Robert Pattinson MTV jacket

Robert Pattinson going to see Beyonce in L.A. on July 1.
Photo: Splash News

Sometimes the stars align so perfectly, it's hard not to just stop everything you're doing, sit back, and think about how beautiful this big ol' world is. Basically, we're referring to Robert Pattinson, and how we peeped a pic of him going into Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour last night wearing a vintage MTV jacket. Let that digest for a minute: Robert Pattinson. Beyonce. MTV jacket. It's like the universe took our three most favorite things of all time and rolled them up in one beautifully-packaged moment. :') RPattz sported his red, black and white leather sleeve varsity jacket with a plain white crew neck tee, relaxed jeans, and backward snapback hat.


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Teen Wolf Style Scott Isaac

Isaac and Scott.
Photo: MTV

We just can't stop talking about the dudes on Teen Wolf. Sure, Lydia and Allison are constantly bringing their stylish sensibilities to the show, but lately the guys have been sartorially slaying it. In tonight's episode, Scott and Isaac looked particularly fashionable in their super badass motorcycle-inspired ensembles. ME-OW.

Teen Wolf Style Scott Isaac

Isaac and Scott.
Photo: MTV

Isaac sported a gray INC V-neck tee with a killer leather G-Star jacket, black G-Star jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots, while Scott wore a black Mossimo V-neck tee with Guess jeans, RVCA jacket, and lace-up G-Star boots. Together, they looked equally bold and badass as they did sleek and chic, and we LOVE that. Also, their smizing is outta control in this photo. *dies*


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R.Kelly and Bowser work head-to-toe spikes.
Photo: Getty Images/Nintendo

For those of you who may have missed it, let me catch you up. Tonight, courtesy of the 2013 BET Awards, we were privileged to watch a mind boggling R.Kelly medley performance. It kicked off with an unexpected chorus, breaking the fourth wall and filing in the aisles singing back-and-forth across the attendees, but it was Kelz himself that really took the performance into overdrive. Without actually settling on one record, Robert moved effortlessly between songs, hit after hit after hit. What's sticking with me, though, is that bananas all-over gold spike stud ensemble. And how much it reminds me of Bowser. You know, from Super Mario Bros.


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mindless behavior bet awards

Mindless Behavior at the 2013 BET Awards in L.A. on June 30.
Photo: Getty Images

The 2013 BET Awards are officially underway, and we NEED to discuss all the fashions that are going down at this very moment—mostly with Mindless Behavior. Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, Roc Royal decided to all wear the EXACT same black and white cross-printed pants, but styled it in four individual ways. Roc Royal went for a simple black tee and gold chains look while Prodigy dressed it up with a leather sleeve sweater and aviator sunglasses. Ray Ray sported his signature double braids with a metallic Boy London shirt and goggles while Princeton wore a printed tee with a diamond gold chain and clear plastic sunglasses. #WERK


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Remember how we were all, "ZOMG, is 2013 going to rep the most fashion-packed NBA Draft Day EVER??" and then we fell into an internet rabbithole, clicking through projected top picks' Instagram accounts and ogling their unexpectedly good taste? Welp, we watched last night and suffice it to say, we were up to our earlobes in way improved style decisions. (Granted, there was nothing quite LeBron man-floral or Wade Versace level that hit the stage last night, but we ARE talking about fresh-faced young guns essentially accepting offers to their very first jobs, after all.) We're not big on bragging here, but this time, we can't keep this one under wraps. We definitely called this. If you weren't able to catch it last night, there's a lot that you missed, and to us, it's significant enough to warrant a full style recap. Thus, we present you with our top 10 style moments from the 2013 NBA Draft. LEGGO!


Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett at the 2013 NBA Draft.
Photo: Getty Images

Name: Anthony Bennett
Order: #1
Picked by: Cleveland Cavaliers

Defying countless first-pick predictions, Canadian Anthony Bennett scored top honors as the Cleveland Cavaliers' (and the entire night's) very first brand new NBA draftee. For his pro league debut, Bennett shook commissioner David Stern's hand in a textured gray Eaden Myles suit with a peak lapel, doubled-up patterns on his shirt and reddish plaid tie, and a peek of pink from an expertly folded Alton Lane pocket square.


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Joe Jonas Africa

Joe Jonas chillin' in Africa.
Photo: Joe Jonas' Instagram

In the rare instance that you don't follow Joe Jonas on Twitter/Instagram/Vine/every form of social media ever, he's visiting Africa right now—specifically, Kenya. And, to be honest, it looks like he's having a GRAND ol' time. He's hanging with a new friend named Wilson, and together they watch breath-taking sunsets, stroll with herds of elephants, and, apparently, drink some brewskies (above). During his week-long adventure he also decided to ditch his typical button-up and jeans look for traditional Maasai clothing, and we are weirdly mom-proud about it. :')


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G-Dragon Ambush Clothing

G-Dragon and his Ambush clothing collection.
Photo: Getty Images/G-Dragon's Instagram

Our Big Bang boys are at it again! The insanely fashion-forward K-pop group has always had a heavy hand in the fashion world (see: their custom Hermes jackets, collab with Nicola Formichetti, and INSANE Vogue Korea spread), but now we can FINALLY swipe up duds created by the infamous boy band. Big Bang's frontman G-Dragon hooked up with Tokyo-based clothing company Ambush on a 5-piece capsule collection that we're ob-SESSED with. He created all black and gold pieces that'll be sure to amp up any outfit in an instant.


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Nerlens Noel

You can pick Nerlens Noel's 2013 NBA Draft Day suit.
Photo: Getty Images/NBA

The Finals may be over, but there's still one last NBA event to look forward to this summer: 2013 Draft Day. The event kicks off THIS Thursday night in Barclays Center where pro-teams will take turns picking up young hopeful draft prospects. These draft candidates are mostly college students which means they don't necessarily have access to stylists like their professional counterparts. The focus on fashion this Draft Day is poised to be higher than ever, and with the bar leapfrogging from the previous years' style train wrecks to the high fashion example set by this year's Playoffs. One dude, however, has distinctly less pressure in the wardrobe department come Draft Day, and his name is Nerlens Noel.


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Drake, Donatella Versace, Mischa Barton

Versace Versace. Versace, Versace, Versace.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Drizzy Drake announced the official release date of his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same (September 17!) on Saturday, and celebrated the news by sharing four new songs. Among these “keep calm, my little ones” tracks is a remix to a song called “Versace” by Atlanta trio Migos.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve previously HEARD “Versace”, but the chorus is quite complex and needs to be experienced first hand to digest properly. Before we move on, press play and head directly to 1:35.


Just kidding, it’s not complex. It’s hilarious. (Quote: “Versace. Versace! Versace? Versace. Versace! Versace? Versace...”) Its original rendition already had enormous radio potential (these rascally youths love their repetitive hooks!), but Migos hit the jackpot on the remix with a rapid-fire guest verse from Master Aubrey Graham himself. (Now you can rewind and go to the beginning to hear it.)


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JAred Leto Candy Magazine

Jared Leto on the cover of 'Candy' magazine.
Photo: @byluisvenegas' Instagram

We need to get something off our chest, y'all—we're jealous of Jared Leto. The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman has sported everything from spiky mullets to mesh tank tops to bare brows and STILL always manages to look amazing. At this point, it's just become straight-up unfair, but today, he dropped the mega bomb. He posted an Instagram pic featuring his gorge face on the cover Candy magazine's summer 2013 issue—completely in drag. The cover, shot by Terry Richardson, features Mr. Leto KILLING. IT. in a cotton candy pink bob with blunt bangs, out-of-this-world lashes, and shiny, crimson lips. LAWDY, we can barely handle this. #WERK


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