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Kim Kardashian's Riccardo Tisci floral Met Gala dress reimagined for Kanye.
Photo: Getty Images

ATTN: EVERYONE! Mark your calendars for June 2, because some seriously important Kimye bizness is going down. Well, important if you've following this whole Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby situation (which, let's be honest, it's kind of tough to hide from...). The official invite for Kim's baby shower has leaked, and according to TMZ, she's requesting that attendees wear "Garden Chic" attire. Hm...we never took Kim to be the gardening type, but perhaps she's still feeling the floral vibes after her Riccardo Tisci Met Gala gown? Or maybe she's just cashing in on one of the most consistent trends of the season ("Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."). Either way, we can't wait to see how all the guests interpret the theme, because you know it's going to be good. And pleasepleaseplease fingers crossed that Kanye shows! Sure, dudes making cameos at baby showers isn't always a thing— but hey, Wiz did it for Amber, so there's definitely hope that Yeezy comes decked out in his flowery best. In our wildest dreams, Riccardo Tisci would craft 'Ye a custom jacket splashed with Kim's Met Gala motif...but just in case that DOESN'T happen, we've rounded up some other garden party duds perfect for the occasion.


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Ben McLemore, Nerlens Noel

Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel prepare for the 2013 NBA Draft.
Photo: Courtesy of @youngsav23's Instagram/@nerlensnoel3's Instagram

The NBA Playoffs continue to heat up as we chug along through the Eastern and Western Conference championships and toward the Finals, but for a crop of college-age up-and-coming hoops stars, there's another big date in June that hits a little closer to home: NBA Draft Day. On the players' side, enlisted draftees have been interviewing with prospective teams, shopping themselves around as well as learning about their would-be future homes. On the league side, the NBA Draft Lottery is scheduled for tonight to solidify the order in which teams will pick players come 2013 NBA Draft Day, June 27, 7:00 p.m. EST at Brooklyn's Barclays Center (home of this year's VMAs, NBD *hair flip*).


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Bradley Cooper in Gucci at 'The Hangover 3' premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper: the man can make a trash bag and Eagles jersey look almost as good as a Tom Ford three-piece suit. Not to MENTION those piercing blue eyes, that smile, and the extremely rare talent for pulling off the highly risky man bob. Yep, whenever we're lucky enough to see this guy hit the press circuit, you can bet it's going to be a really good day. Earlier this spring we feasted our eyeballs on the actor's classically dapper The Place Beyond The Pines red carpet outfits, and he's showing off a bolder, more daring side for The Hangover Part III. It makes total sense, right? Funny movie equals fun fashion. And taking this philosophy to heart, B.Coops turned up at last night's premiere in a seriously traffic-stopping burnt orange Gucci suit. Coordinating perfectly with his surroundings, it seems like someone's taking a page from One Direction's style book....


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Kanye West

Kanye West performs "New Slaves" on Saturday Night Live.
Photo: Getty Images

If you are, in any way, a Kanye West fan, the likelihood that your weekend was insurmountably OWNED by Yeezy (or rather, by Yeezus) is a good one. Ye kicked off our Friday night with the drop of a new song, "New Slaves," and accompanying visual. A music video of sorts, Team Yeezy didn't just upload the clip to the interwebz; instead he took the "New Slaves" premiere out into the physical universe, setting up viewing sites in some 66 worldwide locations and projecting the visuals onto choice buildings. After a short intro loop of discount price and sale tags, a massive tight-shot of Kanye's face staring squarely into camera and rendered in grayscale, a kind of verse-spitting Yeezy version of Shepard Fairey's OBEY Giant, appeared sprawling on the walls and windows of museums, universities, hotels, landmarks, and (most notably to us) high fashion boutiques and shopping districts across the globe. The track itself is fraught with controversy, its lyrics jarringly blending racism and consumerism, and with projection sites like FIT University, New York's 5th Avenue Prada store, the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive, and Versace's Miami house, it's unavoidably clear that fashion is at the center of focus.


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Macklemore switches up his looks at 2013 Hangout Fest.
Photo: MTV/Gil Kaufman

There are a few style things about Macklemore that we know to be unequivocally true: he's not afraid of a little Southwestern vibe, he's into fur coats, and there is a 99.9999% chance he will wear a tank top on stage. SO imagine our unbridled excitement when he adhered to not one, not two, but all three fashion truths AND gave us an extra outfit during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's multi-song performance at this weekend's 2013 Hangout Music Festival! The moment was major to say the least.


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wears a ton of leather at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

It should probably come as no surprise that Justin Bieber wore leather to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. In fact, weeee can't really recall a time in the recent past when Biebs hasn't performed in SOME iteration of the luxe material. And sure, he's even been known to rep head-to-toe leather on occasion, but we're shining a major spotlight on The Biebs and his love of tanned hide NOW because that's pretty much ALL he wore tonight. He skipped the red carpet, but his grand entrance for a "Bieber Air"-themed performance of "Take You" was dripping with leather from his custom one-armed jacket to his extra tight drop-crotch trousers. We had barely stopped reeling from his mirrored Top Gun shades when Biebs returned to the stage to accept an award in ANOTHER all-leather look—this one a slightly unbuttoned baseball jersey and slightly baggier drop-crotch pants.


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We know the current generation of NBA players is serious about style, from the rampant post-game podium fashion this Playoffs season to the faux-glasses Finals of last year. Welp, now the league, the ENTIRE organization, is following suit. Recognizing that the focus on professional basketball players as fashion icons is growing exponentially as we speed toward the 2013 Finals, the NBA is taking style seriously, both with a dedicated NBA Style reporting crew AND finding a Style Correspondent in Baron Davis. Davis has played for teams across the country but most recently for the New York Knicks before a knee injury had him off the court for the past year. We know the dude is very active in film, having starred as himself and dabbled in acting in several movies AND starting his own production company (Verso Entertainment) with high school friend (also, Jessica Alba's husband) Cash Warren, but Davis as a decreed fashion authority? This is a new look.

Baron's duties as NBA Style Correspondent, so far, comprise of putting together a video package on players' style today. Davis' background in film makes him an excellent candidate for this, but until now, we really had no evidence that he could talk shop about the sartorial world. After watching the clip, we totally recognize that he can as he highlights the ways that dudes like LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Dwyane Wade are breathing new life into looks that were actually worn by previous generations of players, calling out hoops legends like Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, and Clyde Frazier. Since this is the only official style-related title Baron has been bestowed to date, we figured we'd take a spin through his fashion history to help further prove he's a good man for the job.


Baron Davis

Baron Davis wearing a sweatband.
Photo: Getty Images

It's not easy to infuse individual style into a mandated uniform, but Baron Davis did it through years of solid sweat/headbands.


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Holland Roden Adam Lamber Ashley Benson Jaden Smith Audring Patridge Nylon Young Hollywood Issue Party

Holland Roden, Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, Jaden Smith, and Audrina Patridge at the 'NYLON' magazine Young Hollywood Issue party in Hollywood on May 14.
Photo: Getty Images

Whew, if there's one event we'd want to squeeze into all year long, it'd definitely be last night's Young Hollywood party hosted by NYLON! I mean, literally all of our favorite people arrived decked out in the most effortlessly-cool ensembles, and, oddly enough, they all seemed to stick with one particular trend—the head-to-toe monochrome look. Holland Roden, Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, Jaden Smith, and Audrina Patridge sported outfits devoid of ANY color (like, not even on the shoes or accessories, y'all), and considering it's almost summer AND they're in California, this feels pretty out of character, dontcha think? Luckily, us New Yorkers love a good ol' gothy ensemble, so we're obsessed with their dark take on typically springy trends.


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NBA style

2013 NBA Playoffs post-game podium style in a nutshell.
Photo: NBA.com

You guys, the NBA Playoffs are really, really long. Most of you (sportsball misanthropists and fans alike) have likely not been keeping that vigilant a watch on the tourney. Your team maybe didn't make it or got eliminated early or IDK, you're just waiting until things really start heating up to dive in or whatever. Welp, sadly, it's not within our jurisdiction to catch you up on all the banner plays, dunks, and stuffs. BUT we can offer you something just as good, if not BETTER: all the best podium fashion the 2013 NBA Playoffs has to offer (so far)! Yup, we're walking you through our top 10 style moments from the post-game press conferences, from Russell Westbrook's see-through specs to Iman Shumpert's high-top fade. (Unfortunately, Dwyane Wade's manpris are technically pre-game fodder, but trust we'll get to it later.) If you thought last year's faux glasses Finals were major, you truly haven't seen anything yet.


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Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards gave her boyfriend, One Direction's Zayn Malik, some nail art while he was sleeping.
Photo: Courtesy of @LittleMixOffic's Twitter/Elegant Touch

What happens when you combine One Direction, Little Mix, nail art, and (our favorite pastime!) sleeping?? Look no further than the epic collision of awesomeness above. What's going on here? Welp, first off, our faaaaavorite Brit-Irish boy band member Zayn Malik is SLEEPING *pause for a beat* SHIRTLESS, but more specificially, he's just gotten a prank manicure from his girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. On one hand, we're all, "Fiiiiine, we'll face facts that Z is spoken for," but on the other, the Bieber's Girlfriend-esque first-person perspective of Perrie's snap gives us the opportunity (if even for a split-second) to pretend that this is OUR hand holding Zayn's and OUR evil genius behind his mid-slumber manicure. That is, until take one look at the nail wraps' packaging... DOH. There she is!


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