Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Jessie J at the 2011 MTV EMA 2011 on Nov. 6, 2011, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Photo: Getty Images

Ladies and gents, we welcome you to the 2011 EMA live from Belfast, Northern Ireland! Hosted by Miss Selena Gomez (who will, apparently, undergo TEN costume changes throughout the show) with performances by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, we're anticipating all kinds of style shenanigans. So far, we're smitten with Selena's lace Marchesa dress, Katy Perry's high-heeled saddle shoes, and Jessie J's wild leopard Dolce & Gabbana ensemble. Without further ado, we bid you to check out all of the red carpet fashion action!



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Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Blake Lively, David Blond, and Phillipe Blond at the Christian Louboutin Cocktail party at Barneys New York.
Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Celebrated shoe designer Christian Louboutin hosted a cocktail party at Barney's New York that attracted all manner of well-heeled ladies (and gents in ladies' heels, but we'll get to that in a sec) ready to show off their finest footsies. Along with the perennially black-clad dynamic duo that is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Blake Lively blasted the black carpet with her brand of insouciant sunshine, and The Blonds jazzed it out in tuxedo revelry. They were all rocking Loubs, too—some even of the animal-themed variety, specifically LION PAWS.


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Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, and Kate Bosworth at the Chanel Boutique in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Getty Images

Every now and then, I like to dream about getting a phone call from my estranged Uncle Karl, who tells me that I'm invited to one of his Chanel boutiques where I get to, as he puts it, "Take whatever you want, darling. You need zee dresses, and zee shooooes, and zee CLUTCHES. Lots and lots of zees clutches!" Then I wake up to my cat sweater wardrobe and cotton tote bag life and sigh. My fash fantasy may be ridiculous and totally unreachable, but I refuse to throw eye daggers at the ladies who get to live zee real Chanel fantasy—young celebs like Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, and Kate Bosworth, who were some of the lucky few invited to an "intimate dinner" at the Chanel boutique in Los Angeles (still waiting for my invite). Not only were they kitted-out in the loveliest of interlocking C-adorned frocks, they carried the finest of shiny clutches to drool over the next time I take a daydream break at my desk.


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Carey Mulligan at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala and Camilla Belle at "Lincoln Center Presents: An Evening With Ralph Lauren."
Photo: Getty Images

It has to be anxiety-inducing for actresses to hit multiple red carpet events while always trying to stand out and also not duplicate themselves style-wise over and over again. As we all know, it's a three-ring circus on the press line and every conceivable fashion trick has seemingly been tried. You'd think that a black dress or gown would be a no-no—too boring or done a million times—but not so when it's done just right. We were stunned by two such noirish looks recently courtesy of Carey Mulligan and Camilla Belle. Both ladies are typically style savvy and tipped-out to the HILT in the latest labels, but rarely have they revved it up va-va-va-VOOM style (well, Camilla maybe more than Carey) and commanded attention from head to toe. Looks like the secret is all about channeling your inner (and outer) VAMP.


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Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at "Variety'''s Power Of Youth event in Hollywood.
Photo: Getty Images

Young Hollywood knows exactly how to dress for the red carpet these days—especially with the help of stylists who are able to snag the latest looks from the runways. However, sometimes the youngest of these soon-to-be leading ladies end up looking a little too stylee-styled and wayyyyy older than their early teens. (We're talking red carpet disasters involving muumuu-ish gowns, ridiculous heels, or bouffant hairdos that look more ruh-roh than retro, especially on a 15-year-old.) Two gals who seem to be getting it right, though, are Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. Both rising screen stars have started making names for themselves within fashion circles, with Chloë rocking the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Hailee becoming the (sad) face of Miu Miu. Both actresses were honored at Variety's Power of Youth event—which celebrates young stars who dedicate themselves to humanitarian causes (nice one, ladies!)—and each one looked AH-MAZE in, get this, grown-up looks from both the runway and older lady brands. How did they pull it off?


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Drake arrives to celebrate his birthday in a sadface blouse at Tao on Oct. 22, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo: WireImage

Happy Birthday, Drake! You are 25 today. And super talented in many aspects. You are an actor! A recording artist! A proud Canadian! Nothing gives us more joy than when you and Nicki Minaj pretend to be married and desperately in love in that way that none of us will be surprised when you get secret-hitched next year but don't tell any of us until four years from now! We adore it all. There's really just one thing that even remotely rubs us the wrong way, not like, painful ointment-requiring chafing but just a wee, tiny, nagging rawness around the areolae that has to do with that *points* rather surprising garment draped over your arms and torso. Drake, pal, what's with the shirt?


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Selena Gomez EMA 2011

Selena Gomez behind the scenes for her 2011 EMA promo.
Photo: MTV

Last week Selena Gomez released her first UH-MAZING 2011 EMA hosting promo in which she sings (and raps!) with her gangster alter ego. We could not get enough of Ms. Gomez and her new bad self, and luckily some extra behind-the-scenes footage landed right into our laps! *high five* Selena takes us backstage to show us how she picked out her outfit, what she likes most about her transformed look, and what she hopes she can bring to the 2011 EMA show! Let's take a peek and the highlights (and watch both videos!) below.


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Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake, and Olivia Wilde arrive at the premiere of "In Time" in Los Angeles.
Photo: WireImage

We're always excited to see Justin Timberlake, be it on a red carpet, at a fashion show, or in candid shots we might or might not search for on photo service websites on a regular basis. We've been looking forward to his latest turn as a seasoned ac-TOR in the sci-fi thriller In Time, in which he costars with Amanda Seyfried (who plays his love interest) and Olivia Wilde (who plays HIS MOM). Before we get into the strangeness of this casting choice, can we just say that we really miss Justin The Singer? We love that he's fluffing out his wings of greatness (and wish he were a regular on SNL), but we just want a little of his onstage sexy back, y'know? Still, In Time premiered in L.A. and everyone looked all styled-out and gorgeous and—HOLD UP, JUSTIN'S RAPPING IN A NEW VIDEO????


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Selene Gomez 2011 EMA

Selena Gomez in a 2011 EMA promo.
Photo: MTV

In case you didn't hear THE best news of all time, Selena Gomez is hosting the 2011 EMA, and we could NOT be more excited. She's so adorable and cute and fashion-y we just want to NOM NOM NOM eat her right up! Today Selena's first hosting promo was released, and it, um, BLEW US AWAY. Not only did we peep Ms. Gomez in her typically cute attire, but she also completely transformed herself into a badass Latina gangsta rapper! She throws down some lyrics about herself, with herself, in a song that will never, ever leave your head. (Seriously, this thing is catchy. You've been warned.) I KNOW, I KNOW, it all sounds crazy confusing, but trust us on this—it's uh-mazing.


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Cosplayers looking wild DORBZ at New York Comic Con 2011.
Photo: MTV

Not going to lie to you guys, I love Con. Granted, I pronounce it just like that, "Con," and folks instantly think I'm referring to "Cannes," and I let them because it's fancy and hilarious, but I go to New York Comic Con every year. And I even trek over to the big 'un in San Diego despite it having grown to nigh-unmanageable MONSTER proportions in the last, ahem, five or so years I've gone.

ANYBALLS, as you know this past weekend was NYCC (Right? Because you frequent all branches of our vast and impressive MTV digital home tree like MTV Geek), so I dragged my Jeffrey Campbell Lita-shod self way west to the Javits Center to shoot this little video guide to cosplay. And also because, uuuuum, maybe I heard Chad Michael Murray was going to be there to promote his new comic on Archaia and the only thing keeping us apart is the fact that he hasn't seen me reenact his entire One Tree Hill arc in person. TRUE STORY.

So cosplay is a portmanteau of costumes and role-play and is awesome because it's the umbrella term under which other fantastic things like Furries, LARP (live action role-playing; they have a whole association with a LARPA website that looks crazy Geocities—NO SHOTS), and Yiffing live. We took a camera on the convention floor to check out all the action AND even got an awesome Halloween costume idea because (where my Game of Thrones fans at???) we saw a slew of Daenerys Targaryens, which is easier to put together than you'd think. And for all you NON-NERDS, she is a beautiful blonde princess who is married to a great-big burly horse thief KING and they have a lot of sex—and she's got these powers that have to do with dragons and eats this heart this one time and OBVI I have said too much. Don't judge me.

OMG, this post is already so long BUT the final (promise) thing I did want to mention is that we deliberately picked people who MADE their costumes. As in with glue guns, sewing machines (yes even the lovely ladies in Supergirl stereo), and HEART. Each ensemble took many months of TOILING so we didn't choose anyone with store-bought situations. WE HAVE FASH STANDARDS.



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