Avengers assemble in the skincare aisle!
Photos: Kiehl's

Remember when Captain America rang in the New York Stock Exchange? Yeah, me neither. However, Kiehl's and Marvel Custom Solutions have paired up for the second time to assemble a triple threat of Avengers (Black Widow and the Falcon are joining super-soldier Captain America) for a limited 12-page custom Captain America comic book.

The comic finds the trio along with S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury in space fighting off AIM soldiers who are after "rare botanicals" that supposedly comprise the Super Soldier Serum responsible for Cap. Soon, though, they realize that M.O.D.O.K. and the botanicals are in the East Village apothecary.


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Your new scent for summer.
Photo: Beyonce Parfums

Every day in Beyonce's life is probably pretty epic, but today (June 18) was EXTRA for the superstar. Not only did she make a cameo appearance in Michelle William's new music video, but she also released the first looks at her brand new fragrance, Heat Wild Orchid. For all you mere mortals reading today, don't worry—if you even made it out of bed this morning, you're still probably doing OK. It's all relative.


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Greetings from Brazil! For the past few days, I’ve been hanging in Salvador, paddleboarding at the beach, listening to a whole lot of bossa nova, and, oh yeah, watching more soccer than I ever have in my life. Honestly, I’m a World Cup newbie, and as a style writer, one of the things that’s caught my eye is all of the attention to HAIR. Past all of the splashy kicks and colorful World Cup kits (that’s sports code for "uniform"), I’ve learned that hair is really where the players stylistically ~flex~. And there’s been a whole lot of flexing. A week into soccer’s quadrennial tournament, every team has played at least once, so we’ve gotten a full look at all of the hairstyles. Here’s the best of the World Cup hair.


World Cup

Photo: Getty Images

Neymar, who’s emerged as the face of the Brazil World Cup, made his hair his signature well before the tournament began. But yesterday, he upgraded his mohawk-bangs-hybrid for his team’s game against Mexico with some Aaron Carter- and Lance Bass-esque frosted tips. I’m guessing Neymar is a fan of '90s boy bands?


World Cup

Photo: Getty Images

IMO, Brazil’s whole team pretty much kills it in the hair department. I hope they got a group discount at the salon when Neymar and Dani Alves showed up to get their bleach on. But Alves, who also debuted a blonde 'do at yesterday’s game, might have had different inspo in mind, like America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel and No Doubt’s Tony Kanal. Or maybe they were just paying tribute to the 1998 World Cup when all of Romania’s team showed up with bleached hair.


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Greetings from MTV Style HQ. As the Senior Bangs Correspondent—a title given me upon realizing that I am the only Style staffer with bangs—I'm here to discuss the state of Mother Monster's hair. Lady Gaga has been photographed everywhere lately with a healthy head of "Italian curls"—on the street, in a tub, and so on, leading many of us to wonder: What's actually under the wig? The answer: very short, blunt baby bangs.


Gaga looks like she's taking a page out of Sophia Amoruso's playbook.
Photos: Lady Gaga's Instagram

We shouldn't have been surprised. Gaga's been seeding her Instagram with photos of Audrey Hepburn. The signs were there.


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One Direction

The winner!
Photo: Courtesy of Coburn Communication

It's a good thing One Direction keeps releasing fragrances because they're obviously very good at picking pleasing scents. They're good at all things though, right? LBR. Our Moment—their first fragrance, released last summer—won the Celebrity Consumer Choice Award at the Fragrance Foundation Awards last night.

Our Moment was up against stiff competition from Michael Jordan, Jay Z, and Rihanna, but Directioners know what they want, got voting, and secured a win for their five fave guys. I would not want to go head-to-head with Directioners in any competition, TBH.


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Miley Cyrus

Um, Miley.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

Over the weekend Miley Cyrus posted a pre-shower selfie in which the front of her hair is standing up straight. Completely by itself. While it appears to be magic, it probably is actually just dirty and capable of holding the last style she had it in all by itself. I've been there, though I don't normally show off when my hair looks like this to my 10.8 million Instagram followers.

While she attributes the style to The Little Rascals' Alfalfa, his hair actually sticks up in the back. Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary seems more fitting, right?


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Rita Ora, DKNY

Rita Ora's DKNY My NY ad!
Photo: @donnakarandkny Instagram

Wow, you guys, do you remember back in December when we spotted Rita Ora in Times Square shooting some sort of fragrance campaign? At the time we speculated that it might be for DKNY and—guess what?—we were right!

DKNY just unveiled the first ad from the campaign for My NY, their new fragrance, and it features Rita's gorgeous mug front and center. Between the bright-red lips, bold brows, and palpable excitement, this image screams Rita. I have no idea what this fragrance smells like (yet!), but if Rita is this happy about it, I'm bound to be too.


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Lady Gaga

Bath time for Lady Gaga and her wig.
Photo: @ladygaga Instagram

We all know Lady Gaga is a big fan of her new wig. It seems like she never takes it off and, actually, based on a photo she posted to Instagram last night, she doesn't—she bathes in it! Um, is bathing in a wig something you should do? While I fully thought the answer would be a resounding NO, I actually found a few sites that suggest you shower with a wig if you have one made of human hair! Who knew?

Other sites suggest you don't because, uh, wigs are expensive and swirling around water with them on can tangle them, so it seems like the decision is up to the wig wearer. If you're just looking for a photo op like Lady Gaga, you can pop your wig on, get someone to take your photo, and then take it off before you do any damage.


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Photo: Netflix

If you're a fan of Orange Is the New Black, then your past week has probably been spent binge-watching season two. For those of you who prefer to watch the Netflix drama at a more leisurely pace (huh?), I promise not to spoil the heartbreakingly beautiful plotlines that lie ahead of you. I will simply say this: You are in for a treat.

OITNB's greatest strength is its ability to make viewers feel for each individual character through a mixture of subtle moments and slowly revealed backstories—much the way you get to know people in real life. And some of those best moments just so happen to center around beauty and fashion.


Photo: Netflix

It might seem like a superficial approach to a supposedly gritty television show, but the scenes where Sophia (Laverne Cox) pampers her salon "patrons" or Lorna (Yael Stone) spends her mornings getting pretty only add to the complex nature of these characters. Because even though they throw pies and crack ribs in the courtyard, they can still remember the excitement of trying on a beautiful new dress. And THAT'S how you write female characters, my friends.

I went ahead and took note of all the amazing style and beauty moments I noticed while watching season two to either get you excited for your remaining episodes or to tide you over until season three. *SIGH* Is it 2015 yet?


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Nicki Minaj

Exotic Minajesty is coming.
Photos: Getty Images/HSN

Usually when an artist releases a perfume it's tied to their album release, but in Nicki Minaj's case, her upcoming The Print Print means she has TWO different perfumes on the way: Onika and an "exotic edition" of Minajesty. (TBH, we wouldn't expect anything less from a woman who makes a portmanteau of her name and a royal title.)


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