Justin Timberlake's return to music, after around six years without putting out a solo album, has been one of the biggest, most exciting bits of news so far this week, this month, and yea, this year (it's only January, so we can say that). From the glorious moment we saw JT tweet out his "I'm Ready" video announcement, we've been fantasizing about what this new record might sound like and (of equal import to us) whether his touring and promotional steez for the new music would be more akin to FutureSex/LoveSounds or his *NSync glory days (given the '90s revival that's sweeping the fashion world). The Clinton era and the early aughts that followed were both questionable times in style history, and while we're trying to stay positive and trust that Timberlake is bringing sexy back, the following 22 accessories ain't justified, and we'd prefer they stay in the past.


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake in 1997.
Photo: Getty Images

Even he looks unsure about it.


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Snooki unveils her Snooki Couture headphones, earbuds, and audio accessories.
Photo: Getty Images

She may be a new mom and kicking off a brand spankin' new season of Snooki & JWOWW, but rest assured, Snooki is not slowing down on her mission to own a piece in every. single. aspect. of the style industry. The Princess of Poughkeepsie has just added a new vertical to her Snooki Couture fashion enterprise with the reveal of her forthcoming tech accessories which, according to her Instagram, will be available for meatballs nationwide come summertime. Yep. The girl already has self-branded and designed flip flops, jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and beauty products, but now she's adding headphones, earbuds, and landline phones to her arsenal. Alright, girl! We see you doing work. *high fives the computer monitor*


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AnnaSophia Robb, Carrie Diaries

AnnaSophia Robb on set of 'The Carrie Diaries' yesterday in NYC.
Photo: Splash News

Alright, so we're just gonna come out and say it: we have sneaking suspicion that The Carrie Diaries just MIGHT be our new favorite show. No, we haven't seen it yet. And no, we don't have a crystal ball to see into the future. But judging from the on-set pics (and mini Carrie Bradshaw AnnaSophia Robb's rising star status), we're placing our bets early. While the premiere might still be a few days away, we've found something to tide you over until the show's Monday night debut: this fun new Facebook app. Created by CW masterminds and guaranteed to make our wait for The Carrie Diaries THAT much easier, the app lets you customize a basic black carryall into a Bradshaw masterpiece- well virtually, anyway- using nail polish as paint. Because that's TOTALLY something the '80s fashionista would actually do.


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Eyelash Jewelry

Would you wear eyelash jewelry?
Photo: Courtesy of EyelashJewelry's Etsy Shop

You guys know about false eyelashes. Sets of fluttering faux hairs that you can glue to your lids to amplify your peepers. Celebs wear them up and down red carpets for glamorous doe eyes or even just to spice up a formerly staid beauty look. They come in basic black or sometimes other colors or even with embellishments. But have you ever heard of eyelash jewelry? We hadn't until our friends at Incredible Things enlightened us to this Eyelash Jewelry Etsy shop which is chock FULL of the ocular ornaments, and honestly, we're not sure what to do with that information now.


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Nicki Minaj Adam Levine Clothing Line

Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine are about to become fashion designers!
Photo: Getty Images

We can't say we were surprised when we heard that Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine would be launching their own clothing and accessories lines at Kmart and Shop Your Way in 2013. The two musicians-turned-reality-show-judges will "design and develop their collections with Kmart to reflect their strong creative talents, expressive personalities, and distinctive individual styles," according to the press release. I mean, Nicki has been very openly shopping around her potential clothing line since last August, and even back then said, "My biggest goal was to make a line that was going to be affordable to my fans and also rich enough in quality that they'll feel like they're wearing exactly what I'm wearing." And for Adam, well, remember he launched a clothing collection (called 222) back in 2010, and since then has been flirting in and out of fashion world by performing at the Victoria's Secret runway show and releasing his first-ever fragrance? Yep, we've been keeping our eyes on y'all!


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Dakota Fanning Elle fanning

Dakota and Elle Fanning in Seoul.
Photo: Getty Images

CUTE OVERLOAD ALERT. Remember when we called out Dakota Fanning as one of the biggest cat ladies of 2012? Judging from her little sis Elle, turns out the feline friendly fashion gene runs in the family! The twosome arrived in Seoul, South Korea this weekend and hit the ground running wearing- get this- matching kitten ear hats. (As if we weren't obsessed with the Fannings enough already...). Dakota went for total Hello Kitty adorableness with her white beanie, and Elle sported a fuzzy pale pink version as they traipsed through the streets on vacation. Aw, you guys...


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Beyonce, Lady Gaga

Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear "ratchet" earrings.
Photo: Courtesy of @BaddieBey's Instagram/LittleMonsters.com

With an Instagram feed rife with fashion shots and a keen eye for the latest trends, Beyonce gives us every reason to stay up on her every style move. Naturally, the instant we saw BaddieBey upload snaps of her new "Ratchet" bamboo doorknocker earrings, we started on a quest for the fastest custom accessory producers in the New York Tri-State Area (we're still looking, so hit us with suggestions!). Sure, those photos hit the interwebz over the weekend, but we're resurrecting them for closer consideration today because we were just reminded that Lady Gaga ALSO wore a pair of gold hoops embellished with "Ratchet" in gold script just two months ago, and in a post-"Telephone"/"Video Phone" world, we're chomping at the bit for any excuse to fantasize about these super stars joining forces again for a reprise collaboration (or two or twenty).


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Beyonce has a new custome Blue Ivy necklace.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram

Amidst all the basketball games, deals inked, and new album chatter, it's easy to forget that Beyonce is simultaneously raising a little Blue Ivy. Leave it to Bey herself to remind us, though, that she's "strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business" — or perhaps, more fittingly, the other way around. She and Jay try their best to keep baby Blue out of the public eye, but even just a little Instagram of some new jewelry is enough to jog our memories of one of 2012's most anticipated arrivals.


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Lady Gaga Earlace

Lady Gaga in Moscow on Dec. 10.
Photo: Splash News/ASOS

The earlace phenomenon is back, y'all! The earring-necklace hybrid, which connects a chain between both earlobes to create—you guessed it—a necklace, made its first major appearance on Rihanna in 2009, but now it's making an oh-so-bold return to popularity. Just yesterday we spotted Lady Gaga in Moscow sporting a layered chain earlace complete with safety pins that hooked onto her ears (ouchies!). She finished her look with an embellished fur-covered military hat, a sheer cut-out black dress, and oversized sunnies. (Also, please note that her hair is straight-up HIGHLIGHTED with glitter. NBD.) Now, should we be scared about this trend resurfacing? Well, that's up to you to decide! We've noticed huge retailers stocking these bad boys left and right, like this classy earlace set from ASOS (above), which includes studded chandelier earrings complete with a detachable neck chain. (Getting three accessories for $70 is kind of a steal, no? *shrugs*)


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This is it, folks. 2012 is coming to a close, so we're taking a hot minute month to count down all our top style moments throughout the year. So far we've dived into the best celebrity nail art, top fashion magazine covers, most awesome Instagram selfies, most memorable facial hair, and best band style—but we're just getting started! So sit back and relax as we reminisce about all our favorite style moments of 2012, will ya?

Sure, every season accessories manage to make a huge mark in the fashion world (see: that ridic Chanel hula hoop bag), but 2012 seemed to take a different turn in the accessories department. Instead of a celeb flashing their spendy bag on their shoulder, that dough has seemingly gone straight, well, to the mouth. That's right—athletes, rappers, and pop stars all wanted a piece of the gold grill action, so we've picked the best grills that have popped up this year alone. (Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the classic go-tos like Lil Jon, Nelly, and Lil Wayne—we're focusing ONLY on the fresh additions to the grill game.) Let's get into it!


Ryan Lochte Grills

Ryan Lochte holds a bronze medal next to his grills on Aug. 2.
Photo: Getty Images

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte wasn't known for just winning medals, but also for all the metal he sported in his mouth. His controversial platinum grill, which proudly displayed the American flag across his teeth, almost stripped him of his bronze, so we gotta give up for his unrelenting dedication to sport some seriously sparkly bicuspids. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


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