Veronica Mars Purse

Kristen Bell on set of the 'Veronica Mars Movie'.
Photo: FameFlynet

Marshmallows, we hope you're sitting down because we've got some serious Veronica Mars fashion info up our sleeves. In case you missed it (LOL, you didn't), we peeped the first-ever images straight from the set a couple weeks ago and obsessed over Veronica's style evolution from a baby-tee wearin' teen to edgy college student to a casual-cool lawyer (let’s not go down the wormhole of why she’s holding hands with Piz, OK?) in what we assume is New York with her Mackage trench coat and sensible workwear get-up. But thanks to photos that debuted on EW last week from a shoot day at the Santa Monica Pier (as pictured above), we got a peek at scenes with Ken Marino and Kristen Bell. Seeing Vinnie automatically made us channel his version of Hall and Oates' "Private Eyes", but we couldn't keep our eyes off--GASP--the return of her signature studded bag?!


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Ke$ha Rose Charles Albert

Ke$ha wearing pieces from her new Ke$ha Rose by Charles Albert jewelry collection.
Photo: Via Ke$ha's Instagram

We're onto you, Ke$ha. She just CAN'T stop posting Instagram shots of rings, necklaces and earrings all credited to a Kesha Rose by Charles Albert collection, but we literally have no details about pricing/where to buy/basically anything at all. What we DO know is that K-Money is launching some seriously stylish baubles that we need to get our hands on ASAP. In one photo, she shows off some over-sized turquoise and black stone rings with a gorge flower crown and silver chain necklace, and, in another, a gold tooth pendant that Ke$ha says is—gasp—modeled after one of her fan's canines. We're... not even sure how she got that to happen? *shrugs*


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Blue Ivy, Beyonce

Blue Ivy wears a crown and mom Beyonce models tiny Tom Ford heels.
Photo: Beyonce's Tumblr

Bow down, b******! Looks like one-year-old Blue Ivy Carter is taking after her mom (that's Beyonce just in case you've been caught on a weird cultural lag) in more ways than just genetics. Bey posted a photo to Tumblr of Baby Blue wearing a little crown, and we can't help but notice how much it reminds us of the one Bey herself wears in that regal Mrs. Carter Show World Tour announcement video. Covered in rhinestones, pearls, velvet, and what looks like white faux fur, Princess Blue looks regal for sure, but headgear isn't the only thing this little girl is stunting in mommy's Tumblr snaps. Bey also posted a picture of a well-pedicured foot (presumably her own) rocking a teeny tiny pair of magenta Tom Ford baby heels!


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Rihanna Silver Spoon Hats

Rihanna in Europe.
Photo: WireImage

We've gone nearly a week without discussing Rihanna's on-point wardrobe, which is basically a RECORD for us here at MTV Style. But, thanks to the singer being spotted all over Europe the week, we've gotten to peep her very interesting street style as of late, and we need to discuss. When it comes to Rihanna's headwear, we're typically used to seeing her in backward snapbacks or sporting a tied headscarf in her hair, but lately she's ditched both her signature looks for some totally fresh gear—all by the same designer. You might've noticed Rihanna using the #silverspoonattire hashtag on her Instagram, and as it turns out, that's the name of the shop where she's purchasing all her badass threads! She's been spotted in this brand before (remember that baroque beanie?), but it looks like the music-obsessed brand just revamped their entire site to release even more totally killer accessories.


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Snooki Headphones

Snooki and her headphone and tech accessories collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of iHip

Snooki may be juggling her own TV show with newfound motherhood, but that hasn't stopped the mini mogul from expanding her ever-growing Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi collection of jewelry, tanning lotion, sunglasses, slippers and (literally) everything in between. This time around, Snooki makes her mark in the tech arena with decked-out headphones and electronic accessories. You might remember peeping these bad boys at her CES product launch earlier this year, but we are SO stoked to announce that they'll officially be available to purchase at Walgreens nationwide starting September 2014. Her collection, which was inspired by her "love of dancing and house music," will include headphones, ear buds, portable speakers, iPhone and iPad covers complete with Snooki's signature rhinestone, animal print and sequin embellishments. Her most notable piece, though, HAS to be the headphones that double as fashion headbands with detachable ear speakers (above). Like, how incredibly genius is that? *bows down*


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LeBron James

LeBron James transforms after losing his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Watch out, Tony!
Photo: Getty Images

You know how there's that totally illogical reveal element to the Superman story where suddenly Clark Kent can transform into the Man of Steel just by taking off his glasses? This ridiculous notion that ONE accessory can catalyze a complete alteration of character? Like, dudes, we can all still tell Clark Kent is just a four-eyes, suited-up version of Superman. Welp, apparently, it's not that ridiculous since that's exactly what went down last night when LeBron James lost his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. In truth, it really wasn't just James that propelled the Heat to stave off elimination and force the series against the San Antonio Spurs into a Game 7 (there's no "I" in team, etc.etc.), but (with the HUGE exception of Mike Miller and his one-shoed three-pointer), no one else's in-game style took a hold of Twitter in quite the same Superman moment way as LeBron and his headband. And now that we think about it, they ARE both from Ohio...


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BlingSting is a thing.
Photo: Courtesy of BlingSting

We get press releases of varying utility all day at MTV Style. Some are helpful and exciting and others are ill-conceived to the point of seeming like dispatches from lunatic space aliens attempting to lay a trap. The following is an imagined conversation during a fictitious meeting that took place between the revolutionary thinkers behind BlingSting, a bedazzled pepper spray.

Dude 1: Gentlemen, my team and I called this ideation meeting to discuss the future of safety for all women who we know and love every day. Picture this: I'm a chick, I'm pre-gaming with my girlfriends. I look good. I smell GREAT. I had a couple dranks. I'm totally gonna smang it. I'm wearing one of those tight dresses but with sequins and, like, only one sleeve, and as I'm leaving my house, I want to be responsible and pack my pepper spray, but I don't because it's such a *air quotes* fugly buzzkill.


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lensless glasses

Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame lensless glasses.

Look, we know the whole lensless glasses thing isn't new. I mean, just last year at precisely this time, we watched as the 2012 NBA Finals morphed into a kind of fashion face-off centered on the things. But these? These Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame specs (if you can even call them that) are a completely different story. Instead of thick, Buddy Holly frames these are of the dainty reading glasses variety wherein only the upper half of the frame exists and is rendered in some sort of metal. Without lenses though, this is really just a strangely cut, hinged headband that you just happen to wear on your face.


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Kye knee wraps

Would you wear these Kye knee wraps?
Photo: Opening Ceremony

One of the biggest pitfalls of summer, sartorially speaking, is that the clothes just aren't as good. No disrespect (we know how sensitive tank tops can be...), but there just isn't as much you can do with your summer wardrobe. No layering. No coats. No heavy, obstructive knits. Just you, sweltering heat, and the job of figuring out new and creative ways to not really wear anything but still keep all the vitals covered up. One way around the wardrobe restrictions of summer is accessories. And a lot of them. These Kye leg wraps we found at Opening Ceremony, though, aren't necessarily what we had in mind.


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Mike Conley

Mike Conley's Game 4 wooden bow tie.
Photo: Courtesy of @brandwills' Instagram

As of last night, the Memphis Grizzlies are unfortunately officially out of the NBA Finals running now, with the San Antonio Spurs having been crowned the Western Conference champions. Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley has proven himself time and time again a player to be reckoned with thanks to his unflinching determination and a winning combination of ability and heart, but it's his makings as a star off the court that we'll be remembering from this NBA Playoffs season (because FASHUN, duhhh). Stylist Brandon Williams has been outfitting Conley all season in crisp GQ-worthy duds that maintain an immaculate balance of being on-trend but still relatable to the majority of the male sportsball-watching public, with the biggest risk perhaps being his wooden bow tie worn after Game 4 of the Thunder v. Grizzlies series. We tracked down the origin of the timber accessory to Two Guys' Bow Ties and caught up with co-founder Tim Paslay about Mike Conley, Ron Swanson, and what comes after wooden bow ties.


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