Kanye West, Giuseppe Zanotti

Did Kanye West and Giuseppe Zanotti collab on these sneakers?
Photo: Getty Images/Shoebaloo

Welp, I guess it's about time we own up. We need to apologize, to you and to ourselves, for being selfish over here at MTV Style. Sure, we tune in to dude fashion news every now and then, but that happens almost exclusively when ogling is involved. If this latest Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti question is any indication of the kinds of things we miss by keeping tunnel vision locked on women's fashion, though, it's high time we start paying closer attention to the wonderful world of menswear. You see, somehow in all our excitement about this duo's collaborative lady shoes, we completely overlooked that these two might have/probably/MAYBE teamed up for some men's sneakers!


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rita ora

Rita Ora and Karl Lagerfeld in Monaco.
Photo: Getty Images

Sure, you can hang out backstage at the Chanel show all you want (in our dreams!) but how do you know you're REALLY tight with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld? Well, if you happen to Rita Ora, that would mean winning bragging rights to a dress designed by the Kaiser himself! NBD, right? Rita performed at the suuuuuuper fancy Bal De La Rose Du Rocher event in Monte-Carlo this weekend, decked out in a burlesque-inspired dress custom-made by the Chanel designer and making a serious statement at the sold-out event. She tweeted an image of the sketch a couple of days ago, saying "Tonight's attire. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld called the The Ora. Fashion it does the craziest things sometimes. #wow #Chanel #fukwatevaitisyourdoing Hehehe #werowdy." Rita, we hope you've saved the sketches in a gold-plated frame for all of posterity, because THIS.IS.MAJOR. Also, the fact that Karl dubbed the dress "The Ora"?! Here's another hashtag for ya... #Jealous.

rita ora

Karl Lagerfeld's dress sketch for Rita Ora.
Photo: @RitaOra Instagram


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Derek Erdman, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Nardwuar

Derek Erdman painted a custom Nardwuar jacket for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
Photo: Courtesy of @DerekErdman's Instagram

Ever since we were first blown away by their fashion-centric "Thrift Shop" music video (and track, let's be honest) late last year, we've kept our eyes squarely locked on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' every sartorial move. When they make it rain on the Jimmy Fallon studio audience with a box of second-hand clothes, we notice. When Mack guest edits for a sneaker blog, we write about it. And when the dudes show up to The Ellen DeGeneres Show bearing gifts, specifically a thrifted jean jacket with Ellen's bust painted on the back, we remember it forever. THUS, you can imagine our collective ish-flipping when, at the end of their SXSW interview with Canadian research oracle Nardwuar, the Seattle-based duo handed The Human Serviette his OWN bananas unreal custom jean jacket.

The one-two punch of these poppy Ellen and Nardwuar toppers was too much to ignore, so we made it our mission to track down their artist Derek Erdman. (Actually, we're dramatizing. It was a really easy Google because Macklemore already ID'ed him during the interview.) In keeping with Mack's M.O. of repping for The Emerald City, Erdman is a Seattle, Washingtonian (though he's moved there only recently by way of Chicago). A quick scan through his most recent paintings and we catapulted from casual fans to full-blown obsession, pouring over hilariously irreverent pieces like Phoebe Cats (a reimagining of Phoebe Cates's iconic Fast Times with CATS) and a LeBron James bench brought to life for the sole purpose of pissing off jilted Cleveland Cavaliers fans. We caught up with Derek Erdman (hot on the heels of a LOL-worthy Sub Pop Records scandal [kind of, but not really]) via a very glamorous email chain to chat about his art, working with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and other stuff like uniforms and sausage hands. ENJOY!


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Kate Eary

Katie Eary
Photo: Courtesy of Katie Eary

If we've learned anything from Fashion Weeks past, performance outfits, and the lyrics themselves, it's that Kanye West, 2 Chainz, and A$AP Mob have their ears to the ground in the fashion scene. Seriously, these guys are CLUED IN, and now, we owe them a huge "thank you" for tipping us off to our newest style obsession, Katie Eary. This London-based designer may only be a few years out of school, but already, she's beloved by rap stars and fashion kids alike. Shortly after graduating from the Royal College of Art, Eary has racked up an insane resume—creating custom pieces for Kate Moss (her first gig!), gaining critical acclaim for her womenswear and menswear lines, and winning a fan base that reads like MTV's Hottest MCs VIII List. The hip hop world is fawning over Eary's decadent designer-meets-streetwear creations, from her gilded skate decks to her graphic separates splashed with digital prints of octopus, goldfish, and screaming cheetahs (which are entirely as awesome as they sound). Want proof of Katie's closerthanclose connection to music? Just this week, 2 Chainz rocked one of her Spring/Summer looks in his new "Crack" music video, she dropped a new fashion film soundtracked by none other than the A$AP Mob, and that's only the beginning. Get the lowdown from the designer herself below!


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What makes the 10-Year Hoodie so special.
Photo: Flint And Tinder USA

"Buy less, but get more." Sounds great, right? But when you think about the way that a lot of us shop these days, not a whole lot of people are adhering to that way of thinking these days. Jake Bronstein, founder of Flint And Tinder USA, is trying to change the way that many people think about clothing, and it turns out, people are REALLY listening. Jake started a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness about "planned obsolescence," and to sell the product that he created to fight it, called "The 10-Year Hoodie." So, first off, what's planned obsolescence? Think about it from the point of view of a manufacturer: if you make a product that lasts a person forever, or that lasts them a really long time even, they're probably not going to come back and buy another one before their first one has worn out. So instead of making products that last a really, really long time, which wouldn't be all that hard, manufacturers intentionally leave some things a little undone, making the product wear out faster. Of course every piece of clothing wears out on its own and you can't expect it to last forever, but intentionally giving items an expiration date so consumers are forced to come back and buy more? Kinda shady. Flint And Tinder decided to start with something super basic and pretty unglamorous, the zip-up hoodie, and make it last 10-years, at least. But not only is the sweatshirt really well made and without any intentional shortcomings, it comes with free mending, so if it shouldn't last the promised 10 years, the company will fix it for you. Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that Flint and Tinder started their campaign on Kickstarter, and within hours had met their funding goal. Now, with 41 days still left on the campaign, they've raised $304,893. Crazy, huh?


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Rihanna's River Island co-designer Adam Selman at the Opening Ceremony RIHtrospective and a look he designed for Rihanna.
Photo: Getty

We're (obviously) HUGE fans of the magical music and fashion machine, but isn't it fun to peek behind the curtain every once in awhile? Rihanna for River Island is by far one of the years most anticipated celebrity design collaborations, and we were beyond excited to have a chance to chat with Rihanna's co-designer Adam Selman at the US launch of the line, and the corresponding "RIHtrospective," at Opening Ceremony. Not only did Selman help Rihanna with her River Island line, but he also designed and fabricated five of the seven looks on display. From Rihanna's pink lace Victoria's Secret Fashion show look to her white 2012 VMA dress (more on that in the video), there's no doubt that you'll recognize some of the looks in the RIHtrospective. When we dragged Adam down to the basement of Opening Ceremony during the lively launch event for both the retrospective and the collection, he answered all of our burning questions with a smile on his face and an expertise that made it totally obvious why he's Rihanna's go-to guy for all things fashion, along with her long-time stylist Mel Ottenberg. He ALSO gave us a couple of scoops about whether we can expect to see more Rihanna For River Island (!!!!), what it's like to work for Rihanna (think: Unicorns), and what his fave pieces of her wardrobe are. Watch the full video after the jump!


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Kanye West

Kanye West performs on the Watch The Throne tour wearing a Givenchy shirt and leather kilt.
Photo: Getty Images

I never in a million, trillion years thought I'd be using "pobrecita" as a modifier for "Kanye West", but... here I am muttering them in the same breath because Yeezy landed at #7 on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII," and he had *achem* a lot to say about it. In short, it quote-unquote "bothers [him]." ACK! He broke his media silence on Tuesday night, opening up to Hot 97's DJ Enuff about the list and all his thoughts and feelings around it. The chat even caused a little soundbite about Ye giving Sway Calloway his first TV to trend all over the Twitterverse (go to here for the full story from Sway himself).

While the conversation started with Kanye supporting his boy Big Sean's high placement on the list, Yeezy soon launched into theorizing about the basis of his #7 spot saying, "I don't know, it's definitely not based on a body of work. It possibly could just be like overall rap-MC-swag, you know what I'm saying?" He elaborated further adding that it might have something to do with his style of late, "They don't like 'Givenchy Kanye,' they don't like Kanye in a kilt, they don't like Kanye in a relationship."

Well, y'all. I know you weren't asking, but Kanye is hands down one of my absolute favorite MCs of all time. ALSO, if anyone in this world loves "Givenchy Kanye," it's us, the humble keyboard-tappers here at MTV Style (Exhibits A, B, C, and, like, infinity more letters that haven't even been invented yet). Double also, we know for sure we're not alone on this one. Thus, we've put together a pick-me-up reminder for Ye with pictures of people showing love for The Great and Powerful "Givenchy Kanye." We love you, Yeezy! Don't ever change!


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Rihanna in DKNY x Opening Ceremony and an original tour costume jacket.
Photo: Getty

It makes perfect sense that, on the eve of her River Island Collection becoming available for the thirsty American masses, Rihanna would wear a look comprised entirely of her own designs as well as those of her exclusive retailer, Opening Ceremony. We knew that we recognized that jumpsuit immediately as the Spring '91 Sweat Jumpsuit ($315.00) from DKNY's collaboration with OC, and we also thought there was something awfully familiar about that racing jacket. While the fact that it's decorated with the phrase "Rude Boy," a reference, of course, to Rihanna's 2010 single off of Rated R, but more than that, it's something of a catchphrase for the singer. While the over sized cut and color scheme didn't immediately scream original piece, we still had this feeling. And then we remembered it (eureka!): the jacket was heavily featured in the b-roll for Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour Wardrobe First Look video, which you can watch below!


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Rihanna attending a basketball game, and painted on a Givenchy shirt.
Photo: Getty/@Badgalriri Instagram

Oh no big deal, just getting custom Givenchy portrait tees delivered to us, just being on a first-name basis with Riccardo Tisci. Oh wait, that was Rihanna, not us?! *Dream sequence dissolves, siiiiiiigh* Yesterday, Rihanna posted a photo on her Instagram, revealing a tee with a very familiar looking portrait painted on it. A somewhat Impressionist rendering, the portrait is of a woman with a close cropped hairstyle, bright red lips and big eyes. Sound familiar? Yup, Rihanna can now wear her own face. We're guessing that this super-glam gift was a belated birthday gift from the designer, and wow, what a good one it is. The present also comes just as Rihanna's River Island collection is heading stateside. It was announced that Opening Ceremony will be the exclusive US retailer for the line, and will be celebrating the partnership with an exhibition, or a RIHtrospective, as it's being called. More information after the jump!


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A look from Betsey Johnson's new dress collection.
Photo: Betsey Johnson

It's getting kind of hard to keep up with Betsey Johnson. Between her reality show; her wacky, aerobics-filled New York Fashion Week presentation; and her much-anticipated line of dresses, the legendary designer is a very busy lady these days. We've been anxiously awaiting the release of her dresses since we heard about it in December, and yesterday the designer finally revealed the collection's lookbook. Filled with technicolor touches (and poodles!) the whimsical frocks have all of the signature Betsey Johnson flourishes. From pin-up style halter dresses with bright crinolines peeking out from under their hemlines to a neon leopard bodycon number with a tiny little whisp of a peplum, all of the looks just scream cute. And starting at $99, they're affordable, and hey, summer season is just around the corner. They're not all party dresses, though. While all of Betsey's looks are soiree-ready, you could also definitely wear them to work, or out for a night on the town. Can you tell that we're a little obsessed? Give us an a-line with a pearl-crusted collar and we'll be happy. Paging Blair Waldorf.



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