Nose iPhone Case

Design company p+g makes a nose iPhone case.
Photo: Courtesy of p+g Designs

Sorry to get all graphic on your Wednesday afternoon, but we have to talk about this. "This" being p+g design's HANA nose iPhone case. We realize that iPhone cases are getting bigger and crazier, but this has to be the most whackadoo combination of the two that we've seen yet! We know the times are a'changin', but we're still not sure if we're ready to pick this nutty case from the lot. Would you use this nose iPhone case?


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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is giving out Tatty Devine "Liquorice" necklaces to fans.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of @AzealiaBanks's Instagram

If you've been spazzing out over Azealia Banks' "Liquorice" video for the past couple months (like we have), you'll be happy to know that there mayyyy be a (fashion-y!) payoff for watching it on repeat. Azealia told her fans (via Twitter, of course) that she's holding a contest with a nice little surprise at the end. She said, "I need you all to record your best covers of 'Liquorice' with your webcams! You can do a verse, the whole song, a parody video... anything!" She plans on posting the submissions to her Tumblr later this week, and the 20 lucky winners will receive a custom Tatty Devine "Liquorice" necklace in a cool glittery black. Ummm, haiiii, we need that.


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Jil Sander Paper Bag

This Jil Sander paper bag costs $290.
Photo: LN-CC

First off, WUT. Jil Sander makes a paper bag? *side eye* When we first peeped this bad boy on the internetz, we thought it was maybe some sort of superhuman version of a bento box (newsflash: it's not), but when we actually took a closer look, we realized that this duder is supposed to worn as, like, a real handbag. *GASP* Listen, we know bags designed to look like lunch sacks aren't anything new, but there's one large difference between this Jil Sander piece and every other one we've seen—the price point. This sucker retails for—drum roll—290.67 buckaroos. YEP. FYI, it's ACTUALLY made out of paper (coated paper, that is) so this is a f'real paper bag, not even just a lookalike, for nearly $300. Of course "Jil Sander" is inscribed across the front to show that this isn't straight from the grocery store aisle, but there's no lining, no closure, or anything to differentiate it from, you know, other normal paper bags.


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Kigu Animal Tails

Kigu's Dinosaur and Fox tails.
Photo: Courtesy of Kigu

Listen, guys. We're no strangers to cosplay here at MTV Style, and the discussion we're about to open on these Kigu animal tails should in NO way be considered a Judgey McMeanieFace finger pointed at the portmanteau of costumes and role-play. In truth, we LUHHHH it and find it fascinating. We merely want to alert you, the inquisitive public readership of this here style community, to the fact that these exist. And not just in the dinosaur and fox iterations you see above. Hook yourself up with a bushy squirrel tail, an S-curve lemur look, or the slightly more subtle lion steez, depending on whatever you fancy most. The question is: would you want to?


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Rihanna Pineapple Rimper

Rihanna wears a pineapple romper in Porto Cervo.
Photo: Splash News/Courtesy of ASOS/Cute Push/Melody Eshani

Ever since we spotted Rihanna sporting a pineapple-printed romper while on vacay in Porto Cervo earlier this week, we can't stop thinking about it. I mean, we're always thinking about food 24/7, but the fact that she combined a summery onesie with one of our favorite fruits is kind of the best thing we've ever seen. When we went on a crazeballs internet hunt for this exact ensemble, and it turns out this Topshop number is completely sold out. :( Sadface times a million, right? Well, not quite! As it turns out, there's a boatload of pineapple-themed clothing and accessories out there that are JUST as cute (if not cuter!) that you can snatch up this very instant. First up, ASOS carries pretty pineapple pendant for just under $10. We repeat, IT'S UNDER 10 DOLLARS. It's a girly and subdued way to sport the fruity trend, and we love it uh-LOT. If you want pineapple jewelry with a little more kick, we like Melody Ehsani's bold mirrored acrylic earrings ($48) that are sure to make a statement. YUM.


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Lauren Conrad Blue Avocado Accessories

Lauren Conrad and her Blue Avocado XO(eco) collection.
Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Unifi, Inc.

It's seems like FOR-EV-ER ago that we got wind of Lauren Conrad launching an eco-friendly cosmetic accessories collection with BlueAvocado, but the time has finally come—LC's new line has officially launched! Just this week The Hills star released a collection of sustainable and reusable products with BlueAvocado called XO(eco), which carries everything from cute food storage containers to on-the-go cosmetics bags and—get this—even a hot iron bag so you can pack your straightener in your luggage even if it's still piping hot. SMART.


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Fashion Bloggers Floral Crowns

Maddy C., Olivia Harrison, and Emi Coco.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

Dudes, we need to talk. Specifically, about floral crowns. The beautiful flowers of the world are suddenly going straight from the fields to our foreheads, and it ain't stopping any time soon. We don't mean to point fingers, but we're 99.9% sure this is all Lana Del Rey's fault. She's a flower crown-wearing FIEND, and she's warmed us up to the fact that it's totally OK to wear roses in our hair. In fact, this trend has spread so far that even guys are beginning to sport these bad boys as hair accessories. Uh huh, GUYS. *hides nearest bouquet of flowers from boyfriend* We'll admit we were a bit skeptical of this trend at first, but we've seen sooo many bloggers posting the most 'DORBS floral crown outfits as of late, we can't even deny it anymore—they look dang cute. It adds an instant touch of softness to even the most edgy ensemble and pulls the entire badass boho chic look together in seconds flat.


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Born This Way Foundation Bravery Bracelet

Born This Way Foundation sells Bravery Bracelets at Office Depot.
Photo: Courtesy of Office Depot

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation is taking a page from Lance Armstrong's Livestrong book and rolling out a collection of silicone gel Bravery bracelets among a host of other Born This Way back-to-school products distributed and sold as a partnership with Office Depot.


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Grass Knuckles

HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson makes growing jewelry.
Photo: Courtesy of HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson/Sóley Þórisdóttir

Nope, that's not a typo. This here is a glistening set of GRASS knuckles brought to you, world, by Icelandic design company HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson. The four-finger ring is part of HAF's Growing Jewelry collection which features two styles of single-finger rings, two multi-finger rings (including the above knuckles in question), and two necklaces. HAF explains that the aim of Growing Jewelry is to "redefine modern values" via their "clash of jewelry and gardening couture and organism." Basically, they think people, especially city-dwellers, should be closer to nature "as nature [is] the presupposition of life."


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Universitaet der Kuenste

The jumbo hair clip resurfaces at the Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Shopbop

Remember when we were all, "OMG, would you wear this JUMBO HAIR CLIP??" We told you about how these neon reimaginings of the childhood hair stand-by were the brainchild of Adia Kibur, and in our humble collective opinion, one part weird, three parts wonderful. Sure, they were oddball and even a bit gaudy, but there was a sweet nostalgia about these envelope-pushing hair accessories we really appreciated. Welp, looks like the snap clip silhouette has since found its way onto the international Fashion Week runways (specifically Berlin's) and is even bigger than before!


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