Harry Styles

Happy birthday, Harry!
Photo: Getty Images, Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

Today is Harry Styles' 20th birthday, which means there are no longer any teens in One Direction! It's totally acceptable to be a 20-something who loves the band, because now they are all 20-somethings, too! YAY. Let us rejoice! Last year, we wished Harry a year of good hair days, unaware that he'd soon be swapping his trademark side swept 'do for something a little more vertical. In the past year, Harry has stepped up his accessory game, introducing a variety of headbands and hats into his on- and offstage looks. Begrudgingly (JK 4EVA!), we pored over hundreds of photos of 19-year-old Harry to find some of his best headgear. We don't know what the next year will bring for sire Styles, but it's almost guaranteed to be fashion and accessory-filled. I mean, the dude is a British Style Icon. Plus, there's our inevitable wedding (I'm looking at dates in 2014), so he's bound to look great for that.

Happy birthday, Harry! Here are 20 things you wore on your head this year, in case you forgot!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves hats.
Photos: Getty Images/@harrystyles Instagram/@onedirection Instagram

When he was a boyish 18, the only hats Harry wore were beanies. They flop, his hair flopped, it was a match made in floppy heaven. At 19, though, Harry introduced new hats into his wardrobe. There was the ubiquitous tan fedora he wore all summer and the black porkpie hat he showed off on Instagram. He also began wearing hats to award shows and on stage. At the Teen Choice Awards, he debuted a wide-brimmed hat that could've easily been stolen from John Mayer's closet, and onstage in Australia, he wore some local flare.


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Dennis Graham and Dennis Graham.
Photos: @champagnepapi's Instagram/OctobersVeryOwn

Dennis Graham. Maybe you've heard of him? No? Well, let me refresh your memory: DAT 'STACHE. Still nothing? OK, well, Dennis Graham is the father of Aubrey Graham, AKA Drizzy Drake, and in Movember November, he was the living, breathing definition of a Cool Dad with a guest role in his son's music video for "Worst Behavior." Now, not only has he been immortalized on the internet, but according to a recent photo Drake posted on Instagram, Dennis Graham has officially been immortalized in ink on his son's inner forearm.


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One Direction

A still from One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' music video.
Photo: Columbia Records

On Tuesday, One Direction released GIFs to preview the band's video for its new single, "Midnight Memories." Because we didn't have any context, we didn't ask why Harry Styles was wet, but rather whether he or Beyonce wore wet hair better. Now that we have have watched the video more than ten a few times, we're even more confused as to why not only his hair, but his outfit is soaking wet, especially since the other guys are dry. Let's take a look at the evidence, shall we?

One Direction

A still from One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' music video.
Photo: Columbia Records

The video begins at a house party where the guests are sparse. If you need more guests at your next party, One Direction, I am available. Harry is not wet and in a plaid Saint Laurent shirt.


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Justin Bieber

A still from Justin Bieber's 'Confident' video.
Photo: Def Jam Records

Some may say Justin Bieber has a healthy level of self-confidence, but in his latest music video he pursues a "Confident" lady. While the video doesn't feature many outfit changes from JB, there are a few and due to #swag levels, they deserve attention. We're here to give it to them. Peep his looks (and tiny mustache) below!

Justin Bieber

A still from Justin Bieber's 'Confident' video.
Photo: Def Jam Records

The video opens with Justin leaning against a car at what appears to be a gas station. He is wearing a light-blue MCM backpack, which he promptly drops to the ground after a pretty girl walks by. Uh, Biebs, have you ever looked at the ground at a gas station? It's covered in, like, oil and gas. RIP, $600 leather backpack.


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Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevigne, Eliza Cummings, and A$AP Rocky for DKNY.
Photo: DKNY's YouTube Page

With all of the brands that A$AP Rocky name drops in “Fashion Killa”—all 27, to be exact—it’s pretty crazy that it took this long for one of them to tap the song as a promotional soundtrack. Fittingly, DKNY, who already released a print campaign featuring A$AP, is the first. In the video for DKNY’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, perrrfectly timed for the Super Bowl this Sunday, master funny face-maker Cara Delevigne tosses a football around Times Square with fellow models Jourdan Dunn and Eliza Cummings while they’re all wearing sporty logo-emblazoned gear by the brand. Rocky is tossed the ball only once. Ladies, look to Rocky: He's open, he's open! Football has never looked so fun. Seriously though, when’s the last time you saw someone crack a smile while throwing around a football? When’s the last time you saw someone spike a football while standing on a taxi? #CaraDelevingnesTouchdownFace


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Harry Styles, Beyonce

Harry Styles and Beyonce with wet hair.
Photos: One Direction's Tumblr/Getty Images

Wet hair, normally reserved for after the shower, at the beach, or in a pool, seems to be making its way into live performances and music videos. Beyonce sported a wet 'do onstage at the Grammys, while Harry Styles appears to have dripping wet hair in new promo images for One Direction's upcoming music video, "Midnight Memories." What gives? Some of us can't leave the house with wet hair, guys. Some of us need to load our hair up with product and wrap it around a curling iron approximately one billion times before it even comes close to being presentable. Some of us live in New York where it's going to be very cold forever (not #confirmed). Since some of us cannot take part in this new wet hair trend, let's discuss whether Harry or Beyonce wore the style better.


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Malcolm McLaren

Pharrell and Malcolm McLaren in their matching hats.
Photos: Getty Images/YouTube

Last night at the Grammys, Pharrell's hat was all the rage, so to speak, making rare note of forestry on the red carpet, and even garnering its own Twitter account. But while his pairing of the Smokey hat (or, to him, "military inspired") with an Adidas jacket may have seemed random, there was a very specific method to his madness: His ensemble paid homage to the video for Malcolm McLaren's 1982 single "Buffalo Gals," written after the legendary punk svengali/visioneer first attended a Zulu Nation park jam in the Bronx. In essence, Pharrell was bigging up that very creative moment when punk and hip-hop were cross-pollinating and speaking to one another, both musically and sartorially.

McLaren opens the "Buffalo Gals" video in the very same park ranger hat and khaki safari jacket, bopping around between shots of a very formal square dance in a basketball court, and slightly less formal B-boys clad in Pharrell's exact Adidas gear. "Buffalo gals go around the outside," McLaren raps, with background vocals and scratches by members of the Zulu Nation and the World's Famous Supreme Team. As style collisions go, Skateboard P.'s ensemble makes sense in this context, even if it didn't on the carpet.


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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams looks real good on the 2014 Grammys red carpet, eh?
Photo: Getty Images

“Oh snap, I’m running late—let me just grab these clothes from the bottom of my closet and bounce,” Pharrell Williams said, 20 minutes before he showed up on the Grammys red carpet looking like Dudley Do Right-meets-Run DMC (though the interwebz is dead set on Smokey Bear). No, but really, he is probably the only person at the awards show who can say, “I woke up like dih.”


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Ozzy Osbourne and Jared Leto.
Photo: Getty Images

Even though the show has yet to begin, music's brightest stars are already lighting up the 2014 Grammys red carpet. BIG TIME. And little do they know that before the competition starts to heat up for RULL, an unannounced battle royale has been brewing on the sidelines—and the winner won't be going home with a golden statue. MWAHAHA. They will, however, be going home with our highly coveted accolades, so, you know, there's that.

It's not often that we come across two dudes with hair SO GOOD that we'd trade it for our own. It's even less often that the dudes in question are old enough to be our dads. (Most of us, anyway.) But tonight, both Jared Leto (who's a mind-blowing 42, FYI), and Ozzy Osbourne (who's 65), have given us ombré *ACHEM* homme-bré strands to envy.


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LL Cool J

Step into a world of LL Cool J's hats.
Photos: MTV Style

LL Cool J will three-peat as Grammys host on Sunday, and we're big-time pumped to see a perfect melange of pearly whites, charm, lip licking, and eye twinkles. (Ladies Love Cool James for a reason.) As far as his wardrobe choices go, there is one department in which he WILL NOT FAIL: That dude will wear a damn hat. We bet you one million dollars.

The simple fact is that LL Cool J and hats belong together. They've been in a long-lasting, loving, nourishing relationship since he was a kid. When he became a sensation with the release of Radio in 1985, it wasn't long before he became synonymous with the Kangol bucket hat and transformed the accessory into a hip-hop essential.

Because of this attachment to his Kangol, there was a time in the late '80s and early '90s when LL Cool J's bare head was basically a mythical creature, and people even started to wonder if everything was OK under there. I remember being so intrigued by what secrets lay under that brim. In the video for "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)," the world got its big reveal: LL's bald noggin peeking through the top of a leather visor. He glances coyly at the camera and brushes the surface, acknowledging the shift in what the world knew about LL Cool J's head.


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