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Harry Styles' One Direction Office Depot Collection
Photo: Office Depot

Hey Directioners, you need to run, not walk, to Office Depot right now. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis are here to ease your Back To School shopping woes with their faces! One Direction and Office Depot have joined together and created a collection of Back To School products that will definitely make you the coolest kid (or adult, whatever) in school (or at work). The collection, in addition to providing notebooks that you'll want to constantly take out of your bag and ogle, aims to create bully-free schools by donating a portion of the proceeds to Office Depot's Anti-Bullying Foundation. Each product is emblazoned with mottos to live by, so when Liam tells you to "Live True," and Harry says to "Live Nice," you probably should.


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one direction

One Direction and Office Detail join forces!
Photo: Courtesy of Office Depot

We might be busy savoring the first tastes of summer, but the guys of One Direction? Well, they're already thinking about going back to school. Kind of. The Brit boy band has just announced a new partnership with Office Depot on a limited-edition capsule collection of back to school pieces hitting stores on July 5—just in time for the fall shopping season! While we can expect normal BTS staples like notebooks (branded with Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry's faces, obviously), they've ALSO thrown in some not-so-normal items, like nail polish sets in five bright hues (throwback to Zayn's Little Mix mani?!). Sure, news like this is enough to convince anyone—regardless of whether or not you're actually hitting the books come fall—to make an Office Depot run, the best part is, it's for a great cause.


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You know those days that you forget to look at the weather report, and you end up cowering in the doorway of your school, waiting for a break in the deluge so you don't get your suede shoes waterlogged? Everyone has those slip ups, and, honestly, there are also times when you know that it's going to rain but you just don't want to believe it. We often feel like it's way too hard to dress nicely when it's crappy out, but we also know that it doesn't have to be that way. There are a spate of super cute, super functional raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas that can be added to any of your fave outfits and not only keep you from getting soaked, but will make you wish it rained more often. Quick story: a thousand years ago, I was an intern at Men's Vogue. Every few days, an intern would be picked to bring "the book" (remember, in The Devil Wears Prada) to Anna Wintour's office. I was picked once, and it was the day I had paired a plaid jumper with the plainest pair of black and green wellies you've ever seen. When I got up to those hallowed, rolling-rack-decked halls, most of the girls rushing back and forth were in similar boots, some even still wearing their anoraks. I. Rest. My. Case.

There will be no ponchos (well, besides cool ones) for our stylettes.
Photo: Modcloth/ASOS/Forever 21/Topshop

One of the nice things about rain gear is that you don't have to wear it every day. It's not like a pair of regular shoes, or a coat--where the wise thing is to get a relatively neutral version, so that you can pair it with a wide variety of outfits. We firmly believe that rain gear is an opportunity to branch out and wear colors and patterns that might not exactly be considered practical. Another consideration to take into account is that portability is key. Who hasn't worn their raincoat to school or out for the day, only to find that come lunch, the sun is shining and they no longer need their once-necessary coat. Although many of the easily packed options are less that attractive, this Topshop Oversized Pac-a-Poncho (on sale for $24.00) fits neatly into its own little bag, making it easy to stuff into your purse once the clouds part, or even to leave in your locker in case an afternoon shower threatens your walk home. We also love the very Clarissa Explains It All quality of this Forever 21 Hooded Ripstop Raincoat ($22.80) in purple and green, and the Paddington Bear-ness of ASOS' Plastic Rainmac with Rope Tie Detail ($85.15). Finally, since there's nothing wrong with simple and classic, Modcloth's Pretty Slicker Rain Coat in Blue ($129.99) is a fin, easy way to keep dry without losing your sense of humor.

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, these boots will get you through any inclement weather.
Photo: Hunter/Sperry/Red Valentino/La Crosse/LL Bean/La Chameau

We actually love days when it's raining hard enough to justify leaving the house in a heavy, comfy pair of wellies. There's something so nice and cozy about them (or maybe it's just that they were our golden ticket into the house of Wintour on that rainy day long ago...). Also they make your legs look longer. Whether you pair them with tights and a dress or skirt, leggings and a tunic, jeans, shorts or whatever else, you can work your wellies into any outfit. Also some of them can also double as snow boots, either by themselves or with the addition of liners. We love the slightly more equestrian take on the classic Hunter Boot with their brown and black Cece boot ($195.00), and the classic, high, hunter green of the Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Too ($78.00). If you want the protection of a rain boot without the style, the motorcycle-esque design of the Red Valentino Bow Trim Waterproof Rain Boot ($195.00) is just the place to look. For boots with the Middleton endorsement, look no further than the classic French styling of the La Chameau Iris 2, which we like in eye-popping vermillion red, but is also available in many more practical colors. If you live somewhere that rain isn't your only bad weather obstacle and you're looking for a pair of boots that can do double duty, we have two faves for you to look out for. Classic hunting outfitter La Crosse has recently expanded into the women's market, and we can tell you first hand that their boots, which have unexpected detailing like laces and a wide variety of colors, are both totally rain proof and also super cozy thanks to their fleece liners. We're particularly fond of the La Crosse Hixon Women's Grey Boots ($120.00). The super cold weather go-to is really a no-brainer. The classic LL Bean Bean Boots ($179.00) are both super practical and ultra cute, and lined in sherling they'll keep your feet warmer than you ever thought possible. Some have even said they can be too warm, but we think there's just no such thing.

The umbrella: the most important foul weather accessory.
Photo: Gap/Forever 21/

In our opinion, finding an umbrella that you love is essential. We're fond of whimsical prints, but also to sticking to colors that don't totally overpower every outfit. Our favorite umbrellas are from Gap ($24.95). There might even be a member of the MTV Style staff who has been stockpiling them for years. Might be. Not naming names. We also like to get a little silly with our umbrellas on occasion, and for that purpose the Forever 21 Ruffled Polka Dot Umbrella ($6.50) adds a light touch to your outfit, and won't break the bank. We're also huge fans of having an umbrella stashed in every one of our bags just in case a storm strikes, and the J. Crew Pocket Umbrella ($26.50) is both compact and cute. And last but not least, we had to throw something clear in here, because whenever we think of rainy day fashion, we think of Thora Birch's clear raincoat in the movie Now & Then. While we couldn't find a sufficiently cute clear raincoat at the moment, we did find this amazing clear umbrella, the Urban Outfitters' Bubble Umbrella ($14.00).

What are your go-to rainy day essentials?

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Okay, so when your teachers talk about school supplies, they're technically referring to locker staples like pencils, highlighters, and a notebook. But let's be real- getting ready for classes to begin entails SO much more than a simple trip to Office Max. We're talking about backpacks to carry your stuff in, the perfect outfit for the first day, and even grade A nail art. And even after you've got all these things, there's still one more item to check off your list: makeup. Luckily you don't have to look far for inspiration, considering Hollywood is overflowing with awesome beauty ideas from some of our favorite style stars. Holland Roden, Blake Lively, and Rihanna have all been turning out gorgeous beauty game recently, rocking everything from a statement lip to a perfect cat eye to a beachy glow. So however you're feeling on the first day back, check out our beauty breakdown and get ready to put your best face forward.

Holland Roden.
Photo: Getty Images

As a longtime member of the MTV family, we have a special spot in our heart for Holland Roden...not only for our Teen Wolf addiction (duh) but also because the actress is a total style magnet. She's no stranger to the statement lip, consistently working bright reds, hot pinks, and vampy burgundy on the red carpet, a move that perfectly complements her porcelain skin. Recreate the gorge look yourself starting with a pinch of pearly blush like Benefit Posietint Cheek Stain ($29). Frame your eyes with a swipe of Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara (an old staple for just $5!) and Almay's Eyeliner/Highlighter duo. Then it's time for the piece de resistance, the bold bright lip. We love Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist collection, not only because it's super creamy but because it lasts FOREVER. Seriously, just try to swipe this baby off....we dare you.


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Figuring out your Back-to-School wardrobe can be a lot (a LOT) of pressure. We gave you a taste of some essential first day outfits (FDOs for short) to help make your new year debut a no-brainer. We also showed you some killer school nail art to perk up your day between glances at the clock. But what about the REST of the days? Are you supposed to realize all those back-to-school nightmares wherein you show up naked?! Quit hyperventilating, y'all. We can have you covered for at least a full school week with these celeb-inspired outfits. Write your thank you notes to Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Kiernan Shipka, Rita Ora, and Hailee Steinfeld for these five ensembles that are sure to make the grade.


Miley Cyrus

Let Miley Cyrus be your back-to-school outfit inspiration.
Photo: Courtesy of @MileyCyrus's Twitter/Urban Outfitters/Dr. Martens/Threadsence

Try out a Miley-approved tough-but-feminine ensemble by wearing this short-sleeved chiffon dress from Urban Outfitters ($39.00) with a pair of patent Dr. Martens ($160.00) boots. Accessorize with jewelry that appropriately toes the line between edgy and elegant like Miley's dainty shark tooth chain or this heavy metal bangle set from Threadsence ($25.00).


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Feeling blue about trading in your bikini for pencils and backpacks and binders? Don't be glum, stylettes! Back to school doesn't have to be a drag, and we're not just talking about the obligatory wardrobe revamp. A new school year, whether you're in high school, college, or grad school (or anything in between) is one of those rare chances to start over, to show off, to reinvent yourself. We've already broken down our favorite backpacks, varsity jackets, summer to fall trends, and sneakers, but we wanted to take a look at some killer first day looks that will help you put your mark on the school year in style.


Being a bookworm doesn't have to be stuffy.
Photo: Urban Outfitters/Club Monaco/Marais USA/Madewell/Everlane

Since the dawn of time (modern time, that is), one of the most mysterious, awesome, coolest breeds of girl has been the stylish nerd. Is there anything more timeless than a great pair of horn-rimmed specs? Or the perfect pair of penny loafers? And is there any girl prettier than the one who can look as confident in a pair of pants and a button down as she would in a ball gown? The answer is no, which is why our one of our fave first day of school looks goes out to all the four-eyed stylettes in the audience. Since we're building from the frames down here, our faves are the Begley frames in whiskey tortoise from Warby Parker ($95). The brand also has a ton of other shapes and colors to fit any face, so our fave doesn't have to be yours too. They're equal parts Harry Potter and librarian chic, which are two things we're definitely going for here. Sometimes it's cute to be a little matchy-matchy, especially where accessories are involved, so we lurve this tortoise shell iPhone case from Case-mate ($40). While we're on the topic of accessories, a colorful belt adds a surprising splash to a simple outfit, and we love this Sundew leather one from Madewell ($48). It's no surprise that we love a good backpack, and the just released snap backpack in blue from Everlane ($65) reminds us a bit of Huckleberry Fin, so we think it would be perfect for lugging around all your favorite books, and yeah, the ones you're assigned, too. And not for the outfit! Every girl should have a simple pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans, it goes without saying, and these Urban Outfitters cigarette high-rise jeans ($39-on sale!) do the trick like none other. The classic move would be a crisp white oxford, but we wanted to throw a modern twist into the mix, which we managed to do quite nicely with the Faye Zodiac print shirt from Club Monaco ($129). If you can't tell, those are tiny zodiac symbols printed all over this button down, *swoon.* To top it all off, we found that perfect pair of penny loafers (say that 10 times fast) we were talking about, the Marais USA loafer flat in nude ($49).


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We hope you've been perfecting your nail art skills all summer long because, um, school starts next week. *horror movie scream* Obvi we want you to head back to class looking your ABSOLUTE best, so we rounded up some super school-appropriate designs that'll totally make you the coolest gal in your grade. No matter how skilled (or not!) you are at nail art, we have a plethora of options at every level of difficulty. We know you weren't expecting a homework assignment THIS early, but we've got one for you: Pick a design below, test it out, and let us know how it goes! (Extra credit for posting a pic.) Annnddd go!

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via Freestyle Nails

Listen, there's nothing wrong with liking your reading assignments. It's cool to be a bookworm, and the gal behind Freestyle Nails found a way to make it stylish too! She painted a green and yellow worm across her tips and completed the look with a polka dot bow tie (aw!), glasses and a hat. For her thumb, she painted a book because, well, duh! It's a bookworm, guys.


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NastyGal and Eastpak backpacks.
Photo: Courtesy of NastyGal and ASOS

We can't explain it, but backpacks totally have a bad rap. Maybe it's the feelings of impending homework, or teachers, or tests *shudder*, but this back-to-school staple doesn't have to be only about lugging heavy textbooks through the hallway. If you ask us, backpacks are the one school supply that we'll happily keep with us even long after we've graduated. Besides the fact that they're actually useful (not many purses have the roominess of a good ol' rucksack), but thanks to goods from labels likeASOS to Baggu to, yes, even Mary-Kate and Ashley's The Row, the massive selection makes these double-duty accessories surprisingly stylish. We've rounded up our favorite back-to-school carryalls below.. Because, after all, we've got your back!

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It's not news that sneakers are having the heyday of a lifetime as part of the rampant pop culture '90s revival. Which, BTW, is great for those of us with two left feet who fall over ourselves like a newborn fawn at first sight of a pair of stilettos. Sneakers are comfortable, cool, and 100% on-trend. Also, they're totally back-to-school ready, so we've rounded up all the best kicks for your return to class after a deserved summer break.


Printed sneakers for your back-to-school debut.
Photo: ModCloth/Nike/ASOS

Sneakers have been colorblocking gold for a few seasons now, but you can ALSO use them for all your mixed print outfit assembling needs! Go ladylike chic with these no-lace printed kicks from Keds ($44.99) or these Liberty-printed Nike ($80.00) Lady Cortez sneakers. Infuse some fashion into your workout with these pastel polka-dotted Nike ($132.56) Free Trainers or show of your wild side with a pair of leopard-print SuperGa ($72.91) plimsolls.


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