Ke$ha Jingle Ball

Ke$ha at KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball in L.A. on Dec. 3.
Photo: Getty Images

Not to be all, "We totally called the brocade trend," but we totally did. Baroque-inspired pieces have officially taken over our winter wardrobe (thanks to inspiration from Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs), and it looks like Ke$ha has been bitten by the brocade bug too! We peeped the pop star at KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball in L.A. last night sporting not one, but TWO tapestry-inspired ensembles. Before the show, she stepped out on the red gray carpet in a black velvet and gold foil 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans and blazer ensemble paired with a printed blouse. She accessorized with tons of stacked gold rings, a floral pocket-square, multi-colored polka dot socks, and patent leather loafers. Her beauty game was on LOCK—she stuck to soft and simple center-parted waves with a seriously dark smoky eye and nude lip.


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Justin Bieber Victoria's Secret

Justin Bieber and the Victoria's Secret Angels.
Photo: Via Victoria's Secret

Earlier this month we caught up with Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls backstage at the infamous Victoria's Secret fashion show, but apparently there were some other shenanigans going down behind-the-scenes that we didn't know about! This week, Victoria's Secret released some stolen "personal footage" of Justin Bieber (who performed at the show) and the models, which was uploaded by "anonymous bloggers." Then, the video cuts Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima prepping backstage for (what looks like) a video shoot. Justin Bieber counts "1, 2, 3!" as his "Beauty and the Beat" single starts. Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel catwalk to the beat and as the camera begins to follow them, it alllll starts to make sense. This is another take on his original "Beauty and a Beat" video with Nicki Minaj in which he holds his own camera throughout the majority of the song to make it feel like unreleased personal footage. Niiiiceee.


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Nicki Minaj ARIA Awards Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj at the ARIA Awards and Pink Friday perfume launch in Sydney, Australia on Nov. 29 .
Photo: Getty Images

It looks like we aren't the only ones excited for Lisa Frank's '90s comebackNicki Minaj headed down under today (er, yesterday? #TIMEZONES) for the Australian Record Industry Association Awards and Myer to promote her new Pink Friday fragrance in THE brightest technicolor ensembles we have seen on Barbz to date. Her ARIA Awards outfit brings back serious Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper memories thanks to her super-saturated rainbow color scheme. She sported a beaded tie-dye halter with floor-length dip-dye fringe over bedazzled printed leggings. She accessorized with clear, pointy-toe jewel-encrusted teal pumps, a thick gold bracelet, and tons of oversized cocktail rings. She kept her hair and makeup more low-key by opting for long, platinum blonde strands with brown lids and pink lips.


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Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey taping their Rockafeller Center tree-lighting performances.
Photo: NBC/Getty

If the holidays had a celebrity spokesperson, it would be Mariah Carey. The woman LOVES. CHRISTMAS. Like, we kind of think she has a secret wing of her house that's actually the North Pole, and she just hid it from us in that incredible episode of MTV Cribs where she keeps changing her outfit. Or maybe she has a magical Christmas wardrobe, Narnia-style, that transports you to Santa's workshop. Mariah can do anything. You know what, Mariah Carey is Santa Clause. How can we be so sure? Well forget for a second that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the single greatest Christmas song of all time. Forget that. Also forget how much Mariah likes to say "festive." You can discard all of that evidence and just LOOK AT HER OUTFIT for the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. Look at it long and hard and tell me your nose isn't filled with the scent of evergreen and gingerbread. The legendary diva was also joined onstage by Justin Bieber, who bundled up in a luxe military-inspired coat in textured leather with gold buttons and matching zippers. With two looks on the stage, however, Mariah really stole the show. To perform her aforementioned modern classic x-mas anthem, the singer wore a playful, structured red frock that we just can't get enough of. While the short frock might not be the most weather-appropriate, it's certainly, um, turning up the temperature with a plunging neckline and curve hugging skater silhouette in a shade so red it almost seems to vibrate. Throw in ornate silver beading and a pair of over-the-elbow gloves and Mariah is veritably ornament-like.


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Katy Perry Selena Gomez Unicef Snowflake Ball

Katy Perry and Selena Gomez at the Unicef Snowflake Ball in New York on Nov. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

We’re total suckers for the holiday season because we get to see celebs transform their red carpet looks from short, summery frocks into killer floor-length shimmery gowns. Last night at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball our fashion-y faves Katy Perry and Selena Gomez were no exception—they oozed vampy-chic gorgeousness in dark, sweeping halter dresses that we need to discuss. Katy Perry wore a curve-hugging, mesh beaded brocade Naeem Khan gown complete with a STUNNING sheer cape and sequin beaded belt. She accessorized with oversized 45-carat blue sapphire and diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz, a matching geometric cuff and a satin clutch. For her beauty game, she kept her raven locks sleek and straight and opted for a smoky eye and nude lip with her golden marble nail art. Perf!


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Rihanna's outfits from London, Stockholm, and Toronto.
Photo: Getty

Internet time is like dog years: one day on the internet is like two weeks in real life, or even longer. With that in mind, it's been about forever since we were reintegrated into society from Rihanna's 777 Tour. The horrible flu we acquired while abroad lingers, as does the memory of her royal highness' performance outfits, so we wanted to break down our three favorite looks for you. Amidst a week of confusion, mayhem, hunger, and yeah OK, some really good times, the singer's performance outfits became something to look forward to each night, along with the moment in the DJ set when CongoRock played "Mercy" and everyone started dancing, if only for a moment. Rihanna's style has always been on point, not only because of expert styling but because of the way she wears her clothes. The woman can dress, and there's nobody who will try and argue with that.

Mary H.K. Choi: OK, so now that we're back from #RihannaPlane we've gained a certain degree of perspective and the one thing that I can say about the entire tour is that I was consistently impressed by the CLOTHES. What did you think?

Maud Deitch: I was too. I mean Rihanna is reliably on point, if not a little repetitive, in her street style. But being able to see the way that the different looks complemented each other and the venues was one of the most interesting parts of the whole experience.

MHKC: Yeah, I think Mel Ottenberg and Adam Selman killed it. Let's start with our favorites. I think we agree that the denim shorts and white tee/bodysuit situation in Stockholm was an outrageously strong look.


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It's nearing the end...we're on the plane from Berlin to London and things have taken an interesting turn. Long waits on tarmac and in buses, no sleep, and no sightings of her royal highness since our initial ascent into the skies has the denizens of the Rihanna plane feeling restless.

Mary HK Choi: AHHAAHAHAH it’s pandemonium on the plane. We’ve just left Berlin after a rooooough time in Paris and the Fuse guys in front of us just sabotaged the Official Rihanna documentary by chanting “B Roll” in unison and it was genius. Playboy dude just asked them to recreate it for HIS camera but they aren’t having it because that dude is “just trying to scoop an angle!” It's every man for himself. I wish they hadn’t given us German meat chips for our 4:00 AM plane snack because it’s making me punchy. I also love that we have twelve drink tickets pooled between us because drinking would make us barf. We may be teetotalers after last night.

[Pause to reorganize the mountain of chocolate and cornichon sitting on our tray tables. Also so Maud can lick meat chips off her fingers.]

Maud Deitch: I tried to get people on Twitter to place bets about when they think we’ll actually take off for London, but nobody’s biting. I think when we have to build our own feudal society from the rubble of the plane after the revolution, bookie is a pretty decent position to be in. I, personally, think we’ll leave at 4:45 AM, which is exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes from the time that the original itinerary said we would arrive in London.

MHKC: Normally, I’d agree with you but the delays have gotten longer and judging from the previously established trajectory we’ll be leaving at 11:00AM. I’m also beginning to think she’s a figment of my imagination. This is SUCH a good argument for holograms. As in, I wish we were all holograms.


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Rihanna performing in Stockholm.
Photo: Mary H.K. Choi

The following is a conversation between me and Maud during a 90-minute delay on a Stockholm tarmac waiting for Rihanna who we know ARRIVED at the nightclub at 5AM last night and proceeded to pour and do a grip of shots. We also can’t get our wheels up because we’re waiting for a bunch of reporters who can’t sit the F down because they were raised by wolves. Wolves that were CLEARLY tortured and abused at the hands of THEIR forebears because holy crap, this is ridiculous.

Mary H.K. Choi: Oh my god, I’m so tired and this flight out of Stockholm is one majillion hours late. I wish they hadn’t served all the mimosas at 9 in the morning.

Maud Deitch: My coffee high wore off about 20 minutes ago and then I started Googling whether or not there are bed bugs in our hotel in Paris. People need to sit down.

MHKC: I legit can’t think about bed bugs right now. I haven’t been checking my mattress seams at all. I’m just so relieved every time we see a bed. I have to say though, I love that they’ve been putting us in the same seats in Home Plane because any change in the one routine I’m hanging onto would end me. Stockolm was a trip, thought. So fun. Best show yet?

MD: Definitely best show yet. Ri seemed way into it and the small variations in the set list made a huge difference. That guy doing the modified “Rollin’ With The Homies” dance from the balcony really solidified the whole thing. Thanks for pointing him out. Also we need to talk about “Stay” because it made me feel a lot of feelings (which is a theme for me this trip I think).


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Rihanna onboard her 777 Tour flight.
Photo: Getty Images

Dude. So this 777 Tour is nuts. I mean, nothing about an international Rihanna tour that happens on a private jumbo jet across seven countries didn't already sound bananas but there was zero way anyone could prepare for this. Trying to pack the right stuff was impossible. We were told that we could bring two checked bags but that seemed like an awful lot and I thought I'd be beating the system if I just brought a carry-on. Plus, (and not to invoke THE WORST energy ever but...) baggage overages made me think of Aaliyah reports so I thought I'd play it safe. As you know, the first leg of the tour goes down in Mexico City and the second is in Toronto (with the rest of it going: Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, with a final show in New York), which means a climate change that spans thirty some-odd degrees. You end up packing a winter coat, some sweaters, a summer dress and a bikini but pretty much all of it’s JKJKJK because you never leave an airport, bus, plane or venue. So far, it’s like a Vegas bender—you just don’t see a whole lot of outside.


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Rihanna on her tour jet.
Photo: MTV

Rihanna appeared on her 777 Tour airplane to cheers and explosions of flashbulbs, and journalists leaping out of their seats. In sunglasses with her head half shaved, hair long and black on the opposite side, she strode through the aisles greeting everyone, at one point saying, "This is some presidential s***." Rihanna was all smiles, laughing as she walked. Her outfit was travel ready: a black tank and jeans, grey leopard backpack and a Starter jacket tied around her hips. She also rocked long, pale pink stiletto nails to finish her look.

Stay tuned to MTV Style for all the 777 tour news!


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