Marcel Ostertag, Vivienne Westwood, Men's Flower Crowns

Marcel Ostertag and a Vivienne Westwood model wear men's flower crowns.
Photo: Getty Images

Well well well, stylish people of the world. If you're not into them yet, you better start cozying up to flower crowns as a bonafide accessory before you get left in the dust. It looks as though the floral accessories trend seemingly pioneered by Lana Del Rey, the adopted staple of Coachella and Taylor Swift tea parties alike is not only growing in prevalence, it's picking up steam. Snowballing even! The blossoming headbands have been popular with the ladies for at least a few months now, but it's these latest Fashion Week offerings from Marcel Ostertag and Vivienne Westwood in Germany and Milan respectively that are making a case for dudes to sport them, too.


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Big Boi

Big Boi has designed a line of socks for Crooks & Castles.
Photo: Getty Images

After two years of waiting, Big Boi is finally on the eve of releasing his sophomore solo album this coming November. In a climate that's becoming more and more riddled with concurrent product launches to preface a record's debut (see Justin Bieber's Believe album x Girlfriend perfume), Sir Lucious Left Foot has a preeeeetty fitting album companion for this follow-up record: a line of Big Boi-designed socks!


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Olsen Twins The Row Fur Bag

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at the CFDA Fashion Awards on June 4 and their bag from The Row.
Photo: WireImage

Listen, we're well aware Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen KNOW style. They won the highly-acclaimed Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at the CFDAs, which currently puts them at the top of the 2012 fashion roster. But esteemed accolades aside, we need to get real for a second and just say this—they're selling a bag from The Row's pre-fall 2012 collection for nearly $17,000. YEAH. This backpack (that's right! You can tote this sweatfest on your back all summer long!) is a collection of fur patches sewn together into one giant, mismatched fuzzball. Unlike the previous $40,000 The Row crocodile bag from one reptile, which is (oddly) more expensive but equally anger-inducing, this backpack is made from the fur of at least three different animals. Yipes. The thing is, if you're PETA there's obvious reasons to be mad (and they certainly are! #trollsens), but what if you're just a plain ol' fashion person that is looking at this for what it really is—a really, really expensive bag.


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Rita Ora Rihanna Head Harnesses

Rita Ora in London on June 24, and Rihanna in London on Feb. 28.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

Ladies, we need to talk. You may remember back in February when we saw Rihanna sporting a confusing head harness/visor/hat thing while in London, but we brushed it off thinking, "Those Brits and their kooky hats! RiRi is just living the moment, soaking up her culture, and being a fun and fashion-y gal!" But, you guys, IT'S BAAAACK. *horror movie scream* Earlier this week Rita Ora stepped out in another version of this bondage headgear, and we are SO. CONFUSED. Like, what is it? It has a brim so it's technically in the hat/visor territory, but all those random straps and buckles are making us second-guess ourselves. Also, beads?! That's basically a HEADBAND then. Why does a visor need so many straps? Why won't someone tell us what's going on?! *sobs*


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M.I.A.'s remix release is available from her online store now.
Photo: M.I.A.'s Online Shop

Can you believe M.I.A.'s breakout album Arular came out SEVEN YEARS AGO? SEVEN YEARS! *Checks for wrinkles in the mirror.* The boundary pushing musician has been sountracking our dance parties pretty consistently ever since, and so we were not mad when a remix of M.I.A.'s brat anthem "Bad Girls" was released today. Produced by Kala co-producer Switch and featuring verses from Missy Elliot and Rye Rye, the remix is the first of a series which will also include cameos from Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj. It's appropriate that Switch also produced Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" because this remix series he's a part of sure proves that point, at least as far as the rap world is concerned. But we haven't even gotten to the coolest part yet! Maya, never satisfied with doing the same old boring thing, is releasing the remixes digitally, yah, but she's also releasing them through her online store in a gold USB necklace. We. Die.


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Rihanna Accessories

Rihanna in London on June 21.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's one person that continually nails their street style look on a regular basis, it's Rihanna. Every time we spot her in a paparazzi photo, we're left wondering where she found her ridiculously awesome getup, and last night when she was perusing London, we couldn't tear our eyes away from her accessories! There was something so old timey, yet fresh, about her hat and necklace combination that we LOVED and needed to address immediately. First off—that cameo beanie! She took the wardrobe staple to a whole new level by placing a baroque brooch on the front, which we love! Lucky for you, we found the EXACT hat RiRi is sporting here, and it's around $60, from Silver Spoon Attire. The coolest part, though, is that the brooch is actually vintage so no two hats will be adorned with same pin. Pretty sweet, eh?


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Nancy Stella Soto Hand Bag

A handbag by Nancy Stella Soto.
Photo: Courtesy of Stand Up Comedy

A trusty, neutral clutch is a great thing to have. It's your go-to carryall date, holding your hand (err, scratch that, reverse it) from season to season as you traipse from one faaaabulous event to the next. It should be bold enough to make a statement but not so loud that it overpowers your outfit (nobody outshines YOU, honey booboo child!). Could this oversized, handprinted number by Nancy Stella Soto be the one for you? Maybe! Let's talk it out first, though.


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Summery Snapbacks

Girls want snapbacks too!
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS, Topman, Tilly's, and Urban Outfitters

Listen, we LOVE snapback caps, and to be honest, we've been getting a wee bit jealous that mostly dudes are sporting this throwback hat trend. We got inspired by Rihanna's sneaker and snapback street style as of late, and thought, "DANG. We want to sport some fun and summery hats with our ensembles this season!" So that's exactly what we did—we scoured the internet to find the coolest caps for y'all, and to be TOTALLY honest (again), most of them were found in the men's section. (What gives?) But boy or girl aside, the hats are adjustable in the back (hence the name, snapback) to fit your head oh-so-perfectly. One of our favorite finds for this summer is the NEFF Donut snapback ($24) with, yes, rainbow sprinkles (!!!) all over the top. Basically, this turns your head into an instant chocolate confection, which is amazing for obvious reasons.


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Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade wear post-game glasses.
Photo: Getty Images

The wide and wonderful world of sports is one into which we seldom venture in these here digital pages of MTV Style (save, perhaps, our 24-hour David Beckham watch). Between Lady Gaga's black liquid perfume announcement and finding out where to score Katy Perry's movie poster outfit, we're rarely left with much time to cover the ins and outs of athletic fashion. HOWEVER, we write to you eyeballs deep in the exciting Oklahoma City Thunder v. Miami Heat 2012 NBA Finals, and the faux glasses fashion battle that is concurrently happening up and down these post-game interviews is more than enough to change our tune.

On the off-chance that you haven't been keeping up with the NBA Playoffs, let us fill you in. Last night, we just completed Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and the Heat are now leading the Thunder 2-1, which sounds as much like a meteorological report as it does a sports recap. On top of boasting the winningest records in the league, these two teams are also home to some of the NBA's most sartorially savvy players - Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade. The four powerhouses have caught a lot of flack this season for wearing bold, lensless glasses during their post-game interviews, embodying a look that's been likened to Steve Urkel and Carlton Banks, and Westbrook was recently quoted claiming that he originated the "nerd glasses" trend, a statement both James and Wade vocally refute. In light of all the bespectacled buzz, we decided to take a closer look!


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Kirsten Dunst Katy Perry Ashlee Simpson Floral Headband

Kirsten Dunst on May 23, Katy Perry on June 13, and Ashlee Simpson on June 7.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Ladies, it looks like springy floral headbands are officially a thing, and to be honest, we couldn't have planned a more on-season trend if we tried! Kirsten Dunst, Katy Perry, and Ashlee Simpson have all sported dainty flower hair accessories as of late, which is a totally fresh take on the floral crown look (à la Lana Del Rey). And YES, the two are different! Crowns made of flowers are perfect for music festivals and fancy photo shoots, but we like how these ladies sported a more wearable version of the trend. Kirsten Dunst wove a gold and pearl flower headpiece into her braided updo, which matches perfectly with her white floral appliqué frock. Love! Katy stepped out in a '90s-inspired red dandelion print dress and studded motorcycle jacket ensemble, but added a touch of softness with her white rose headband. Ashlee Simpson looked all-out springy in her sheer white dress and twiggy headband, but we can't help but think—where can we snatch up one of these cute hair pieces for ourselves?


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