of the most popular boot styles when they launched for fall 2009, and just because they're from last season doesn't mean they're over. Just last week Madonna stepped out wearing these boots, which retailed for $1,595 before they sold out. She pairing them with a sparkly tunic by Roberto Cavalli. Other starlets also fell for these boots: Rihanna wore them with a gray jersey dress, and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively wore them with a white men's shirt and black boyfriend blazer. Overall, we think Madonna looks best in these boots because she didn't dress them down by pairing them with casual clothes. Rather, she embraced the wild look with something equally attention-getting up top. But what do you think?

+ Who wore these Stella McCartney boots best — Rihanna, Madonna, or Blake?

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Lady Gaga, one of our favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world divas, won big at EMA on Sunday in Madrid, Spain. And while we missed her so much on the purple carpet because she wasn't able to attend in person, she did an ah-freaking-mazing job accepting her three EMA awards live onstage during her Monster Ball tour stop in Budapest, Hungary! "I wish so much that I could be there," she said during her Best Song acceptance speech, wearing one of her signature tour outfits — a clear plastic dress with nipple stickers underneath. Later, she changed into her purple big-shoulder jacket and sparkly purple sunglasses, another tour outfit, for her Best Pop award. "I love you so much, thank you for all your support, this means so much to me." Don't you think awards are the hottest accessories?! Check out all of her speeches — and her awesome fan shout-outs!!! — below.




+ What was your favorite part of Lady Gaga's speeches?

Top Performance Outfits
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Top 8 Red Carpet Looks
Every Outfit Eva Longoria Parker Wore To Host EMA
MTV Buzzworthy EMA Coverage

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What's an MTV awards show without the music? And what's a performance without a killer stage outfit? From Ke$ha's body paint to Rihanna's flowers to Jared Leto's white pants, let's take a look at the top performance outfits from the EMA.

Ke$ha busted out her inner animal for her EMA performance, painting animal stripes all over her body in neon colors. She also wore pink strands in her hair, and a green bodysuit with mesh fabric pasted all over it, green socks, and combat boots. Even better, when the black lights went on during her song, her look lit up, too! Overall, it was wild and crazy, just like Ke$ha.

Ke$ha performs at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


Rihanna mixed funky and sweet with her performance outfit. She kept it funky with black combat boots, and also sweet with a white dress with flowers all over her skirt. (Quite the voluminous skirt, right?!) But what we love most about this look is her tiara — how diva of her?!

Rihanna performs at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


Like Ke$ha and Rihanna, Miley Cyrus also wore lace-up boots. But the comparisons stop there. Miley pulled off a crystal-encrusted nude bodysuit and nude fishnets for her EMA performance, and the extra rhinestones really made her sparkle on stage. Overall, it was a little too up-close-and-personal for our liking, but it's Miley, so we're starting to get used to this kind of fashion from her.

Miley Cyrus performs at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


It wouldn't be a Shakira performance without some belly dancing in it, which is why we love what the 33-year-old wore for her EMA performance. The triangle bikini top reminded us of the outfit she wore in her "Loca" video, and the fringe pants showed off her movement so well.

Shakira performs at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


We've seen Katy Perry in latex, tutus, and bedazzled bodysuits, but for the EMA last night, she did something new for her by wearing a white one-piece bodysuit with orange, red, and blue flames covering her torso. It was sparkly, which is totally Katy, and we're happy to see her have fun without having to wear Daisy Dukes everywhere. Plus, her sparkly headband was a great final touch.

Katy Perry performs at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


B.o.B. and Hayley Williams definitely had the best streetwear of the entire night when they performed "Airplanes" at the EMA. Hayley wore a jacket by Adidas, and her white pants had wings on them (cool!). Then, B.o.B. wore a puffy vest with some plaid in it and a pair of Adidas sneakers on his feet with three tongues. His sneakers matched her jacket, so it looks like they could've coordinated ... though, we can't be sure.

B.o.B and Hayley Williams perform at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images


We were shocked when we saw Kanye West step out in a T-shirt and pants for his performance with 30 Seconds to Mars, considering he's a huge fan of fashion and custom-made suits. However, he still looked "together" and it was nice to see him relish in casual, relaxed style again. As for Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, he brought back his all-white outfit, which we saw a few weeks ago. The white jacket and white pants with black zippers is quite a combination that works, which is probably why he likes to repeat it often!

Kanye West and Jared Leto perform at the 2010 EMA.
Photo: Getty Images

+ Which performance look was your favorite?

Top 5 Beauty Looks
Top 8 Red Carpet Looks
Every Outfit Eva Longoria Parker Wore To Host EMA
MTV Buzzworthy EMA Coverage

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Mark Ronson at an photo shoot.
Photo: Andreea Radulescu/MTV

Mark Ronson, musician/DJ/producer, has an amazing Brit-boy style, which is why we quizzed him on men's fashion when he stopped by MTV studios recently. He opened up about a lot of things, including his least favorite trend (sandals in aiports), his personal style (jazz shoes are a fave), and how he would never consider himself a style icon (but he considers David Bowie one!). Also, of his recent change from brunette to bleached-blond hair, he busts the myth that blonds have more fun. "I haven't had markedly any more fun since I've gone blond," Mark Ronson said. "In fact, I think I've had less fun." Watch all the videos below to find out more Mark Ronson thoughts on style.

"I haven't had markedly any more fun since I've gone blond. In fact, I think I've had less fun because I think the expectations were so high of having so much fun being blond that it hasn't been a great month, no."

"I feel like there's people like David Bowie that are just smarter, and cleverer, and more stylish than the rest of us and reinvent the wheel and we all follow them. I don't think I have that gene. I don't consider myself a fashion icon. I think you'd have to be a bit of a d*** to say that out loud. Unless you're David Bowie. Then you're allowed to."

"I think we're going through an OK period in men's fashion. I think the indie-slash-American Apparel aesthetic has filtered into most of society. I don't know, the kids are looking good."

"I don't really spend a whole lot of time deciding what I'm going to wear in the morning. As far as sneakers go, I don't really own that many sneakers. I used to own a huge amount, not like DJ AM or Samantha, my sister, levels of pairs of sneakers."

+ Do you like Mark Ronson's style?

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Anna Kendrick is one of our favorite rising style stars. Which is why we are so psyched to see her star in a brand-new video/short film/supervideo that MTV and Mean magazine released today. It features the music of LCD Soundsystem's song 'Pow Pow.' In the video, Anna Kendrick plays a goddess with magical powers, darting around Los Angeles encountering big, huge villian-y guys. But she doesn't look like your typical heroine. "The director [David Ayer] wanted Anna to look like somewhat of a free spirit," says Maya Krispin, the wardrobe designer for the video. "She is basically a goddess in disguise. She can play anyone she wants when she goes around as a normal, unassuming person among everyone else." See every outfit Anna wore in the supervideo, look by look, with commentary from wardrobe designer Maya Krispin below.


"The shot with all the accessories on the bed — this was where we see her picking out her character for the day. We basically wanted an array of accessories, all different, to show that she can be anything she wants depending on what she chooses for the day — things that she can combine with her outfits to turn her style into anything she wants. There was an array of various items, from jewelry to hairbrushes to handbags." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Anna's dress was Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent. The rest of her look was all vintage, including her top and jewelry." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"She wore some lace-up brown boots with a chunky heel and socks, which only some people can pull off! We tried a bunch of looks, and this was our favorite and she felt most comfortable in it."
— Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"I loved the nude dress with her skin tone, and the sequins on the top worked really well with the lighting of the video." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

A shot of Anna Kendrick's vintage earrings.

"We wanted this scene to be more dramatic. This is where we find out that she is this super-human goddess. The white outfit was vintage. It is so different from the others that it just sets her up as someone completely different as a character, but we can tell that it is still her.The director [David Ayer] wanted something white and simple. It was actually two dresses that we combined to make into one, and connected with a sash." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"There was some bee symbolism that [director David Ayer] mentioned was important in this scene, and that is why she wears a brooch on her neck. She was meant to look like a goddess, but not the typical grecian goddess we are used to seeing. We wanted to do something different." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Her face was meant to be quite pale, as she was playing a larger than life character." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"In this look at the end, a gym look, she is wearing a Alternative Apparel T-shirt." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer To be exact, the shirt is the aa1042w7 Washed Deep V Pocket Tee by Alternative Apparel ($34,

"I think the fashion contributed to the video by just sort of rounding out the character that Anna was playing — this free spirited, young, unassuming, ingenue-type girl (or at least that is the role she is going for that specific day in the context of the video)." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer


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Christian Siriano at the WWD 100th Anniversary Gala in New York on Nov. 2.
Photo: Getty Images

Designer Christian Siriano attended an anniversary party for WWD last night in New York looking all bundled up in an olive double-breasted coat. He also wore fun, studded sneakers and tight black pants. But our favorite thing of his whole look — his man bag! It's textured and furry-looking, which is a nice fall touch. And it's massive, which is nicer. We can just imagine Christian floating around the party hitting people who got in his way with his man bag. Not that he would. But it's possible.


Justin Bieber in Hollywood on Oct. 24; Coco Rocha at the WWD 100th Anniversary Gala in New York on Nov. 2.
Photo: Getty Images

'Tis the season for plaid! Just last week, we (over)analyzed the orange and black plaid shirt teen heartthrob Justin Bieber wore to an event in Hollywood, ultimately concluding that he can pull off flannel fabulously. Well, so can the ladies. Last night, top model Coco Rocha, host of's VMA 2010 Red Carpet Report, wore a red and black plaid shirt to the WWD 100th anniversary party in New York, even matching her vibrant red lipstick to the top's hue. Both Justin and Coco look awesome in plaid, but of these two, we're voting for Justin wearing the trend better, mainly because he wore his shirt proudly, while Coco covered it up with a black jacket. But what do you think?

+ Who wore plaid best — Justin Bieber or Coco Rocha?

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Photo: Courtesy of Esquire

Score!!!!!!!! Jake Gyllenhaal and his adorable furry face landed on the cover of British Esquire's December issue, and he looks mighty fine and sexy in the photos. Inside the issue, there are pictures of him leaning over with gloves in his pockets (adorable) and splashing around in puddles (even more adorable, and our fave pic). Jake Gyllenhaal also opens up about working with Anne Hathaway for the upcoming movie Love And Other Drugs, particularly his nude scenes. "I was naked a lot in the movie," the 29-year-old potential Taylor Swift boyfriend said. "I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated." We were planning to see this movie before, but now we're making it a priority. In the meantime, satisfy your Jake Gyllenhaal appetite with four pictures from British Esquire, which you can see below.


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Willow Smith and Ellen DeGeneres on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Nov. 2.
Photo: 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Willow Smith stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday for her first-ever live performance. And she rocked it! How she is only 9 years old and doing this stuff we still don't know! Of course, the rising diva also wore a great outfit for her big moment that included a pink vest, black bubble skirt over sparkly bike shorts, calf-high black boots, and a single metallic glove on her right hand. As for her famous hair, which she fantastically whipped back and forth, it was twirled in an elaborate updo with a section of light pink on it. We thought she looked awesome, but what do you think?

+ Do you like Willow Smith's outfit on Ellen?


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