A still of Lupita Nyong'o's 'Braids' short for 'Vogue.'

The year of Lupita keeps rolling on with this delightful short from Vogue. The Oscar-winning actress and MTV Style Dreamgirl reveals that after a particularly disheartening trip to New York, she found herself "morbidly disappointed" with the braids she received in an African salon there. The botched job inspired Lupita to ask an aunt of hers back home in Kenya to teach her to cornrow, box braid, and twist—skills she still practices to this day!


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It happens at the beginning of every summer: I lay on the beach and envision my skin turning into a beautifully sun-kissed shade of bronze. By the time August hits, there's no tan in sight—just a peely nose, hot pink shoulders, and, ugh, freckles. As an adult, I've always shied away from too much sun time for fear of dark spots taking over my face, so when I saw Topshop was launching a freckle pencil this July, my speckled jaw dropped. Wait, people want melanin-pigmented abnormalities on their face? OK, fashion world. You've certainly got my attention.


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Kyle Beckerman as "every boy I went to college with" and a bouquet of dreads.
Photos: Getty/ Free People

Extensions are nothing new. They've been a thing since basically forever. Urban Outfitters was even selling clip-on bangs for a minute (which, by some miracle of commerce, have since sold out). Clip-on dreads, though? That surprised even me. Boho-emporium Free People is selling "dreadlock extensions" in packs of 10 for $128. They also sell them in an alternate "blue tie-dye" if you're feeling slightly more alt when it comes to your faux style. As shudder-inducing as they are, we can't quite ignore them the way we probably should, thanks to a little American futboler bringing the matted tendril look back into popular vernacular. I'm speaking, of course, about Kyle Beckerman.


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Katy Perry

Katy and Joe, JC.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

It looks like Katy Perry is back in the brightly colored hair game again—hard. In April, Katy changed her dark locks to "slime green," but now she's back on that pink grind and, TBH, we couldn't be happier about it. I racked my encyclopedic knowledge of Katy's hair (fine, and the internet) to find the last time KP had pink hair and it was in 2011. Of course, a return to pink hair deserves a big debut and Katy landed Joe Biden to help her introduce her new look to the world.

Can we stop hair talk for one sec to talk about how tight Katy is with heavy-hitters in D.C.? First she offers to write Hillary Clinton a theme song and now this? I don't know what's going on there, but I like it. Now back to your regularly scheduled hair discourse.


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One Direction

I think new 1D makeup is coming?
Photo: Niall Horan's Twitter

One Direction has a ton of products attached to their name. There are shoes, eyeglasses, multiple fragrances, and even a makeup collection, because if you put those cute li'l faces on something, Directioners (myself included, natch) will snatch it up. Well, it looks like Directioners have a fellow fan of One Direction-endorsed products in Mr. Niall Horan.

The band's lone Irishman shared a picture of his hands with numerous color swatches across them–he even has on multiple nail polishes. I guess we can assume 1D is getting a second makeup line because, according to Niall, the band had a meeting about makeup and it's "that good I'm gon[n]a start wearing it myself." Well, Niall, that will be a new look for you, but I'm not opposed—some of the shadows you're showing off would really complement your eyes.


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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne at Cadillac and Refinery29's Driven by Digital: Leaders in Style + Tech summer cocktail party
Photo: Getty Images

If you were thinking Kelly Osbourne's bright-purple, major undercut mini-mohawk couldn't get any ~edgier~, think again. Last night, she used a little magic and a lot of hairspray—probably!—to transform her short strands into an intricately woven braid situation (whoever said short hair had to be boring?!) that was secured with approximately one billion safety pins. I lost count after 27 because I'm bad at math but point is: THERE WERE LOTS.

The best part? You don't have to dye your hair purple (though you can/should if you want to), nor do you have to get an undercut mohawk (see previous parenthetical) to steal the look.


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's new fragrance ad.
Photo: Justin Bieber's Facebook

I was JUST thinking about how it had been a while since Justin Bieber unleashed a new fragrance unto the world, and lo and behold, here we are with a brand spankin' new scent. At least, I think so. Biebs announced the release of Collector's Edition (*whispers* the new fragrance for her) via Facebook yesterday (June 18), which would normally send me flying, legs spinning like Wile E. Coyote, to the nearest Macy's to pick this up. It's just... I know that ~technically~ the fragrance is new. The combination of notes isn't one we've seen by JB before. But the look of the bottle is just SO close to The Key, and I'm pretty sure that photo is from the original Key shoots.


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Katy Perry is doing the most in her selfie.
Photos: Katy Perry's Instagram

Katy Perry debuted a new look on Instagram last night and we're not just talking about those bleached eyebrows. KP's baby hairs come on the heels of Rita Ora and FKA twigs doing the same with similar coiffures. That's three, which ~officially~ makes it a trend. For those unfamiliar with what Katy's doing, she's gelling down her bangs, then styling them (traditionally with a toothbrush) in waves. Still curious about the mechanics? I rounded up a couple of handy tutorials here and here.


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